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  1. Ha ha the site says im a Morwong, they cant even spell mooron wight.
  2. Independent outboards Arndell park about $140 for the gasket kit from memory. Helpful guys aswell.
  3. This is the head of my 70 hp yammie. The motor was overheating at low revs,ie when trolling livies and also at WOT, but not in between. When I looked at the thermostat it looked a lot like yours. I always flush the motor on earmuffs but evidently not enough. The tap water being cold, limited time and being conscious of driving my neigbours made I probably never gave the engine time to get hot enough to open the thermostat for long. Even after cleaning it up the stat opens very little at idle. Pressure from the hose is bugger all when you look at the "relief"it get
  4. YAY! Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it without any drama or expense. I am about to post some photos of my head when I pulled it apart on a post just above. All I can say is make sure you flush the yammie well. Good luck.
  5. Hey Stanton, I recon it's a no brainer. The extra cost is bugger all when your afternoon trip home end in darkness and you start second guessing your location. Its been a long time but we have also been plunged into blindness by thick sea fog in the past. Being able to look down and have your electronics confirm you are where you thought you were is awesome. Also, if you do break down you can radio in your exact co ordinates. Thats all before you take into account the fishy business!
  6. That's awesome mate, love the sound track!
  7. U should put it in the aquarium section.
  8. Is it an Atlantic salmon? How far up the Hawkesbury did you get it?
  9. If you want to catch bream around popular marinas you need to use their natural food sorce, in this case, hot chips. Seriously they love them.
  10. Nice one Loomesy. How go the muddies hold up over winter, Are they heavy or do they loose condition?
  11. I recon all you can do is keep the line tight and rod tip down. Just like Barra as their head comes out you are pulling them over and stopping vertical momentum. Then cross fingers!
  12. As far as the corrosion/ salt goes the top water hose is missing a hose clamp and is likely spraying a mist of salt water, get rid of the cable ties and use proper clamps, give it a wash and a spray with inox and you should be good to go.
  13. "Don't let this bloke weld your boat guys" Why not! He's on fire! BAH Haa haa
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