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  1. i've got one of these as it seemed like a really easy/lazy option for someone with little diy capability. Didnt want the hassle of installation on my kayak which is just one of the generic online jobs. I cant compare it to other sounders but by all accounts its pretty accurate re depth and bottom make up. I'm not too sure about its accuracy in marking fish. I mainly use it as a depth reader but somehow now feel a bit naked without it. Its as easy to use as youd think. Drop the reader thingy over the side about 15cm underwater and turn it on.
  2. Ah, cool, thanks Yowie, i thought it might be. Awesome looking fish, really vibrant colours.
  3. Hi, Went down to my local wharf on Sunday evening as i managed to bribe myself a three hour window away from the kids evening routine (fighting them into bath and bed) I usually just take a packet of pilchards to see whats around and when thats gone i head home. I was winding up a so far untouched bait pretty quickly and something sizeable nailed it. It was stripping line and going all over the place. Got a glimpse and saw a bonito, the first one ive ever hooked. As i got it in closer i could see about 4-5 kings chasing it and really trying to have a go at it. I managed to
  4. Hi , Got this guy by spit bridge on a sabiki. No idea what it is. Looks like a bream crossed with something....
  5. Hi berrero, that's amazing. One you won't forget. I can relate I had a similar experience at Roseville bridge. Please dont think I'm trying to steal your thunder but I think mine was similar (not as big) We all rave about kingfish ( and rightly so) but I love trevally and I reckon they are right up there in pulling power. Congrats mate
  6. Hi all, Paddled out to my spot again in middle harbour last Friday. Great conditions. Been challenged to get a legal kingy before 30/09 . You guys know what it's like from a non fisher...." You never get anything to bring home' So I'm fired up to do the damage. Down to 4 days a week thanks to the Rona so had a good time to prepare and plan. I'm reliant on yakkas and they are seemingly hard to get at the moment. I managed one amongst the multitude of pinkies . It was perfect size so sent him down. You know how all fisher people have a 6th sense..it came in handy. For some
  7. Hi Duffy, great fish. I fish at Cremorne regularly but am an absolute novice re blackfish. Do you get them off the ferry terminals or rocks? Thanks
  8. Sorry.....its about the 5th or 6th big flattie from the same spot in Sydney harbour. All on pilchard
  9. Agree with JAK middle harbour is sweet and anywhere from balmoral to spit
  10. Great advice yowie....you'll see I'm pretty close to jumping out and swimming to shore Reckon 20m. Deep spot in middle harbour
  11. Hi all, been out last Friday and today for two pretty awesome sessions. I think I can confirm I've found a spot for consistently big flathead. Released this bigun this morning before near freezing to death on the kayak when the rain and wind hit. Had a couple of live yakkas chomped by tailor and a pinkie on the way up. In one photo you can see a yellow tail of a yakka. Must have been 30cm.
  12. Like others I've had a few really memorable fish. I got this guy off the island at balmoral beach which I thought was pretty cool/rare for Sydney harbour. Also caught a 47 cm snapper at cremorne point.
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