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  1. krause

    Sunday 10/9

    Sounds like a nice part of the world to spend a few days at...
  2. krause

    Sunday 10/9

    Flatiefisher, north head is/will be a major stomping ground for us in a few months so we can definitely keep you in the loop on that one. Potentially also long reef? I don't know hire blue water oriented you are Coastie, how what where etc hahah, no there is a curiousity about the pelagics out front of the haven. Wondering if it gets as good as some say it does?
  3. krause

    Sunday 10/9

    Coastie01, we're always looking for new kayakers
  4. krause

    Sunday 10/9

    Fish meets little boat haha, now i demand fish meets my boat! >:( nah it was a pleasant day out. Roseville is a contender rod, as long as it aint that hill again! Wheres raz he knows what we're taking about
  5. krause

    Waterproof Switches

    Cheers guys
  6. krause

    Waterproof Switches

    Hi all, This thread could be perceived as not being 'fishing chat', if so, admin please move the thread to where it belongs. Im seeking info about waterproof switches. For application on a kayak, im passing it through a 1mm thick membrane. Backing and connections do not need to be water proof, but the switch and hole must be water proof! All i can find are toggle switches with rubber boots? Is there something better on the market? Ive visited both electrical and marine suppliers and theyve been rather useless so far.... so its up to you guys now hahaha Cheers
  7. krause

    Hairtail - current status

    Hi all, thanks for the replies. Appologies for my delay in this reply. Its a shame that theyve gone missing hahaha. Old fella, thanks for the advise, ill have a look into it and if its feasible by kayak ill let you know how i go.
  8. krause

    Hairtail - current status

    Hi all, Looking for tales, stories, statistics and whispers of how these creepy critters are going in cowan creek. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  9. krause

    Advice for a "big fish" rod

    My two cents regarding baitrunners. I have a shimano baitrunner OC 6000 with 30lb braid, and I love it. Its like my child, and its been tested by kings, but more importantly by big rays of the beach. Nothing melted.... after being spooled No idea what exactly you'd be melting, stock standard reels are generally metal and fibre washes. only plastic is the drag cap but if you melt that youve got bigger issues. Dont trust everything you read, if theres one thing we fishermsan love to do its talk s###. Everything is on a scale of 350%. You treat youre gear well and as it was designed to be used, itll love you back
  10. krause

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Sorry for the delay. Lungfau, no date yet. Probably augustish, pending weather, reports and moon etc. JTP, always people heading out, post if you want company. Next august meet above will be "Cold Night II" haha hairtail for the win. But yer we will do other stuff as well
  11. SUPER FOLDY NET!!!!!
  12. krause

    Looking for locals

    Looking for locals of either noosa or the lower Clarence River. Hit me up with a message. Cheers guys
  13. You'd have to direct that question to the catchee of the flathead. But you don't take them lightly, they very quickly cause alot of damage to your legs.
  14. krause

    The kayak krews hairtail catch-up!

    Awesome fish! Do i be mean and remind you mine was 53 no, either way it's awesoe tailor and there are clearly big ones about. Let me now how it goes in the smoker. We had no further luck at our second spot, so only a single hairtail by henry for the hairtail meet. This simply means there will have to be a second meet! Just maybe in August when the fish return. And i know that Razzel can't wait