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  1. savit

    Bream Rods with small butts

    I believe plenty of rod builders/ rod repair businesses can cut the rod butt and rebuild it to the required new shorter length. So, you are not limited to the limited models with shorter butt, however the rod mod will impact rod resale value.
  2. Well done mate! Winter kayaking requires more efforts than winter night fishing.
  3. savit

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    There cannot be total budget, there can be a starting budget. Rod, reel, braid, leaders with different rating, then jigs with several hook sizes and weights, soft plastic a few sizes in several colors, hardbodies, blades, poppers, soft vibes, scents, extra spools, another rod, reel... It never ends...
  4. savit


    Big Thank You for keeping this forum alive!
  5. savit

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    I would leave both rod and reel for bait fishing. Rod from that JW combo are fibreglass with solid tip - You would want something lighter with faster action for working soft plastic - e.g graphite or at least composite rod. I use a 2500 JW (about Shimano 3000 size equivalent) reel for most of my lure and bait land based estuary/light beach fishing (from whiting to small sharks bycatch). I would say JW 4000 size combo reel would be too heavy and large for light soft plastic, and too weak to fight a fish regularly on large soft plastic/lures.
  6. savit

    Neutral Bay Action (LRG AUS Salmon)

    Congrats on new PB! Well done Fishing.Hooked and Derek!
  7. savit

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    That was the time when plenty of people still shared information about their fishing spots on fishing forums.
  8. savit

    Worst fishing lures ever

    Thanks for sharing Derek. Looks like lure design development in many cases is limited now to Marketing department ( or Coop department in case of Savage Gear with all those bats, rats and other ducks) I was actually considering buying MightyBites (when they were discounted from 30 something to $5 at BigW) for parts (e.g. rattling chambers) for other DIY projects.
  9. savit

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    I would check if there are still free rockfishing safety courses with free PFDs - held by Alex B. and Randwick Co. Here is an interesting article re PFD class requirements for boat size/waters in NSW I use "soft" offshore 100 class PFD for rocks&kayak with normal size collar. Keeps me warm in winter/cold mornings or nights Dont worry much about "nuisance" - it might save your head or neck on the slippery rocks.
  10. savit

    kingfish setups

    Interesting topic. Looks like I missed something. What puts alvey at a disadvantage?
  11. savit

    kingfish setups

    Thanks @wazatherfisherman , a few questions please: - How did you get rid of / reduce twist while spinning lures/garfish? - What rod lengths did you use for LBG spinning with 650/651 size reel? - Is smaller 600 size reel significantly weaker built than 650? - Did you try geared GRC/GRBC reel models?
  12. savit

    Surf poppers.

    I recently came across FB group "Popper Fly Builders". Plenty of photos of nice DIY poppers of various design, materials and colors there - if you are into DIY. Some of those have quite similar design to traditional australian surf poppers, so I presume they can catch local fish.
  13. savit

    New to Squidding

    Big orange snake camping store might still have them at similar price.