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  1. savit

    How to stop losing fish around structure

    I would change the hook from the circle to "normal" and set the hook into the fish myself - before the fish sets the hook itself somewhere under structure. And also would make sure that the rod, mainline/leader ratings and drag setting provide sufficient resistance/pressure to reduce the time under the structure for most of the targeted species to minimum.
  2. savit

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    I would agree with fish condition difference. However who cleans the caught fish 48hrs later ???
  3. savit

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    Here is the website with fish heads. Just select the species you are interested in.
  4. savit

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    That's how I was getting to fishing spots with my cousin in the middle of 80s. We used country small unsealed roads/trails to avoid contact with authorities as both were too young for motor bike license. So, in a case of unexpected landing from the back of the bike - it was just a quick laugh, wipe of the dust and back into the saddle to continue rodeo. Social media? Even our parents did not know about our near-fail adventures (and bike abuse) on the road. Yeah... Memories...
  5. savit

    Suggestions on travel rod for NZ

    Not quite an answer to your questions, however a few things to consider: - have a look also at NZ shops, Usually their choice is wider and prices are lower than in AU even for well known brands as Shimano. No local AU warranty though. - think how you are going to transport the rods in the plane . If you dont want to pay possible sport/fishing gear surcharge - calculate what max length of the rod piece will fit in your luggage. e.g. mentioned travel Raider 9' piece will have aprox 75cm piece - check the customs/quarantine regulations for fishing gear for AU and NZ. The regulations are usually stricter in regards to used/freshwater/natural component(e.g.cork handle) fishing gear. - some of the travel rods allow different rod actions due to additional rod sections (e.g. Trion Transcendent range, however the length is limited to 7'2 max) i.e no need for several rods during the trip. -if you spend over AU$300 in one transaction (rod, reel, braid ,etc etc) close to your trip dates - you may claim GST on the AU border.
  6. savit

    Soft Plastics vs Metal Blades

    I would say fast action of 1-3 rods - designed for rather light lures. Blades will give a bit of resistance in the water due to their shape and weight despite their small size. I use 2-4kg for SP, however prefer 3-5kg for most blades (the rods are high graphite so the action is fast)
  7. savit

    What's your preferred lure type??

    I prefer SP Zman with scent for shallows and metals for deeper areas. Not so much plastic HBs - probably due to local prices for quality HBs.
  8. savit

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    We can not mention the names of businesses in public posts which are not sponsors of the forum. The business that I meant is a large chain store that has an orange color logo with a big snake in its name. I will also PM you the name.
  9. savit

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    Not now, earlier this year. There was a clearance of Trions everywhere . $20 baitcaster Trions were at Big Orange Snake stores. I got my spin Trion for $50 from there. I think most of other stores were clearing Trion stock for $75. Use Frank's offer to get rid of that itch and then decide what to do next.
  10. savit

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    I considered baitcasters too - as I wanted to try something different. Then analysed baitcaster pros and cons and my own land-based and kayaking fishing conditions , and came to conclusion that I do not need it - I just want it. My suggestion would be - if you want to learn something absolutely different from spin reels - try Alveys. If I decided to go into baitcasters - I would look into reels from $200 (you can get 5 spin Siennas and a change for that $). Baitcaster rods can be quit cheap due to low demand on regular sales/clearances - I saw Trions for $20.
  11. savit

    Beach Fishing - Help Required!

    @Volitan, thanks for sharing. What did you mean by fishfinder rig? (In different places - fishfinder rig is different)
  12. savit

    Seasons for fish...?

    Yes. Google : 'fishing calendar au', and then switch to images. Look for the ones from AU websites, preferably local NSW websites.
  13. savit

    Soft plastic glue

    Hi All. Just wondering if there are any other suggestions on glues for Soft Plastic ( other than Super Glue type products and others mentioned above)? I would prefer something that dries slower than Super Glues. The glue to be used mostly on Zmans. Thank you.
  14. savit

    Fishing friend

    This topic is about local (SE QLD) advice. I stated it is NSW forum as I believe 95% of discussions and reports here are about NSW. I totally agree that the members here are from around the world. I lived in QLD too. Noosa is a nice place except nudists on the other side
  15. savit

    Fishing friend

    This is NSW forum. Google Ausfish - they should help you with local info.