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  1. I think this might be the the source of FM article - SLSA Safety Coastal Brief 2020- Rockfishing. Published in April 2020 . Data for 2014-2019. 83% no lifejacket. 53% Asians, 25% no swim etc etc etc. Online link to full free report: https://issuu.com/surflifesavingaustralia/docs/csb_fishing_report_2020
  2. I fish for bream and flatties with small gangs . It is definitely not mainstream however topic was raised regularly on aussie forums 10+ years ago. Gang consists of 2 hooks size 4. Gangs are custom made from baitholder hooks - with plenty of trials and errors. My usual bait for bream - chicken stripes, sometimes salted pilchards (1/2 to 1/6 depending on pilchard size). Gangs allow longer (in terms of size and fishing time) presentation of the bait. Rarely chewed any leader or swallowed hooks and as most (98%) of hooking bream and flatties in the corner of mouth. I am not going back to singl
  3. I think HWS is more a nice new marketing term than a 'system' - in addition to 25+ existing TT jig heads designs. I fish with front weighted jigheads in 'open area'. And use weedless jig hooks near structure/snags/weed - custom sinking speed can be achieved by easily attaching lead splitshots on the bottom of the weedless hook, angle of sinking - by moving them (center of gravity) to the hook front or back. And it is much easier to rig it on most Zman SPs.
  4. Mate, think if you just want them or need them. ISO is s kind of fishing on it is own. And tele rod action is generally more suitable for bait than lures. I got couple of cheaper (JW) tele rods - 10' and 6' in the beginning of my local 'fishing career'. I still use 10' when rod portability and weight are more important than targetted fish fighting ability e.g when hiking/fishing in NPs loaded like mule with other 'important' stuff . It is useless on the beach as once sand gets in it (through wind, humidity/condensation or just a drop) - you will get a new permanent custom rod desi
  5. I witnessed similar thing at Batemans Bay rock wall at night. The guy (still teenager) broke his mates Saltiga Demon rod on the first large lure cast, and felt very devastated, however caught his first (1m+) Jewie on lures later, and everyone went celebrating. No crack in a rod is worth a crack in relationship.
  6. May be just sandals. I have Teva boots (which is not part of their major product range), and I fell so many times on uneven and wet surfaces while wearing them due to poor boot design - that I would not wish them to my enemy.
  7. Yes, it was. Alex was sharing a lot of intetesting stuff (except his secret spots - to my dissapointment 😭) and answered questions, and also free PFDs at the end. The room was packed (at least in my session) - however there were not many people of cultural background that was mainly listed in Randwick rockfishing report. I would say - it is better to organize such events with the involvement of local tackle stores where those people live and shop.
  8. Here is another activity to the list. Enough dangerous and minimum skills required.
  9. Totally agree with you Yowie. I am not a detective, however worked remotely or overseas with people from all continents 'in their own natural habitat'. Cultural differences can be large, even sometimes opposite. As an example, no matter what company policy states - at Aussie white-collar workplace - people can joke about religion, at European one - about gays. Never heard (and hardly can imagine) the opposite. But the problem of this society is that you feel that you have to tell that you are not a racist just to mention differences between people of other background, same as from me
  10. Great session! How do you cook Yellowbellies?
  11. Good report. Interesting marlin pack photos!
  12. For searching 'Halco lures' on forum may be try option 'Halco AND lures' that appears below the search field after first search results run. For recent relevant search results on forum (e.g when not 100% sure of specific word usage in the topic) sometimes google search does a better and faster job - just include word 'fishraider' and whatever you are looking for. Did you try to cut or flatten barbs on trebles instead of replacing for singles?
  13. I wish speedy recovery to all.
  14. If you are interested in european models incl. telescopics - check Aussie store Adore Tackle, though their prices could be far from affordable unless on sale. Also, if you are interested in Shimano - look also at NZ online shops, some of them deliver to AU. NZ Shimano products and price range differs from AU Shimano.
  15. Actually no need to ask - if your Kia can handle so much loose change (just 1motor/$100k ~ 1 tonne of coins ) then just strap the rest of the rig to the car roof 🤣
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