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  1. savit

    kingfish setups

    Thanks @wazatherfisherman , a few questions please: - How did you get rid of / reduce twist while spinning lures/garfish? - What rod lengths did you use for LBG spinning with 650/651 size reel? - Is smaller 600 size reel significantly weaker built than 650? - Did you try geared GRC/GRBC reel models?
  2. savit

    Surf poppers.

    I recently came across FB group "Popper Fly Builders". Plenty of photos of nice DIY poppers of various design, materials and colors there - if you are into DIY. Some of those have quite similar design to traditional australian surf poppers, so I presume they can catch local fish.
  3. savit

    New to Squidding

    Big orange snake camping store might still have them at similar price.
  4. savit

    Cowan creek and Hawkesbury river

    Thanks for the report mate for the area. Cowan in the morning (fog&sun) is amazing. Do not worry about hairtail much, similar results were reported from both WB and JB for the week.
  6. savit

    Surf poppers.

    I tried DIY from foam, they looked a bit ugly, then checked online pricing. They are online/on ebay, not-prerigged( just surf poppers), different colours and hook sizes. Come to around or below $1 cost each delivered - if purchased in small bulk. Probably not worth DIY unless you enjoy fly tying or similar activities.
  7. savit


    Paddle? Mirage drive and hobie amas are on photo background
  8. savit

    Hairtail Setup

  9. savit

    kingfish setups

    Flattiefisher, are you looking for lure or bait setup? Also, the above mentioned shop is quite expensive one. Even their bargain area always gave me laugh. They have good service and variety of tackle, however it is not a place for budget shopping from my observation. Check Dinga's (forum sponsor , price beat, usually lowest prices + 5% fishraider discount on top and free delivery) and usual camping fishing chain stores prices (sales season now) when you make your mind on setup.
  10. savit

    Pflueger Salt 50

    The reel states max 10 kg drag. What is your rod rating?
  11. savit

    Blue ring

    It was very good idea to use long nose pliers for blue ringed octopus.
  12. savit


    Permanent night light attracted more baitfish, squid which attracted quality fish in the area.
  13. savit


    I have a suspicion that the sign was already in place when the topic was started in 2011. At least I remember it in 2012. People are still fishing from bath structure and in the bath area at night leaving fish, mince and bread mess on the bath structure, however people are fishing less the proper place - the pier at night as the council removed or just does not fix the lights on it.
  14. savit

    Back up bait

    Thanks again Waza. Yes , sandy flats. Will take also flour. I have got some aniseed spray attractant - would it make a noticeable difference to the dough bait? Bloody bird kept stalking me on the other end of the wharf on that day after it got its prize after 3rd attempt LOL.
  15. Just my $0.02 I doubt that above mentioned 'experiments' would be covered under the warranty if there were one. I think $50 for new OEM parts per reel seems reasonable for $200+ reels if the parts restore performance. And the money for new bearings would not be wasted. It is not a bloody Daiwa service costs with Magseals. I have a few Alvey unfinished "projects" covering with dust - the shipped parts from Alvey will be higher than my cost of the reels. Even the shipping costs alone would be more than 1/2 of the reel price I paid. Overall it is not expensive to make them work and enjoy them as well, however I am just feeling not right to pay for the parts more than I paid for the reel LOL.