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  1. savit

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    I think - If the low visibility of a mainline (not a leader) were actually important for fishing then braid or even fly-fishing line - as a mainline would have been a failure for fishing. Fluoro is supposed to sink faster in the water, so I guess I would prefer mono for light topwater lures and fluoro for light sinking lures - in case if the braid is not suitable for the conditions.
  2. Do you use Mono for jigging?
  3. savit

    Stinger/assist hooks on blades/vibes

    The replacement assist hooks used to be rather expensive. Now they are quite cheap. if you want a quick and affordable solution then pre-made assist hooks (pair) with rubber are available on e bay locally at $1.10-$1.50 each if you buy 5-20 of them. if you want the cheapest solution or interested in cheap DIY project then plenty of braid in various color, strength, quality and confition can be picked up on the ground for free at most of large public fishing spots e.g. pier 2/3/whatever is still opened., Clifton Gardens etc on or after weekend. One or few braid bird nests are enough for dozens of assist hook rigs. Good condition braid can be used for hook traces while damaged braid can be used for the skirts (it stays much longer than rubber).
  4. savit

    Dual electric outboards

    Think first about sufficient battery(ies) weight and its cost. Electric motors are actually quite cheap. Dinga (forum sponsor) used to sell them.
  5. savit

    Hobie Mirage Drive

    Hobbieting. Watch out for Great White Wizard.
  6. savit

    Anyone still breathing?

    Some of them are pretty thick. Those for surfboards are thinner. Though I would most likely avoid soft ones unless for short distances and low speed.
  7. Is it allowed now to use supermarket prawns for fishing?
  8. savit

    Maiden voyage

    Thank you. Hope BN and frankS still find a way to get a kingie. Does anybody know any webcams in botany bay area for weather conditions?
  9. savit

    Maiden voyage

    Thats a lot. What is the source please?
  10. savit

    DIY breaking strain tester

    BN, The website has been offline for a while. Therefore the link is from web archive. The link works for me on Chrome - see below screenshot. May be try different browser?
  11. savit

    DIY breaking strain tester

    @Volitan, Have a look at Paulusjustfishing website. A lot of line testing including knots: If Paulus does not explain somewhere on his website how he is testing breaking strain (equipment/technique etc) - just contact him.
  12. Interesting . That explains why I saw once commercial boat unloading a dead seal besides fish - not sure though how they were going to sell it. It took me only 15 min ( just to prepare flyfish gear) before I met 2 fisheries officers to check the gear and license.
  13. savit

    Advice for my first time fishing in WA

    I have a book with WA fishing spots and related info . It is not the latest edition. It can tell what species you can expect to catch and where, but not how or when. If you are still interested - I can PM you the screenshots with details for the related region. As for local fishing methods/rigs/baits or lures/current species biting - I would check also the usual suspects - local fishing forums or FB groups as these topics are usually discussed without any restrictions.
  14. savit

    Sydney's Top Fishing Spots

    Thanks @Ryder. There should be a 3rd book somewhere - as both books with jewie and kingfish are "new edition" 😁.