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  1. @kingie chaser, I understand that. My suggestion was - may be we should have or try something new, besides 'traditional' reports.
  2. Some local (AU) fishing forums allow quick posting photos of recent catches with a short description into the existing long topic(i.e. similar to 'Introduce yourself' or 'my boat' topics on Fishraider) rather than creating a new separate topic with full report. I believe there is nothing wrong with that - as all those photos are kept in one place without overloading forum with new topics, and any further questions can be be asked directly via private messaging. What annoys me is - sometimes very immature responses to the questions asked in the report topics, and, well, selfies on th
  3. They are still continued on E bay. Just below $20 delivered.
  4. Fin noir lethal 40 reel has 270yards/ 30lb braid capacity from their website. If you want to save - get 150yards of suggested 20lb braid and fill the rest of the spool with mono backing line.
  5. May be call the local tackle stores (I remember at least 2 in the area), they should know for sure.
  6. Organic frozen potato chips + organic (sunflower) oil in a deeper frying pan worked many times for me. Simple, quick and taste great. Still cheaper than most fast food rubbish. The only challenge is to find those chips in stock.
  7. No, I am definitely not trying Kiviak 😝, but I will do exception for smoked Puffin 😁. I used to buy various sashimi plates at Tokyo fishing market. LOL never knew what it was (just hoped the fish was really fresh) - as their English was as good as my Japanese. Was struggling only with one fish. However with all that "brave" stuff, there are some common foods I can not smell, let alone eat, so no chef career for me
  8. After Hákarl I think I am ready for Fugu, just need another full bottle of Coke "acid" Yakkas, carp, tilapia, possibly other local "pests" and baitfish actually play quite noticeable role in commercial fishing overseas. My favourite is deep fried Redfin. My brother in law used to buy truck of frozen raw mackerel in Poland and then put them into barrels with marinade. 1000km and 2 customs with long truck queues later - they were ready for consumption.
  9. Thanks. Any good recipes for yakkas and pufferfish?
  10. Looks like we need those long badges with car model, engine size, cylinders, injection, transmission, fuel type, aircon info etc etc etc from 80th back - would save over $400 in annual fees on custom plates to some people.
  11. It is similar to squeezing and rubbing the insects into artificial fly, just the next level - full worm/grasshoper replacement .
  12. Awesome catch from a kayak, and a free ride on top of that! What was the gear that landed the fish?
  13. Forget about nudes on the beach. Remember about perverts in the bushes around the beach. They are usually harmless, however my partner was not much happy. Back to the topic. From memory - there are a few small parkings in the area, some of them have short easy tracks that lead straight to ledges. No climbing skills were required.
  14. I just use the cheapest awl from Bunnings. Fish never complained.
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