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  1. savit

    Long reef snapper snapper spots

    They call under 10kg kingfish - rats. It's embarrassing 😭.
  2. savit

    Braid - Looking for specific

    It looks like SX is an old one. Here are some differences from Shimano website:
  3. savit

    Sydney Fishing Lures

    I would add a few metal blades/vibes (in a several weights) to keep the lure closer to the bottom for flatheads and dissapoint leatherjackets.
  4. savit

    Shimano Stradic 4000 corrosion

    Ok , but Shimano replaced Ci4 with Ci4+ stradics in 2013, added extra sizes and then stated that it is for use in saltwater.
  5. savit

    Casting with a Drone

    Google - kontiki fishing. Popular in NZ.
  6. savit

    Navionics Reload

    Did you try this?: Android: How to Install Previous Purchases
  7. savit

    Frozen bait around lower North Shore

    I do not remember particular however I regularly see bait signs in the area. open google map. select area. type 'fuel' , click on a station and then click on a 'call sign'. 2 minutes effort. Otherwise just drive around a bit to check what they have actually in stock. as for Bait n go - pay with credit card and then report to your credit card provider and you will get your money back. if not confident - make a short video of the unsuccesfull purchase on your phone as a proof.
  8. savit

    Frozen bait around lower North Shore

    A lot of servos have them. The closer to the water - the higher chance. Get an app like Fuelcheck with local servos map ( even google map will do the job) . The area is relatively small - easy to check. On top of that - there was/is Bait n go 24/7 vending machine in Mosman. Otherwises - local fish markets - they can be open up to 7 pm.
  9. savit

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Compleat tackle chain had some flyfishing sale recently - if you want something brand new, and they are not cheap.
  10. savit

    Mccarrs Creek Fishing

    Here is some related info: Targetting shark from kayak is not a good idea. If you decide to leave a creek - watch out for wake from boat traffic as they dont like to slow down there.
  11. savit

    3.6 Subaru Outback for towing

    I remember a recent discussion (may be this forum or FB) re Outback 3.6R towing abilities, and it was suggested to consider a Diesel Outback model (up to 1.7t) as it is cheaper and more suitable for towing. Just had a look at Subaru website: The recommended scheduled service interval for 2019 Subaru Outback models is every 6 months or 12,500 kilometres, whichever occurs first. Subaru 6 cylinder models require an interim service at 3 months or 5,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first. It looks like for 3.6R - service fun every 3 months .
  12. savit

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    @kingie chaser Also here in the weblink:
  13. savit

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    I use 2 most of the time too. sometimes 1 keeps enough busy 😀 "in possession" - screenshots of NSW DPI Android app.
  14. savit

    Jindabyne/Thredbo in April

    Thanks. Live unweighted grasshoppers used to be my #1 bait for river fishing in my other life in another hemisphere with my dad. Used to catch them in the morning in the wet long grass and stored in the matchbox. Also, we used to pull one grasshoper leg out (may be considered a bit cruel nowadays, however efficient - they dont jump out of the box with light speed while create still a lot of fish attracting movements on the water. Dead and dried ones were not even close in efficiency. Have not seen them in abundance in NSW. Thredbo river is closed for bait/Powerbait fishing (at least close to Jindy lake), not sure about other close rivers/creeks.
  15. savit

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    Am I missing something? NSW DPI permits only 4 rods/lines in use or possession when saltwater fishing: So, I guess 5th+ rods are either allocated to eligible (underage / senior/with fishing license) passenger/crew quota OR they are they are just partially rigged (and not suitable for immediate use). Or is there something else?