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  1. I use mentioned 6.6' 4-8kg Ugly Stik on a kayak (2nd rod is also Ugly Stik) - for bait and heavier lures casting. They are obviously not finesse, however will handle a lot of abuse. 2 piece is very practical both for storing the rod in the car and reaching the rod tip (if line wrapped or lure hooked the tip) on a kayak. However for landbased fishing I always prefer lighter (weight, not rating) and longer rods - for easier casts and better sensitivity. If you decide to get Ugly Stik - I suggest to take the kayak rod holder (or at least measure its diameter) with you to the shop and check, as some Ugly Stik butts are too big to fit.
  2. Rod at Woolies? Which section?
  3. Thanks kingie chaser. Did I miss any announcement on the forum re Dinga status? @mrsswordfisherman , do you mind to confirm the above?
  4. I would be looking for graphite or light composite 2 or 3 piece rod 12 feet, and reel size to match. FX 4000 would be too small for 12'rod and would not last long due to low-cost internals. I would take the rod back to the shop and then wait until real Xmas sales start - if on budget. If in hurry - call Dinga (Fishraider sponsor), explain them what you want and most likely they will find good value for money combo for you that will fit your budget. Most of active members of the forum probably spent more than $110 for surf rod and reel, so I would not expect many suggestions.
  5. savit

    Walker Wobbler

    Just some info re JW Wobblers weights etc before it goes...: Jarvis Walker Wobbler made in 2 sizes 7g and 28g , 2 in a pack Tsunami Wobbler (distributed by Jarwis Walker) comes in 2 sizes 7g and 28g however several colors All/Most available through Fishraider sponsor Dinga website from $3 to $5 (cheaper than Kmart's $5.50) + usual free delivery and 5% Fishraider discount on top of that. I would love to see Waza Wobblers though suspect that probably they will be suitable only for direct wind Alveys on f/glass rod 😃 and yes DIY is fun!
  6. Hi @DerekD. Glad it worked. The result looks very nice. Thanks for the photo. In regards to sharp points - I would melt/soft them and then press them down ( probably with a flat head screwdriver heated over a gas stove) - instead of filing. And probably would also quickly 'check' the ends of a shock cord with a lighter.
  7. If you are interested in a light/finesse freshwater fishing then try to first check freshwater rods from your local retailers. Their equivalent (weight/rating/action) in a common estuary finesse range will cost $100-200 more. My (US model though) Elite Ugly Stik looks and feels more like Pflueger Trion i.e. totally different from 'traditional' Ugly 'noodles' due to higher content of graphite in the composite blank. Recently I noticed Elite combos in local Aldi and did not like the rod at all.
  8. Caught it a few months ago in Mosman area as well. Thought kinda weird wrasse before throwing it back.
  9. Enjoyed it much in the past. Those few seconds of fighting the fish on a pole were quite packed with adrenaline and were worth it. It is quite different (I would say -opposite) to the light line/drag 'waiting game' reel fishing.
  10. Braid will give you more bite sensitivity than mono, and might make your learning curve a bit faster , steeper and perhaps more interesting - whether it is bait or lure fishing. I would keep one rod (shorter) with braid and the other with mono - so you can learn from both. As for the braid cost - It won't take much efforts to find a braid discounted to $5-10 on local shops clearances - it would not be the best choice for using with specialized tackle however will handle any mentioned bream , whiting or flattie just fine.
  11. A piece of old garden hose ( special from around the house ) over the cord will do the job as a thicker handle. I would not use bunnings neoprene tubes as a handle - they are very soft and will be cut quickly on the edges. I would just tighten the stretch cord around the tube instead of ties. If you do want ties - K mart has them muuuch cheaper than bunnings.
  12. Grunt Shock cord 8mmx5meter - $10
  13. Why not try thick bunnings bungee cord! You can cut it , tighten on tube, make a small handle, and move it along the tube when required. 2 minutes job. I would add Kmart large carabiners ($2 for the pair?) to keep the tubes together when necessary.
  14. I loved those promotional videos of modular kayaks . They just show how easy to assemble and dissamble them within seconds and then put them in the small car. None of them will show how much dirt or sand or water or bait smell/pieces you will bring inside of the car too. None of them will show what a decent wave can do with those rubber stripes that holds the parts together. So back to questions. 1. It is OK for quiet conditions and could be dangerous in the open water particularly when you distracted by fishing. 2. Big orange snake chain store used to sell modular point65 kayaks with the lowest price during their usual kayak clearance. I think C kayaks and some kayak store in Melbourne still selling them brand new with delivery. Otherwise usual suspects - eBay etc.