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  1. I wish the minimum legal size was accepted and understood as well. There is no sufficient control over it.
  2. savit

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Interesting . What do you use it for?
  3. savit

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Garmin Striker CV are without proper mapping, just Quickdraw Contours. Garmin Echomaps CV come with full mapping ability/maps. 5cv is a Striker model though. If the delivered price is close/below local second hand unit prices - I would probably buy brand new one from overseas.
  4. savit

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    - depending on postage/import costs - check also whether units are regionally locked e.g map lock, depth in feet and water temp in Fahrenheit.
  5. savit

    Longer shank Jigheads

    Eel jigheads might have a bit longer shank. Angler shop in Sydney CBD had recenty some kind of TT? jigheads rigs with thick wire heavy duty long stingers Also, may be, consider worm jig hooks with weights.
  6. savit

    10ft vs 12ft Casting Distance Question.

    The shop that sells DAMs and other Euro rods in AU - offers almost every month another 20% (15-25%) discount on top of already discounted prices. AU RRP $645 - hope it is worth it, however resale value will be limited. DAM rod comes with 2 different length tips for the price - so it can be made 10 and 12 feet rod - I presume casting with 12 will be further.
  7. savit

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    May be consider Surf poppers with added bait(if bait is small).
  8. savit

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    I used to use similar size floats to prevent 'cleaned' large hooks rigs from 'anchoring'. The floats were white/red - I guess can be repainted. $1 each in tackle shops or 4 for $2 in Big W.
  9. savit

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Shame to admit - I got spooled by octopus once 😂. I was trolling baits under the Spit on a kayak with a rod in a back rod holder. Somehow both Alvey reel drag and alarm became disengaged (after the recent service) and I noticed something stopped the kayak without pulling it and an empty spool only when I passed marina. Instead of slow winding and paddling in the busy traffic area I decided just to pull the heavy line and leave it on a kayak . When I got under the bridge - the 'snag' gave up and appeared to be a few kg octopus on snelled hooks. I paddled to beach and started to wind the line back on a reel. By the time I got to the hooks - the octopus has self released and took the bait as well.
  10. savit

    Old days

    Very nice photos. It took me a while to find a fish though! 😁
  11. savit

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    What I meant:
  12. savit

    Idea for Surf Fishing Rig

    Google images for 'fishfinder', 'helicopter', 'high low' fishing rigs - look at the rigs with floats. Usually it is a single hook at the end instead of float. They are rather popular in US. Consider impact of current and waves in the surf to your rig .
  13. savit


    Thanks Jon. Are you giving up with Ocean Cylinders? I presume both boat cost and fuel expenses will be higher in that case?
  14. savit


    Jon, I remember your rib is very fuel-efficient. May I ask you how much fuel was required to cover that distance?
  15. savit

    Old days

    BN, are you saying that you started fishing with 2lb braid on a custom built rod with all organic baits ? Most fishers nowadays start with a much simpler rig Also, if you want to know what UK anglers feel - check regularly e bay or gum tree - usually those fishing 'thrones' and complex 'military-grade' electronics are very cheaply for sale when expat leaves AU.