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  1. Interesting discussion. So, why right hand wind is preferred in Australia? (I mean besides large overheads). I have a theory that it developed due to majority of local/first fishing reels e.g centerpins and sidecasts had no drag, and fish had to be 'played' with stronger (right) hand.
  2. Just ask for breathable plastic bags at Woolies bread section - they will protect the hanged fish from flies bugs etc and still allow the fish to dry and the liquid to leave the fish and bag. Though I do it only with salted fish.
  3. Hi Derek, As you already noticed I am a 'left hand wind ' person. The problem to find left hand wind baitcasters (not 100% sure about large overheads) usually is at brick & mortar Australian fishing tackle stores - as they are not much popular. Large Australian online tackle shops usually give some choice. The problem with online purchase is that you cant get a reel feeling/ check rig balancing before the reel purchase. I have seen tackle brick shops in Europe that were selling only left-hand baitcasters. Cant comment much about US - as I have not been there for a while. Though left-hand built fully-sealed Van Staal US Spin reels were so unpopular and consequently 'low-priced' in Australia that American fishos were importing them from our shops.
  4. Most spinning reel allow easy and fast change of handle to/from left/right side. The issue is with baitcasters/overhead reels. Alvey allow conversion of reel with provided kit .
  5. Try making salt&air dried estuary bread&butter species. Oily sea species do not taste good. Freshwater species usually have too many bones in the flesh.
  6. Do you see the difference in catches between garlic and soy/oyster sauce?
  7. I would say - get a used kayak that fits your budget and spend the saved cash on other gear like paddle, seat, PFD, kayak trolley, car racks/straps, rod holders, rod leashes, landing net, anchor, fishfinder, live bait tube etc etc ... did I mention fishing tackle? Just make sure kayak suits your intended type and area of fishing. e.g I would not risk fishing in a small cheap 'tub' in open waters or areas with a lot of current, or when a decent paddling required, though in closed or calm waters this 'tub' is quite sufficient to get a chance for a decent catch particularly close to some structure.
  8. This might help:
  9. Have a look at this topic:
  10. I used just to squize the splitshot with fingers and open it later with a nail. It was sufficient and held well on a line, never thought to use pliers.
  11. Proud owner of 2 ZX Spectrums here. Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Half-Life during school/uni days. Then DIRT on G27 wheel etc after 10-12 hour office work "shifts". Most recently only multiplayer tanks on a mobile on a couch. Fishing is a better choice.
  12. Hi David. May be this one?
  13. Dont forget about further Dinga's 5% discount for Fishraider forum members on top of fast and free delivery.
  14. savit

    boat license
  15. I wish the minimum legal size was accepted and understood as well. There is no sufficient control over it.