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  1. Just another stripy result of Derek's help. Now time to review the gear and further practicing. Thank you @DerekD!
  2. savit

    Big neil

    So sorry to hear of your loss BN! Andrew.
  3. Interesting topic. Just wondering what would be an opinion on Volleys Safety Steel Toe sneakers with added plates or studs ? They are heavier however the rubber is supposed to be more heavy duty.
  4. savit

    Rod lure ratings

    I have 10' Ugly in similar rating and use it usually for bait fishing on rocks. I would not worry much about its "lure rating" - the rod has f/glass tip which is quite forgiving. As for beach bait fishing I would look at 12-13' rods, and something lighter than Uglies unless the rod will spend most time in a rod holder rather than hands. I think 8' Ugly is more suitable for pier bait fishing.
  5. Up to 15 cm length - only live mullet allowed to be used.
  6. I would avoid surgical pliers/forceps - they are more for "surgical" work i.e. when fish is small and fixed/still. I borrowed mine once to a guy to release a small shark on the shore - it took him less than 3 sec to break them. Think if you need actually pliers or hook remover on a kayak. Hook remover has much simpler and narrower and lighter design (and less chance to rust with a bit of oil service) as well as longer length. I prefer hook remover for kayak and pliers (more functions and no salt damage) for shore fishing.
  7. The combo with 4-8kg rod seems to be made for that specific orange chain store (to avoid competition/price matching etc). Just call the local store and ask someone to check what is written on the rod otherwise call AU ABU office. The ABU pro max combo with similar 4-8kg rod rating however abit longer rod suggests 1/4-5/8 oz weight lures on ABU website.
  8. savit


    Baitcaster rods are regularly heavily discounted as are less popular - you can get the rod with original price $100 for $25-50 on sale with some research. Yes, you will have to buy a separate reel - you can not change the handle side, and I have never seen left hand wind baitcast combos on sale in Australia. Unlike large or small Brick and Mortars - some online Australian retailers do stock left hand wind baitcasters - it is easy to check online once you collect some model suggestions .
  9. Alvey reel on Ugly rod on a kayak. I just leave it in the back vertical rodholder and then paddle or drift until the fish alarm loudly wakes up warning that the fish is on the line and waiting , 1:1 winching power, any-time drag adjustment and zero worries abour water damage to reel or the rod angle, just a fun of fighting the fish.
  10. I totally agree with Big Neil. It is either - invest your own time into tackle research to get the extra value for the money, or pay extra for the "insurance"of quality and spend the saved time on the water. My most used (a few times per week) lure setup was $20 2-4kg Kmart graphite rod, $12 (halfprice sale) JW 2500 size Kmart reel and $7 Kmart braid and $2 Ebay blades. Caught hundreds of tasty flatheads on it plus various bycatch. The $12 reel (5 ball bearings) still quite ok after 8 years with irregular servicing, 2 "swims" and bycatch up to 4 feet sharks and rays.
  11. Rod length. Think where you are going to target redfins. If it is open spaces e.g lake - then extra rod length will give you extra casting distance if required. Keep in mind that cheaper longer rods (even graphite) are heavier and are less fun with light small lures. If you are going to target redfin near structure, casting under/near hanging trees where there is not much space and cast precision is important e.g river banks , submerged trees - the shorter rod (sub 7") will give more benefits / control over cast, and even cheaper shorter rod will not be felt heavy. Rod type and brand. Shimano does not supply light spin freshwater rods to Australia ( same as most other large fishing tackle brands). I guess it is partly because local freshwater tackle market is small , and partly because it will cannibalise $300+ light premium rods sales. So, common advice on light gear (no matter whether you targeting freshwater trout or saltwater kings !) on the forums/FB groups is "bream gear" . I would suggest to check first the non mainstream brands and models in the local tackle shops as they might give you more fun with smaller species like redfins due to lighter rod weight, better sensitivity and better price than common and well-promoted brands/models. Reel. Probably Shimano as they get less service complaints than Daiwa. Cheap Sienna will do the job, however Stradics are more popular.
  12. savit

    Thank you Waza

    Thank you Waza.
  13. I use mentioned 6.6' 4-8kg Ugly Stik on a kayak (2nd rod is also Ugly Stik) - for bait and heavier lures casting. They are obviously not finesse, however will handle a lot of abuse. 2 piece is very practical both for storing the rod in the car and reaching the rod tip (if line wrapped or lure hooked the tip) on a kayak. However for landbased fishing I always prefer lighter (weight, not rating) and longer rods - for easier casts and better sensitivity. If you decide to get Ugly Stik - I suggest to take the kayak rod holder (or at least measure its diameter) with you to the shop and check, as some Ugly Stik butts are too big to fit.