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  1. I'd rather be buying 2-3 cheaper rods within the total budget (EOFY sales are coming soon) for the listed purposes instead of 1 rod that supposed to handle from luderick to grouper and casting 30-80g lures on top of it. Or, would just choose 1 designed for the purpose that has priority at the moment. It is not a saving to get 1 rod for everytning as in best case it will do 1 thing well. Same applies to reels.
  2. savit

    C-Map Reveal

    C-Map/Navico say that they will have soon REVEAL Shaded Relief on their Phone Apps without area restriction. They offer 2 weeks trial before annual fees, as well as integration with some sounders.
  3. That could be another challenge.
  4. You can go under Spit Bridge or Harbour Bridge (Piers) - whatever is closest to you - in the evening / on weekend. Plenty of people to watch using that technique as well as results.
  5. Great project result! What is the final length? Did you consider 2 man saw?
  6. My expressed opinion was related to the provided website - not Fishraider forum. What I meant I would not rely on that website as a technical source of information about line life spans, while their articles still can be used for entertaining purposes. I hope that clarifies.
  7. I don't mean to be rude , but I am struggling to comprehend where are those line life numbers are coming from? IMO they should stick to their 'Fishing date' and 'Five real ways to make money while fishing' articles as it is more entertaining.
  8. savit

    Kabura jigs

    Yes, they love Japanese 'heavy metal' in NZ . From memory these have been at least couple of years on the market, I would check also NZ forums /FB pages for feedback as they have rather similar fish species choice to ours.
  9. Candles ? No battery required. 12.57 lumen each . They are waterproof, floating and working.
  10. Frank said the right thing - it is better to introduce yourself first on the forum. Here on E bay - still 3 (SX 48F #311) lures are available: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/132479667156?hash=item1ed8674bd4:g:mUIAAOSwaLdaZkmF&frcectupt=true
  11. savit

    Paying GST

    Nothing wrong with supporting local australian household - money saved is money earned. Just out of interest - do their products come with warranty e.g from Japanese Shimano or the shop one?
  12. Penn Mariner has a solid glass tip - I would choose graphite or at least full composite rod for better sensitivity for lures.
  13. Excellent catch! What rod do you use from the boat for ludericks?
  14. Actually I am being asked similar question - why do I need so many lures if I bring home fish usually caught on bait (at night). So, I answer - lures are for hobby, bait is for bringing food to the table - totally 2 different activities πŸ˜ƒ
  15. How many is enough? - What I have at the moment plus at least another one. How many do I have? - I always answer this regular question honestly : ''I do not know how many I have - as I do not count them''. Why so many? - Some are backup, purchased at clearance prices. It's true. Treat rods(well, and other tackle) like hooks - it is important to know what you have, not how many of them you have, and keep them at home away from others hands and eyes πŸ˜ƒ.
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