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  1. savit

    Jindabyne/Thredbo in April

    Just in case someone might have similar questions later - I found the below link re current fishing conditions and suggestions for the area rather useful:
  2. That's why they charge for a few hours as for several years spent on tackle, you still save on time 😁 My suggestion for the beginner would be - leave your tackle at home and visit several times on weekend one or a few busy popular and safe fishing spots e.g. Clifton Gardens or similar in your area , and just observe what others are doing(fishing techniques), what they are using ( tackle, baits, lures) and who catches (what works and what does not). Once you got an idea what you would like to do - shopping(if necessary), practice, research and experimenting .
  3. Hi All I will be visiting Snowy Mountains and staying in Jindabyne soon. Might have time in early mornings for a few short land based lure (and may be fly) fishing sessions in the lake or Thredbo river. This will be my 2nd time fishing the area. Any suggestions re lures for trout that might work at the moment ? I have got a bit of everything over time - just not sure what to bring and to try first. Thanks a lot.
  4. savit

    Glow In The Dark Soft Plastics

    I fish regularly for flathead at night with lures (usually SP). I tried small glowing SP in both lit and unlit areas in the past, and they did not do the magic for me, however would be interested to know your results. Nonetheless, I think, they are quite good to check the casting distance or direction if fishing in wind/near structure at night. if you are interested in glowing jerk shads in 5/7 inch size - many local online/brick tackle stores have Glowing Zman and Gulp Jerk shads particularly in 5 and 7 inch sizes. Even Dinga has something.
  5. savit

    Jackets & braid

    Tried these colors?
  6. savit

    Old Rod?

    I think 2000 is just one of Ugly Stik rod product lines as I noticed a couple of 2000 Uglies in different lengths for sale in internet. Here is an old Fishraider discussion that mentions Ugly Stik 2000 and some others.
  7. savit

    An end to carp?

    How about blast/dynamite fishing? I have seen that thing in the past - it works. Just for the purpose of catching carp. Good excuse? Do you understand that using those "techniques" a lot of other (native ) fish will be damaged/killed?
  8. savit

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    I believe they were reported caught in Manly lagoon at least several times on this forum.
  9. savit

    Ice fishing

    Missing that thing! Thanks a lot for the report.
  10. Thank you all.
  11. savit

    ID Please (Longtail Catfish)

    I usually use long reach pliers with them so no need to cut the line unless the hook is inside. Are they good for bait?
  12. savit

    Sienna Reel problem

    I do not see the problem here. Shimano reels come with 10 year warranty period in Australia - it does not matter whether it is cheap Sienna or expensive Stella. 9.5 years left. I would just take it to the shop, show them tax invoice, reel and explain the issue with the reel (no need to explain the issue with Shimano ) and let them deal with Shimano to sort it out. It does not matter whether it is shop's fault at all. If the shop will tell you to deal with Shimano directly within reel warranty period - tell the shop it is your choice as a customer, and if they refuse - they will deal also with ACCC directly. And check your customer rights and protection on ACCC website.
  13. savit

    Do kids count towards bag limits?

    I dont do crab fishing, however I would say that extra 2 traps have also to be "signed" in your son's name to be condidered as his "his share".
  14. Just wondering if anyone used freshwater/trout graphite 1-2 kg spin rods for light saltwater lure fishing and what is his experience, or knows if any tackle shops stock them in Sydney area.
  15. savit

    Max reel drag for 2-4kg graphite rod

    Thanks all Deadlifting (or landing/netting) is not really an issue with 2-4kg graphite rod - 5 years at same spot, same rod, same reel and probably same fish (due to plenty of C&R). It was mentioned just to explain why I fish with heavier lines. The rod snapped at strike due to heavy fish. So the question was about opinions how much max drag 2-4kg graphite rod can handle without highsticking while setting the hook. I tried other rods over time in the past - 3-5kg graphite and slower 2-4kg glass and composite and went back to 2-4kg graphite as 3-5kg graphite was too stiff/heavy for most of my light lures, while 2-4 kg slow glass and composite could not set the hook properly(and most fish was lost near surface) I have not tried yet fishing with my 'new 3-4kg graphite rod" LOL - it is only 5 inch shorter than old 2-4kg. So, probably I just keep using same old 1.5kg drag as 2.5kg was obviously unsafe.