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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences.
  2. Looks like not just in UK now. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-22/albany-fisherman-cops-temporary-youtube-ban/100482240
  3. Asians (and me too in the past) sometimes use small rocks wrapped/tied a bit with old braid as a sinker. Not 'biodegradable' and wont cast a mile like steel, however does the job, takes 10 sec to make, and 100% nature-friendly. I have seen also drilled/with glued swivel rock sinkers on european ebay. I assume a few more drilled holes (in a rock) will have texture and space for scent if necessary.
  4. Add non-stainless steel hooks to that fish-friendly hook list. Most hooks (attached to fish) rust quickly in saltwater. I prefer small running sinker-to-hook rig with 'normal' hooks instead of 'circles' - easier and faster to identify the bite, and set the hook in the corner of mouth before fish decides to swallow the hook and chew the leader. As for swallowed hooks it is not the end of the world for many fish either (as long as you dont try to get your hook back at all costs). Here is interesting article: https://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/fish-facts-what-happens-when-the-line-parts
  5. How it all will be cleaned if virus is used - I have no idea. In any case - virus or else - IMO it is lottery. Hope it just woun't be delayed until almost nothing left to protect. Keeping ok. Missing proper fishing like everyone else.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/sep/20/australian-government-plan-to-capitalise-on-carp-orgies-to-cull-the-pest-species-with-herpes-virus
  7. Wow. Grab the leader?! That's explains why my locally puchased NZ Black Magic leader spool comes with only 30m while directly imported one from NZ - 220m. Bloody Kiwis!🤣
  8. Yes, vote for Northern Pike. I assume that natives won't be excluded from pike's menu, however they definitely will have another (better?) chance from natural reduction of carp and redfin population. As for pike fishing - it is fun, another opportunity for using lures on larger predator in freshwater or when season for other species like murray cod is closed. Eating - not so much due to multiple bones and sometimes locally acquired taste. Between choosing another (carp) virus in a wild (havent we had them enough???!!!) or another fish to reduce carp population - I would choose a natural way/another fish.
  9. I seriously doubt that lessons were learnt - there are plenty of other common 'examples' running around where I live - rabbits, foxes etc etc. As for fish - obviously redfin and trouts are far from being natives. Was there anything else (fish) locally introduced ?
  10. Not suggesting, just wondering if there were attempts in the past to introduce also some natural carp predators e.g Northern Pike in Aussie rivers? If we managed to sell kangaroo meat to russian navy, why not try exporting carp there? I am confident they will eat carp in that part of the world - just ask any local british angler. As for tilapia - it is actually one of the largest fish exports in the world, US consumes major share of it (used to be 80%). QLD might have enough stock to pay US for submarine deal LOL.
  11. Great job. Well done!!! They look so similar to those made on pro/factory equipment. Hope to see also 'LJ-test' results report.
  12. Yes, I have read the same that live bait will be still permitted, and was kind of surprised that people keep stating opposite. As for reasonability of the proposal - in wrong hands we will all become fly fishers at best, or vegans at worst. On the other hand, situations like when teens cut and use piece of alive fish (without dispatching it first) for bait seem disturbing to me.
  13. I do not remember any related changes in rules for the last decade. Was it actually ever illegal in NSW to release carp?
  14. Kmart and BigW are good if you have low budget, need no advice, and you understand already what is reasonable quality and what is not. BigW has a bit higher quality level and prices. Local tackle shops are good when you have a good budget and have no idea about fishing, or require specialised tackle which is not available elsewhere. They can offer a lot advice which usually included in relatively high cost of fishing tackle. Big chains stores have regularly good combo deals and sales. They can also offer a general advice if you finally find someone from fishing tackle dept. This is where I would be looking for beginner's tackle after learning some knowledge from this forum. Keep in mind that the cheapest rod&reel in all 3 above mentioned groups will have similar low quality level, just the price 2x and 3x times difference - so, dont look for cheapest as a beginner.
  15. I have different experience. Clearing excessive tackle stock at home is obviously a good reason. However I find online NZ tackle shops offers (particulalry for demanding applications such as LBG or heavy jigging or game fishing) much better - wider stock range and better prices. Some online NZ shops have websites/ pricing separately for local NZ and AU customers with price difference much more than just FX exchange or shipping cost rates. Even Shimano, Daiwa etc local NZ web sites had ( not sure if now as I just stopped checking them) wider choice than Aussie ones.
  16. $5-10 sunnies leash is probably best insurance money can buy. Many cheap so called 'polarised' sunnies incl Cancer Council branded ones just reduce the light instead of providing actual polarisation. It is easy to check on a monitor or a polarising test mirror at most sunnies/optometrist spots.
  17. It's not just the fancy lures that catch fisherman that's for sure.I made the mistake of watching 5 min of a fishing show yesterday (hadn't seen one for about 10yrs) and it was all flogging how good this rod and reel was and it went on and on and on.It made me nauseous listening to the idiot. Television shows have hit rock bottom the amount of rubbish on it. I guess those are still away from Youtube fishing shows level where fish catches are regularly supplemented by sounds resembling macaques in breeding season. Back to the main topic. I prefer 3-6kg Ugly (usual one/with soft glass tip) for light estuary drifting/trolling. 2-4kg and 3-5kg Ugly action is just too soft IMO.
  18. If you own Hook4 then you missed out really basic Lowrance sounder - Hook4 2. I do agree many users of non-expensive Lowrances consider Garmin as a next sounder - more due to build quality rather than features.
  19. Plenty of pedal yak models + info to compare here: https://fishingmad.com.au/article/fishing-kayak-buyers-guide-2021
  20. It is not about logic, it is about simple approach and equal treatment - same as 40km limit in closed and open school zones. Most people are not looking for loopholes, they are looking for clarification. We've had that virus for over 1 1/2 year and it is still not clear 100% if fishing in NSW (for COVID reasons) is an exercising, recreation or provision of food. It took over month just to clarify LGA and km limit.
  21. I would check Bunnings or e bay for Flat or Sunk Head Bolts and nuts.
  22. Well, I multiply knots to kmh by 2 for BOM wind forecast - to be on a safe side and for easier conversion, still hit and miss 🤣.
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