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  1. Very damn awesome! The biggest I have landed was only 52cm, I can imagine 57cm must have been a very crazy fight, well done, great job! :>
  2. Last Tuesday's forecast was pretty good so me and my mate wanted to travel a bit further up north to land something nice... but we all know weather man are liars, they like to change the weather condition at the last minute... So what happened... we ended up had a last minute change and decided to fish at nearby public spots... (northern beaches, nsw) We fished the morning and I ended up bring home 1x 35cm drummer, 2x 40lish drummers and 2 x 30cmlish wrasse, everything else was released as they are not worth bringing home... The two fat gropers were 68 and 70cm, they were just too fat to carry home, so we decided we would just dump them back to the deep blue ocean... :\
  3. You choose different line size and line lbs for different fish, you also choose if you want to fish on the surface level for your targeted fish, mid level, bottom level or just free float and fish them on all water levels, in fact free float is very effective but it might take a while for the beginners to get used to it. There are many resouces that can give you a more detailed description about ISO basics and techniques...etc feel free to browse the Internet
  4. Wally used to be pretty productive, I haven't been there for a while as its too far for me, but squidding there doesn't seem as rewarding as it used to be anymore. I have however witness two Asian blokes landing a 100~110mm Jewie right from the wharf at about 11PM at night (about 2~3 yrs ago), the shimmering silver beauty under the water was one of the most astonishing scenes I have ever seen, there's definitely monster Jewie at the wharf!
  5. Yea, its actually the same report, thanks for the compliment, ISO is my main fishing style, on top of the traditional fixed rig, semi-floating rig and free floating styles, I also tend to use my ISO rod to do wash-fishing and bottom fish (with about 2oz sinker), due to ISO Rod being a lot softer than traditional rods, it allows us to fight with bigger fish with thinner lines, hence results in more bites and more chances hooking up bigger fish. At first ISO style might seem pretty complicated, but once you get used to it you will probably find you often go home with more fish in the bag
  6. Hi Mark, That is actually Sergent Baker, a bottom species, pretty nice for fish soup
  7. Hi Leonard, We do actually, the thing with ISO Fishing is, you can adjust your rig to fish at any water level u want and hence target different species and yes, you can even target Kingie/Salmon/Bonito or Tuna on a bigger size rod (in fact a 24kg Tuna has been landed with #5 Shimano BASIS ISO rod combined with Stella 20000, from the rock) Here are some photos I can find with some of the bream/trevallies we caught from earlier this year (We normally travel in a group of 2~3 people, just to clarify I didn't catch all these by myself :\)
  8. kinda, i was pretty exhausted after landing this hidden boss, not an easy job but I am willing to take it up again!
  9. Yes, the catch was quite alright and the two big drummers just highlighted the day! Dont wanna bring more fish home, no more space in the fridge for the fish :\
  10. True, I even wanted to let the 50cm drummer go just to see my mate was already cleaning it half way... unlucky fish... :x
  11. Not a very fisherman's report I suppose but for people at our age this might sound a bit more interesting to read on, glad you like it
  12. Thanks for the info Singers, much appreciated, their recorded drummer length seems to be 53cm so far so hopefully what I have done to the fish is eligible to apply a new record there, thanks again!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum (although I have known this forum for years!), one of the main reasons that made me join this website is that, I actually have trouble finding the Australian record for this Rock Blackfish (Black Drummer), it would be appreciated if anyone can give me any idea where I could check a list of Australian record catches. Below is the report I have written for this fight, I hope you guys enjoy the photos! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rumour says once you released enough fish, you get to open up the Secret Cow Level to fight with the hidden boss, god knows I have accumulated enough points, this boss came very unexpectedly! Weapons I used to fight the boss Rod: Bluefish G-Spec #2.5 ISO Rod (This is a telescopie rod in case you are wondering... yes the rods generally used by Korean fisherman, and in case you are wondering, no, I am not a Korean ) Reel: Stradic Ci4 2500 with 20lb Powerpro yellow color braid line (yes, Yellow is important!) Drag power: 85% tighten Leader: Sunline Basic #3 (12lb line, and if I knew the boss is coming I would have prepared something more expensive to make him look better!) Float: 3B Float Rig: Standard Semi-Floating rig Weight: 1 x 2B + 1 X B size split shot positioned evenly on the leader, 2B on the top, B at the bottom to balance the rig while allowing the bait to look more natural. Swell condition: 0.8m (the actual swell feels like 1.1~1.2m) Bait: Prawn Location: Northern part of Sydney Fighting style: As my leader wasn't too thick, I bended my rod to an extend that does not break the line (80% strength), then 'lift' the fish slowly while preparing for it to charge, while it starts to charge, instead of losing my line, I utilize the remaining 20% room by bending down my rod, and if thats not enough for the boss' sudden burst, I knee down to allow extra room by changing the angle of the rod (I think this is called Last Stand...), and being a secret boss, we know they have more power than average mobs, and yes it did managed to even beat down my last stand... guess the boss didn't know I still have hidden secret art... once I lost all the ground and the line was too firm to allow the rod to bend up again... I manually pull my main line out to give extra room so I could lift my rod up to the perfect beat-you-down position again! (I know some hackers has a tool called LB Break creates similar effect, but being an average player I just have to deal with it... ) After we exchange a few blows here and there, my secret art proven to be quite an overpowered skill, eventually the hidden boss surrenders and surface up to water to beg for mercy... but NO I AM GONNA NET YOU UP! Here are some photo I have taken from the Secret Cow Level, the hidden boss lies on the ground all crying. Okay, I guess that moved me a bit, especially after I beaten up his 50cm drummer lieutenant just 20 mins earlier, I decided I would let the hidden boss go. After taken some trophy photos and videos, I hug it like a baby and put it back home safely, and once he's all recovered, I hope he takes my bait and pay me another visit later... yes I am talking about when you are 70cm!