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  1. Hopefully these clouds start sharing the love around we have had not much more then half a dozen drops here in Bathurst
  2. Cheers everyone it was a nice suprise.Berly & Scratchie It was straight out in front of the dog beach about about halfway between the sanctuary zone and the danger marker
  3. Hi just a quick report we went up the port last week.We done two trips to Broughton but had trouble catching live baits the few that we got were demolished by a couple of sharks im assuming so i trolled a few lures around and landed a couple of little kings other then that we got a few flatties. So day 3 we decided to head south and had a crack of Birubi i flicked a few plastics around and my wife fished some squid and prawns on a dropper rig she landed a few baby snapper and a couple of flatties again. After a couple hours we decide to troll the coast line back hooking up and landing half a dozen or so Bonnies.Then on the last morning we decided to put the boat in one last time for a couple of hours and drift around the bay for a feed of flathead we didnt get any but i was pretty happy when i hooked up this nice snapper out in front of Corlette in 8m of water on a piece of squid he measured up at 69cm.We also had a crack at catching some squid around shoalbay and jimmys beach but couldnt get any takers only a few followers i think our jigs might have been a bit big. Overall reasonably quiet week on the fish but still beats working.
  4. Cheers mate we need all the luck we can get lol. Yeh that was me i had a ball fighting that mac tuna.We went for a quick run out to broughton today with not much i was going to flick a few plastics around until i realized i left them all in bathurst grrr so we just fished with bait for a few little flatties then tried for some squid at jimmies and shoalbay had a couple of followers but no takers. i think i might have the day on land tomorrow and take the missus to newcastle for the day.Then get back on the water monday and try again when the traffic has calmed down it is bloody chaos at little beach ramp/
  5. Cheers for the advice everyone, we ended up getting a little place for the week at shoalbay just on our way up now. Hopefully the weather stays good and the fish are biting.If any one is out and about on the water over the next week and wants to say gday shoot me pm. If we are having any luck i will post a report during the week
  6. We dont normaly go away on public or school holidays but unfortunatly with work tgis is the only time we can get away for a few months. We will have to pay a bit more but it will be worth it just to get out of Bathurst and get the boat on the salt water for a few days.
  7. Cheers Scratchie & Berleyguts i think i might keep looking on the south side so i can scoot up to Broughten a bit quicker if the weather allows, Your right Berley the biggest drama is finding one for the available dates with boat parking close to the house so i can charge the batteries on the boat overnight and also not having to re mortgage my house at the same time for a week away lol.
  8. Hi my wife and i are heading up to Port Stephens for a week this weekend and we are having trouble finding accommodation on the south side.I am just wondering if we stay at Hawks nest or Tea gardens area how far is to the heads by boat or is there anywhere i can launch to head straight to broughton from the hawks nest side. Thanks, Longy
  9. Cheers for all the advice, im a bit late on the report but my mate and i arrived on the Thursday evening and fished the beach near little gibber until 2 am friday morn we caught 8 good sized salmon and tailor around the 50 mark on hawkesbury squid that we then used for strip baits then we managed a 70ish jew and a heap of shovel nose.Friday we hit the beach across from mungo camp trying to catch some worms seen hundreds but couldn't bag one still had fun trying.Friday night had a few to many rums/vodkas/beers with mates that had mustered up from Wollongong to to the gold coast.The boys tried for some prawns with no success but on the sat managed a nice little 40cm flattie on plastics and a few baby bream on bait.Overall had a top weekend even after having a banger snatched out of my mouth by a kookaburra and one of the blokes having to tail wrestle a goanna out of his tinnie that demolished his bacon egg roll that he left for 5 minutes and also getting bogged twice on my first beach driving attempt.
  10. We are heading up there next weekend so hopefully the ocean settles a bit by then
  11. Thanks for all the tips we are heading up there next weekend i will post a report when i get back. Also where would be worth trying landbased to catch a few fresh baitfish. Cheers, Longy
  12. Thanks i might just take the beach rod and enjoy a few cold beers while im at it
  13. Cheers mate il check it out there's not a lot of info around on the net about it.
  14. Hi im heading up Mungo brush camp ground the first weekend of march to catch up with a few mates and was wondering if i could get some advice on whether or not its worth fishing the lakes or are we better off just fishing the beach, Also is there any boat access to the ocean and what are the roads like into the mungo brush camp towing a 5.4m boat. Thanks, Steve