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  1. longy509

    Day at broughton

    Hi better late then never but i ducked up to Port Stephens last week with the Missus and after talking to a couple of fishraider gurus in Scratchie and Rick (thanks to you both for the tips)we decided to head to Broughton for a day, We started by anchoring up and burleying for a couple of hours using live slimies/pilchards/ prawns and soft plastics managed a few just under sized snapper and few flathead the livie didn't get touched unfortunately.Then we had a few drifts between the main island and north rock once again got a bit of little stuff and i hooked up and dropped a little king at the boat on a plastic im guessing around 60-70cm. After that we had a quick troll around and landed a 71cm king (my 1st legal so im pretty happy) on the special gold $7 kmart lure Scratchie might recognize it sitting on the eski,Then we done a quick drift past the sisters and got a dozen or so little flatties only one keeper at 43cm and then on the way back in got a couple of calamari near Jimmys beach they went on the dinner table that night yum. So over all had good day out just wishing we had a bit longer up there only got the one pic so i will chuck it up. Cheers, Longy
  2. longy509

    Bunch of Newbie Questions

    Hi, just make sure you prawns are local as some of the ones from oversea contain the White Spot Disease and should not be used for bait from what i have read.
  3. longy509

    Treating marine plywood

    Just a little tip bond-crete re emulsifies if left wet for too long.
  4. longy509


    Silly passes and silly penalties starting from Malony pushing over Slater in the first half to Hayne hogging and throwing stupid passes in the second we definitely had some bad calls against us we should have won it but gave up attacking but thats footy the blues have a young hungry team that can win it but it will be a big job to take out game 3 up in QLD
  5. longy509

    Port Stephens

    Cheers everyone had a good time up there just cruising around on the water beats work any day, No dramas with the short session either Scratchie i just appreciate the fact you were willing to come out for a fish and give me a few tips as well, I will be sure to get in contact next time im up that way and see if your keen for another run.
  6. longy509

    Port Stephens

    Hi i just had 2 weeks holidays with the wife and rented a holiday unit at Salamander bay spent the first week fishing around the bay and made it out to broughton island for a day catching a lot of little stuff nothing worth writing home about other then a decent couple of hour session on the squid out front of shoal bay and a little bonito on a lure on the way to broughton. The second week i got hold of Scratchie who was keen to go for a fish even though he was running on 2 hours sleep over the previous 2 days i met him at little beach boat ramp at 8.15am he was coming straight from work but still keen for a fish, After catching a few slimies and yakkas at the heads we headed south when we got to our destination a slimy went straight out on the big rod i dropped some fresh calamari and scratchie proceeded to flick a few soft plastics around, After about an hour i was in the minus after reeling in a few boot fish scratchie hooked up on a decent snapper but dropped it close to the the boat as i was getting the net ready then he got hit by another good'n that took some decent drag before escaping in between i got pan sized snapper that went in the esky. We then decided to chuck a couple of lures out and head back and after roughly 5 minutes the reel was screaming and i jumped on it and bought in a nice little mac tuna then 5 minutes later another one the nothing else back to the ramp over all an interesting 4 hour session and i learned quite a bit from scratchie Cheers mate. The next day i headed to broughton again with the missus we landed a few under size kings i got smoked twice on live bait and got a few keeper flatties and some trevally also got dozen blue swimmers in the crab trap so overall had a pretty good 2 weeks away from work even though i wont live down the fact that the missus got the most squid and the biggest flatties.
  7. longy509

    Securing boat to a mooring bouy

    Thanks i might go for the lots of knots option lol
  8. longy509

    Securing boat to a mooring bouy

    Hey mate thanks for replying i have a cross bollard at the front the boat is a 5.4m allycraft bowrider. is there any particular knot i should use to ensure the boat doesn't float away over night. sorry if the questions sound silly but i live in central west nsw out here we just drag the boat up on to the bank for the night i have never had to tie up to anything
  9. longy509

    Securing boat to a mooring bouy

    Hi i am heading up the coast next week and the place we are staying has a mooring buoy i am thinking about leaving the boat in over night can anyone tell me the safest and most secure way to tie my boat off to the mooring. Thanks
  10. I agree house boats and/or accommodation would be a good sponsor us people from central west have to stay somewhere when we head to the coast lol
  11. longy509

    Collecting Live Bait - Broughton Island

    If your launching from port stephens just head straight to the west side of cabbage tree island thats what Scratchie told me last week and it was spot on unlimited slimys and yakkas just dont be tempted to fish for whatever is smashing them on the surface as its a bait collecting only zone
  12. longy509

    Port Stephens Fishing Charter

    Cheers Scatchie just checking willyweather the wind and swell seem to be easing up towards the end of the week il leave my broughton mission until then in the mean time i might just have a poke around the bay and try and collect some squid and maybe a few flatties might even try drifting the break wall for a king if i can get myself up out of bed early enough
  13. longy509

    Port Stephens Fishing Charter

    Thanks Scratchie iv got my own boat its a 5.4m allycraft i only make it to salt water once a year if im lucky so im not that experienced up there that's why i thought if i could get out on a smaller kind of fishing charter i could pick up a few tips, If you could help me out with any advice on what i would be best targeting and where this time of year that would be awesome. Cheers
  14. longy509

    Port Stephens Fishing Charter