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  1. Pretty sure the bottom ones are humbolt squid ( good old discovery channel ) haha
  2. fishon

    massive mullet

    Haha im a bit confused to
  3. fishon

    Question For Hobie Pro Angler owners...

    Thanks for all the replies guys something im definately going to look into those trial days sound good id hate to get one n regret it cheers
  4. fishon

    Question For Hobie Pro Angler owners...

    Hi guys just wandering how much would i be looking at for one of these hobie pros ? and how much do they weigh? and how are they getn off and off the car with just one person? oh and where do you get them from? and are they the ones with the pedal powered propulsion ( lol try sayin that 10 times real quick) sorry bout all the questions but just sold my 4th boat and wouldnt mind trying something a lil differant cheers
  5. fishon

    looking for a boat for 8000

    A title says guys send me what you got to
  6. fishon

    what motor 30 or 40?

    Nice you wont regrett it top little motors
  7. fishon

    hawksbury failure

    Hahaha absolutely nuttin Also lost a pair of 300 dollar spotters at the servo i think in the mornin pretty spewin but hey as they say beats work cheers
  8. fishon

    hawksbury failure

    Definately The hawksbury wont break me that easy cheers mate
  9. fishon

    hawksbury failure

    Anybody go to the hawksbury today could coax a thing not even yellowtail was plagued with sweep instead went to great mackeral beach no squid? lobster beach nothin flint n steel patonga beach nothin juno pt nothin haha just wandering how anybody else went cheers
  10. fishon

    swell at barrenjoey tomorrow

    Yeah keen as but not worth dieing for hope next weekend is better got the itch real bad haha cheers guys
  11. fishon

    swell at barrenjoey tomorrow

    Yeah might try next weekendcheers mate
  12. Hey guys just wondering if any one has been out around barrenjoey west head today or is heading out tomorrow just wanted to know what the swell was like ? i think willy weather said it was going to be 2.8 then down to 1.6 in the pm sometimes they get it wrong and im hanging for a fish but dont wanna go out if its gonna be dangerous cheers
  13. fishon

    catching livies in the harbour

    Scratch that just did a search cheers
  14. Hi guys and girls just wandering if anyone can give me some pointers for catching some live yellow tail and squid in the harbour i tried last night for a while but the weather was shockin so cos i wasnt getting anything plus weather i canned it i tried around abbotsford wharf and a couple of others for squid with a squid jig and berleyed pretty hard around cockatoo island for yakkas to no avail any pointers will be very much appreciated as i want to start fishing the system more cheers
  15. fishon

    Genuine Botany Bay Croc

    That does it im out there next weekend haha top fish