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  1. quochuy

    Prawning season is open

    Got my gears ready for next session :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. quochuy

    Acoustic guitar build

    Looking forward to listening to you playing by the water, maybe it will attract more blackies! -- Huy
  3. quochuy

    Fishing the Entrance

    I think Kay does the same with her weeds -- Huy
  4. Yep for first time in two years they came to me at The Entrance three weeks ago -- Huy
  5. quochuy

    New opening at The Entrance

    Maybe we will see squids in the lake now... Hmmm would be nice -- Huy
  6. quochuy

    Cheaper bait options?

    True, if it does not attract fish then use it like a lure hehe -- Huy
  7. quochuy

    Cheaper bait options?

    Has anyone tried earthworms as bait for saltwater? I have read someone catching kingies (rats) with nightcrawlers.
  8. quochuy

    Homemade line twist remover

    Here is a video of the real product -- Huy
  9. quochuy

    Homemade line twist remover

    Yeah I've been doing this at a local park but need more practice. The Wallis cast cannot reach far enough for The Entrance I think (30+ meters). Maybe the BC/Swing cast could do it. -- Huy
  10. quochuy

    Homemade line twist remover

    Currently my only way to cast as far as a normal reel is to use the sidecast feature which introduces line twist. I'm not sure of the weight but here is another photo on a ruler in inches. -- Huy
  11. quochuy

    Homemade line twist remover

    If I'm not at work or fishing I'm on the Net lol. Always looking for ideas, gadgets, new techniques to try, combining technique or gears from one fishing style with another. Keeps my mind busy You might see me out there before work if I manage to get a sleep, insomnia is on today -- Huy
  12. quochuy

    Blood Worms And Beach Worms

    I never used a stink bag, I only use a hand bait (frozen pilly, prawn, pipi) and wave it in the water to attract the worms. I would walk along the beach doing that until I see worm heads reaching out. That works for me. -- Huy
  13. quochuy

    Homemade line twist remover

    The Alvey 475B is a great centerpin reel, the design is probably not the best but you can't ask too much for the low price, but the low inertia very free running spool is awesome. The slow current of a turning tide in the lake at The Entrance (chasing blackies) can easily peel the line off and spin the reel. I'm not good yet at casting a centrepin so the side cast feature is mostly welcome. However this has a price: line twist. I have properly sized swivels below and above the sinker but line cast still happen and can be a nightmare if not handled. I'm planning to learn better centerpin casting but in the mean time here is the solution: the Spin Doctor by Gardner. But unfortunately from the demo video I saw it spins the wrong way around for my setup: winding the Alvey sidecast with the left hand. I needed one that spins clockwise (looking down on it) so the bevel needed to be cut on the left side. So I bought a tear drop shaped sinker and used my angle grinder to cut the bevel. I tested it this morning and it worked. Although I should cut a slightly different angle next time as seen in the picture below. How to use it: Attach the device at the end of the line and cast a short distance, retrieve and cast again several times increasing progressively the distance to your usual casting distance. As you retrieve the line back the bevel on the sinker will make it spin and hopefully undo the line twist. This morning was totally dead and the fish only start biting half an hour before the storm cracked out. But I'm happy with the few fish I got yesterday including this nice one -- Huy
  14. quochuy

    Acoustic guitar build

    If arthritis is too bad then I can help. I mean I can help taking the guitar off your hands [emoji12] a bad back won't prevent me from playing it hehehe -- Huy
  15. quochuy

    Beach worming locations

    South of brisbane water: forget about it. I have success (bag out every time) are: - killcare - avoca - catherine hill bay I don't use stink bag I just use frozen pillies, one pilchard at a time, it is both my stink bait and hand bait. I would just walk along the beach and wave the pilly in the water and watch for a minute and walk away till I see worms. -- Huy