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  1. We have to catch up again mate. Cheers champ
  2. Activate your ad "Wanted 15-25hp outboard must be in Good running and serviced regularly"
  3. If anyone could give me some intel of any land based Squid Spots in Stockton area or Newcastle Harbour area would be very much appreciate. Cheers Oziodin
  4. Any Squid spots in Stockton/ Newcastle Harbour ? Any Recommendation please Cheers Oziodin Thank you
  5. Thank you how about squid anywhere inside ?
  6. Going to the Bay. This coming week dropping the Boat in Carlla bay ( only fishing in the Bay ) like to know what going fish to catch & bait to use. Cheers Oziodin
  7. How is inside Jarvis bay fishing at the moment ? As I’m hopeful of going down that way this week any intell would be very much Appreciated. Thank you for your replies Oziodin
  8. Very nice effort where about in the harbour ? Or offshore of Sydney. ( peak , 12 mile or long reef ?). Cheers
  9. I would go with a Suzuki : experience weight advantage fuel consumption ( service cost ) just a though .
  10. Hi Fellow Raider I went to the Hawkesbury for a fish today , Had a great Time and caught a few . Everything. Went great no issue all day. , I made it Home safely and lucky no one. Was hurt or got Killed. And I would like to ask anyone who might have seen someone Tampering with my Boat Trailer Wheel Nut’s or something suspicious and might have got anything on CAR CAM or even Happened to you. Thank You Oziodin
  11. Does anyone know if Parsley Bay Boat is open yet or when it is open again. Cheers Oziodin
  12. Sensational I'd say. love fishing that spot for Squid , Well-done
  13. Great report can only describe the Fishing of the east coast of OZ " Sensational"
  14. Sounds like its a tad Roughf outside hope you fellars still are enjoying it up the what has the over all catches been like this year let me know what size of the winning winning fish and team is mate. It would be over by now cheers yern
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