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  1. Does anyone know if Parsley Bay Boat is open yet or when it is open again. Cheers Oziodin
  2. Sensational I'd say. love fishing that spot for Squid , Well-done
  3. Great report can only describe the Fishing of the east coast of OZ " Sensational"
  4. Sounds like its a tad Roughf outside hope you fellars still are enjoying it up the what has the over all catches been like this year let me know what size of the winning winning fish and team is mate. It would be over by now cheers yern
  5. oziodin


    Could any of the locals whom targeting Squid in the area of Lake Macquarie give me some Intel of spots for squid would be greatly Appriciated going up there for the weekend soon . Cheers. oziodin
  6. Likely going Monday from Roseville to Browns depends on the weather ( see if Seabreeze correct ?? ) looks about 9-10 it improveing Cheers Oziodin
  7. It's a simple thing that can ruin anyone's day ,With such a simple solution !! No Brainer. Feel like giving myself an upper cut for not thinking of it earlier. I thought there would be Others in the same Boat so to Speak !! if it's helps just 1 Raider out there it was worth the post . Cheers Oziodin
  8. tankHope this will help , how it works . Cheers Oziodin
  9. U don't have a pump to pump out water . the Pump pumps water into the Bait Tank.
  10. it's the outlet so water is going out of the tank , usually when it being blocked by slimey,yakkas or squid it block the water running out and will flow over the egdes and in to the boat unless its mounted outside hull. C heers Oziodin
  11. Hi amkr Your Quote : Just a thought, probably better to have the water outlet not at the top of the tank - a bit of slosh and the pump is sucking in air, better to have the water out at the bottom and the water in at the top. Thank you for your response I'm open to Ideas , when having the Outlet on the Bottom of Live Bait Tank how do you maintain the same Water level in the tank ?(unless you have a water level maintainer set to a set water level ( possible the same system as Toilet cistern) that cuts of the pump when full but would have to be on timer or other to maintain Water Flow with Oxynated water , to keep the fish alive ?) I got a Timed Live bait Tank Timer that can switch the Pump on for a minute ( and can be time to switch on any time between 1min - 12min interval ! also I don't understand how the pump can't suck in air as it directional Pump (unless the intake is above water line ) and even if it did it wouldn't matter as it's not working on Gravity . if there is a way that improves or better the system . I Like some Input and if I have to I change the whole system if it Improve the live Bait issue. Ps : I truly appreciate all the input for and against. Cheers Oziodin
  12. It has Happened a few time only where "live Bait " has become stuck in the Live Bait Tank :Blocked Over Flow There for Water starting to Fill the Boat with Water . Have heard of others miss fortune , Luckily mine haven't come to that & hope it never Will { I do have several Bilge Pumps in the Boat. Several times Live Bait has become stuck in outlet of Bait Tank. Thought there has to be a Way to Minimise that from Happening. Also there is different outlets from Tank to Tank but the Principle is all the same .As you have to have continue to have Water Flow to keep the Bait "Alive". Some Times, I can Kick myself for not thinking of it earlier and it probably it has been around for Donky's Years but never paid attention to it . I'm sure Others is in the same Boat as me. so I like to share this. Hope someone out there will benefit form it. " I'm always trying to Improve my Boat setup with the little things. Simple as getting a PVC pipe that's fits the Outlet in Live Bait Tank make it 10-15 inch long and fit an end Cap and Drill 10mm Holes all over it. there won't be any Blockage from Live Bait again : small Yakkas,Slimey's or small Squid . there will be a continue flow of water and it won't flow over the side and into the boat ( if you have the tank inside the boat) The Cost is below $10 Here is some Pic of the Contraption . Cheers Oziodin
  13. Easiest WAY TO WASH BOAT AFTER USE ! Wonder if there is any Better/Easier way to Wash the boat after being on the Water. I just like to improve the time it takes .wonder if there is any Raider with Idea. The way I usually wash the Boat after a Trip on the Water is to take all the gear out of the Boat , Then what I found easiest is using : ( a container that u bye with liquid Lawn Feed . ones its empty then clean it Thoroughly/ Flush {inside where the Lawn feed was in the container} , ones it cleaned just fill it with car wash ) wash the Boat and scrub it at the same time than hose it off and it done . just wonder if there is an easier way I'm open to Ideas . Than Flush the engine Cheers Oziodin
  14. oziodin


    I'm in Sydney's west I'm after pilchards frozen or fresh where is the best Prises , in one of the main stores it's $15-19 a block. Seams. A little steep I don't mind to travel a little to get them. I'll just bye in Bulk like a bit cheaper if anyone knows pls in box me Cheers. Oziodin