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  1. Raymondhau

    Port Hacking again

    Good to see the tailor are out and about, always good fun on lures, albeit a bit expensive !
  2. Raymondhau

    PB flathead

    Nice catch, I assume he may be referring to a yakka? Never heard of a Yakima before
  3. Raymondhau

    Improving day for Blackfish

    Really nice catch of blackfish there!
  4. Raymondhau

    Molli point Yak rat session round 2

    Hey Reelcrazy - where do you launch from to get to Molli point? Is the Yarra Bay sailing club the best spot to launch from?
  5. Raymondhau

    Botany Bay or Port Hacking

    Plenty of baitfish around, plenty of bust ups, only salmon, no kings today, looked like they were targetting pillies or whitebait
  6. Raymondhau

    Botany Bay or Port Hacking

    That sounds fairly reasonable, i'd imagine the shallower waters, especially the flats in Woolooware bay would be quite murky due to the stir up. Thanks for the advice
  7. Raymondhau

    Botany Bay or Port Hacking

    Hey guys, After all this rain we've had, the weather is looking quite good for a fish this Saturday. I was planning on taking my kayak out and wanted to target some bream and flathead on lures. Does anyone have any recommendations as to whether Kurnell or Woolooware bay fires up after the rain or would the Hacking be a better choice after this rain? Thanks
  8. Raymondhau

    Landbased Spots At Como

    Could anyone give me a few tips on fishing Como Landbased? Whats the best bait there to target flatties/bream/whiting, are SPs any good there, if so whereabouts? Thanks,
  9. Raymondhau

    Moon Point

    Is there any way to access Moon Point for Landbased fishing, or is it only accessible by boat only.
  10. Raymondhau

    Picnic Point, Georges River National Park 13/01/07

    There were lots of boats and jet skis, but if you go further up Water skiing is prohibited, I was fishing opposite side Mills Creek entrance.
  11. Raymondhau

    Picnic Point, Georges River National Park 13/01/07

    Thanks, it took a while for the bites to start happening, my parents had told me beforehand there arent many decent sized fish here, but we suprised them when we showed them.
  12. Started the day off at 12 PM. Landbased fishing. The weather was calm at first, then the wind gradually increased. Main bait used was prawns and chicken meat, prawns were the main hit. Landed around 7-8 bream, 1 keeper measuring at 27 cm, the second biggest measured 18 cm. We also landed a poddy mullet. There is alot of weeds towards the middle but very little snags. All these fishes were hooked around the weeds. Left at 5 PM. Was an alright day overall, just me and my brother fishing, as I only started recording my catches, I will say this is my current PB bream 27cm and I will attempt to beat that record with SPs.
  13. Raymondhau

    Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow

    Thanks alot for both posts, helped me alot, i'll have a look at the different sized Finese head.
  14. Raymondhau

    Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow

    I recently bought Berkley PowerBait Power Minnow, 3" with Power Scales, Bloodworm/scales. Has anyone used these before? What size jigs did you use? Are these SPs effective/successful? Tips/Technique used for this SP? What do you mainly target with this SP?/What normally targets this SP? And any other general comments you want to add about these SPs could you please tell me.
  15. Raymondhau

    Anyone That Fishes Georges River

    Could anyone who fishes at Georges River fairly often landbased prefabably, contact me via pm or msn (in my profile)?