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  1. It sounds like us legitimate recreational fisherman actually have the power to make some serious change, but don't realise what we are capable of. I think that it's high time we flexed our muscles. Imagine if we ceased spending our hard earned $$$ on just fishing licenses alone, let alone the greater fishing industry. I think it would be a matter of weeks before our demands for a crackdown on both commercial and recreational fishing were met. I am of the opinion that the majority of fishing license holders not only respect the size and bag limits, but actually catch and release a significant proportion of fish which they could legally keep. Its the ones without licenses that have no regard for the size and bag limits. Although admittedly that's just the instances I have witnessed personally. It may require some short term pain for everyone, but I think the stocks would replenish in a very short time. This would mean better quality fishing for everyone. Both commercial and recreational fishing would flourish. Everyone would spend shorter sessions on and getting to the water if the density of fish increased. This would cause less pollution from boats and cars etc, which in turn would increase the fish numbers again. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a snowball effect for something positive to do with the environment for a change. Anyhow just some food for thought.
  2. I was lucky enough to get the 4 black. From what I've read class 10 is still a broad range. Apparently I need to be using a card with a minimum write speed of 300x (or 45mb/s) to keep up with the speed of the camera. Thanks that is an interesting point. How long can I expect a battery to last at a time? I was expecting to be filming hd and using wifi at the same time but I might have to reevaluate that if I'm going to have to change batteries every 5 mins
  3. Thanks mate. Yes I was looking at that originally. Then I saw a youtube review where the guy says he uses a 600x sd card. I looked into that and found out that they make 1000x cards (which are $500). The maximum size the gopro will take is 64 mb, but I dont know what that will equate to for filming time. And I wanted to know what speed people use as a mimimum, and if there is any point paying the extra $ for ultra high speeds. I'll check that link out now. Sorry about posting in the wrong spot.
  4. Hello fellow Raiders, I've manageds to score the new gopro for my birthday. After doing some research it seems that choosing the right sd card is really important. I was originally planning to fork out for the best sd card on the market but I thought that would be under $200 not over $500. My understanding is that the higher the speed the better the resolution, and larger capacity means longer recording sessions. I'm not sure if it is more in depth than that. Can anyone please shed some light on this and recommend a good sd card. I would like to take the best possible quality footage and record for at least an hour at a time, but dont want to pay a large premuim for a tiny increase in quality. Cheers Nev
  5. What's the difference between the 3 in that picture?
  6. That's music to my ears. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Interesting. I'll have to give that a try. Do you think that trick would work with 4lb braid though?
  8. Both of my lures were lost to fish so the tackle back wouldn't have helped me there. I do lose a lot of vibes, blades and plastics getting snagged up on the bottom though. When I'm in the kayak I just paddle back over the top of the lure and end up getting it back 99% of the time. Landbased I am hopeless....... I think 9 lures lost in 9 casts is my record. Is it worth getting a tackle back for landbased use, or do they only really work in boats?
  9. Also scratchie that's a great idea. I need to start doing that....... either that or not buy so many lures.
  10. Iceman you've nailed it. Not sure if it is the tiny or jr though. In hindsight I would have measured it before I lost it ha ha. Thanks everyone for your kind words and help.
  11. Hi raiders. I had a quick landbased session in the woronora river on saturday. The plan was to throw suspending hardbodies for bream and ep's. This was my first time fishing this area and was a bit of a gamble as I only had 2 hours before I had to get back to the family. Second cast and I hooked something solid. The fight lasted about 2 seconds before busing me off in structure. I'm gutted as my favourite ($30) lure is gone and I didnt even get to catch a glimpse of the fish. I tied on my second favourite lure and peppered the same spot trying to raise that fish and get my lure back. After 5 mins its clear that there is no interest, so I walked along the bank to give that spot a rest. I came back 20 mins later. Over the next hour I was hooking up 2 out of every 3 casts at that same spot. Ended up landing 10 EP's all around 25-30cm. All of these were released at my feet, and it didnt seem to put the school off which us surprising. My time was up but I had to be greedy and have one last cast. Don't know if it was the same fish as the first but it was the same result...... my new favorite lure (formally second favourite) is now also gone. Upsetting to say the least, but still had a smile on my face from the session I'd just had. Onviously I need to replace both of these lures. But I'm not sure of the make and model of the last one I lost. Its in the pic below. If anyone could help me out here it would be much appreciated. Nev
  12. Bartos09

    Bream spots

    Bream are everywhere. But you need to keep moving. You can't expect to keep pulling out bream after bream from 1 spot. I find 5 casts per spot is the maximum, after that you're wasting your time. Unless you hook up before the 5 casts are up, in which case move on. You won't likely catch another one at that spot after you have had a solid hookup. If bream follow your lure and don't eat it within 5 casts, move on and come back in at least 1/2 hour. I fish from a kayak, and believe they are a solid investment for the results you get. You can access all the good spots from all the right angles and you can cover heaps of ground without lugging all your gear along a shoreline. If you do go landbased just have a back pack and rod so you can keep moving. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi grey nurse, Why don't you build a frame that has your bar to lean on at the top, and transfers the load to outriggers below it. That way you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I'm guessing if you need a bar to get up, you might flip your yak once you're standing, especially if you get caught of guard by a bit of chop. I built outriggers out of pvc pipe. It's just a frame that sits across the top of my kayak, with feet each side submerged in the water. I hold it down with ratchet straps. That way I can pack it up easily and throw it in the boot of my car, or flip it over on the yak to reduce drag if I want to paddle a long distance. Pvc pipe is quite strong, cheap and easy to work with. There are also things you can consider like; 1) Glue pipe inside pipe, to increase the wall thickness. And/or 2) fill with expanding foam and cap the ends off. Both of these things dramatically increase the bending capacity. That way you can make your frame out of small diameter pipe. I hope that made sense. I don't know how to attach a photo on my phone. I think once you see mine, it would be clearer. It wouldn't take much to add a bar onto my outrigger frame. The big plus to this approach is that I don't need to attach it by drilling fixings. A ratchet strap is all I need. I modified mine twice until I got the result I wanted. You don't want to drill holes in your yak and then realise you neglected something in your design. Good luck Nev
  14. Thanks for the responses guys. And thank you fishraider for the platform to meet fellow kayak fishermen. Awesome site
  15. Hi All, I moved to Sydney 2 years ago. In this time I spent just about every weekend fishing land based for 14 months for an end result of 3 undersized flathead and 1 undersized tailor...... Frustrating times. I fished all sorts of lures, spots, tides, seasons etc. I had 1 mate that would come with me from time to time. He had the good sense to give up from time to time though, as we were catching nothing. I did not, I would just get more and more determined. I would constantly see fishing reports of decent fish being caught. I fish exclusively with lures, so I acknowledge that I would probably have a better chance with bait. But that's not how I roll. I always had the excuse up my sleeve that if I had a boat, things would be different. I finally decided to buy a kayak. I thought I'd give that a go for a month, and if things didn't change then I would find another hobby. I bought a kayak. I couldn't even wait until the weekend to use it, so I chucked a sickie, and went out in the rain for a flick. Nailed 3 kingies in about an hour...... Oh my god, why did I not do this sooner!!!! In the following few sessions I pinned a couple more kings, tailor and a big fat bonito. Then we had a big dump of rain and winter set in. I focused on trying to catch bream on lures until the water warmed up again. It has taken some time, but I think I've finally cracked the code to consistently catch bream on lures. I've been telling my mate to buy a kayak for ages, but if he was going to then he would have by now. Going out by myself is getting a bit stale. My mrs told me to "go landbased with my mate." I explained that I can't go back to catching nothing. To that she responded "fishing isn't just about catching fish you know". Well technically I agree with that statement, but for me getting results is a big factor. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that happens and I can take it with a pinch of salt. But I'm not going to go for a "social fish" and almost certainly catch nothing, when I can go out in the yak by myself and most likely catch a few. Anyway I feel like I'm starting to ramble. Is anyone with a kayak interested in meeting up for a session? I'm not bad a targeting bream and kings on lures. And happy to share knowledge. I would really like to target Jews on lures but I have never even seen one in the flesh. I don't think it's the sort of thing that I can jut figure out on my own. I'm happy to chuck the kayak on the roof and drive anywhere in the Sydney and hawksbury region. I'm also not afraid of a difficult launch, long paddle, rain etc. Cheers.