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  1. Hi Joel - Inner west as well. Happy to show you how to catch reliably around Yarra and La Pa. Fish mostly flathead, bream, whiting, and lots of squid. PM to arrange a session. Harvey
  2. Hi Persistence, For bait purposes there are plenty of small arrow squid around the ferry wharves at night. There are a few tricks to catching them consistently though. I get big southern calamari - good for bait, better for the dinner plate - around La Perouse, early morning works for me. Where do you live? I may be able to recommend some more locations. Harvey
  3. Best sheltered places are under bridges such as Spit Bridge, Tom Ugly's, and my personal favorite which has produced several thumper bream in this type of weather is the southern end of Burns Bay Road where it passes over the Lane Cove river; http://g.co/maps/dvak6 - You need to use some heavy gear to cast out to the first pylon. Some of the sheltered wharf's like Kirribilli are also pretty decent and not as busy in this weather. Harvey
  4. Hi M, You will generally find nippers around the sand flats. I am not familiar with your area, however a quick search finds the following suggestions; http://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=narabeen+pump+yabbies Once you find a location, technique is the next important factor. This video has a good introduction to pumping; - Pump into a hole in two quick successions. You'll occasionally pump out worms and soldier crabs which can also be used as bait. Good luck, Harvey
  5. If your still looking, I am happy to help.
  6. Hi Leo, I fish the Dolls Point/Brighton Le Sands system pretty much every weekend, rain or shine. Land based mostly. Happy to show you where and how to get squid, yakkas, and pump some yabbies for bait. Been having some good success on the plastics recently as well - catching some serious sized crocs, decent whiting. Can show you some of the kingfish trolling spots. I fish pretty much every weekend. Will be doing a fair bit over the easter long weekend. Very early mornings are best. Harvey
  7. To a small bowl or cup add fresh water and tuna oil. Mix in self raising flour until a dense and stretchy. A few notes though; I’ve noticed that the yeast in self raising, or adding yeast to plain flour really helps bring the bite on. Bottled or non-chlorinated water works best. Sometimes I’ll add some spare cat food to the mix – especially in the colder months.
  8. Thanks Dunc - will check them out. Have seen their website; was hoping to find something a little less dear but if I can get enough mates together may be worth a shot.
  9. Hi, The old man sold his boat about 5 years ago now; have been eager to get my own but living in the city doesnt accomodate for easy boat parking. So looking for some good places around sydney to hire boat and trailor. PM me, or if they're a sponsor just let me know in the thread Harvey
  10. I'll tip my hat to yarra; 9 out of 10 times I will catch a decent feed of whiting or flathead. I was there Wednesday afternoon just before the storm hit. Was planning an outing to Browns rock but with the foul weather headed to Yarra instead, bait shop only had frozen worms and prawns. Wasnt expecting much of a catch. First cast I was surprised when it got slammed hard, spat the hook though - really wasnt prepared for such fast action. Second cast got a nice large whiting for my effort. Every cast after that got taken but nothing as big - miffed I didnt bring larger gear as well as one small w
  11. Harvey


    Hi seriola - Yarra Bay and Long bay on the rocks fish consistantly for southern calarami, mostly catch small ones in these areas and usually around sunrise/sunset. La Perouse fishes squid less consistently but you get the big s. calamari here - some reall big ones too, this location fishes just as well at any time. hpsauce - around structures and wharves I normally get arrow squid, not as good eating as southerns, but just as good a bait. If your fishing around a wharf, look for ambush points, arrows will hide in wait around large rocks, logs etc - dont drop the jig in top of them, they reall
  12. I was curious too and found this by googling: http://www.sexyloops.com/flycasting/tbowandarrow.shtml
  13. I am interested in finding some good spots for fishing in Kiama, land based. Would appreciate suggestions for beaches and estuaries, and if someone can point me to a location to pump for yabbies, that'd be great too!
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