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  1. Yep you have to be well happy with that catch!!! well done! maybe let a couple go for us hehe. your choice either way a fine fishing sesh!!!!! Well done!!!
  2. Nice little fishing sesh mate. Bad luck on losing that last fish. I laughed and felt the pain. You C*** BEEEEEEEEEEEP! bad luck but that's just fishing isn't it.
  3. Salmon is a under rated table fish. Cut out its blood line which runs along the lateral line. The fish doesn't taste bad. Make sure to bleed it straight away and into a ice slurry.
  4. Carp on light gear is the good fun. My parents come from Czech republic and its a Christmas tradition to eat carp for a main meal. LOOK i did fillet the carp and skin it to have some really nice looking fillets for mum to cook up. I think skinning them gets rid of any dis-tasteful flavors. She cooked em and said they were delicious! i tried a bit and was well supersized. From all the hype in Aus about how bad they are to eat. Thick fillets, when cooked stayed very firm. Add garlic butter etc and true to be said a really underestimated fish. they fight well on light gear, is always the better op. Get the carp out of our OZ water ways, but eat them at the same time.specially in clearer water the fish will %100 taste good.
  5. Always good to catch up with the Papa n go for a fish!!
  6. Bad luck to not get him into the yak but still got to see the fish close and hear that reel sing! Nice!
  7. yeah lures are not cheep these days, that's for sure. bad luck mate.
  8. Yeah unsure what there called, i've caught a few in middle harbor, but a more redder color. I'd say its a species of Griner fish.
  9. what dicks. i'll keep a eye out. hope this never happens to me when im out on my kayak, i'd get smashed!
  10. That would of been a stonker of a fish to smoke you on 50lb to 80LB leader. Possibly a shark?? bad luck on that one but at least you came good with a few others.
  11. CRACKER JEWIES!!!!!!!!!!! nnniiiicccceeeeee!