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  1. Great pro shots. Love Africa. Did South Africa and 7 other countries 2 years ago. Going again next year. Took my Nikon D5500 with a 18/300mm on all the safaris. I know its a cheapie compared to pro gear, but I think it was more than adequate for achieving some amazing shots from long distances. The lens is pure awesome for under $1,000.
  2. I do all my own servicing on my 2010 135HP Honda and the parts alone cost me $500 for the full service kit from outboardspares, but being a Honda that's just how it is. Suzuki 140hp was around $350 for the service kits. If you are going to do it yourself, invest $20 or so and buy the official service manual online which you can then download and refer to whenever stuck. Most have complete and easy to follow instructions on doing a full 100h/1yr service. Dangar Marine Stu is an inspiration and him sharing his wealthy knowledge is greatly appreciated.
  3. As usual, you have to pick your days when going out that wide but the SF20 will not hold you back.
  4. Arvor boats are stunning rigs but I've never been on one and after owning a few plate alloy boats, I would not go back to glass. I've never been on a Profile as they're quiet rare here as there is no NSW dealer and they're very dear - even more so than the Stabis. Also they don't have any Center Cab options. But they certainly have a good reputation.
  5. Stabicraft 2750 Center Cab - even though it might be a bit of a hassle to tow
  6. Stabicraft should be in a league of it's own - it's that much better. Out of 30 or so offshore glass and plate boats I flipped, the ex-police Stabi 559XR is my keeper. It does sacrifice deck-space for safety, but the thick gunnels do have storage along the entire length which is very handy.
  7. Hey mate I do a bit of fishing at Chipping Norton every now and then. I'll come with the boat. Which boat ramp?
  8. Nice catch. What did you catch the mako on?
  9. We had a quiet day yesterday trolling around 70 fa with absolutely no hits. Plenty of bird and dolphin action but the water is green and cold.
  10. Only saw the bottom of it as it was capsized and sinking. Roughly a 4.5m runabout fibreglass, yellow stripe and white bottom.
  11. Not to mention the guy we picked up was a total ungrateful d**khead. Worse yet, he was holding the rope of his capsized sinking boat and initially refusing to get on board! I assume the genius thought he would save that piece of crap by holding onto it. He didn't know what a bommie was and it was a bommie that f**ked them up.
  12. How much did the bimini and covers set you back?
  13. Yeah it was around 22.5 at the peak last week. What app is that?