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  1. iamthecowgodmoo

    Bream won't take the hooks on surface lures

    Great result! I find surface lures for Bream, the most fun and rewarding way to target them. Just a couple of pointers that work for me: Water - No deeper than 2ft deep, 3 or 4 slow twitches - just enough to throw a little water with a long pause, Berkley Pop Dog in yellow, and some tiny 20mm clear popper do best around my area.
  2. iamthecowgodmoo

    Narrabeen Lagoon back on

    Took the kayak out this morning, with the Mrs and jack russell in tow. Mrs was using prawns and landed around half a dozen decent size bream, around legal size. Meanwhile I was flicking SPs and scored a few good flatties around 40cm, a couple of bream, and a whiting. We were targeting the edges of weed beds and drop-offs. Was better than the last few weeks, where we would struggle to get 1 or 2 bream for the session. Still lots of tourists on paddle boards and "hire" kayaks, that just paddle straight through your line, while looking at you and thinking "...what...?" The whole lake at your disposal, and you decide to paddle straight through my line.....great... Plenty of nippers around, if you have a pump to get them out. They last about 2sec before being nabbed by a bream of any size. SPs doing the damage, where 80mm wrigglers in dark green and clear - getting hit almost every cast. Bloodworm colour was barely getting a touch.
  3. iamthecowgodmoo

    Frustrating day

    Not a report I want to see when I'm heading out to Narrabeen first thing tomorrow morning! Hope you have some better luck this weekend.
  4. iamthecowgodmoo

    Spit Bridge 25/1

    Awesome catch and report! I'm there most weekends (at night), and squid have been few and far between this summer. No shortage of tailor though. Half a pillie under a float will put you on to some decent size ones right where you were.
  5. iamthecowgodmoo

    First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Welcome to the kayaking family! I'm usually in the lake on mine too, so if you see a green Jackson Big Tuna with a Jack Russell onboard, don't be afraid to say g'day. A good launching spot is Wimbledon Ave, as there is usually plenty of room to load/unload, and launch into the water. I don't think you need a sticker to park there, but check first. It won't be long before you will be investing in a trolling motor and marine battery..... it does make life a whole lot easier! If it is a bit on the heavy side, look up a company called "Boathoist". They do a good electric kayak loader, and are located in Coffs I think. Thule do a decent manual one too. As for the parking sticker, there is usually someone selling them on Gumtree for anywhere from $50-$120 depending on the seller.
  6. iamthecowgodmoo

    Lure fishing setups!

    I've gone a little lighter - 1-2kg 7ft graphite, with a ci4+ 1000 size reel. 5lb Berkely Fireline Exceed line (best braid I've ever used) and 5lb leader. Landed a couple of flatties on the weekend using 80mm wrigglers, with the biggest going 47cm. No sweat at all. I find this set-up great, as I cast twice as far as my 3-4kg spin gear.
  7. iamthecowgodmoo

    Whiting on Poppers

    What a stonka! Surface lures are so much fun on the sand flats.
  8. iamthecowgodmoo

    Pittwater Trevally

    I've caught plenty of Trev's at night on soft plastics. They go nuts for the squidgy wriggler in dark green.
  9. iamthecowgodmoo

    Nice jew at Berowra

    Awesome catch!
  10. iamthecowgodmoo

    What's your favourite lure ??

    Berkeley Pop Dog in Warrigal. Best Bream lure I have ever used.
  11. iamthecowgodmoo

    central coast bream

    What a horse!
  12. iamthecowgodmoo

    Rainy day ,Tailor,Kings and Bonnies

    Great report! That's an area that I've never fished, but keen as to get down there. Does it produce much land based around the wharf?
  13. iamthecowgodmoo

    Recommend a car to transport a kayak?

    I have one of these loaders for when I had my Prado. Essentially the same as the Nautic, but with an electric winch, which loaded it really easily. Cost around $1k from a company in Coffs Harbour.
  14. iamthecowgodmoo

    Botany Shark claims its first victim

    I've seen far too many sharks only metres from shore. Not just at the beach, but in middle harbour as well. We only let our jack russell swim in the lake, and even then only up to waist deep - 10m from shore.......mainly out of paranoia!
  15. iamthecowgodmoo


    I use the Sea to Summit trolly on my Jackson kayak. Holds up very well.