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  1. Also run LED lenser headlamps, I have 3 different types. All of them work just as good as each other, But the bigger ones suck the batteries. For a full waterproof, Corrosion proof option I would look at a Pelican brand. We used the EX rated ones, All poly carbonate - But you do sacrifice some light for it.
  2. Hi all. Long time reader, First time Poster. I'm looking at some suggestions for a reel I Just purchased on special, A Penn Spinfisher 4500 Live Liner. I'm Planning to load it up with 30lb braid, Chasing big flatties, Jewies and what ever else takes my bait whilst targeting them. I am prefer to run a fairly short 5ft - 6ft fairly stiff action rod. Boat use 99% of the time. So, Any ideas? Thanks Jono