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  1. Thanks mate! I try and steer clear of the harbour, sort of set in my ways up the hawkesbury. One day I might venture out there and chase some kingies or something. When I get a bigger boat 🤣 mine would handle it I don't doubt, I just feel at ease on the river. No worries mate thanks! I shall have a sound around next time I head up. Cheers!
  2. Thanks mate! Yeah had my poddy trap out, allday and overnight up the bay, nothing was interested. Berleyed etc etc, might do a shorey to appletree one day/arvo and get some around the ramp. Cheers! Thanks for that mate, standard sabiki jigs no good? Usually have a heap of livies with one of them and small bits of prawn. Silly old me didn't even think to have a look around there 🙄 I will have a sound around next time I am there, I'll shoot you a PM.
  3. Hi all, Long time reader, first time reporter. Put in at appletree this morning around 7.30, straight down to little jeruslam bay to try jig some squid (first time) No luck? But had a monster flattie follow my Jig up..kept berlying hard to try and get some livies but stuff all. Went up jeruslam, poddies are schooling everywhere, again.. not interested. Seen another monster flattie chase my squidgy in this time but never hit it, too busy smashing the tiny mullet. Heaps of bigger ones arou d the ramp, and a few blackfish hanging under the pontoon aswell, might
  4. Hey Jono, I read your comment on a reci in Cowan - were you saying that there were poddy mullet there or squid. It’s an area I’ve never fished, but with school holidays coming up it’s a nice quiet spot to take the kids and would be fun to get them onto some squidq - appreciate your feedback


    1. yo_jono


      Hi Pickles, 


      Sorry mate, Just seen this message (still learning my way around this forum) 

      There is poddies all through the system, and some biggg dogs around the ramp and pontoon at appletree bay. 

      As far as squid go, I only flicked one about up little Jeruslam cause something told me they were there. I didn't get any on squid jig but the need day one grabbed hold of my unweight prawn! 

      The whole System should be firing soon, so be worth a look around. 

      Let me know if I can help mate

  5. I went on a reccy the other day to find squid spots in the hawkesbury that isn't pittwater, few poddies around Gunya but they were in droves in the bays just up cowan. The bait is on the move, my next thoughts are the fish are up the river. I fished gunya and wobby for sfa. Entrance to mullet creek gave me a big bream, threw it straight back.. I hate the things. Water temp is climbing, after the next full moon and we get some big tides she should start firing up.
  6. Hey mate, Have crabbed behind dangar, And out the front too.. I allways go between 2-4 metres of water, and rarely come home with no crabs.. Much prefer muddies over swimmers! I personally believe from the bottom of the low, right up the run in is best.. Check them every hour or so this time of year, Fair few undersize ones getting around. Goodluck!
  7. G'day mate! Good day out! Hawkesbury seems to have been playing some games of late with the fish moving around alot.. I am yet to head back out the front after chasing them right up the top! to no avail. Just out of curiosity..Not looking for a specific spot but did you run your traps out out the front around your drift area? or back in the river? Cheers Jono
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