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  1. G'day Guys Ok good news boat was collected today, bad news is "the rain" For all those that sent PM, cheers, as there were quite a lot...I will get in contact with you all over the next few weeks..... Cheers
  2. Hey all, Last year I bought a new Quintrex 530 Top Ender, after a bit of an issue between he dealer and myself a new boat is not to far away, and will be swapping over current top ender to have engine re-rigged etc etc, while I'm in NZ for 3 weeks in Feb. I'm in the hills district, and am looking to find some new friends etc having moved back here from a short stint in Melbourne for work, finding many have moved on, or under the thumb to much with misses, or family commitments. Anyhow, If your keen to get out on the hawkesbury, pittwater, sydney harbour, and along the inshore reefs etc get
  3. Eames

    Hydraulic steering

    Mate that's awesome news!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Eames

    dog and pfd

    G'day mate, I got pulled up by maritime services in Port Mac the other week. Dog on board. No jacket no problem. No law for dogs. Cheers Eames
  5. Feel free to have a ride in my boat mate..... Cheers Eames Its a 530 top ender, 125 optimax....be on the hawkesbury this week end PM if you want a look
  6. Mate, ever poured 300ml of vanilla fridge cleaner over the carpet, works a treat in the engel and carpet.... Had same problem in my old Hornet, if the vanilla didn't work, I'd just drop the ex of at a beach.....probably why she an ex lol Let me know how it is on the feet as I'm a no shoe guy on a boat... I noticed your Ulladula?? Was down there today. Eames
  7. Mate, Two things I'd do, is write a checklist and take your time on a sea trial. So many times I've gone in with brain only checklist and come home and forgotten to check this or that. To many beers me thinks. Write it all down. Might seem simple but many don't do this. Get on excel and get a list going with all above mentioned points and any others you've come up with. Print it off and away you go. Don't let the bloke make you feel as though you have to rush. Or only has 30min to spare you. If he's fair dinkum and wants to sell his boat he'd tell ya to bring a rod and have a fish while o
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