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  1. garfield28

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    That's no worries at all Frank... Looking forward to it mate
  2. garfield28

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Legend Scratchie mate on everything you're doing for the weekend πŸ‘
  3. garfield28

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Frank, I have room for one on my boat mate so more than welcome to jump on with me old mate if you'd like. If Frank has teed something up in the meantime and doesn't require a ride I'll have a spare spot maybe 2 if my Son doesn't come along which could be a possibility... will post as soon as I know
  4. garfield28

    Crabs for mother’s day

    If my Mrs sent me to fetch anything from the sea she'd be disappointed hahaha... well done mate.
  5. garfield28

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Yep, definitely be up for it Jeff
  6. garfield28

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Scratchie's ya man Antony he knows where the fish are and how to catch them, I just know how to catch live bait 😁 which I was also shown by Scratchie how to do that haha. Try not to let you down or have something on when you're up next time and maybe we can tee Scratchie up and we can all head out on my donk
  7. garfield28

    Trailer repairs

    Cheers mate for the reply and advice, but I ended up buying a new trailer mate.
  8. garfield28

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Good report Baz, and good to see you nail a feed, so well worth the trip.... Question how did you get the perfect pic with the fish solo?? :-) Also, were you at the FAD at first light or a bit later? I'm told the fishing at the FAD is better at first light rather than later in the day. If all goes well I'll be heading out to the FAD myself on Saturday morning for the first time also, so fingers crossed the conditions stay as good as they are meant to be and that I can land a few Dollies myself.
  9. garfield28

    Frank's Boat Catch

    The bloke is a legend!! On ya Frank... maybe I should put an order in mate, would make launching and retrieving the boat a bit easier for one bloke as my Son gives me the big brush most times I ask him now he has found girls.
  10. garfield28

    first Port Stephens trip

    Nice fish and well done. Good on ya Scratchie for once again teaching a few new fisherman how its done, you're a good man πŸ‘
  11. garfield28

    Whats your dream boat

    My dream boat consist of, it cannot corrode or be damaged at all, the outboard runs on thin air and nothing else - and it never needs a service, and all of the fish I would like to catch are attracted to it like moths to a porch light... and maybe my wife would actually love it too 😁 Anyone know where I can find one please?
  12. garfield28

    Maiden voyage

    Absolute legend Frank is. Wouldn't meet a nicer bloke, who is prepared to help anybody! Helped me out a few times, and sure ain't wrong BN he can fix anything and when I've been to his place he has a lot of home made gadgets for getting the job done. Love ya Frank and hope you are well mate.
  13. garfield28

    BBay with Big neil

    Sorry to hear the trip didn't go as planned Frank. Good to see you are getting out on the water mate, I hope you are doing well legend.
  14. garfield28

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Nice fish Antony... That is one of my fishing goals, a big girl on a plastic, or any flathead on plastics 😁
  15. garfield28

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    Maritime mate....