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  1. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    How it looks now, it basically forms to a point and tappers off to the front of the boat. When I sanded it back it must have been shaped and in that area by gelcoat, because I didn't sand down fiberglass in that area. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  2. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    How it looks now
  3. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Hi all, Can anyone with experience doing fiberglass repairs on their boat please tell A, how I can shape the very start of a strake that starts at the bow, or even B, if it is necessary to do so? Where the damage was I sanded down to lay up a little fiberglass but also sanded away the shape of the strake at the start up the top end of the boat, and so If I need to I'll do my best but if it's not really necessary I'd probably just prefer to leave it as I'd imagine its a lot of work. I'll take some pics and post straight from my phone. Thanks Geoff
  4. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Thanks for that boys. I bloody tapped that glass when laying it up for heaps with the paint brush and it seemed as though it was fairly wet to me, so not sure how or what I did wrong exactly, but know the more you tap it to wet it out it spreads and seems to move off the area you laid it. I went to the boat shop yesterday arvo and the guy there suggested and sold me some septone gelcoat repair filler. He said it will fill the pin holes and it is also a finishing gelcoat. Said to give it a couple of coats, so I slapped it on this arvo and will sand it back tomorrow arvo when I get home from work and see how it looks.
  5. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Actually just wondering if I can fill them with some 2 part epoxy?
  6. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

  7. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Hi all, Have just done a small repair of some fibreglass on my boat where it has been a little gouged out by hitting the last keep roller while trying to drive up on the trailer. Anyhow started by sanding the area etc and laid up a little bit of glass and have sanded that this morning and notice there's a couple of little holes where obviously air has been. With these holes can I just hit them with a putty of some sort to fill them and then gelcoat over the top? Just wondering if I am meant to use a special type of putty filler too. Will try and load some pics from my phone. Thanks Geoff
  8. garfield28

    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    Nice rig Antony, looks the goods mate... may have to tow her up and make a trip out to the island 👍
  9. garfield28

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    On fire of late Jeff, cracking fish... well done boys!
  10. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    HI Zoran, Sorry for the late reply mate but been away on holidays with the family. Thanks for the sketch and the idea mate, very kind of you to put the thought into that for someone else, much appreciated. Also, I'll post a pic, but from the very day I picked my trailer up my boat doesn't even sit on that last roller when it is on the trailer.
  11. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    HaHa thanks for the concern mate...
  12. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Boats = $$$ doesn't it, even when you don't end up using the bloody things! Whats the self centre roller for that I need mate?
  13. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Ingenious idea mate.... Did you use pre-gal steel for that mate, or just cold gal spray it when complete? Thanks mate, but I'm liking the DIY idea at present as I love to play around with tools. Hey mate, Thanks for the reply, how come you haven't used it? So now I need red rollers not blue ones... I might have to wait till the blue ones fall apart first coz if I spend any more money on my boat which doesn't catch fish I think my Mrs will leave me.... true story :-) Mate I think it's more the steel part of the bracket holding the actual roller which is the problem, so I guess maybe one long as roller could work but I don't know if they exist. I have winched it up a couple of times but would much prefer to drive mine up if I can, which If I can just get around the first keel roller without hitting the bracket, I should be able to. I i'll try and hang off for now on the red rollers the Mrs will make me sell it! Mate that is an awesome idea... maybe I can sink 10 cans and think about mine :-)
  14. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    My trailer pretty much is like this one except just not a tandem wheel set up.
  15. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Thanks for the reply Zoran... You're a bit of a genius! So the idea is it hits the V first which is slightly lower or high than the first keel roller on the end there and guides it onto that roller?