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  1. garfield28

    Frank's Boat Catch

    The bloke is a legend!! On ya Frank... maybe I should put an order in mate, would make launching and retrieving the boat a bit easier for one bloke as my Son gives me the big brush most times I ask him now he has found girls.
  2. garfield28

    first Port Stephens trip

    Nice fish and well done. Good on ya Scratchie for once again teaching a few new fisherman how its done, you're a good man 👍
  3. garfield28

    Whats your dream boat

    My dream boat consist of, it cannot corrode or be damaged at all, the outboard runs on thin air and nothing else - and it never needs a service, and all of the fish I would like to catch are attracted to it like moths to a porch light... and maybe my wife would actually love it too 😁 Anyone know where I can find one please?
  4. garfield28

    Maiden voyage

    Absolute legend Frank is. Wouldn't meet a nicer bloke, who is prepared to help anybody! Helped me out a few times, and sure ain't wrong BN he can fix anything and when I've been to his place he has a lot of home made gadgets for getting the job done. Love ya Frank and hope you are well mate.
  5. garfield28

    BBay with Big neil

    Sorry to hear the trip didn't go as planned Frank. Good to see you are getting out on the water mate, I hope you are doing well legend.
  6. garfield28

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Nice fish Antony... That is one of my fishing goals, a big girl on a plastic, or any flathead on plastics 😁
  7. garfield28

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    Maritime mate....
  8. garfield28

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    I got pulled up at Tea Gardens a few weeks back by a couple on waters skis... I get they have a job to do but I've had most in the past come across friendly from the start, ask how your day is are you catching any etc, then proceed to ask to see a couple of safety items, have another quick friendly chat, and then let you be on your way, but one of the guys from a couple of weeks ago near pulled my boat apart looking for something to nab me on I reckon. In the end he ran out of things to ask for which meant I had it all covered but I felt he was really trying to pin me for something!
  9. garfield28

    Last keel roller on Trailer

    Legend!! I'll suss them out
  10. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Agree it looks real hard, but as I say I'm not sure if it's a big deal not to have it like it was but appearance wise I'd like to fix it up and just not sure how I can, but was hopeful that someone may be able to help with a way I could.
  11. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    How it looks now, it basically forms to a point and tappers off to the front of the boat. When I sanded it back it must have been shaped and in that area by gelcoat, because I didn't sand down fiberglass in that area. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  12. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    How it looks now
  13. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Hi all, Can anyone with experience doing fiberglass repairs on their boat please tell A, how I can shape the very start of a strake that starts at the bow, or even B, if it is necessary to do so? Where the damage was I sanded down to lay up a little fiberglass but also sanded away the shape of the strake at the start up the top end of the boat, and so If I need to I'll do my best but if it's not really necessary I'd probably just prefer to leave it as I'd imagine its a lot of work. I'll take some pics and post straight from my phone. Thanks Geoff
  14. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Thanks for that boys. I bloody tapped that glass when laying it up for heaps with the paint brush and it seemed as though it was fairly wet to me, so not sure how or what I did wrong exactly, but know the more you tap it to wet it out it spreads and seems to move off the area you laid it. I went to the boat shop yesterday arvo and the guy there suggested and sold me some septone gelcoat repair filler. He said it will fill the pin holes and it is also a finishing gelcoat. Said to give it a couple of coats, so I slapped it on this arvo and will sand it back tomorrow arvo when I get home from work and see how it looks.
  15. garfield28

    Fibreglass repair

    Actually just wondering if I can fill them with some 2 part epoxy?