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  1. garfield28


    Hey Raiders, Just a general question on flatties, if you see the lays in the sand on the low tide would that suggest that you would fish the run out tide - or best on the high tide? I've found a spot and where there must have been 20 - 30 flathead lying in the sand but I fished near the bottom of the low tide without a touch, so if I were to go back at the right time just wondering when do you think that might be on the evidence that they were there? Thanks Geoff
  2. Mate I looked and cannot find any info online for it. Yeah I couldn't find anything at all for it either I've only just got home from work, and I don't have a working multi meter to check right now, but I am hopeful I might be able to get away early enough tomorrow night so I can go buy another and check. In any case I have thrown the battery charger on one of the batteries tonight and will charger the other tomorrow when I get home. Wow Zoran! Thanks for the write up! That is going way out of your way for a fellow member, so I really appreciate that mate. I think I know what you are saying in the diagram above... I'm not the best with this type of stuff. Here is what I did though I added one of these which I used to connect my stereo, and marine radios to, and I connected that with some thicker gauge wire than I had, directly to my dual battery switch. I used one of these which I connected a positive and a negative wire from the fuse block to the switch, which has my nav lights, cabin lights, bilges connected to it. DO you think I should wire the stereo directly to the battery Zoran? That's why I love this forum community BN. Thanks mate, hopefully get it sorted as this is the only thing that is causing me problems at this moment, and it is the reason I wanted to fix up my wiring so I didn't have any dramas with it.
  3. Mate its actually this one from Jaycar I haven't tried it on one battery while running, but surely they wouldn't only operate on 2 batteries running at the same time would it? I hope so, I don't want to have to have it running on 2 batteries only
  4. Hey mate, cheers for the reply. Yeah the weird thing is that I can turn on my nav lights, my cabin lights and also my bilge and live bait bilge all at the same time and there was no dramas with the batteries in that sense... but I'll definitely give that a crack though. The neutral wire is connected to the negative part of the fuse block mate. Yeah sure is mate. Yeah I'll whack the multi meter on it tomorrow when I get home. I read the book that came with the stereo and it says operating power required is 13.8v not sure if that changes anything though.
  5. G'day all, I have just neatened up the wiring in my boat as it was long over due and also replaced a heap of copper wire that was corroded and not tinned for marine use. So finished the job up yesterday and looks grouse compared to how it looked before, I also now have the piece of mind that all wiring in my boat is now tinned copper wire and not corroded. So with everything now wired to a fuse block, and also fused switches the moment of truth was to connect the batteries back up and test all of the gadgets were working. With fingers and toes crossed much to my delight everything worked fine except for my stereo. All of my cabin lights, nav lights, bilge etc are wired through a fused switch panel and all of that works great, other things like the stereo, my marine radios are wired directly into and out of the fuse block and all that is connected works fine except my radio. So I looked to see if I blew a fuse while doing the job on the stereo, but the fuse is fine and all wires appear to be all good too. I have a dual battery set up and I have one brand new marine battery (a couple of weeks old) that has barely even been used, so I switched the switch to battery 1 and stereo indicates no power as there is no flashing LCD screen. Switch to battery 2 and same thing no power indicated on the LCD. I switched it to both and the stereo was flashing the time on the LCD screen and started working no problems. While the music was blaring I switched the battery to 1 again and it turned off straight away, same as when I switched it to battery 2 while using it no problems with the switch turned to both. Would anyone with some electrical knowledge be able to please tell me what it might be? I'd love to know why it won't work on either battery being used single, but works when the batteries are both on together. Very confused, and would appreciate and ideas as to why this might be happening. Thanks Geoff
  6. Great report Woodsy, I know the hurt of having my boat off the water and seeing nice fish being caught... Torture isn't. Well done boys, got a decent feed at least.
  7. Also meant to post these of ust got some pics of some nice marks on the sounder I found in different spots while out there yesterday.
  8. On ya Scratchie, well done again on putting it all together
  9. Good fish has had a go at that Jeff
  10. I've pulled the pin as I have to be somewhere else at lunch unfortunately. Nice to meet a few of you briefly at the BBQ at ramp this morning. Shame about the weather and conditions today but I'm sure if we weren't all meeting up it would have been 1 metre swell, no wind and sun shining haha Big thanks to Scratchie, Job well done mate for the organising of the event and putting together some info, maps flags etc for the guys that don't know the area or spots that well. Shame about the weather mate but Murphy's Law hey, but cheers for the effort to get it all sorted mate 👍 Hopefully this can become an annual event, or maybe even another crack in a couple of months time again when the snapper are well and truly on the chew. Good luck for the remainder of the day all, I'll keep an eye over the thread throughout the rest of the day. Geoff
  11. Thanks to all who replied to this thread really appreciate it. Update is I went and bought a new battery to replace the battery which was causing problems when switched to number 2. Anyhow put the new battery in and when I switched the battery switch to number 2 the tilt and trim was working fine, so at a guess I would assume my other deep cycle battery was no good? It is out of the boat so I may still chuck it on the charger, charge it up and take it to get tested still. Thanks again for the helpful replies. Geoff
  12. I haven't mate, and wouldn't know where to start... how would I do that please? I think this was happening even when we had the warmer weather too The connections seem to look OK, and if I did a continuity test would that show normal if I had an inside the cable issue? Where would I get them tested, and what the cost involved with that mate? Is there any way I can test them myself? Yeah the boat is a 91 model from memory, but I bought both batteries brand new back in the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 I think from memory when on both is was still surging as well Rick... is there anyway I can check the alternator?
  13. garfield28

    Battery help

    Hey Raiders, Been having a few issues with my electrics the last few times I've been out and just looking for some help in maybe finding the fault. I have a dual battery set up, and of late it at times felt like it is surging, like little jolts when I am at top speed, on a couple of occasions it has actually just cut out and the sounder etc has turned off., but as I day it's happened my twice to three times max. When this has happened I've had to turn the switch to the other battery so I could start it again as it was like a dead battery if I just tried to start it again after it suddenly for no apparent reason cut out. It seems the issues are occurring when the switch is on battery 2 which is a deep cycle battery that I use f\mainly for my electrics when I am at rest to run my live tank, sounder and lights when I'm out in the dark. The last 2 trips whenever I have the battery set to the house battery and I am underway for some reason my tilt and trim won't work from the throttle but as soon as I change it back to battery 1 it starts to work again. I had an issue a while back with something similar with my start battery and it got worse, top the stage where I couldn't start the boat, but in the end I found that my leads were very badly corroded, which I found by cutting the leads with bolt cutters to find the copper was basically black. Anyhow this afternoon I pulled the leads off the second battery and rather than cut them I used a multimeter to check for continuity and if I did so correctly they had continuity. So if my cables are OK, any ideas what it could be? Is there a way I can check that my deep cycle battery is OK and not needing replacing? Any advice or ideas much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  14. Good Luck Baz, I'm sure you'll get a few with him on board.