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  1. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    Thanks for all the replies. I have the boat at the mechanics and just waiting to hear from him what it is. Will post on here once I have heard back from him.
  2. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    I have a Merc Saltwater series 125 Rick. I had water in the tank last time I had it serviced and the mechanic told me to pour a lt of Metho in the tank. I only use straight unleaded I never put E10 in my boat. Also, a mate told me about the water separator which I have but didn't know I had to drain it, but after I spoke with him I jumped up and had a look sure enough it was full of water which I have now drained.
  3. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    Hi all, I believe I have water in my fuel and the other day while on the water it caused the outboard to conk out and I couldn't get her firing again. Just wondering if my outboard will be stuffed now, and it is there anything I can do to kick her over again? Thanks Geoff
  4. Definitely too high. Check this link out
  5. garfield28

    Port Stephens- Had to go for a spin!!

    Got spoiled Scratchie... good stuff! I have one of them rods too, they are excellent with plastics, they are super smooth on the retrieve and feel real nice to use, the only problem we had with ours is the bloody little knob to tighten the handle kept coming loose before eventually breaking off... happened to all 3 we had.
  6. garfield28

    Big Broughton Snapper

    For sure Antony.
  7. garfield28

    Big Broughton Snapper

    Mate was gonna do it yesterday when I got home but had a shower, a beer a d woke up about 1 this morning on the lounge. The Mrs and the kids don't even believe I caught them. I text B2 just when I texted you the pic and he called and said to give Jamie his fish back.... 😂 Was on such a high to pull those things in.
  8. garfield28

    Big Broughton Snapper

    Headed out at just after 5am Friday from little beach boat ramp with Port Stephens fish'o and fishraider member Jrcjamie. I've been talking to Jamie for a good 2 - 3 years asking for tips and advice on weather conditions, certain species of fish etc. I spoke with Jamie on Friday afternoon and after months of planning (me hounding him) Jamie was free to take me out on his boat and show me a few tips on catching BIG snapper. Nicknamed banana for good reason by Scratchie I wasn't real optimistic as I've brought some good fish'os undone before 😂 Jamie told me it wasn't exactly the best time for snapper, it would be more a tutorial than anything but was confident he'd put me on a couple. Arrived at an area and sounded up some reef and bait at one of his spots near Broughton island, and after showeing me his technique and explaing a few things he said go for it! A couple of cast later my line come up tight and Jamie said you're onto a good fish here and it went straight under the boat, it was pulling hard like nothing I'd ever experienced before, any other time I'm pretty sure I'd lose this fish but Jamie talked me through getting it boat side where he netted it after dropping it and thought he'd lost it on me 😁 I could have hugged and kissed the bloke, cannot explain the feeling. I've never had a feeling like it, this thing was huge and I'd never thought I'd ever catch such a beautiful big beast, it has been one of my dream fish ever since I started trekking out through the heads, It was by far the best ever feeling, the pure power of this thing on the end of my line was something I could not get enough of, and little did I know I'd get to experience it a few more times during the morning. We had a great drift with plenty of bait and fish showing up on the sounder, I'm sure we'd get railed a few more times but a boat load of spear fishos came and pulled up right in out drift and started scouting around and scared the fish off. After a few choice words from the skipper they left but made sure they made as much noise as possible with their screaming motor and scooted off all the way up our drift line ensuring we wouldn't catch any more at that spot. We moved from that spot and Jamie scoured around and found another spot which produced another bohemath snapper a short time later, it was a donkey also and once again had my arms stretched as it took off making my reel scream! Isn't it just the best sound in the world a screaming reel. We both hooked up at the same time on a couple more big reds and a period of mayhem where we were both pulling in some decent reds at the same time. A short while later I dropped another monster, as I left the bail arm open for too long and when I closed it, it just a broke me off like it was nothing. It was the greatest fishing day of my fishing life, catching a couple of dream snapper, I thought I never could, I cannot express the feeling and was just in a state of fishing bliss evey time I thought of these things I'd landed and the fight.... I couldn't stop looking over at the Esky and looking at a couple of huge tails hanging out of it. I would like to say a huge thanks, and give all the credit to Jamie. He made me a very very happy fisherman and I cannot thank him enough, absolute legend and very humble guy making a fishing wish come true for me. Thanks for reading.
  9. garfield28


    Hi all, Just waiting on a price from a guy for Seatrail trailers, but I am leaning towards the Spitfire aluminum trailer full ally 1460 kgs ATM, hydrualic brakes, torsion axle, blue slip + other bits and pieces $4450 Really hope I don't get burnt and its a decent build and quality
  10. garfield28

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    Plenty of fishing room in that Antony. Looks a good boat
  11. garfield28


    Yeah mate very lucky you got it for that price... wonder why a guy buys a brand new trailer and lets it sit in the yard for a year or 2 and never use it..?? Lucky for you though I guess. As for the galvanising if the salesman I spoke with is telling the truth he said that it isn't an issue now but was in the early years, so hopefully that problem has been rectified.
  12. garfield28


    Yeah my current trailer is single axle, and price quoted was for a single as well. Hows the quality on the Gal one you got mate? How's it tow and how's the gal, I've heard the galvanising is a problem with the Chinese trailers
  13. garfield28


    Thanks mate. Hopefully someone who owns one or knows a bit of info on them would be handy before I take the plunge
  14. garfield28


    Mate it's a 5.2 glass savage escort
  15. garfield28


    Anyone got any reviews on Spitfire trailers? Got a price on a brand new full aluminum one with torsion springs, hydraulic brakes, LED lights, walk platform etc with boat fitted for $4550. I just don't know yet how long they have been around and how decent the trailers are. Being aluminium would take away the worry of cr@ppy galvanising which could be a possibility with the seatrail ones.