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  1. garfield28

    North Reef Newcastle

    Thanks for that... like to think where there's undersized there'll be a couple of keeper size too Do you know if its a decent sized reef for drifting over? Thanks
  2. garfield28

    North Reef Newcastle

    Is the fishing any good for snapper at North Reef Newcastle? Also, how far from the mouth of the harbour is it, don't know if I got bad info but I got told it's the yellow bout you see on the way out which isn't too far out at all. Thanks
  3. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    Thanks Jon, I'll check it out. Still wouldn't mind some opinions on whether or not I have an issue in that part of my boat if anyone has one. Thanks Geoff
  4. garfield28

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Nice boat mate, you certainly scored really well there with that, and don't ya just love the smiles on the kids faces, that's what its all about! As for Frank S, the most lovely bloke on earth mate. I used to live in Sydney and Frank gave up his time for me to help me out on more than a couple of occasions, he even offered to drive up to Port Stephens when I had some other issues not long after I moved up. He knows boating and fishing and always has some great advice. Hope you're well Frank - you are a champion fella mate.
  5. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    Thanks for that Zoran, will definitely give them a call. Could I please ask what you would use to stick a transducer on a glass boat and save putting holes into the transom please? I just followed this method that I'd read on a few Google searches. Thanks Geoff
  6. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    Thanks for that Bear, I hope so too. Do you know if it should be wood in the strakes at all? Thanks Geoff
  7. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    The area in question circled
  8. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    Hi all, Just a couple of questions regarding my transom. I have a 5.2 savage escort, think its a 91 model, I was looking at installing a new sounder this afternoon and I took of a piece of plastic chopping board I was using as a transom saver, I put that on nearly 4 years ago now, I sealed all the screw holes with sikaflex, I also sikaflexed the whole back of the board and sealed the edges once I was finished. Today as I undid the screws I noticed a bit of water coming from behind the board as I was loosening the screws off. Once the board was removed the holes appeared to be a little wet, so I got my drill and drilled into them a bit and I wasn't brinig out any board whatsoever, but to be honest I cannot remember if I did now the very first time either though, but what was coming out was like the fiberglass was like a wet paste. I only drilled within the hole itself, I never tried to re-drill the hole bigger, just put the drill bit in approx the same size as the whole. I think I have had some water seep in, and I'm not real sure how bad the damage would be, and not sure on exactly how to tell either. My question is from the pics, the area circled, because of the shape, would it be wood within that area or only fiberglass based on the shape? The actual part that the outboard is bolted to feels sturdy enough from what I can tell, I have also tapped around it and from what I can tell it sound the same and not hollow. If however I have a problem with this area, how hard is it to repair a transom based on the shape of it? Of all the pics I could find of re-paired transoms I have not seen one like this shape, so I'm scared that it cannot be done and the transom shape would have to change? Any advice and pointers much, much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  9. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    G'day all, Thanks for the replies to this thread. I have got the boat back, it had water in the fuel and also a burnt wiring harness somehow. The mechanic said it sometimes happens in mercs when a new battery is installed, I told him I never changed the battery but I did replace the dual battery switch and from the moment I did it was playing up a bit when on battery one... now I know why. Thanks again, Geoff
  10. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    Thanks for all the replies. I have the boat at the mechanics and just waiting to hear from him what it is. Will post on here once I have heard back from him.
  11. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    I have a Merc Saltwater series 125 Rick. I had water in the tank last time I had it serviced and the mechanic told me to pour a lt of Metho in the tank. I only use straight unleaded I never put E10 in my boat. Also, a mate told me about the water separator which I have but didn't know I had to drain it, but after I spoke with him I jumped up and had a look sure enough it was full of water which I have now drained.
  12. garfield28

    Water in fuel

    Hi all, I believe I have water in my fuel and the other day while on the water it caused the outboard to conk out and I couldn't get her firing again. Just wondering if my outboard will be stuffed now, and it is there anything I can do to kick her over again? Thanks Geoff
  13. Definitely too high. Check this link out
  14. garfield28

    Port Stephens- Had to go for a spin!!

    Got spoiled Scratchie... good stuff! I have one of them rods too, they are excellent with plastics, they are super smooth on the retrieve and feel real nice to use, the only problem we had with ours is the bloody little knob to tighten the handle kept coming loose before eventually breaking off... happened to all 3 we had.
  15. garfield28

    Big Broughton Snapper

    For sure Antony.