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  1. Thanks for the reply.... Sure is an art and bloody hard to do. Maybe that is where I am going wrong, maybe my repair is flush with the rest of the surface and I am rubbing it off you think? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if its best to possibly spray it on? I have been at this all week and its is driving me crazy! I have painted it sanded it, then painted and sanded again every day as I keep showing the repair. Would it be better to spray a thick coat as I would only need to use a low grit sandpaper to know off the very tiny spray and dry over spray? Any advise would be truly appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  3. I painted it on nice and thick with a brush, I taped an area around the repair and wet sanded with 800 grit sandpaper and I can now see the dark repair underneath. Is it better done another way? I hate trying to fix these fibreglass problems.
  4. I have a bit of both, pretty much half and half are on the side of the boat inside and out and a few on top of the gunnels
  5. Thanks noelm. Would I try and do it as smooth as possible and sand between coats or paint a few coats and wait till the end and sand mate ? Thanks
  6. G'day Raiders, Have repaired a few chips, screw holes and spider cracks in my boat have filled and sanded smooth and I am now ready to paint over them. Do I use flowcoat or Gelcoat to paint over the repairs please? Also is it best to spray the paint on or is it ok to paint with a brush? I am concerned that either way as I sand the paint job back the paint being so thin that I will sand back the coating and I will see the repair work under the coating. Any advice and tips heaps appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  7. Mate didn't know there was such a thing. Is it ok for marine applications ? If so could you please PM me the name of one and where I can buy it. Thanks
  8. Hi mate, thanks for the reply. I guess I could have for some, but a few of the holes are on like a sharp bend and I wanted to make the resin like a putty so I could shape it.
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to fix a few things on my fibreglass boat before putting it up for sale. I have a few small screw holes and a few gelcoat cracks that I've grooved out to fill, and I'm just wondering if I should use an epoxy or a polyester resin? I bought some epiglass HT450 which is like cabisol and I planned to mix it with resin to thicken it up like a putty to fill in the holes and cracks. I mixed a batch of the epiglass 450 with some polyester resin that I have here and it doesn't seem to be going off and hardening at all. I also need to do a small bit of fibreglassing too, to fix a molded seat so if I can use whichever resin to do both that would be great. Appreciate any advice. Thanks Geoff
  10. Must be rare as hens teeth
  11. Thanks mate. How would you rate the ride?
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if any Raiders have a bluefin barracuda and if they could share their thoughts on them please? Thanks Geoff
  13. G'day Raiders, Just wondering if anyone could give a ballpark figure on what new Transom and stringers would roughly cost to DIY as against paying a pro? Anyone who has recently done one and can just let me know what I'd be looking at roughly, much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  14. Yeah would have been good Rick. The meet up sounds good too. Nah no shame but it's a long way to drive thinking you'll Cross's it but turns out you cannot. Yeah could have did that but I could see the waves etc from where I was in the boat also. As for giving someone else the wheel with no experience, it would have been no different if it were me as I have no experience either. The difference is I froze and couldn't do it and it may have been a problem mid bar if I had kept going and attempted to cross it myself. No Spanish mate either ☹️
  15. Just want anyone else that reads this thread by coming across it in a search that the bar is everything that has been stated here in this thread. After speaking with the local Marine rescue it was advised to me that I do not launch at my original desired time of 5ish am but instead launch when there was daylight so I could sit back and look at the bar and try and read it a bit before attempting to cross it. So I launched at 7am there was plenty of daylight and it was roughly half an hour after low tide. I sat back and watched and thought I'd seen enough of the waves breaking and the direction I needed to go. I saw a few boats go out and stopped one who said the bar wasn't too bad today (yesterday) and stated it was fairly tame at that time. He gave me some advice on how to cross it and explained the lights that direct you back in when I returned. I watched him go through and saw his boat point upwards a few times going over the waves, It freaked me out a bit but thought I'd now go across. I started to head towards it and as I approached the first couple of waves I went to jelly I couldn't do it, I turned around and started to head back to the ramp, I was bloody sh@tting myself! It was just one wave after another, after another. I freaked out and just couldn't do it. In the end a mate and young fella passenger I had in the boat who does have boating experience but had never crossed a bar stuck his hand up to have a crack because he was keen as mustard to get out and fish. He did it and he did it well on the advice that a boater from the area had given us earlier, and just when we thought we were through it 2 more waves really stood up in front of us and it was bloody hairy, I really paniced. The young fella did well, he said he was a little worried but you know these young blokes they think they're bullet proof and don't think of what happens if things go wrong. Bottom line is it was super, super scary and it wasn't even anywhere near its worst or even bad so the locals were saying yesterday, and it froze me. I totally respect what everyone said on this thread and it still didn't prepare me for how scared I was when I started to go across it. If I had to drive over it yesterday I would have drove to SWR for nothing because I couldn't do it. It's scary scary stuff.