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  1. Thanks for the info Jeff.. they are definitely on my Radar now. I need to take one for a test drive, and a side console too for that matter.
  2. So you're up at Port Stephens at the moment Jeff? Yeah when I looked at pictures of the stacer easy rider along side a Quintrex Renegade or even a Stacer outlaw the hull looks the same so I guess it's sort of the same boat except it has no glovebox and dash for the passenger and it has a casting deck, where the other has all of the comforts and some escape from the elements when needed. Does the Stacer easy rider have a underfloor kill tank Jeff? I know all of the Quinnies Freedom Sports I have looked at online and questioned didn't have a kill tank or built in live tank.
  3. Cheers for the reply Jeff. How long have you had her mate? By the sounds of it you either didn't but it solely for fishing or you don't get out much... Do you have the Bimini on it? I saw one at the boat ramp the other day and was amazed at how much room there actually was in the Stacer easy rider... Fair bit behind the driver's seat in cockpit which really surprised me. They look perfect to cover family and fishing but I'm a bit concerned how I'd go taking it offshore on occasions
  4. I just had a look at a formosa side console boat. No comparison on build quality really. But more pricey and looks heavy though I'm not it would be.
  5. Has anyone got a bowrider boat they use for fishing? With the front seating arrangement, I've seen a few pics where they have taken the cushions out and put in an infill to make a casting deck. some seem quite roomy in the back too. My only concern is can you somehow mount an electric motor though
  6. You looking for one too Mii11x?
  7. Thanks for the reply mate. Yep still looking and researching. What make and size outboard you get with her widd? How is she at rest also that is the only bad thing I heard about the anglapro boats from a guy at work Thanks Geoff
  8. Thanks Antony. That's a nice rig! So much fishing space
  9. Hi Issue, thanks for the reply mate. I cannot look at the boat on my phone for some reason, I'm away with the family on a holiday but will hopefully be able to look at it when I get back home on the computer. Is the electrolysis being caused by something wrong in the boat build? A bloke from work said he believes the Savage Scorpion with its build would be less susceptible to electrolysis because of the way it is built. He did mention something on the way it was rolled and welded or something can't remember exactly what it was now but he thought the Savage would be less chance.
  10. Thanks for that. Are thier hulls any good? I couldn't even find bay hull info from Savage on any Google searches.
  11. Thanks for that. I cannot find anything on the Savage Scorpion Hull, are they anything like the Revolution or Blade Hull seeing they come out of the same place?
  12. Thanks heaps for the info new signing.
  13. Thanks for the reply Davidson. You sound like you know what you're talking about mate. Any knowledge on the Savage Scorpion at all? They look a nice rig from what I can see and a bit cheaper than the Stacers and the Quinnies, I think I read somewhere that either the hull or their trailers were built by telwater also. I'm starting to wonder us I do cough up the extra money now for a bust over 4.8 in length after I went and sat in a 4.6 Renegade seems more than enough room in an open boat like that in a side console.
  14. Cheers for the reply Joe. Nice rig mate, can you please give me a ballpark figure on a rig like that? How does it sit at rest, spoke to a guy at work who has been on his mates and he wasn't real impressed by the stability of the Anglapro but he didn't say what model he Wason either. Also do they do a model with the offshore washwell ? I saw a Savage 455 Scorpion yesterday at the boat ramp and it also was a real nice looking rig... Anyone had a ride in one? Would be interested to hear how they ride etc.
  15. I also read somewhere that Quintrex are shipping the hulls in from China and building the rest around it here. Why would you pay extra for a Quintrex when the build is probably no better than any of its competitors..? Are there any known boat builders out there that sell their boats with fully welded hulls?
  16. Was speaking to a bloke at work today and was told the Quintrex boats were only stitch welded not fully welded. He is looking at getting one but is paying extra to get it fully welded under the floor. For such an expensive boat it shocked me that they aren't done that way anyway. You have to pay extra to get it done.
  17. Nice rig mate... is that your boat? I believe the Clark boats are a bit pricey too mate. I did have a bit of a look at them online and found they aren't really much cheaper - if any than the Quintrex or Stcaers
  18. Cancel that, just saw it in your stats. How do you rate the Evinrude? I used to hear so many things about them, but of late nothing but praise. Was speaking with my uncle on the weekend and discovered he has an Etec on the back of his Quintrex bowrider boat and he loves it! He said it so fuel economic that it is rediculas. He was giving it a massive wrap! Thanks Geoff
  19. What outboard and size do you have on the back of yours Baz?
  20. I have one on my Merc Saltwater 125 that pushes a glass Savage 5.2m boat. When Scratchie come out with me he used to always say take that thing off as it seemed to make my boat cavitate haha when I would chat with him he'd say you take that silly thing off yet! So i did for a while, and I put it straight back on. I noticed that I couldn't get out of the hole as quick and on the plane, but also the fuel usage was very very noticeable! I personally like it as I have noticed first hand the difference it makes to my boat, but some very knowledgeable fisho's on this forum and would certainly take strong notice in what they say with their advice and would trust it over most. good luck, there's nothing worse than the boat struggling to get up and going.
  21. I understand what you are saying mate, and to be honest it doesn't happen all that often but would like the extra length for when it does. I'd also really like it to have the bigger outboard, I'd really like the power there when I want it. I've read they're very similar. Is it a dry ride, and how do you rate it in a bit of slop if you've taken it outside in any Baz?
  22. Thanks heaps for the reply mii11x The main reason I was looking at the 4.8 as against anything smaller was mainly the life jacket rule. I have a lot of family in Sydney and the bigger boat would allow me to take more on boat too if I were to have a few visit at once. Outboard I'd really like something around 75 - 90 in a 4 stroke Thanks for the reply Baz. Mate I live in Port Stephens myself so anytime we could tee it up I could make it but I work through the week and you through the weekends. Are they the same hull as the renegades Baz? Are they stable at rest also? Thanks Geoff
  23. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here owns or knows much about the anglapro boats at all? I'm all but made up my mind that I'd like a new rig to fish on. As stated here in the past my boat is just too big and heavy to launch and retrieve on my own, and I find now that unless it's a fairly reasonable day outside I'd rather fish the bay or rivers anyway. I don't get out much on my boat at present as I find I go alone a lot and just cannot be bothered wrestling with it back at the ramp and also my trailer is dog sh@t and I'm over it. I was at one stage thinking of getting a formosa centre cab as they look a really nice rig and I've heard good things about them but they are quite pricey and out of reach realistically. Also after fishing on a Quintrex Top Ender side console a while back that was decked out with an electric motor and great storage under the floor compartments, Ive made my mind up that a side console open boat, with electric motor is the way I'd love to go. They are just so practical and so bloody enjoyable to fish from. I understand now that fishing with an electric is a game changer. To be able to pull up and fish a Rockwall all the way down, or hover over a school of bait without having to lug the anchor over board is so much quicker and more effective. The only problem now is which one and which size. There's so many lovely looking open boats on the market that it makes it super hard on which one to choose. I love the renegades but they are so pricey! I like the looks if the Stacer outlaw but wonder if it is as dry and soft a ride as the renegade, but they seem pretty pricey too. Today I stumbled across Anglapro boats and from what I can see they look magnificent and a few K cheaper than the others, but would love some feedback on them as I wasn't able to find too much on the internet tonight. I'm also wondering do I go something over 4.8 long so that I don't fall into the category of having the life jacket restrictions placed on me, but I can save a bit more coin if I were to go one around that 4.6 - 4.7 mark. Ideally I'd love to still be able to run outside in half decent conditions when the snapper are on the bite too. From what I could see, the Anglapro 4.84 bandit looks a weapon, but as I say not much on them that I could find on Google or reviews, and I wonder if their hulls provide a close match for the millennium blade hull or the Stacer hull with a dry soft ride. Thanks heaps in advance Geoff
  24. garfield28


    Hey Raiders, Just a general question on flatties, if you see the lays in the sand on the low tide would that suggest that you would fish the run out tide - or best on the high tide? I've found a spot and where there must have been 20 - 30 flathead lying in the sand but I fished near the bottom of the low tide without a touch, so if I were to go back at the right time just wondering when do you think that might be on the evidence that they were there? Thanks Geoff
  25. Mate I looked and cannot find any info online for it. Yeah I couldn't find anything at all for it either I've only just got home from work, and I don't have a working multi meter to check right now, but I am hopeful I might be able to get away early enough tomorrow night so I can go buy another and check. In any case I have thrown the battery charger on one of the batteries tonight and will charger the other tomorrow when I get home. Wow Zoran! Thanks for the write up! That is going way out of your way for a fellow member, so I really appreciate that mate. I think I know what you are saying in the diagram above... I'm not the best with this type of stuff. Here is what I did though I added one of these which I used to connect my stereo, and marine radios to, and I connected that with some thicker gauge wire than I had, directly to my dual battery switch. I used one of these which I connected a positive and a negative wire from the fuse block to the switch, which has my nav lights, cabin lights, bilges connected to it. DO you think I should wire the stereo directly to the battery Zoran? That's why I love this forum community BN. Thanks mate, hopefully get it sorted as this is the only thing that is causing me problems at this moment, and it is the reason I wanted to fix up my wiring so I didn't have any dramas with it.