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  1. Mullatt

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Mate, this might be a long shot.....but try emailing Steve Williamson. Steve is one of the most respected and longest serving Fishing guides (Fly Fishing a speciality) in Australia. He is based in Jindabyne and even though he recently sold his tackle shop there, I know he used to periodically sell off a lot of his used fly fishing gear. Give him a try, it cant hurt! Email is Cheers Dave
  2. Mullatt

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    I switch off at the isolator, then if sitting for a while particularly in winter, put it on the trickle (float) charge every couple of weeks to keep it topped up.
  3. Mullatt

    Strange Tumut Trout

    Definitely a juvenille rainbow trout...seen plenty with those markings!
  4. Mullatt

    Information Gathering?

    That is a great link Rich, thanks for sharing. I knew of some of these stocking locations, but many I didnt. Have to try out some new "old" haunts. cheers
  5. Mullatt

    Information Gathering?

    As has been noted, Fishraider will give you most of the info you need and as the membership is fairly widespread covers nearly everywhere, but there are some sites that I'm aware of that give you weekly reports including where and how they are catching them. If you're interested I can pm the details to you mate.
  6. Mullatt

    Goodradigbee River

    Kaneo, I used to fish the Goodradigbee many years ago. It was a superb trout water (you wont find any Bass there though), but I understand, even though there may be the odd trout still lurking, Carp have overrun the place. It certainly is a beautiful spot to camp though, plenty of walks and some nice waterfalls. I'd suggest you contact one of the tackle Shops in either Yass or Canberra to check what type of fishing you may encounter mate. Enjoy your weekend.
  7. Mullatt

    An end to carp?

    Maybe a bounty on catching Carp so kids could earn some pocket money, but they are so entrenched in our system in massive numbers I dont believe it would really have any effect. Ha ha , good luck with that mate. Pretty difficult sell there...........when they taste & smell like crap and are full of bones 😠
  8. Mullatt

    An end to carp?

    Couldn't agree with you more that the virus will end up in an (another) ecological disaster for us James Clain. as you said too many idiots spruking ideas that have no solid base. I have enjoyed fishing for our native species (and trout) for a lifetime and even though I want these smelly, useless habitat destroying carp got rid of........definitely not at he expense of our other native species. I say NO to the virus.
  9. Mullatt

    Man missing on the Napean

    Of course details and safety are still relevant.......but I agree Noel, its very odd 7 years later hey !
  10. Mullatt

    Protective measures for new boat

    Bearing buddies are great, but the only thing I would add to that is be careful constantly pumping grease into them as its possible to pop the rear seal if you pump too much.
  11. Mullatt

    Boat No go !!!

    I'm with you mate....$120 hr or more when quite often they have a snotty nose 1st year apprentice doing the job. I'm not having a go at the apprentice by the way, as they all have to learn.......its the business owner that sh*ts me for what they do.
  12. Mullatt


    The answer to that is plainly obvious (or should be)..........but sadly chasing that elusive fish overcomes a lot of anglers and they forget common sense.
  13. Mullatt

    Noosa advice

    Check your PM's mate
  14. Mullatt

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    Thanks for the reply mate, much appreciated. And good luck with the leggings.
  15. Mullatt

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    I'm heading up that way next week for a few days and was wondering is it just in the lake/estuary waters? And is it random or evident all year round? Thanks