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  1. @frankSFrank that certainly was a horrific time for the residents and surroundings of Cobargo, very hard to imagine how it would have been. One of my old school mates lives in Cobargo and he lost his house and most of everything else in that terrible day. You may well know him or know of him......Dave Rugendyke. He's a fantastic bloke who all his life has given so much to people and communities (he used to be a Community Policeman here in Canberra). Great pic too cheers Dave
  2. Mullatt

    Flushing muffs

    yep was simple and effective. Thanks again
  3. Mullatt

    Flushing muffs

    Thanks for the advice Noelm, I did what you suggested and made up my own. Works perfectly and has a much stronger flow from the telltale now with dual flush. cheers
  4. KB...kiddies beer. Was absolutely terrible stuff🤮
  5. Mullatt

    Flushing muffs

    Thanks, I'll be interested to see how they go.
  6. Mullatt

    Flushing muffs

    Thanks for that, maybe I'll make up a set as you suggested, as the local dealer sells the rubbish ones unfortunately.
  7. Mullatt

    Flushing muffs

    @noelmjust a question, if its allowable to answer on the forum. You mentioned to use stainless steel entire piece flusher. I've been trying to find them for ages and all I can find is the cheap black chinese variety, it seems that's what most places sell, just at different prices of course. Can you tell me where I might find these quality dual flow models? Thanks Dave
  8. Absolutely completely and well said @Fab1. Its so simple, but still mind blowing the amount of irresponsible idiots out there 😮
  9. If you don't have any success at a Tackle shop, which as Noel said, I'm sure you will, try ringing Alvey in Queensland, they are an incredibly helpful bunch .
  10. Reckon it will be a lot warmer fishing for Hairtail.....was a very chilly minus 6 here in Canberra this morning 🥶
  11. Some great trout and lovely clean water. So no Carp there (yet)?
  12. Not necessarily mate.....just seems that most of the other guys married the wrong person. It should never be about hiding how much gear you have, asking permission if you can go fishing or conversely, your wife having to justify how much makeup or clothes she buys. For goodness sake its called a marriage, not deception.
  13. If it was me, brand spanker I would be taking it straight back to the dealer when they are back in town. Does seems like a hydraulic issue but considering you obviously spent some good coin on it, let them sort it out for you.
  14. From one mullatt to another....that's an awesome catch, particularly on a plastic. well done😀
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