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  1. Mullatt

    Photos of some local fishermen

    Absolutely awesome photos mate
  2. Mullatt

    New boat

    Hey mate, I cant give you any comparison between the Yammie and the Honda (apart from the fact that they will both be great motors), but I do have a 3 year old Honda 30hp with side console on the back of my Stacer 399 Proline Angler, and I absolutely love it. I bought the package new about 3 years ago and its fantastic.........motor is extremely quiet, very fuel efficient and starts 1st time every time. I know that it is heavier than the Yamaha, but i guess that is just something you have to consider. I'm sure you wont be disappointed either way. I would suggest that you go the max hp for the hull that you can though. Cheers Mullat
  3. Mullatt


    Still got a few in my tackle box too. Back in the day, my go to lures were either Wonder Wobblers, Celtas or Flatfish. Mainly used for freshwater, trout, redfin etc, but the wonder wobbler was very effective on tailor and salmon.
  4. Mullatt

    Jindabyne Trout trip

    Never taken much notice of that, but maybe it is worth looking at as you said. It cant hurt and for a few bucks, not much at stake is there.
  5. Mullatt

    Jindabyne Trout trip

    That's awesome Gordo, probably like yourself, I have been fishing Jindy for ages (close on 50 years) and I know how hard a lot of days on the lake can be..........haven't been up recently but last time I think I got 2 or 3 one day trolling and then the next couple of days, never got a hit! But thats trout fishing and Jindabyne hey. I bet you were stoked at bagging out.......its that long ago that I last did that, that I've forgotten. Well done mate and great report. cheers Mullatt
  6. I too use loop knots to attach my lures. Have found that you get a much better action from the lure this way. Swivels (and particularly snap swivels) really impede the action.
  7. Mullatt

    Hydraulic steering

    Plus 1 for auto transmission fluid. Been using it for years and it definitely does the job.
  8. Mullatt

    Whiting time

    Nice report mate. As far as dart go on the chew, I'm not a great fan. They definitely are edible and if you have nothing else to eat you will probably think they are great. But as you probably guessed there's not a lot of meat on them anyway.
  9. Mullatt

    Fishing around ulladulla/mollymook?

    You could also try down at Burrill Lake. There's jetties, bridges and plenty of shore access to give it a try.
  10. Mullatt

    New camera

    Was that at Wallaga too Jon? Forgot to say that my encounter was down the front , between the bridge and the sea. Its very marshy around there , so I guess not a surprise to run into a red bellied black there eh! Dave
  11. Mullatt

    New camera

    Fantastic pics Jon. That red bellied black is like the one that swam up (unnoticed by us) to the back of my boat on Wallaga Lake earlier this year. The bugger was actually trying to get into the boat............certainly put the wind up us a bit! Dave
  12. Mullatt

    Some more Wildlife Pics

    G'day all, a few pics of wildlife from some of my outings. Some friendly Lorikeets waiting for food at Wagonga Inlet, a young goat on the rocky edge of Jindabyne Dam and mum with her baby in Wallis Lake. Cheers Dave
  13. Mullatt

    Boat Rod holders

    Your rod holder/tackle box / seat fisholb looks the goods mate. You wear the same adidas thongs as me too
  14. Mullatt

    Boat Rod holders

    Thanks bn, some more great ideas for me to consider. Agree, definitely need to have those holders pointing in different directions. Speaking from experience, its a pain in the proverbial when you have untangle lines whilst on the water, when you should be fishing. cheers
  15. Mullatt

    Boat Rod holders

    Yep I see that. Thanks will look at that option too.