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  1. Great report and well done. Those beaches around there can produce, but can also unfortunately hold a lot of sand crabs which can be a nuisance.
  2. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, just leave the legal sh#t out of it and give the guy his full deposit back, there's been no apparent harm done...... And that's just my thoughts too 😉
  3. I totally agree with big Neil. You've still got the boat....give him his deposit back! Everyone these days is so focused on litigation and what the law should or shouldn't be instead of just being "nice" and accepting for whatever reason that people can change their minds. Lets all go back to being nice human beings again hey 😀
  4. Mullatt


    Unfortunately mate I cant recommend a decent honest insurer, purely because I don't honestly believe they actually exist. I have been insuring houses, cars, boats, caravans etc etc for around 50 years and have learnt over the years exactly what you have experienced....you can delve into the policy docs as much as you like and think you have it all sorted and then as soon as you have a claim that may be a little out of the ordinary you find out the the real truth...that's not covered Good luck finding one and I would love to hear that someone has steered you in the right direction.
  5. Well done mate. Might also add that I was told last year that the speed restriction is 10 knots and no creating a wake by being on the plane. I agree, they certainly kept that well hidden, as I only found out by accident. Interesting too that Lake Ginninderra apparently now doesn't have water police presence.
  6. Maybe no-one's been in the area lately! Just a thought...try contacting the tackle shop at Burrill Lake.
  7. We were down your way a few weeks back and saw the new shops, very impressive! Its a shame that coastal places, like Narooma are going the same way as the big cities hey. Seems that half the population these days are looking for a punch up☹️
  8. Nowhere is safe these days unfortunately. Sad reflection how the world has gone.
  9. Unfortunately gumtree attracts a lot of scammers, muppets etc. If you can deal/ignore them you probably will get serious enquiries eventually, as its obviously a great package. I agree with others that Facebook marketplace is awesome..Ive successfully sold heaps of stuff there including cars.good luck
  10. There was a guy who operated around Tuross/Batemans Bay/Narooma etc. His name is Stuart Hindson, but not sure if he's still in business and whether he does beach fishing either. Some mates of mine have been on his estuary boat some years back and said he was good. As you suggested, I'm sure JonD would know. Sorry, its only a stab in the dark.
  11. Don't think its about being dumb necessarily, some wealthy people have complete disregard for rules, respect and anything else unfortunately. Its all about them and they believe they can do what they want....no-one else comes into their thinking.
  12. I personally believe that the Bushmans heavy duty (with 80% DEET) is your best option. But you could try the standard version (20% DEET) first I guess to see if it works for you. With sandflies I wouldn't bother with Aeroguard, its useless in my opinion.
  13. Mullatt

    Boat Fuel.

    Definitely replace the fuel (unless its a massive underfloor tank, which will present its problems with disposal). You havent mentioned what motor, but if it happened to be premixed 2 stroke.....absolutely ditch it. As mentioned by others, if heading outside particularly, how much worth do you put on your motors reliability and crews safety?
  14. That's very true @XD351, but I guess those same guys and girls may well say also that they could buy some new gear with what we spend on boats and gear lol
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