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  1. Exactly what I was going to suggest.................obviously a longer trip to the island but absolutely no concerns leaving through Bermagui harbour.
  2. Mullatt

    Walker Wobbler

    You hit the nail on the head Frank, that is exactly why they called them Walker Wobblers................they were in fact made by Jarvis Walker.
  3. Finally get to post a report, albeit not fantastic but nevertheless a report. Haven't been able to get out in the boat too much for quite a few years now. Firstly because both my hips have been riddled with arthritis for years and then been recovering and gaining use of everything again after I had both of them totally replaced last year (right one unfortunately dislocated 4 days after replacement, so 3 ops in 10 days slowed me down for some time). Wife and I took the boat to Jindabyne for a few days midweek. Weather was up and down, but mostly quite windy every day. There were only 1 - 2 other boats on the water so plenty of clear water available. Have been fishing Jindy for over 50 years and its certainly a place in recent years that you have to put the hours in on the water. Sometimes you can come across a patch of fish, other times hours for a doughnut. The sounder was showing a few fish hanging on the rocky points and around submerged timber around the 12 - 15 ft mark. Water temp is still quite cool at around 15 degrees. First day spent about 4 hours out for not one touch. Had a lead core line out and a couple of flat lines. Oh well, thats fishing hey.....and the food and the beers at the pub are always very inviting so it wasn't a complete loss. Next day, back on the water for another go. Very windy again, so had to hug the shorelines away from the prevailing winds. Scored a couple of small rainbows on the flat lines on Tassie devils, all were released. Decided we would have one last troll around one of the bays before calling it a day (as you do), then just as we were saying that's enough, my wife's flat line went off like a train. It was obvious it was a good fish, and after a decent fight she boated a lovely fat brown. Was just under 60 cms and I guessed 3 - 4 pounds. She was stoked. Kept this one for the table. A nice end to a few days away. Thanks for reading. Dave (Mullatt)
  4. Just don't put out too much bread or breadcrumbs as a burley, otherwise they wont go in your trap
  5. They are quite aggressive towards the lure/plastics hey
  6. Don't forget to insure it for the trip home mate 😉
  7. Mullatt

    NAV Lights

    I too would say its a bad earth somewhere.
  8. Fished there once many years ago but didn't actually see a fish. Certainly is a great looking river. According to the DPI website they stock the Shoalhaven (higher up than Braidwood) with Rainbow Trout and last release was 2018/19. Assume there could be Bass in there somewhere and I'd say definitely a Carp or 10 lurking too 😢
  9. Mullatt

    Keys misplaced

    Never taken the keys out of the ignition of any of the boats I've owned for the past 40 years. That way I always know where the key is. I do have a spare key "hidden" on the boat just in case some jerk decides to steal the key. As you rightly said Fab will drive the boat away on dry land 😄
  10. Mullatt

    Old days

    A fantastic thread for us old timers (and others obviously) noelm. Dont know why barber shops were places you could buy all that stuff, but I certainly remember it well. Maybe because there weren't many sports type shops and definitely no big chain type stores. I'm certainly no great fisherman, but i did start off as a young bloke in the early 60's catching poddy mullet in oyster bottles, pumping nippers and chasing worms (mostly unsuccessfully), fishing with cheap handlines off wharves and watching old timers to see how they did it. It taught me a lot and I'm still learning and enjoying it. In the old days you didnt have all the expensive toys and gimmicks and actually didnt need them. 1st boat was an old Pongrass, 60 hp Johnson with no power trim or tilt (it was a beast to manhandle up and down). We used to go outside regularly (Ulladulla, Moruya, Batemans Bay) in it, didnt have any sounders etc, no auxiliary motor and only used handlines.......but used to come back with a feed of fish every time. How times have changed hey.
  11. I understand that all the interest for the overseas market is in the roe, not the flesh! Apparently big money.
  12. Mate, this might be a long shot.....but try emailing Steve Williamson. Steve is one of the most respected and longest serving Fishing guides (Fly Fishing a speciality) in Australia. He is based in Jindabyne and even though he recently sold his tackle shop there, I know he used to periodically sell off a lot of his used fly fishing gear. Give him a try, it cant hurt! Email is Cheers Dave
  13. I switch off at the isolator, then if sitting for a while particularly in winter, put it on the trickle (float) charge every couple of weeks to keep it topped up.