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  1. Such great advice @Green Hornet. Getting rid of the trebles is the best tip anyone can give a lure fisherman. I have fished fresh and saltwater for longer than I can remember, and have always put a single hook on my lures. When trolling for trout i do use two trailing hooks. Trebles seem to allow the fish some leverage to throw the hooks, but worse still if they swallow them, which salmon often do, that will usually be curtains for them as its very difficult to remove them without them dying. I generally only keep one or two for the table, so its better to release the others alive. Actually spent a few days at a beach just south of Bermagui last week, there were some fantastic gutters and we caught good size salmon every day. Some were so fat, they looked like a torpedo.
  2. Have some fishing mates who live in Queensland and apparently up there its dynamite if you don't have your load (trailer, ute, boat) covered and secured. It is the law and they will and do issue fines regularly, even for things like gum boots in the back of a ute, rods on the floor of the boat etc etc. Can't remember what the fines are exactly, but quite substantial and it makes most people take notice and secure their load after one fine. I'm not completely sure if its a law in NSW, but believe so, as it can be very dangerous and life threatening potentially if stuff flys out of your boat or trailer. Remember when I bought my last boat 5 years ago from Wagga. It's a Stacer 399 Proline Angler and has those removable seats on a centre shaft that you can reposition in a couple of spots in the boat (same as Quinnie's). The day I picked it up I asked the guys at the dealer did the seats need to be secured for travelling, they said nah, they stay in their place well and have never heard of one coming free. Well...on the trip home to Canberra guess what, one came out and as I watched in the rear view mirror of my car, it bounced off the road narrowly missing the car travelling behind me and coming to rest on the side of the road. If it have gone through the windscreen of the vehicle behind, could well have impaled the driver. Ever since I have devised a system to secure them to the boat.
  3. I too love Alvey reels and also have a few of them (which I might add will outlast any other reel and probably outlast the owner...they are virtually indestructable). I generally use mine off the beach and also often with a Snyder Glass rod. As others have said, definitely not for braid use and also they do take a little time and practice to master, but once you do you will love it.
  4. I have used carp as bait for snapper/flatties etc some years ago with success. I wouldn't say that it was the best bait I have ever used, but certainly caught its share of fish. I used to freeze it in fillets as I had to travel 2 hours to the coast. As you would no doubt know, it is a very boney fish, but stayed on the hook reasonably well. Never used it as burley, but wouldn't see why it wouldn't be ok mashed up in the burley bucket/pot. I have no reason to think that you couldn't legally use it as bait for salt water, but will stand corrected! Never did it, but maybe soaking in tuna oil or the like maybe be worth trying too.
  5. Great report & result mate. Looks like Narrawallee Creek?
  6. Not sure that some women will agree with that @motiondave πŸ˜‰
  7. Don't think you're the odd one out @noelm, just blessed. All my married life, which is now almost 40 years (and many years well before we were married as well) my wife has been my boating & fishing mate and still continues to be. This spans quite a number of boats over the years and even included taking our daughters with us when they were in nappies. They still love boating and fishing to this day. I think we are both very lucky mate 😁
  8. As Manuel from Fawlty towers would say ......crazy 😁
  9. Fair enough, respect your opinion but don't necessarily agree πŸ˜€
  10. Could it have anything to do with the fact that less people are fishing at the momentπŸ˜‰
  11. Great work mate, obviously the fish aren't in lockdown πŸ˜‰
  12. As mentioned, I was thinking too that possibly one was a female in spawning mode ?? Did they taste any different?
  13. Like the majority that are adhering to the rules/lockdowns/requirements I am staying at home other than buying essentials like groceries etc. but there are some, as others have mentioned also, that are flaunting the "rules". The boat is having a nice little holiday in the garage at the moment. Unfortunately, in my opinion, I think the rules or whatever we like to call them, can be at times quite vague and ambiguous. I just wish the powers that be, be clearer in what everyone can and cant do/ should and shouldn't be doing. And I understand that different rules apply in different states! Just my take on it all.
  14. There's probably more difficult ways to go fishing, but can't think of any off the top of my head. Looked like an old boot that he caught around the 9 minute mark?
  15. When fishing with my old (literally we both are) school mate we have always said ....."they're here!"