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  1. That's very true @XD351, but I guess those same guys and girls may well say also that they could buy some new gear with what we spend on boats and gear lol
  2. They certainly are amazing birds, so stunning and intelligent.
  3. yep its not too bad along the river, near the road bridge and also definitely worth a try on the sheltered beach adjacent to the Barlings Beach caravan park (have caught some nice flatties there).
  4. Depending on how old the kids are, you could try around the Hanging Rock Boat Ramp area. Off the breakwall is an option but you will have to pick the tides as they rush through pretty quickly at times. The breakwater is pretty long so you will have lots of choice in where to try. You can also try Corrigans Beach, right at the Northern end of it where the breakwater ends. I have seen various species caught there including Flathead, Bream, Whiting & Luderick. That beach further down towards Batehaven Shops gets extremely shallow, so don't think its much chop. There is a wharf near the main b
  5. Have always reversed my trailer hard up against a barrier or the like in dodgy areas. Its as good a security system as you probably can have!
  6. There's nothing special in the way I prepare and smoke my fish @Yon. I'm certainly no expert, but just have developed a basic way to do it over the years that suits me and is simple. I just have a portable smoke box that uses metho to burn the chips. I tend to prefer to use fillets as opposed to whole fish as I find they cook more evenly. Make up a brine of equal parts of salt and brown sugar, then leave them in it for for an hour or so, then dry them as much as possible. Place them in the smoker skin side down and off you go. depending on the size of the fillets, takes anywhere from 15 t
  7. As @Yon said Salmon are very edible either smoked or eaten fresh after thoroughly bleeding and cutting out the red blood meat. They go great on the barbie, and are also nice in curries and fish cakes. They do not however freeze well, so need to be consumed fresh. I have been smoking my fresh salmon (ha ha that probably sounds funny) for over 40 years and can testify they come up a treat.
  8. I think we did think what we were was completely normal and it would never have crossed our minds when young that there was danger involved...probably considered it a challenge. I am sure however that our parents (as we are now as parents and grandparents) were the ones that were concerned about what we did...thats if they knew what it was we did!
  9. Lighten up mate, some people take life too seriously......if I offended you, apologies, but these are pics I took in 2010 and to my knowledge nobody drowned on the bowls green or the footy oval πŸ™„
  10. It was crazy hey. These two pics made me chuckle.....aqua footy and water bowls πŸ˜€
  11. This may be a silly or obvious question Jon, but why is it left to local volunteers to open the estuary, why not the local council? Don't know if you were around there in 2010, but my wife and I were on holidays there when the big downpour (300 mm in 24 hours) and subsequent floods occurred. We were staying in the Big 4 park and had to move up the hill to other accommodation, as both North & South highways were blocked. I remember all the young kids "surfing" the water channels rushing down down the fairways at the Golf Club. Pic attached is the water pouring out of Mummaga
  12. That's crazy @Jocler. We've certainly had a pasting unfortunately this year from mother nature and others hey. As you said, good rains though and hopefully it has flushed out some of the local rivers and lakes and given them a new lease of life. Wallaga Lake I know could do with a flush out...and hopefully the rains actually reopened it to the ocean.
  13. Mate, a couple of places I would give a try in the kayak. Firstly, out from where Cullendulla Creek comes out into the Bay up to Square head. (have a squizz at google maps and you will see where I mean). Its only fairly shallow, and also be careful cos there is a point as the creek goes in that is a No Fishing zone, but anywhere from where the sanctuary ends out to square head and around the area will be a good shot at some flatties! May also be worth trying in the kayak along the beach (Corrigans Beach) just as you turn South from the end of the southern breakwall at the Bay. Good l
  14. Mullatt

    Laundry reno

    Name and shame mate!
  15. Great pics as usual @JonD. Lets hope you guys get plenty of rain that is able to open up those local lakes (Mummaga, Wallaga, Tilba, Corunna, Cuttagee etc) and give them a good flush out.
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