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  1. Mullatt

    Man missing on the Napean

    Of course details and safety are still relevant.......but I agree Noel, its very odd 7 years later hey !
  2. Mullatt

    Protective measures for new boat

    Bearing buddies are great, but the only thing I would add to that is be careful constantly pumping grease into them as its possible to pop the rear seal if you pump too much.
  3. Mullatt

    Boat No go !!!

    I'm with you mate....$120 hr or more when quite often they have a snotty nose 1st year apprentice doing the job. I'm not having a go at the apprentice by the way, as they all have to learn.......its the business owner that sh*ts me for what they do.
  4. Mullatt


    The answer to that is plainly obvious (or should be)..........but sadly chasing that elusive fish overcomes a lot of anglers and they forget common sense.
  5. Mullatt

    Noosa advice

    Check your PM's mate
  6. Mullatt

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    Thanks for the reply mate, much appreciated. And good luck with the leggings.
  7. Mullatt

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    I'm heading up that way next week for a few days and was wondering is it just in the lake/estuary waters? And is it random or evident all year round? Thanks
  8. That's an absolute cracker of a week in Jindy Gordon. You got some fantastic fish and in great numbers. I recall one of your previous reports from Jindy you mentioned that you used the fishing Almanac following advice from the Sports Store! Was it useful this time? Dave
  9. Mullatt

    NRL Grand Final

    Absolutely agree with you.....................I actually am a dinosaur, but with the the ridiculous rules, interpretations and inconsistencies, it surely is heading towards the theatrics of soccer unfortunately. On another note.....Billy Slater, like him or hate him, but what an absolute disgrace for the Sydney fans to boo this great stalwart of Australian Rugby League. You oght to be ashamed of yourselves!
  10. Mullatt

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Hi Jon, I have Marlin & Stormrider inflatable jackets. On their servicing instructions, Marlin say it is "recommended" that an accredited Service Agent conducts a full inspection every 5 years. On my Stormriders, they advise that every 10th year you should contact a Service Agent to conduct a professional service. Now I don't know how this lines up with how the Maritime guys or Police see it....maybe completely different. I keep all my self service records and receipts on board with me all the time, but must admit I have never had them checked, so who knows whether I'm doing the right or wrong thing. Dave
  11. Mullatt

    Suggestions for a short trip away

    Forster is a great place, but you may struggle to access too many oyster leases land based from memory. Breakwater is definitely worth a go as are some of the many little jetties around some of the shorelines, particularly up in the Breckenridge channel. Tea Gardens area is also worth a look. Enjoy and hope you have some success
  12. Mullatt

    Photos of some local fishermen

    Absolutely awesome photos mate
  13. Mullatt

    New boat

    Hey mate, I cant give you any comparison between the Yammie and the Honda (apart from the fact that they will both be great motors), but I do have a 3 year old Honda 30hp with side console on the back of my Stacer 399 Proline Angler, and I absolutely love it. I bought the package new about 3 years ago and its fantastic.........motor is extremely quiet, very fuel efficient and starts 1st time every time. I know that it is heavier than the Yamaha, but i guess that is just something you have to consider. I'm sure you wont be disappointed either way. I would suggest that you go the max hp for the hull that you can though. Cheers Mullat
  14. Mullatt


    Still got a few in my tackle box too. Back in the day, my go to lures were either Wonder Wobblers, Celtas or Flatfish. Mainly used for freshwater, trout, redfin etc, but the wonder wobbler was very effective on tailor and salmon.
  15. Mullatt

    Jindabyne Trout trip

    Never taken much notice of that, but maybe it is worth looking at as you said. It cant hurt and for a few bucks, not much at stake is there.