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  1. Awesome report and awesome to see you guys down there! Cheers for the help with the samples, if any raiders are keen to get involved with hairtail research, as Donna said, dont hesitate to message me :)
  2. Very similar indeed! Have contacted Chantelle about this project before we went forward!
  3. Hey Raiders, I'm working with the Marine Ecology Group at Macquarie University and we're hoping to do a study on hairtail diet. If you are keen to get involved, all the details are below! What are we researching? Understanding the diet of predatory fish is key for good fishery management. No work has been published in Australia on the diet of hairtail. We will be analysing the stomach content of hairtail, and the chemistry of their tissue to understand the prey species they feed on. This should help us identify prey stocks key to maintaining good hairtail numbers. What do we need? Heads and guts! When cleaning a hairtail, just put the whole head and all of the guts in a ziplock bag. If possible, leave a tiny bit of meat behind the head. With a marker, write the date, approximate location, and the size (total length in cm) of the hairtail. Even one hairtail head/guts helps, so if you have any to donate, contact us with the information below and we will pick it up. Contact us I can be contacted through this account on fishraider! Otherwise: Email: tristan.guillemin@hdr.mq.edu.au Facebook: Tristan A Guillemin Instagram and twitter: @fishoscience Thanks heaps to Donna for approving the post here! Look forward to working with everyone here!
  4. Tag117


    In my experience, pretty good bait, smell strong and go alright for the bigger species. As far as eating, i find em delicious but really bony.
  5. What a day! Well done mate
  6. Did pretty well start of season but none recently.
  7. Agree 100% with wellzy, once tired they go horizontal and are easy as to grab behind the head, best way to go. And yeah, top notch eating if you remove the silver stuff.
  8. I think thats a wirrah cod, could be wrong, but looks a lot like one
  9. Tag117


    I live 15 mins away from cowan creek, if theres a day out fishing for hairies, ill come down and join for sure!
  10. Great fish mate! Thats me in the lower shot, white top near the weigh station haha! Didn't realise you were a raider, would have said hello
  11. Hey mate, In my opinion, lures in the style of the spanyid raider or halco twistys (make doesnt matter too much) are integral for spinning off the rocks. Get a 15g or two, a 40g and a 65g. Salmon, tailor and bonito, all love those lures. If you see a school of bait or any chases cast it straight through and you are good to go! All the best mate, Tag
  12. There is nothing more frustrating than when people set up right near you without even asking if its ok! Im in a similar boat to you as i am never sure whether to say anything or not. All the best mate and hopefully not too many nuisances next time. Tag
  13. Depending on what size jews you are targeting, there are plenty of big yakkas at barrenjoey (30ish cm) and plenty of smaller ones around west head. In terms of where to fish, find bait schools find jews otherwise juno and fns are good! Good luck
  14. Hey thekoi, Are you going landbased or off a boat and are you targetting anything specific? Also, where abouts in the hawkesbury are you going? Would be a lot easier to give tips with more info
  15. Waratah bay is accessible landbased, fish the area for jews a lot, its a bit of a treck but its an excellent hairtail spot. Hairtail turn up year round but i find they really kick off late april. Good luck out there!