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  1. That's tops, I am still trying to get a decent catch at the beach's. Regards Jimmy
  2. Tseng

    Suprise capture when going for summer whiting

    Now that's one hell of a surprise, congrats! Jimmy
  3. Tseng

    Cracking the beach jew

    Nice one!! I still trying to crack the meter mark.
  4. Tseng

    Western Side of Palm Beach any good?

    Nice one, Thanks for the update.
  5. Tseng

    Western Side of Palm Beach any good?

    Was they last week, hooked a legal bream, flathead, serpent eel and I think it's a catfish of some sort. If you end up fishing it let us know how you go, Cheers
  6. Tseng

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, Names Jimmy aged 30 have a 9 month old boy (Tommy!!), just recently moved to St Ives, Do have access to a 6.23 meter boat however due to family commitments nowadays It's just land based fishing for now, Most important point, I Love Fishing! Regards Jimmy
  7. Tseng

    ID on this creature(serpent eel)

    Thanks your prompt response.
  8. Caught this at Palm beach, I suppose its a sea snake? On the other end of the line it felt like a snag but peels line, when brought into land it digs into the sand with its tail. Anyone know what it may be?
  9. Tseng

    Looking for fishing buddy!

    Will be heading out in the morning to catch the high tide at north narrabeen, anyone heading the same way welcome to join. Cheers!
  10. Like the topic says, Nowadays I try to learn to fish the beaches (curl curl, narrabeen etc), learning to read gutters. Normally fish into the night or early mornings.
  11. Tseng

    Illawong bay

    Thanks appreciate your information, Guess I will have to find some other area.
  12. Tseng

    Illawong bay

    Any raiders fishing illawong land based for hairtail this week?
  13. Tseng

    The Spit Bridge

    Anyone been fishing at The Spit recently? Has it been productive? Thinking about giving it a shot before sunrise, Thanks in advance