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  1. Finally managed to get out on the boat on Sunday to chase some tuna with the old man. Was slow going, particularly compared to the reports from last weekend, with only two YFT ~10kg called in on the radio throughout the day. However, persistence paid off and we managed to land this beast ~20km SE of Browns late in the afternoon on the troll. Weighed in at over 50kg and almost beat me for height - awesome fish and definitely a new PB YFT off Sydney
  2. We will also be out there tomorrow Call sign Arrow
  3. Did anyone hear of boats landing fin off Sydney today? We were planning on heading out tomorrow but the water temp / currents aren't looking great and Thursday and Friday were very quiet
  4. We headed out yesterday - trolled from sunrise to sunset. Put the spread in at browns and trolled 15 miles east of Heatons and back - all for zeros unfortunately. Couldn't find the temp break that BOM suggested would be sitting inside Heatons - water temp was 17.8 - 18.0 degrees all day. Only bait we found was 1 - 2km north east of Heatons but nothing big marked. Good luck to those heading out today and Saturday. We will be out again on Sunday - call sign Arrow
  5. Absolutely Looking forward to the day I get one the size of the bus you landed a few months ago Steve
  6. All the fish were caught in water ranging from 20.5 to 20.8 No structure but were feeding on a bit a bait we found bubbling on the surface
  7. Headed out yesterday in search of bluefin / yellowfin and stumbled on these guys We weren't expecting to get our best dollies of the year in winter but we aren't complaining Smallest went 89cm / 8lbs and the biggest 121cm / 16lbs Got all of them on the troll between 2 and 4pm around 5 - 10km west of Heaton's Hill
  8. Managed to catch a bit of the action late in the piece Enough to make a grown man scream - literally
  9. Don't get me started on fuel - we are running two 200hps Yama 2-strokes
  10. Hooked up a big blue (was well over 500lb) this morning in pretty much the same spot you did yesterday. Good pocket of warm water around browns at the moment. Fish went absolutely berserk and managed to bust our leader after a few minutes. Somehow managed to also destroy our teaser in the process. Devastating - hook was well and truly set and we had tested that rig twice last weekend as it was one of my new lure purchases. Hopefully managed to get some footage on the gopro. Heading back in now - sounded like a quiet day on the radio for most.
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