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  1. Sigma

    Tilt trim issue

    It appears that you have a problem like I had. It's an issue with the wiring. There's a blue wire that goes from your relay and what you should try is moving it whilst you press th UP button. If it starts working, its the wire. It could be corroded or have a loose connection. Try spraying all the contacts with INOX. it might help. Cheers Dave
  2. Hello my fellow Raiders, Well, I finally got around to trying to rectify this problem I have with the outboard not tilting up. So, decided to take @dmck advise and start to narrow it down. First, I got a digital voltmeter and measured voltage on each pin from each relay. Whatever was on each pin of relay 1, relay 2 was exactly the same. So, we had 12V on both relays. Ok, next...lets have a look at the Up/Down switch....could there be a cut/disconnect near the switch? Unfortunately, this was a pain as the plastic nut holding the switch in place was in front of the main positive and negative wires that go to the batteries. So, turned off the main power and disconnected the wires. Took the nut off and inspected the wiring at the switch. The wiring looked like new and the connection going into switch looked ok but couldn't see inside the switch as it appeared to be moulded into the switch. Ok, this looks good. Let's trace the wire further up from the switch to the relays. Trace it up and it comes to a 3pin plug (like dmck explained). Inspect the plug. Open the plug, Plug looks like new. Close the plug and try the switch works. Try the switch Up...nothing again. There are three wires (red/blue/green) from switch to plug and same again from plug to relay housing. Blue is obviously for tilt up, green is for tilt down and red is the positive 12V feed. So, let's see if we are getting 12V to the plug pin? Put the voltmeter black prong to an earth on the outboard, push the red prong into the red wire pin connection....nothing! Hmmmm, thought to myself...maybe this is where the problem is? OR maybe I didn't get proper connection (didn't push the prong in deep enough to touch the pin or wire itself?). After a long pause, thought to myself...let's try this one more time. This time pushed the prong in deeper and I hear this CLICK near the relay housing. I thought....could it be? So, try again the switch...tilt down, it works. Now...try the tilt UP.....BZZZZZZZ, it's working. YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! It was the plug connection....something that simple!! So, tried it about 20 times up and down....she works like new. Hah....nearly forgot something. Need to try the up/down switch on the throttle lever inside the boat....YEP....she works there also. So, problem fixed and it appears that there was a bad connection like a hot spot or something in that 3 pin plug. Just shows you that some things can be confusing but if you try things step by step like deck suggested, you can get to the cause. I would like to thank all my fellow raiders for all their input and a special thanks to @dmck Cheers Dave
  3. Not yet @dmck, Its either been too hot or too wet....or no time to do it. At the moment, for the past 3 days, we have had torrential rain and can't even walk outside let alone work on something. Unfortunately, the boat is not under cover. Will keep everyone updated as soon as I can get to it. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi dmck, Some I can answer now as I have already done some of the things you are asking. Some might have to wait till the weekend or if i get some time between now and then after work. I have attached some more pics In the pic with the housing, the thick blue wire and thick green wire in the centre of the housing go to the tilt motor I will try and do some more testing like you mentioned above. If you have more questions, please ask and I will endeavor to answer them as best I can Cheers....Dave PS: Don't know why some pics ended up sideways and even upside down...they are not like that on my laptop....sorry about that. Update: Just changed a couple of pics cause it was confusing...
  5. I can't upload anymore photos as its more than 4.88mb. I will have to shrink them to fit once I get some time and put them on my laptop. Anyway, I'm wondering if the problem lies with the up/down switch(s) on the outboard motor and lever/accelerator? Are they chain linked so if one has an issue, does it affect the other? At the moment, to tilt up, both switches don't work. I looked up youtube and they had the chap from Dangar explaining the relays and trouble shooting issues. Problem was that everything was explained to check this and that, the clicking in the relay etc...but his relays were all working and nothing mentioned "if" the relay wasn't clicking...what could it be or what to check.
  6. Hi dmck, The temporary solution was that I connected 1 longer wire to the red of the relay wire, and another to the blue (tilt up) relay wire so that it was sticking out from under the cowl. When I needed to tilt up, I would touch the ends of these wires together and it would tilt up. When I wasn't using it, I used electrical tape and isolated each end to avoid getting a short if it touched metal. See pics. Cheers...Dave
  7. Hi guys, Just so that you all don't think that I'm ignoring you, I found a temporary solution to get me out on the water today. After a very late start, we just got back and the problem is still there. I would probably need to get into a bit more detail than I did this morning cause I was frustrated trying to get out on the water and I would like to take some pics and put them up but it's quite late now and I will come back to this topic as I still have the problem. When I said that I swapped the relays around and there was nothing, I meant to say it still didn't go up but it still went down which tells me there is no issues with the relays as both worked in the down mode. Although the motor is 20yrs old, she in very good nick and has only 510hrs on her. I can't swap cables around as dmck suggested as I would actually physically need to cut them cause the relays sit in a housing side by side. Also, the hydraulics are perfect. Not a drop of oil coming out and the engine flies up and down when the relays were working good. Need to show you pics of what I mean. will get back to you all soon Cheers Dave
  8. Hey Raiders, Need some help from the guru's on outboards. Its been a while since I've had a chance to wet a line and as today was my last day of my holidays, thought I would make a day of it. So, got up at 3.45am and started to pack the boat. I charged the batteries yesterday as I haven't used the boat for a few months. Anyway, all packed and went to tilt the motor go. Tilt the motor down, works fine. So, immediately thought....RELAY. About 12 months ago, had the same problem and found out it was a faulty relay. At the time, changed it and worked beautifully. Bought a spare as I thought that the other (original) would pack it in sooner or later. So, this morning after looking for the damn thing for 30mins, I find it in its original pack and swap them around. Go to tilt up....nothing. Swap the relays around....still nothing. Listen to it as I'm switching the switch and notice the clicking only coming from one relay and that is for the down. Using my multimeter, put the red on the red wire (86 on relay) and black on the blue/white wire (87 on the relay) (using current/amp function on multimeter) and she starts to tilt up without use of either switch. Tested the voltage to both relays on prongs 85 & 86.......shows 12v. Anyway, 5hrs later....we are still here banging our heads and wondering whether to put some petrol over it and throw a light....grrrrr. If anyone has ANY idea, it would be sooooo nice if they could share some light what could be causing this. Theoutboard is a 1999/2000 Johnson 115Hp Ocean Pro if that helps cheers Dave
  9. Nice fish there @T_Bert83. I'm hopefully heading there for the June long weekend. I haven't fished freshwater in over 15yrs and have never fished Whyangalla Dam. Any tips on where to go (gps marks as I'm taking the boat) and what to use? Also, how deep is it considering that the dam is just under 30% capacity. I have a 5.7 mtr Quintrex and I know that most people fish with smaller tinnies that have casting platforms. Appreciate any help..... Cheers. Dave
  10. Pencil me in too Geoff. If I can get the time off work, would love to be there. Any idea which month are you thinking of? On top, I have a couple of Christenings coming up (not sure when yet) and a wedding in August as well. Hopefully it's not at the same time.
  11. Looking at the Motorguide Xi5 mentioned, it appears that it has no connection with your I right?
  12. Thanks mate. Do you know if Minn Kota and Motorguide are both compatible with Lowrance sounders? I'm presuming that the gateway kit you mention is the NMEA2000 connection?
  13. Thanks guys, Appreciate the feedback. Trav, thanks for the link. That was exactly what I was looking for. Cheers Dave
  14. Hello Raiders, Been thinking about getting an electric motor but have no idea what would suit my boat. Couple of my mates have Minn Kota's but they also have smaller boats like a 4.30 ally and a 4.49 Hornet. I have a Quintrex 560 Freedom Sport and obviously their 55lb electrics wouldn't be sufficient? I have no idea what length shaft or what size thrust do I need. Looking at some models like the Motorguide Xi5 which have a 72 inch shaft and 105lb of this long/powerful enough or is it overkill? I would also like a GPS unit that I could connect to my Lowrance HDS7 touch. Appreciate all advice.... Cheers Dave