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  1. Nice fish there @T_Bert83. I'm hopefully heading there for the June long weekend. I haven't fished freshwater in over 15yrs and have never fished Whyangalla Dam. Any tips on where to go (gps marks as I'm taking the boat) and what to use? Also, how deep is it considering that the dam is just under 30% capacity. I have a 5.7 mtr Quintrex and I know that most people fish with smaller tinnies that have casting platforms. Appreciate any help..... Cheers. Dave
  2. Pencil me in too Geoff. If I can get the time off work, would love to be there. Any idea which month are you thinking of? On top, I have a couple of Christenings coming up (not sure when yet) and a wedding in August as well. Hopefully it's not at the same time.
  3. Looking at the Motorguide Xi5 mentioned, it appears that it has no connection with your I right?
  4. Thanks mate. Do you know if Minn Kota and Motorguide are both compatible with Lowrance sounders? I'm presuming that the gateway kit you mention is the NMEA2000 connection?
  5. Thanks guys, Appreciate the feedback. Trav, thanks for the link. That was exactly what I was looking for. Cheers Dave
  6. Hello Raiders, Been thinking about getting an electric motor but have no idea what would suit my boat. Couple of my mates have Minn Kota's but they also have smaller boats like a 4.30 ally and a 4.49 Hornet. I have a Quintrex 560 Freedom Sport and obviously their 55lb electrics wouldn't be sufficient? I have no idea what length shaft or what size thrust do I need. Looking at some models like the Motorguide Xi5 which have a 72 inch shaft and 105lb of this long/powerful enough or is it overkill? I would also like a GPS unit that I could connect to my Lowrance HDS7 touch. Appreciate all advice.... Cheers Dave
  7. I got slugged a few times until I worked out that I had something like an aerial of my marine radio upright. Donna, Could you find out if he had an aerial or a rod maybe in the upright position? Cheers Dave
  8. Depends what fish you plan on targeting?
  9. Sigma

    Shimano Saragosa

    Thanks guys, appreciate it. I suppose there is no reverse switch either?
  10. Hello all, I was hoping someone has a Shimano Saragosa and will be able to help out with my question. Just received a Shimano Saragosa SW10000 as a gift for my birthday and I am a little confused. I don't know if this is a normal thing for this reel, but I noticed that the bail arm won't click over automatically when you open the bail arm and turn the this normal ? Also, can't find a reverse switch on the reel they have one? Looked through the instructions but they're only a general instructions for all models. The only other paper in the box apart from the warranty was a parts list for all Saragosa reel models Hope someone can shed some light on this. I'm just wondering if it could be faulty new in the box Cheers Dave
  11. I experienced exactly the same thing at Botany two weeks ago. Casted out 3 times, and came back with cut braid. I usually have at least 50-60cm leader but there was no sign of leader. After rigging up 3 times in a space of 10mins, got sick of whatever it was, packed up and left. We were fishing above sand near the oil drums where the seal usually sunbakes. Can't believe what I was seeing as there didn't appear to be anything like tailor was really weird.
  12. Sigma

    Rod or Reel?

    Hi Slurm, Last year, my family got me a Sedona 2500 and a Shimano Sahara 2-4Kg rod loaded with 8lb braid and 10lb leader for Xmas. I have used it to catch squid, flathead, bream and Kings on SP. I mainly fish off a boat only and have landed at least 20 Kings since then. Although, all Kings were between 58-64cm (rats), I am yet to get busted off. If you set your drag correctly and work the fish, you can land them (although your forearm will get a good Biggest problem is people tend to tighten the drag as soon as they start losing a little line and this usually works in the Kings favour as he will bust you off. Not long ago a mate of mine had never hooked up to a King and I was on my 5th. So, I gave him my rod and told him to go for it. He started to lose line and the first thing he attempted to do was to tighten the drag. I stopped him before he got a chance and he was like "are you serious...I will never get him out". I laughed and said...."yes you will...just keep at it". The king took a few more runs but slowly he eventually got him out.....63cm model. He was so puffed that he looked like he ran a marathon...😂 I prefer to fish light as its more fun where others think its hard work. I'm waiting for the day I hook up to a legal model and see how I go then. I don't find fishing heavy for a medium sized fish very satisfying. This year, the family got me a Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 reel with a 7' Daiwa Aird X, 3-5Kg rod loaded with 20lb J-Braid8 and 20lb fluorocarbon leader for the Jewies , Snapper and legal Kings. The stradic is a beautiful reel as is the rod tbh. Only used it once and hooked up to a nice size squid on my first cast 😜. Had to use this rod for squidding cause the girls all confiscated my light gear to fish on our last family outing. Anyway, I thought I would share this bit of info if it helps you understand Cheers Dave
  13. 😂😂😂 ..... you know what I meant.
  14. Lol....there you go, Zoran just told me why. 😂
  15. From memory, when I bought my platinum card and the free subscription ran out, I think the new subscription was $99 which I thought was steep as the damn card cost me over $400 to start off with. People can correct me if I'm wrong, but what is worth $99 on there that you should be subscribing?