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  1. Sigma

    Stabicraft 1550 fisher

    😂😂😂 ..... you know what I meant.
  2. Lol....there you go, Zoran just told me why. 😂
  3. From memory, when I bought my platinum card and the free subscription ran out, I think the new subscription was $99 which I thought was steep as the damn card cost me over $400 to start off with. People can correct me if I'm wrong, but what is worth $99 on there that you should be subscribing?
  4. Sigma

    Stabicraft 1550 fisher

    @JonD, You shouldn't be able to compare yourself with us mortal boat go to places with that blow up you have where most of us wouldn't dare go with the Titanic.....😜😂
  5. Sigma

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    Mate, you shouldn't have any problems. I have a 5.7mtr Quintrex bowrider and used Myola when I was staying at Jervis Bay Caravan Park a couple of years ago and had no issues what so ever launching or retreiving.
  6. Sigma

    Chrissy fishing week 2

    Well done Tdogz, pitty about the PB King that got away but that's fishing. Cheers Dave
  7. Sigma

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    Hi Poly2096, Try using some plumbers tape and then clamp should stop the leaking. Just make sure when you twist the hose on, its in the same direction you have winded the plumbers tape....avoids it making a mess of the tape (as its very soft) and it will give you a nice clean finish. Cheers Dave
  8. Sigma

    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    Nice upgrade mate. Hope she gives you plenty of "stress free" boating and fishing mate. Well done to zmk1962, kiwicraig and flatheadluke for helping you out...great to see Raiders always happy to help. Cheers Dave
  9. Sigma

    Trailer Loader Pivot and Maintenance

    @antonywardle, I agree with wrxhoon1 about the anti-seize. I use it on all my vehicles threads and it protects it from seizing and corroding Also, did you use Lithium base grease? Lithium base grease prevents grease turning into concrete. I learned the hard way on my old boat whereby I used normal grease on steering shaft and I ended up breaking the steering trying to turn it. Use CRC Brake Clean to clean all the grease from your rotors....great stuff to get rid of grease and grime. Cheers Dave
  10. Sigma

    Battery for portable live bank tank

    Hi Poly2096, First of all, you didn't tell us if you have a dual or single battery system on the boat? Do you have a dashboard (will this be a permanent thing although its removable) where you could install a switch. Cheers Dave
  11. Sigma

    Help with inherited dual battery setup

    @richard2234, Did you want to keep the same set up or did you want to improve it?Noticed that you don't have a VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) on your boat. Maybe have a read of this article where we discussed dual battery set ups and then decide what you want to do. I love my set up as it's all automated and no flicking of switches between battery 1 or 2...only on or off. Cheers Dave
  12. Sigma

    Installing a Downrigger

    Just had a look myself and from what I can see in the catalogue, another option if you don't want to drill holes is a 1021 clamp on unit... Cheers Dave
  13. Sigma

    Installing a Downrigger

    This is what mine ended up looking like after I installed the SS rod holders and downrigger....
  14. Sigma

    Installing a Downrigger

    Unfortunately the 1028 has an 30 degree angle and yes, it would point towards the sky in a straight vertical rod holder. I was going to attach a pdf catalogue from the Scotty site and then you could have a look yourself what suits you best but the file is to large for the attachment (17Mb). Go to and download catalogue in PDF. I think all the mounts for downriggers are on page 20. Cheers Dave
  15. Sigma

    Installing a Downrigger

    I ended up buying an original Scotty unit as I couldn't find the universal model at a discount price. The Scotty cost slightly more and I bought it on flea bay from the USA....mind you the Aussie dollar was about 85-87c comparing to today. Look up Scotty 1028 gimbal mount on flea bay....this is what it's called and the correct model number for a 1085 down rigger. Cheers Dave