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  1. Sigma

    New PFD needed. Advice please

    There are PFD's that automatically activate if you fall in the drink. They are the same as the ones where you need human interaction but are automatic. They are a bit dearer (around $150) but this is the closest you will get to comfort whilst fishing.
  2. 80 foot mark directly in front of Barrenjoey

  3. Sigma

    Kings and Trags - double fun off Sydney

    Well done mate. Nice feed there... How far out did you go?
  4. Sigma

    Not what we planned for

    Well done to you and your daughter JonD....what a fantastic fish and never seen those seas so calm...Wow!
  5. Sigma

    Second Battery Suggestions needed

    Hmmm....that wouldn't be the Ah. That would be the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)...... strength of the battery at starting. I have a 730CCA Century as well. Will check tomorrow to see if it's a "Pro" model. Amp Hours is usually between 10 to around 100/120/150 Ah.....
  6. Sigma

    Second Battery Suggestions needed

    Century are usually pretty good many Ah (Amp Hours) were they rated at?
  7. Sigma

    Second Battery Suggestions needed

    PM sent... Looks like they start batteries but you should be fine.
  8. Sigma

    boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I'm not suggesting that she doesn't weigh anything but she is nothing and I mean nothing comparing to my other boat. I have had her fully laden and towed her heaps of times and I can barely feel her on the back of my car. Even when I want to hook her up, I can lift the front and pull her 2-3mtrs to the tow bar without breaking sweat. The other boat, barely can lift the tow ball end, lol. Anyway, different boats...different trailers. I was just wondering as I know a few of my mates who have boats similar size, none have braked trailers like my boat. Baz's boat might be a heavier unit. Cheers Dave
  9. Sigma

    boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Hi Baz, If you own a Stacer 449, I'm surprised that it's a braked trailer? I have a 4.6mtr Aluminium Half Cabin with a 50Hp electric start and it's not braked. When I bought the new trailer, I was told that it is not required for that size. I also have a Quintrex 560 Freedom Sport and that is braked.
  10. Sigma

    Kingfish- no bait needed!!! (Video)

    Jeff, seriously.....have some heart for us poor souls that don't live up in Gods country. I feel for Fab....he hasn't even seen a fish that size in his boat, let alone hooked one. Poor bloke must be dying inside...
  11. Sigma

    Kingfish Round 2

    Scratchie, I think I know why there are so many Kings in Port Stephens.... Have a read of this.... Lucky you...
  12. Sigma

    Starting an old outboard

    Thanks Zoran....will check the cables hopefully when I get home. Do you know if you can buy these parts locally somewhere? Cheers mate
  13. Sigma

    Kingfish Round 2

    Should have dove in and pulled out his bungs.....
  14. Sigma

    Starting an old outboard

    Thanks guys....any idea about the prop spinning whilst in neutral and the voltage only going up to 12.9V even under throttle?
  15. Sigma

    Starting an old outboard

    Rick, if you open raging's link.....are you talking about parts 14,15 & 16? They don't call them poppet valves on this listing...