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  1. Hey Raiders... Im heading out off Kiama on Sunday and had a few questions. 1. What is the boat ramp like down there? 2. Locations for Livebait 3. Has anyone fished the FAD recently or heard any reports from there for Dollies Thanks in Advance Raiders
  2. Hello Raiders, Well i am out of hibernation and am ready to get the boat wet again. Tracking the weather all week and it looks like a real treat. Going to put the boat in at Swansea and head out through the heads, wanting to chase some nice big winter snapper. I have heard Catherine Hill Bay is a good spot and is quite reefy and holds good reds. Any suggestions, marks, honey holes etc would be great raiders. I havent fished this area much but at a guess i would say that moon island would be a good spot for livies, squid etc. if anyone can confirm that? I will be out on Sunday from 5am, any raiders see me out on the water come say hi.... I have a 5.5m savage lancer named Devil Ray Thanks in advance
  3. Any particular colour of Noodle Dean?
  4. Flip thebail arm over next time you go for a squirt
  5. It might not need improving, let us know how you go... If it is no good then we can add some lol
  6. Catching fishi is just a BYCATCH of having a boat.... I loooooove fishing but i love being on the water, letting all your problems dissapear, chatting with ya mates etc it is money well spent for my sanity
  7. The top is fibre glass i am pretty sure
  8. Hello raiders... I bought my first boat around 7 months ago, being on a budget i couldnt buy my dream boat but it was after all " a boat" . I have slowly made some improvements over time and am looking at going the whole hog soon with a respray, new bai board and live tank etc I would really like to get a hard top built but i have no idea how much i can expect to pa??, who does these things?? Where do i start? I have attached a photo of the boat, if anyone has any idea on price ( ball park figure) or a business in Newcastle, Sydney or Central Coast that does this sort of thing then please let me know. Cheers Guys n Gals
  9. Plenty of yakkas at Balmoral, i use a sabiki rig ( about $2 at most tackle shops) with small pieces of prawns, squid or Pilchards. Burley them up with small pieces of bread. Once you have your livies i use a very basic rig, large ball sinker down to a swivel then on to your leader tie a 2 hook snelled rig at the bottom. Feed the top hook just through the nose of the fish and the back hook about halfway down just under the dorsal fin. Make sure you have some slack line between the two hooks so you livey can swim freely. Good luck mate
  10. Looks like a great day, plenty of awesome dinners there mate
  11. I would love to see a Fishraider show on TV someday.... Run by the members, sharing rigging techniques, tackle and locations that are accessible to the majority. I know for a show to be viable sponsors need to be onboard but if we use the amount of knowledge from this forum and its members there could be a very informative program with minimal product plugging. People using gear that they have chosen and used not given to them for the purpose of plugging a particular product.
  12. I have been hearing a little bit about the Sabiki rods, how much are they?
  13. I am jealous of the guy to be honest.... He gets paid to fish all over Australia and the world. All his gear is given to him and he is paid to use them.... I am craving a fishing show that explains rigs used and why they use them... And to fish in locations that are acessible to the majority of the public.