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  1. angry ant

    Fished JB yesterday

    I found at jb the other week the kings wouldn't hit anything except the down rigger at 15 meters deep same spot using live or dead squid or yakkas they even hit strip baits all fish went around 60 cm all released but good fun
  2. angry ant

    shellharbour bass point and what not

    seen a lot of sharks in close at Nambucca as well a lot of bait around
  3. angry ant

    Sydney harbour Kings 10th Jan

    nice rig good work never thaught of that im going to try this as well
  4. angry ant

    jb kings sat morning

    I got smoked by a large model with a live squid 3 weeks ago didn't act quick enough and got reefed whilst setting the drag my mate seen 4 20 kilo king fish when they were diving got to love that place but too many boat some times in the 1 spot cant be good my mates seen a 2 m grey nurse shark there as well
  5. angry ant

    southcoast snappers

    went off bellambi two saterdayds ago when it was 2.4 m swell1 boat got a few nice snapper... i got none i was two nervous to get near or anchor any bombie or headland didnt know the area good enough easy to get smashed i saw some good showings on the sounder but no certaint it was snapper the way they looked on the sounder... but gone with the drift to much weigh to fast i get sick of wasting money not catching fish..... how hard can it be!!!! here fishy fishy fishy come to papa
  6. angry ant


    they dont even have to be running to catch them sometimes they sit on the bottom u can waid through water and use even just a dolfin tourch if their sitting on the bottom u can put the net straight over them and twitch the net and they will fly into the net repeat the process and before u know it ull have a heap
  7. angry ant

    $4K Snapper caught

    my misses recons I should sell my boat cause of lack of fish but I love to just be on the water and periodicly I do catch and shes happy again
  8. yes and local people from the local fishing platforms are un able to fish on there rock cause tourists occupied all the space its super annoying its like high density fishing
  9. angry ant

    Sydney snapper off the rocks

    I have caugh snpper like this at Kiama in close to the rocks also seen another guy on a little tinny catching snappers very close to the rocks in the morning at jb he says when the sun comes up they retreat into deep water
  10. angry ant

    Bate Bay. don't bother , save your fuel

    all the fish are in the spots ya not allowed to fish in dozen that just suck what its supposed to be a free country lol
  11. angry ant

    The Tail of four kingfish trips

    nice work with the kings ur are a classic great reads I live to smile and giggle also I learnt to never say to my misses how tired I am after fishing she don't like it lol
  12. angry ant

    The Tail of four kingfish trips

    u are an absolute classic great read isn't it funny what ull do for a king nice work
  13. angry ant


    top job ya gotta love jew well done im itchy again
  14. angry ant

    nambucca heads off shore 45m of water

    sound good maybe keep in contact for next trip for a marlinathon lol
  15. hi people we just got back from a good holiday in Nambucca whilst I was there went Jew fishing nearly every nite managed 1 at 60 cm on a paternoster rig with a herring bait caught earlier.. we out fishing with my partners brother launched at shelly beach at about 6 am in the morning cruises around south to the front of the river bar to pick up some live yakka's and slimmys for about half an hour got out on the spot a few mile and dropped anchor and burley up . pretty much we caught every few minuets 1 pearl perch 2 snapper 2parrot fish 4 sharks 2 eels 1 nayningi we saw a large group of king come to the boat but could not get any customers we stayed there for a few hours and had a great time . we pulled up the anchor and just started to put some lures and skites in the water when at the back of the boat I saw a marlin com right up to the lures...... it looked at each one my mate was having trouble with setting his drag so it lot interest and didn't see it again once his drag was sett we trolled around for about 20 min then started to head home about 230 pm . just 2 mile from shore we had a double hook up and two small tuna I of which was landed got back and it was done what a great day we had I went out buy myself the next day solo in my boat to just troll for marlin king dolphin fish for 3 hours not a touch in the 10 days we were the I heard at least 3 occasions of hook ups with marlin and 3 captures 1 in Coffs on a kayak 1 300 m off southwest rocks and 1 just off Valla beach in about 45 m of water again I saw this 1 on the back of this guys ute nice fish a spear fisho shoot 1 large Spaniard and 1 large Sampson fish I just love the place but will take a life time to work out ill be back next year been every year for 6 years this is the jew I got the year before my pb I just love fishing it is a disease for my cant stop thinking about it any how thank you for reading sorry about the lay out