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  1. Thinking off heading up to Texas this weekend for kings and just wi seeing if anyone has heard anything about how it's been fishing? Also would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on where to get live bait if launching from Terri gal?
  2. Hi just wondering seeing if anyone knows how the banks has been fishing in the last month for kings? Cheers
  3. This years dollie run is the best in the last 3 years!! Forget about the fads drive straight past them, you need to be heading out towards the shelf, between 12 mile and the shelf and fish the traps.
  4. It is very minimal with the heavy braid I can see it on the sounder and it is only a couple of feet higher than where I set it if I'm dowrigging 15m down and that's about as far as I ever downrig. I've experimented with different weights and lines etc I've found 300lb with the 6lb works perfect
  5. I use 300lb braid in my downrigger, why not go bigger? No harm in it. I run a 6ln bomb wouldn't run any lighter than that
  6. Hahaha 30lb! Wow good effort! I'm thibking of coming up tomorrow and going for kings, where are they biting but?
  7. Nice, what depth were you fishing in? You didn't happen to remember the water temp out there? Wondering if it's worth a dolly run out to the fad there
  8. Don't butley for kings all you will is bring in all the other crap and loose your hard earnt boats to pickers. Downrigging is the best way to catch Kings hands down
  9. They hve been missing since winter, I remember we had a big storm and seas, I went out the next week and 1 or 2 sticks were missing then the third went a few weeks later. Does anyone know what the purpose of that marker is?
  10. You want the baits to sit about 7m around the markers. Each marker is about 10-12m except for the eastern wedding cake. Drop your bait to the bottom and wind up about 5 times
  11. More chance of being murdered than attacked by a shark, pretty good odds to me, jump in and have swim! If You think that you have been swimming in te beach before and there hasn't been a shark within 1 km of you your kidding yourself. One thing to see a shark it's another for that shark to actually attack you.
  12. Love tagging mate! Just got a new batch from Fisheries last week and I don't plan on keeping them long! First fish I always keep anything after that gets tagged and released very quickly.
  13. Headed out last Monday at 7am (delayed report I know). Stopped at the arti and got a full string of slimies, with the wind due to pick up decided that 6 baits was enough (just wanted one fish for dinner that week). Hammering out at 20knits with the wind behind my back I was out to the spot in no time, first bait down lasts 30 secs and I'm on. Bring him up 85cm and straight in the esky. Each bait down was either a fish or missed hook up ended with 4 ranging from 75-85cm with a tag in each back they went. With the wind picking up and the esky full I was heading back home in a lovely 15knot wind straight in face. Ended up heading back at 10knots and soaking wet, all in good fun but glad to be back at the ramp by 11am home for a warm shower and arvo nap. The Kings are around, be persistent and don't follow everyone else, have a look around and where people aren't fishing and you will find them. If not always listen to 21
  14. Krispy is right! You can thank a certain shop that sells chinese downriggers for 12 and the peak being carparks. There's Kings hanging around sydney at the moment that aren't in those areas.