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  1. VViCKiD

    Transducer wet box

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has a transducer in a wet box or in hull mount? And what kind of performance are you getting out of it? I’m particularly interested if you have a 1kw transducer and fish deep water 500m mark thanks in advance!
  2. VViCKiD

    Fuel - how old is too old?

    Thanks guys! Sounds like I should be alright and more fishing is definitely the answer!
  3. VViCKiD

    Fuel - how old is too old?

    Hey guys, just wondering what you think is too old for fuel? Also how do I tell if my fuel is too old? Will there be discolouration in my fuel water separator?
  4. VViCKiD

    Fell marine wireless kill switch

    Hahahah thanks foghorn
  5. Thanks rick. Gonna get dollie coloured skirts for it
  6. I tried touching the skin up with paint. Think I may have put too many layers on. What u guys think?
  7. Lure making is pretty cheap. compared to purchasing lures, its peanuts
  8. For those that were curious how the mahi skin turned out
  9. VViCKiD

    Fell marine wireless kill switch

    Where did u buy that mate?
  10. VViCKiD

    Fell marine wireless kill switch

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of u guys have installed one of these things? For those who fish alone, I think it'd be really helpful
  11. Damn I'd be really pissed off if it was fake. I was actually watching that
  12. Nice. Any chance I can buy an apollo off u? I really just want the shape of the head so I can try make my own
  13. They look sensational mate! whats the black one?
  14. Hmm Mundine apollo looks different. Have you made a copy of the apollo RJT?
  15. I bought the paua from ebay.. Its about $26 a sheet (which would make about 10 lures)