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  1. Got a few hours in at northbridge and got a few little snappers < 20cm. Check out my report. I might try some beach fishing this afternoon. Ill do some research of beaches with close to shore drop offs that my 7ft rod can handle. Anybody got advice for fishing palm beach, protected side? Can i fish with a 7ft rod on the beach. I will try pilchards on gang hook. Should i use a paternoster rig? Thanks all
  2. Hey all, THE ENTRANCE - 4.30pm - 8.30pm Headed up to the entrance for my first session. I had a crack just left of the road bridge. Caught about 5 little bream about 10-15 cm using peeled prawns. Switched over to the graphite rod with braid (first time user) to have a go at a TT blade. After a couple of casts a little tailor 20cm tailor smashed it. Awesome retrieve with the Blade, as you feel the vibration when lifting the rod up. NORTHBRIDGE - 11pm - 3am It was good to get a few bites, so I thought i might head to northbridge for a fish. Using chicken breast and prawns got a few little snappers (little bream but pink). Biggest about 20cm and they got tiny. I will keep trying see if i can bag myself a keeper lol.
  3. Just got back from the entrance. Got a few little breams. Then tried out the graphite rod with some blades and caught small tailor. Going again tonight lol. Hopefully catch some bream or a flathead tonight
  4. Hey everyone, I thought I might just throw a message out there to see if anyone has some good tips for a beginner. I watch youtube videos and read threads but i guess sometimes its good to get that personal advice. Just bought a 2 rods and a reel from Fish 'r' us in Auburn. Equipment Rods: 8ft 2 piece ugly stick and a 7ft graphite shakespeare rod Reel: abu garcia cardinal C103i Line: 8pnd braid Other: 2 blade lures, Minnow SP, Grub SP. Location: Sydney Targeting: Anything hahaha. Bream - using sz 8 long shanks 40cm trace to a swivel and ball sinker Dont know anything else hahaha. 21 December 2013 Going to the entrance this afternoon - hopefully get some bream. I'll be using prawns. I'll try peeling them apparently that works. Any tips that anyone can help with would be appreciated especially spots to go.