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  1. Gulp shrimp is great for bream whiting and flathead. My favorite colors would be the natrual and nuclear chicken.
  2. Thanks again Matt really appreciate it. Bash
  3. Hi Matt, Thanks for the help honestly I really appreciate it. Hopefully I break the code and catch a few. Is there any chance you can roughly tell me where Macleans reef is? If not I understand. Thanks again Matt.
  4. Hi Matt, Thanks for the help honestly I really appreciate it. Hopefully I break the code and catch a few. Is there any chance you can roughly tell me where Macleans reef is? If not I understand. Thanks again Matt.
  5. Thanks so much Neil! I'll be there for a week so I'll put the hours in and try as hard as I can. Thanks again mate really appreciate it. Bash
  6. Thanks grandad will give that a go . haven't caught many black fish in my time. Thanks again. Bash
  7. Hi all, Hopefully going on a fishing trip in December down to yamba the clarence river! Can't wait and really looking forward to this trip. Really hope if anyone can help me with some decent fishing spots or what spots I can traget, I would really appreciate it. First time going to be fishing that area and hoping I can catch my first mangrove jack. Would love to no what lure or lures works best down that way and what tides are best for fishing etc. You can PM me or post here... I would really love to target some jacks but will be down there for a week and have time to chase a mix of species! I've heard that there are some massive jews and would really love to catch one. I'm taking my quintrex with me so won't be land based. Love to hear what you guys recommend. Thank you all in advanced. Regards Bash
  8. Did you check your settings mate? Make sure you have the sounds on and not off! I wouldn't even dare opening my HDS.
  9. Yeah thanks mate was a great day out there. We went out yesterday arvo and managed to catch a 1.5kg snapper inside the harbor, measured out to be 47cm which I was over the moon. On plastics as well.
  10. Absolutely love it mate. The best harbor in the world IMHO.
  11. Yeah mate I was shocked... but they pull hard!!!
  12. Hi all, Went out for a fish today! Got to the water at about 5am and have never seen the harbor so quite and flat. Dropped off at rosebay boat ramp and Started fishing the last hour or two of the run up tide. Low tide was at 11am so got best of both tides. Was using the berkley gulp 2.5" nuclear chicken shrimp. First cast hooked on to a thumper fish well I thought so, two massive runs reeled it into the boat turned out to be a 33cm bream fat and looking very healthy. A few more casts hooked up on to a decent fish with big head shakes running and going crazy! Got it up to the side of the boat and was a snapper that measured out to be 35cm which I was stoked with. My mate was using pillies and he caught a snapper that measured about 33cm. He was stoked with that. All of a sudden my mates reel screams and I instantly thought kingie!!! the rod tip is in the water and the drag is screaming big head shakes and running fast. Fighting it for what felt like 10 minutes my mate is running around the boat trying to land this fish, to our surprise we see a samson fish!!! I thought I was dreaming hahaha. We put the fish in the boat and weighed about 2.5kgs. I chuck my plastic in and instantly get smashed and think another samson, after 10 minutes land the fish on 4lb and yes another samson fish. All up about 5 beautiful bream 2 legal snapper 2 samson fish and a heap of trevally that we released. Was fun as and can't wait to get back onto the water. I'll post pictures soon! Hope you like the thread. I don't usually take fish home and love catch and releasing my fish but today I was craving a feed of fish. ENJOY!!
  13. Same thing happened to me mate. I called up a place called hunts marine in Blakehurst area. I ordered a couple of spare keys off them. There should be a number on the key just give that to them and they will order them in for you. I've forgotten the key way to many times hahaha. Keep the spares in a toolbox in a compartment in the boat.
  14. Hi John, I have a hornet 435, I have gone past the heads in it but I do take care and only go out when the weather is suitable and calm. The boat handles fine with a 40hp yamaha. Just take care at all times. Regards Bashir
  15. Good on you mate I'm honestly very happy for you mate.