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  1. That's a cracka Zoran! Cheers JIm
  2. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    Yep.. that says it all!
  3. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    nice one! I like that idea. On thin fillets this can be a problem so that is a great idea to make it look more appetising.
  4. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    That's true enough. I don't have the time any more but at one stage I grew all my own veggies, caught my own fish and kept chooks. I was pretty independent the food department for a number of years . With the time pressures of work and my business, plus to screen the town house developments around me I got rid of the food production areas and landscaped the block planting trees and shrubs all along the boundaries.... it's a bit hard to go back now... I would need to chop down a lot of trees to let enough light in for a decent veggie patch.
  5. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    No worries Frank as soon as I get the opportunity I'll drop in. As far as the batter goes, I don't like thick batter like you would find in a fish shop. To me it just tastes all batter and oil - some people like that... I peel it all off or buy it crumbed instead I just use a Tempura batter that I buy in a packet from woollies. I have made my own but the packet one is pretty good. ADAMChef ( haven't seen him around for a while but the post will be here somewhere) gave a recipe he used in his restaurant where I think it was 50/50 flour and cornflour with perhaps beer of soda water in the mix. It was a very good recipe so for most peoples tastes that is the one I would go for if you can find it. Cheers Jim
  6. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    Then you may be missing something very special! If you have never tried fish caught that day and killed properly and iced down then give it a try.
  7. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    I thought I would offer some advice about cooking methods for shop bought fish. 1) Purchase the fish of your choice. 2) Coat in batter , deep or shallow fry. 3) Give it to the cat to eat! Every so often, when I have not been able to get out to fish I get a-hankerin' for some fish and chips. So I go to the fish shop and get myself some of the freshest looking fish I can find. Like I did tonight... fried it up quickly in some tempura batter for just 5 minutes... The batter was light and crispy and the fish was mush... Never again! Why do I never learn! Perhaps as fishermen, we are spoiled but it occurs to me that if that is what's on offer for the average Joe who doesn't go fishing it's not surprising that many people don't like fish. Cheers Jim
  8. fragmeister

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    That's good work.. she's managed to get a lot of depth in that painting. Looks like a combination of brush and knife work.
  9. fragmeister

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    I paint. Landscapes mostly. Places I have been. Working on Lord Howe island painting at the moment - very tough.. beyond my meagre skills that's for sure. Play the occasional computer game. Factorio is my favourite. Play guitar. Gardening. Look at my fishing gear and the boat and lament about not getting out enough. Think about retiring so I can do more of those things. Cheers Jim
  10. fragmeister

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    My Yamaha 150 4 Stroke (5 years old) says I should use 98 so I do... never really gave it a thought until now.
  11. fragmeister

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Is this a two stroke topic? Cheers Jim
  12. fragmeister

    Are the bustups here yet?

    Haven't been fishing for a while but I saw a few bustups in the Eastern channel off Neilsen Park last Sunday and there have been reports of the same off North Head as you would expect this time of year. Cheers Jim
  13. fragmeister

    Frustrating Snapper Attempt Before Work

    Great report Craig... that plate of chips and squid is looking pretty good to me! Cheers Jim
  14. fragmeister

    NRL Grand Final

    Well, based on the general Billy Slater and storm sentiment you should all like this photo from the Lockout Protest protest today...
  15. fragmeister

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    Hey Frank... good to see you there today. Yes, it was a good turn out and the crowd was very well behaved.