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  1. fragmeister

    Greenback Tailor Comp

    Sounds like a “camp on the beach and fish all day job” Could it get any better?
  2. fragmeister

    Members Boats.

    Nice one Basil! is that an optical illusion or does it only just fit under the carport?
  3. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Lol, Yep, no faking this time! Didn’t even get a free kick for it,
  4. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Thanks Donna. Yes, it’s a real shock to the system being so immobilised. My wife picked it though. She was always more concerned about how it would effect my mood being stuck in the house for months. I have crutches ( dangerous bloody things they are) an I-Walk 2 which is like a peg leg thing that straps to your bent leg (you are probably aware of those) it’s pretty handy for getting around and freeing up your hands - even managed to make dinner last night. My knee scooter arrives today... I think that will work the best and should get me up and about. One of the most surprising things was when they told me I would have to self inject anticoagulants for 6 weeks. I don’t like needles much but I have rapidly become desensitised to giving myself the jab every day. Anyway.. it’s all good... cheers jim
  5. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Thanks mate.
  6. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Thanks Waza, It,s actually only a ligament tear but they screw the bones together the to keep it all in place while the ligament repair heals. The screws come out in 6 months. Cheers Jim
  7. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Looks fairly brutal doesn’t it. I think the surgeon ducked into Bunnings on the way to theatre. I hope he used stainless screws and some Tefgel.
  8. Hi Raiders, Have been AWOL for a while so I haven’t posted any thing. Those who know me also know that things get a bit hectic at work sometimes so I often go missing for weeks so thanks to those Raiders who sent a PM to see where I was. Well, fact of the matter is I have some new hardware in my foot after a soccer injury and I am looking down the barrel of 6 months before I am out plaster and a moon boot. No fishing fo me for a while I guess. I look forward to reading all your posts until I am back on my feet. Cheers Jim
  9. fragmeister

    Off Sydney today

    Great effort Sam. Well done on the Dollies too (I always expect you to bag out on the flatties though so that is no surprise!) cheers Jim
  10. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    This has ended up a very informative thread. Thanks to all for the contributions to date. Cheers Jim
  11. fragmeister

    Shimano Saragosa

    Come to think of it I always flip the bail back manually regardless of the reel but it’s more about making sure theslack line doesn’t get caught aroundthe bail arm roller - particularly in the wind and fishing light braid.
  12. fragmeister

    Shimano Saragosa

    Can't remember but come to think of it ... I can't' picture it either! I have to say I didn't give that a great deal of thought when I posted it. My apologies boys... It does sound like a silly suggestion in retrospect. In thinking about it , If any line twist is introduced by the line changing direction as it passes over the bail arm then really the only difference with a manual bail arm is one less turn in hundreds as most of the rotations are in reeling in the line. hmm... I must have had one too many I think! BTW - Hateanchors... a very respectful way to bring this to my attention. Much appreciated. Cheers Jim
  13. fragmeister

    Shimano Saragosa

    Yep... same here on my 10000 there is a school of thought that auto bail arms put a twist in your line each time and with those reels typically used for repeated drops like when jigging it can all add up ... at least that’s the suggestion.
  14. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Great suggestion. I have often used a jig in place of the lower hook on the paternoster but I haven't thought of replacing the snapper lead with a weighty jig. Cheers Jim
  15. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Interestingly, flathead are my most common bycatch when I am doing a bit of prospecting with micro jigs for kings around the artificial reef. My only question would be, have you tried this in say 30-50 meters of water? I am wondering whether you could get a micro jig close to the bottom in any sort of drift. Cheers Jim