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  1. fragmeister

    Hawkesbury Bioregion Marine Park

    Thanks for posting Paddy. Protest lodged! Cheers Jim
  2. fragmeister

    Requesting urgent Help - Sydney

    That's great advice Frank. Going back probably 40 years ago that was a spot my dad and I used to fish regularly and we did exactly what you just recommended. While we did catch mainly schoolies we also ended up with quite a few jews close to the metre mark. Cheers Jim
  3. fragmeister

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    Nice one Mike, My birthday is the 15th of September - that is mid September just like the expected delivery date... It's an omen so I just had to buy a couple! Cheers Jim
  4. fragmeister

    Electric motor

    This how mine is mounted. ( the fishing rod isn't part of it lol) The box is so that the cut off rail has somewhere to join to.
  5. fragmeister

    Oh my cod

    Thanks for posting the pictures Rick.. that really shows the contrast over the last 12 months. Cheers Jim
  6. fragmeister

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Hey Tash, nice report. Yes, the whole life jacket thing is very frustrating - well done though on avoiding the fine! As far as I am aware Port Jackson Sharks have nothing going for them in the eating department but one of their main foods is Urchins so they probably help keep their number down - probably better left in the water to do their job than end up a very average meal or two. Many believe they are a protected species but I am confident they are not. There was an old bloke across the road from me who reckoned their skin was so abrasive that if he caught one , before throwing it back, he would run his knife down the shark side like he was using a kitchen steel, to put an edge back on the blade! (He was full of tall tales mind you!) Cheers Jim
  7. fragmeister

    Friday August 10th - Sydney Outside

    Well done Bill. Did you head out early? Was that you I saw rounding north head about 30 minutes before dawn? Cheers Jim
  8. fragmeister

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    I love it... Several thousand points out of 10 in the Dad's a Genius department!
  9. Hi Raiders, I checked out the weather reports and decided it would be OK to head outside to drift for blue spot flathead. The swell was only 1 meter but the wind was forecast to pick up about 11 am so I planned to be heading back home by then. I got out to the 50-meter mark off North Head just before dawn and started a drift with the light NNE winds from one of the 3 Reefs I have found so far that is called "The Colours" A few weeks ago I caught some Blue Spot Flathead off the edge of this reef and they were so tasty in a tempura batter that I wanted some more.! I was using a two hook paternoster rig with either a salted pilli or a piece of squid on the top hook and a soft plastic ( squid vicious) on the bottom hook. It was quiet for an hour or so but when the sun came up I hit a patch of Mowies around the 40cm mark. I tossed half a dozen back but kept one because I have never tasted one ( someone told me about 30 years ago they were very average and I believed them.) All the mowies were on the bait. After about the 5th drift I let the drift go a little longer and I stumbled on a patch of Blue Spotted Flathead and pulled in half a dozen in fairly rapid succession. Half the flathead were on the squid vicious and the other half were on baits. I am assuming that there were lots of Jackets about because I lost a lot of baits without really feeling anything and the SP'S were chewed to bits plus occasionally my line was simply cut off. Again, because of the Jackets I am wondering if the SP's are effective just because they stay intact longer than the baits. I only kept the first three flatties but I easily bagged out in an hour after 3 or so drifts During one of the drifts a humpback breached not more than 20 meters away from the boat. It was the whole body clear of the water thing and while it looked great as I watched it slide back into the depths now not 5 meters from my boat I did wonder where it might surface next! At about 11:00 the wind came up strong enough that it was difficult to hold bottom so I headed off home. Haven't had a bite to eat all day... so looking forward to fish and chips! and a beer (or two)! Cheers Jim
  10. fragmeister

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Nice one Jeff. I bet the boy enjoyed himself out with the old man. I like the part where you were explaining how you got smoked in the past and next minute you were on. I must admit I am suffering a little Snapper Envy at the moment! Cheers Jim
  11. fragmeister

    Outsie fishing

    Hi David and Karen and welcome to Fishraider, I Have a Quintrex 5.7 Lazeabout which is the Fishabout with a few more features. It's a little bigger than your boat but as Frank says its all about the Skipper. I go out past the heads nearly everytime I go out but I always pick days like this Friday for example The swell is about 1M and the Swell period( the distance between the wave peaks) is also good. So, in summary, small swells a long way apart. I like it like that because I want to get to and from my fishing locations fast. I could go out in moderate winds and perhaps 1 .2 meter or more swell but it would take all day and eat into fishing time. The other factor ( sometimes a bigger factor) is the wind speed and direction. The winds this Friday are coming from the NNE so even in close in outside the heads there is not going to be any protection from the headlands. The wind waves after about 11:00am are going to start to get unpleasant particularly pushing into them and you will need to travel very slowly or get very wet. I wouldn't say it was unsafe necessarily to be out in moderate winds but it can get very uncomfortable if you push too quickly through swell or wind waves. Quintrex hulls are not the softest ride and if you come down hard off the top of a wave it can really jar the kidneys. If I go out tomorrow I will probably come back in around 11:00am and avoid the winds. So, in summary, if you want to so outside in your new boat pick a day where the following conditions apply and you won't go wrong. As you get more experienced you will be a better judge but always err on the side of caution. 1 Meter or less swell, More than 10 seconds wave period and light winds. Cheers Jim
  12. fragmeister

    Your Scientific Fish Names

    Good Effort All. Cheers Jim
  13. fragmeister

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    On the subject of motor hours. How do outboard hours translate to other vehicle hours? For example. I know the following from years of fleet management in the materials handling industry that you would expect to get 15,000 hours at least from a 2.5tonne Toyota Forklift, (20,000 is not uncommon) before a major overhaul was required. These engines were governed so they couldn't get flogged as such and they were regularly serviced. They did work a solid 8 hours day so I guess most of the hours were on a warm engine. My car averages about 40 klm per hour and I would expect 200,000klm before the engine needed an overhaul so that equates to 5,000 hours. I appreciate that engine life is subject to many variables but how many hours would you expect to get out a properly serviced 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke? I have heard some alarmingly low figures ... 1500 hours for example. I do appreciate that marine engines work in harsh conditions but what is it about them that accounts for this comparatively low life? Is the stop-start nature of the work they do? Appreciate your input. Cheers Jim
  14. fragmeister

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    The thing I'm picking up is the "N" key on your keyboard is a bit sticky! LOL!
  15. fragmeister

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Nice bit of filming and production.