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  1. fragmeister

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    My Yamaha 150 4 Stroke (5 years old) says I should use 98 so I do... never really gave it a thought until now.
  2. fragmeister

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Is this a two stroke topic? Cheers Jim
  3. fragmeister

    Are the bustups here yet?

    Haven't been fishing for a while but I saw a few bustups in the Eastern channel off Neilsen Park last Sunday and there have been reports of the same off North Head as you would expect this time of year. Cheers Jim
  4. fragmeister

    Frustrating Snapper Attempt Before Work

    Great report Craig... that plate of chips and squid is looking pretty good to me! Cheers Jim
  5. fragmeister

    NRL Grand Final

    Well, based on the general Billy Slater and storm sentiment you should all like this photo from the Lockout Protest protest today...
  6. fragmeister

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    Hey Frank... good to see you there today. Yes, it was a good turn out and the crowd was very well behaved.
  7. fragmeister

    NRL Grand Final

    Roosters here too for the same reasons and yes, I was not surpised to hear Slater go off. 5 out of 7 players have beaten the charge since shoulder charge ban was introduced so, given who it is and the fact that its the grand final , and the questionable evidence that his right arm made first contact ( very sus that one) the judiciary was probably never going to stop him playing in the G/Final.
  8. fragmeister

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    I'll look for you Frank. Cheers Jim
  9. fragmeister

    Other Passion(s) !

    Unbelievable!,,, I have enough trouble skiing on snow!
  10. fragmeister

    Trailer repair

    Great job... you have to love a good repair job. Cheers Jim
  11. fragmeister

    STOP THE LOCKOUT RALLY - raiders represent!

    I'll be there wearing a Raider Tshirt and a Stop the lockout Cap. This is what I look like ( mores the pity!) so don't be shy if you see me. Cheers
  12. fragmeister


    Is that the one? I think that is the only one I have used and it did get a result off North Head. Cheers Jim
  13. fragmeister


    I'll be there with my Fishraider shirt and my stop the lockout cap! Cheers Jim
  14. fragmeister

    Saurday off Sydney

    LOL! We all make typos buddy... I just couldn't resist the comment. Cheers Jim
  15. fragmeister

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    Fantastic fish Scratchie! Isn't it amazing that you could very easily have called it a day and missed out on a huge fish. Well done on the record too! Cheers Jim