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  1. fragmeister

    Sailfish BROOME

    I bet you have a ball while you are there too. good luck to you!
  2. fragmeister

    Bellambi Reds

    Good work Sam. You’ve come up with the goods once again. Can’t wait to get out there. Cheers Jim
  3. fragmeister

    Sydney fishing 8th June

    Great report there James. Nice flathead too and some fun action on the rats. Cheers Jim
  4. Great write up Jeff, worthy of submission to a fishing mag I think. ”don,t drive over your drift” ... great piece of advice. Cheers jim
  5. fragmeister

    minn kota vs motorguide

    That is an interesting video and clearly the Minn Kota is more accurate but you have to ask whether half a boat length difference is significant in practice. I have a Minn Kota with spot lock btw. Cheers Jim
  6. fragmeister

    Stocking up for winter reds

    Look at them soaking in their own inky goodness! What self respecting snapper could refuse that! cheers Jim
  7. Yes, that certainly is a better option if you are prepared to launch from Tunks.
  8. fragmeister

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Nice work all round Ojay. Love the video... "Holy crap! Ivegot something already! LOL! Cheers Jim
  9. fragmeister

    George's River Mulloway

    Great job Joe, Looks like you know what you are doing. Targetting a specific ( and for many an elusive fish) and coming up with the goods is a sign of a good angler. That 1-meter fish will turn up I am sure. Cheers Jim
  10. I have not encountered kingies up that far but areas just down stream at Sugarloaf Bay and Banry Bay are fairly reliable spots for Kings. During the warmer months the boat moorings at Bantry Bay usually hold rats that you can easily get feeding with some burley. Great fun on light gear. Not sure how quickly you can get to any surface action but if you see any , which is usually Tailor or Salmon, the kings often hang below the feeding fish. Casting large soft plastics past the school and letting them sink down so you can retrieve under the school is a good strategy. if you do get to Sugarloaf where it joints the main arm of the system you should find surface action towards the right bank as you look at the main arm. Best of luck jim
  11. fragmeister

    another cod trip

    Great read Dave. Fantastic scenery too and a few fish as a bonus. Got to love the grandparents and with 6 kids that is a mammoth minding effort. Cheers jim
  12. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Had a bit of a blow out on my knee walker today. The front strap broke Nothing a rod wrap couldn’t fix though!
  13. fragmeister

    Whats your favourite fishing memory

    Great topic and like many other fishraiders I have loads of great memories. The ferry wharf in Gunnamatta Bay (circa 1965) where, as a 6 year old I was responsible for catching live bait ( slimeys ) for my dad and his mate with my new, all plastic fishing rod. I think they paid me threepence each fish! In my early teens, fishing & camping the Murrumbidgee river below the Burrinjuck Dam with two of my brothers and my Dad. Chilly mornings by the side of a misty river eagerly awaiting the next take from a prime brown or rainbow. Exploring the surrounding hills and feeder streams, collecting yabbies and cooking over the open fire. My first trip to Broome and the experience of the incredible abundance of fish life. Big Spaniards, A Spinner Shark leaping clear of the water just meters from the boat, turtles and sea snakes drifting by, GT's so big you just couldn't get them to the boat before the sharks got to them. Schools of tuna literally everywhere. Fantastic! The special fishing gifts and pearls of wisdom my father would bestow on me. I have three brothers but I was the keen fisherman and that was our special bond. Sitting on the end of a wharf with the kids, on a summers day, baiting their hooks, untangling their line and reveling in their excitement when they catch a tiny bream and of course throwing them back in ( the fish , not the kids!) Wading the sandflats at Bonnievale in the heat of summer with my fly rod. Half submerged in the warm water sight casting to whiting and flathead. Felt like paradise and time seems to slow down. The first trip outside the heads in my boat ( I was a land based fisho until about 6 years ago who suffered crippling seasickness - how I got over that is an other story ) That was a real accomplishment for me and it put me in touch with more reliable places to catch fish. Many more ofcourse but those are some of my favourites. Cheers Jim
  14. fragmeister

    Port Hacking reddies

    As usual, a great result Yowie. cheers Jim
  15. fragmeister

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Thanks mate, I can tell by your comments that you have been through this and unless you have you can only imagine what it’s like.... I certainly had no idea until it happened to me. I still keep doing as much as I can though otherwise I don’t get tired enough to sleep.... another thing I didn’t anticipate, I won’t be taking things for granted when I can walk unassisted again that’s for sure. Cheers Jim