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  1. fragmeister

    Freshwater eels for shark bait

    Now there's one I have never heard before!
  2. fragmeister

    Fish I.D Please (Jewfish/ Mulloway)

    I think the boys have it right (I would put money on it) Looks like a great day out!
  3. fragmeister

    Whats your dream boat

    That gets my vote!
  4. fragmeister

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    Well, I am in two minds about it so I best give it a go and find out through practical experience. It might improve hookups from those easily spooked bream and whiting on the Maianbar sandflats.
  5. fragmeister

    FISHRAIDER TEES have arrived!! Get yours now

    ...and here's me hooked up on a rat King in Bantry Bay... (I have pretty much worn this T-shirt nonstop for about 12 months so I am about due for a new one)
  6. fragmeister

    Where are the pelagics?

    On my last two trips out about a month apart I didn't see any boils off North Head. Last season and quite a few before that they were the size of football fields I did spin up a few small bonnies about 1 k offshore when I saw birds working a school but I struck out in and around the washes. Last week Long reef was dead but Sydney harbour has more bait in it than I have seen for years. Not sure what that all means but it is certainly very different to last year.
  7. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    I walk past the fish shop in Parramatta Westfield most days and I see some of the same fish there so many days in a row that we are on a first name basis!
  8. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    "Stop working so hard" I'm working on that ! LOL Cheers Buddy... not long now. Give it 12 months and you will be sick of how many times I post the latest fishing trip!
  9. fragmeister

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    Only just noticed this... thanks for the heads up on the Panko bread crumbs and yes , the wire rack is a great tip.
  10. fragmeister

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    I read something on this once Frank that supports when you are saying... Flouro is more abrasion resistant than " some monofilament lines" Flouro is less visible but there are comparative (in) visible colours in mono line. I do use Flouro but it is, of course, a bit of a dog to tie in heavier gauges so I tend to use crimps in 40lb and over. Jim
  11. fragmeister

    Braid - What are your strategies for spooling your reels?

    Yes , I use for jigging but not for beach fishing as I find it too easy to tangle and knot as it washes around in the surf. I also don't use it when using a for centrepin reel for blackfish fishing. And I don't like it on a handline that I might use for catching live bait. Somehow I feel that it can get a bit hard to manage when there is some reason not to have continuous tension on the line. Could just be a personal thing though. Cheers Jim
  12. fragmeister

    Braid - What are your strategies for spooling your reels?

    I have something similar but your one is much better... might have to invest in that one. Thanks for the info.
  13. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Thank for the well-considered and detailed post. I note that you certainly come up with the goods in the bottom bashing department and I know I m not the only Raider you have shared excellent resources within this forum. Cheers and thanks again. Jim
  14. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Thanks Dave... Yes, I agree that flathead for flathead is a great bait. Cheers Jim
  15. fragmeister

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Thanks Frank,