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  1. Soulman

    Bate Bay

    Awesome Yowie. If you had a column I’d be a regular reader, quality stuff and almost always a good result...
  2. Soulman

    season starting to warm up

    Awesome report Krispy...
  3. Soulman

    One drift - triple bag out

    Great report, great tasting fish...
  4. Soulman

    Annual Weipa trip

    Awesome report Phil and the few photos you have included paint the picture pretty well...
  5. Soulman

    and the moral of the story is ...

    Nice Jewie, well played...
  6. Soulman

    Very,very sad day

    Fab1 thanks for sharing. You are 100% correct, time is fleeting and we should all try to spend time on those moments now and create memories while we can.
  7. Soulman

    Trevasaurus Rex at Clifton Gardens

    Awesome fish, well done...
  8. Soulman

    Acoustic guitar build

    Looks awesome mate, congratulations...
  9. Soulman

    My first boat 4.3 tinny with 30hp 2 stroke

    Congratulations mate, looks the goods...
  10. Soulman

    Acoustic guitar build

    Awesome stuff Stapo!
  11. Soulman

    Hawkesbury 23/11/2015

    Always good to get a feed of flatty, well done...
  12. Soulman

    1st metre fish

    Awesome story and result... Well done
  13. Soulman

    Wisemans Ferry With Tide N Knotts Live Action

    Awesome stuff, 1 bream over 40 is an achievement but 5 is unreal... Well done...
  14. Soulman

    landbased jew session

    Great result, great report
  15. Soulman

    Sydney Now

    Good stuff and good luck with the flattys