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  1. Cracker of a day @Scratchie, nicely done...
  2. Looks awesome, love how vibrant the colour is on the Coral trout.
  3. Hey mate, try south of the ferry past the houseboats. Cheers Soulman
  4. Yeah, water quality was good and warning signs at the marina removed.
  5. Fished some of the weed bed edges in Berowra with a mate and had some success. Took a while as the wind put paid to the first hour or two and we had to switch to 1/6 Jigheads (usually only require 1/12). This did the trick. We could get to the bottom and feel the bumps more often. Soft plastics that worked best were shrimp profiles and swimming mullet. Best colours were banana prawn and nuke chicken. Cheers Soulman
  6. Soulman

    Bate Bay

    Awesome Yowie. If you had a column I’d be a regular reader, quality stuff and almost always a good result...
  7. Great report, great tasting fish...
  8. Awesome report Phil and the few photos you have included paint the picture pretty well...
  9. Soulman

    Very,very sad day

    Fab1 thanks for sharing. You are 100% correct, time is fleeting and we should all try to spend time on those moments now and create memories while we can.
  10. Looks awesome mate, congratulations...
  11. Congratulations mate, looks the goods...
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