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  1. Hey guys, After a bit of help for this one. I have a small reel part I want to anodise black, its now silver. It's only the size of a 10 c coin - do you know anyone who could give me a hand? Would probably be best (cheapest) if it was just chucked in with another batch. Cheers!!
  2. Fellas j-braid is the starting point.. 8 strand braid only gets better. For a big step up in quality but not in price try duel hardcore x8 and for a massive step up in quality and price try any of the varivas max power series, best braids ever made..
  3. Try and change angles on the fish move your rod to the other side and try and turn it, as opposed to beating it by brute force
  4. It'll come down to confidence as well, if you're not confident in the lure/fly, you won't fish it as well as something you know has caught you fish
  5. Out of interest mate what rod?
  6. To be honest I think a fly makes a better lure than a plastic, you'd be disadvantaging yourself with a plastic. The fly has got all the hair which looks like prawn feelers and legs
  7. Will the reports stay around ? Any way to view them after the site closes?
  8. I think they're salmon, they just don't have something to put them to scale in the picture
  9. Just realised this was 6 years old...
  10. Are you sure they werent frigate mackerel or mac tuna? Theres tonnes of those in the harbour at the moment. Look very similar but not as chunky.
  11. I matched it with a Daiwa Morethan 3012H. It did a good job, however try balancing your reels on a rod in a shop to see what fits best. Neither a daiwa 3000 nor the rod will be able to take on big kings however.
  12. How would you go about landing fish? The lateo would be great for target species with metals and hardbodies but the tip is quite light so it could snap if you tried to drag a 2kg + fish up the rocks
  13. At equal size a luderick is going to pull harder, but on light drags the small tunas will swim a lot faster than a luderick ever could. Fishing for them with light leaders and bream gear is great fun..