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  1. cheers any info is great
  2. Hello fellow raiders im after some tips/ spots or just advice. having spent most of my boating and fishing life in botany and jervis bay and surrounds , targeting bream to flathead I was a creature of habit and if it wasn't broke why fix it. with the kids getting interested in boating and fishing ( 4yo and 6yo ) we a few months back bit the bullet and upgraded to more of a comfortable and family friendly boat , with this change it has led us to broaden our boating horizons and weve put 40 plus hours on the boat in th last 5 months with Sydney harbour our most favourite trip, now botany and
  3. loom bands... I now have two ..lol
  4. that's the second fan bellied leather weve caught there the other t xmas , great fun for my daughter,
  5. cheers guys, ive been to sussex and the start of the basin twice now and recommend it highly chatting to others theres tons of places to fish in the basin that are productive with snapper up to 4kg as well cant wait to head back!!!
  6. indeed if you talk a spot up you wanna hope it produces
  7. Morning all just a little report from some family adventure to sussex inlet on the weekend. Travelled to the inlet boat ramp that ive used before at around 11am with no surprise its packed with a good sign fisheries working the incoming boats checking for undersize fish but to my dismay not checking for licenses ???. Any how launch the boat and park a km away nice brisk jog back and were on our way anchor up just in the basin where I had done previously and did well ( thanks to the info of an old local fella who shared at xmas) and we bait up with some nippers id pumped the day before and s
  8. great work and great memories being made.
  9. cheers syd fisher Ive found you can get extension straps for an out of the box cover although they still did nt lock or hold , expected more for the coin cheers
  10. Hey fellow raiders im after some help/ discussion in relation to boat covers. Ive got a stacer sportster 549 bow rider im looking to cover, I bought and then returned an out of the box cover ($360) as the straps to hold the cover down wouldn't lock and half of them didn't even reach under the boat to the buckle on the other side!!! causing my tarp im currently using ($30) to up stage it. Theres then the custom made option ? my brother in law had it done on his 4.2m boat but theres press studs all over the place holding it on and im not a fan of them all over my pride and joy. and this is obv
  11. Hey fellow Raiders just thought id share the day out with the family on syd harbour on sat The day started out as a no stress affair not departing home til 10am a quick boat and bait fuel up and we were on our way , We arrived at Taplin park boat ramp at Drummoyne a little over an hour later (I swear my nav man didn't want us to find it.) there was one spot left in the car park and we happily took it up with two others then looking for parks after us. Life jackets on the little ones ( 4yo and 6yo) sun block, biminny extender and were off, a shorter motor than thought and were travelling und
  12. you would at least think they would have learnt from the first time
  13. ive only ever use a clear tube trap with removable ends, which has an opening at each end about 40mm that taper inwards , usually put a rock in in with a slice of bread and place it in about a foot of water and roll little balls and toss it at the trap entice them near it and to enter,
  14. i use fluro when chasing bream and whiting and tend to switch back to mono as flattie dont seem to be that finicky
  15. it can only take some sand that gets sucked up to fowl an impellor and although this may not be your case as soon as that water stops flowing for even a minute or two damage is being done to the rubber of the impellor, my dads 30hp four stroke did the same and the impellor needed to be replaced , my old savage with a 40hp merc had the impellor stop while at botany bay , once home we dropped the leg off to find it was missing two of five rubber fins causing it to fail. Depending on your boats age and last service? this impellor should be done on a 100hr service or every year there abouts .
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