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  1. Hi mate,

    Just wondering what lures you have had most success with for bream and flatties in the canada bay area.



  2. Hey All, Just after some Berkley Gulp Craws 3" preferably in Camo colour. If anyone can spare them, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. I have had the worst experience with my barcrusher 610c boat. I would not recommend this boat to anyone. It was very poorly made and the hull was warped, definitely not what i expected for 70k. The hull has cracked in several locations and it is the hardest riding, back braking, most uncomfortable boat i have ever been in. And when something goes wrong, the dealer did not assist in any way, shape or form. There is only one dealer per state so your stuck. Instead, they bullied me and accused me of mismanaging the boat when all i did was treasure it like gold. The manufacturer is even worse and threatens legal action, when all I wanted was my boat repaired. I was without my boat twice for an extended period of time during rectification. 1st occasion was 2 months and 2nd occasion was 6 months. The boat is only 3 years old.
  4. What type of boat do you have? Upload some pics
  5. Hey all, We are just about to tick over 300hrs and i'm interested in knowing who's the bee's knee's in offering a great service. Any help is appreciated. We are based in Strathfield.
  6. Hi all, Just after some contacts, brand, company that sell/specialize in electric jockey wheels. We have a 6.1m boat and we could do with the assistance of an electric jockey wheel. Regards, Daniel
  7. Billseeker will be out on AGRO CH21. Will share all
  8. Hi mate, Ill be out in a black sign "agro" Ch 21
  9. Yerp! Will be out saturday possibly sunday. Call Agro Will share coordinates
  10. So how did you go guys? Itchin to know the results.
  11. Hey all, Just wondering what type and size outriggers everyone is running? Don't mind what I pay, but I want good quality gear that will last long, not something that will break or fracture with little force. I've heard reelax is the best but need confirmation? I have a 6.1m bar crusher if that helps in determining size required. They also need to be removable. Cheers
  12. Hi Damo, Thanks for the info. Are you still using RIP CHARTS to get your info? Thinking of investing in it.
  13. Hi Damo, Can you please provide additional information? What did you catch them on, were they feeding on the surface etc. I wouldn't mind heading out this weekend for them. Regards, Daniel
  14. Hi all, I'm just after some constructive feedback in regards to Structure Scan HD with the LSS2 transducer for my lowrance HDS 7. Does it do what it intends to do or is it all a gimmick? I understand people have different expectations so that is a very broad question, but does it give good detail of the bottom structure? What was your first impression of the product? Has anyone used structure map? Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Dan