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  1. Yeah? I was kinda hoping point piper would shelter it a bit and only northerlies would get in there...
  2. Hi All, Just a quick question. I'm taking my young cousin who's visiting from England squiding on Sunday evening. I'm thinking rose bay as it's easy and pretty reliable, but I'm just wondering if the westerlies on Sunday will effect land based fishing around the wharf there? Cheers!
  3. From what I understand the stocking with bait inside is just instead of the traditional hook with bait. I've been wanting to do this bit fairly sure I have to wait till summer to give it a go.
  4. Good to hear! Sounds like I need to make friends with a YFT fisherman. [emoji1]
  5. Wow, what an incredible fish and a great story! What do you do with that much delicious fish?
  6. Nice report. I'd love to go back to NZ now that I have an interest in fishing. It's such beautiful country, I reckon you could spend weeks on end walking the rivers and streams looking for fish.
  7. Wow, what a catch, nice one!
  8. I was the guy on the bride when you got there. You should've gone the other way away from the wharf for the squid, I got a few more littleies round there after I gave up on the Gar's at the wharf. Cracker Trevally though!
  9. Awesome work, you deserve it for sure, sounds like you've been hunting for a long time!
  10. God I want to try this... Sounds incredible. 2 crabs for 4 people Ryder?
  11. Leuke

    Rose Bay

    Yeah it was pretty tiny, this guy obviously thought he could eat something 3 times his size... I guess they're aggressive feeders.
  12. Leuke

    Rose Bay

    Headed out again last night and caught my new record holder for smallest squid. That's it next to a 5 cent piece. Caught on a 3.0 jig, crazy!
  13. Leuke

    Rose Bay

    On Sunday arvo Hrgh (Joel) and I caught up for a soft plastic session, but sadly with no luck at Watsons Bay or Rose Bay. Joel was after squid, and I've been having reasonable luck with them so we went round to the wharf as it got dark, but ended up empty handed. Not wanting to admit defeat, I went back to Rose Bay last night. While the sun was still up I got a baby Snapper (I think) on plastics, then a small whiting on a vibe. Then as it got dark I put on a squid jig and started to walk around to the wharf. On the walk I noticed small squid along the wall there, and ended up fishing that for an hour or more. The green eyes were there but seemed pretty timid, however I managed to get three. They were much smaller than the ones I've caught of the rocks, I guess good bait size, but they're destined for dinner tonight!
  14. We get it a lot down in Tassie where I'm from. As a kid I remember seeing it pretty regularly! It's very cool, and a great thing to show people who have never seen it.