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  1. I'll be learning the finer points of fly fishing with the help of Hank Patterson https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5m0QbVTWhtw And I'll be whittlin' up some float for the Blackfish
  2. Oh mate that made me laugh, you'll fish just about anywhere. I remember the picture of you fishing in a bucket in the back yard. Good stuff!
  3. My Grandfather was a NSW country policeman from Uralla, he was brought up hunting and fishing. Ducks, pigs, yellowbelly and cod. He spent most of his career in country areas, Broken Hill, Bathurst, Leeton, Gundagai, Albury etc. He was nicknamed 'The Sherrif ' not just because he was a cop, he was the best shot in the area. He was a good sport, played golf, cricket and tennis, but I think fishing was his favourite. After many holidays to the coast, he and my Nan retired to Forster. Fishing and vegetable gardening were a supplement to the pension, (and back in those days there weren't the same bag limits we have today.) Most of the neighbors also fished, and they would share the catch between themselves or freeze it if someone was heading to Sydney to supply Mum and Dad with fish for 5 grandkids. We went up every year for a couple of weeks. I went out fishing with him, he always got fish, but as a little kid, I didn't catch much. I guess I didn't know what was really going on, but I was fishing with my Pa. First time out, I was maybe 4, we fished Wallis Lake. Pa and my sister caught about 30 Flatties between them, I caught a Blue Swimmer crab and nearly jumped out of the boat at the sight. I still have some of his gear.
  4. I feel for you Pickles. Just had cancelled a week up the coast myself, landlord cancelled the booking and the boss cancelled my leave. I’m lucky I’m still able to go out to work, my wife is working from home whilst tidying up the house. Now I have a “To Do” box. Bless her.
  5. My first Blackfish changed my fishing life. A fellow Fishraider took time out to guide me and instruct me in the etiquette. Thanks Trevor. That lead to me catching heaps of fish and fishing with some great guys. I won't forget it. Mine is the smaller fish.
  6. Hi Raiders, I have acquired a few rods over the years, but this one is probably my favourite. I won it in an online auction for about $40 a few years back. It's very light and it has a great action. At the time I called it a Snyderglas 2 wrap 144BF, just recently I removed the butt cap revealing the actual model number C144BF. It has caught heaps of fish in the past, love got to start using it more often. Does anyone else have a favourite piece of gear?
  7. Thanks guys, it all adds to the story, 'Provenance' (Antiques Roadshow) So the shop moved from one side of the road to the other. Shame it's gone now. They built quality gear.
  8. Hi Raiders After wild weather I finally got out to put the newly acquired Butterworth through it's paces. While the upper harbour is still off colour the lower reaches are clearing up after the big fresh and the Blackfish are hungry. I met up with Trevor at the spot before sunrise, only to find it occupied by another group of fishos there so we made our way around to a second spot hoping it might produce. In the pre dawn light it was hard to judge the depth to fish. It was a matter of trial and error, looking at the way the float was sitting and adjusting the float stopper. Trevor got the first down but pulled the hook, only just feeling weight. I got a few downs before I pulled up tight on a good fish. The new rod performed beautifully, with a great parabolic action and a softness which makes you really feel the fight. We were into a school and the fishing was pretty consistent as the tide was nearing high. One fish reefed me in the kelp, I couldn't pull him out so I free spooled, dropped all tension, and after a couple of minutes my float surfaced and I was still on and soon he was safely in the net. At the the top of the tide the bite slowed down, we looked back at our first spot and the other guys were gone so we move in. Fish came on from the first drift, and we kept adding to the bag. Quite a few throwbacks, but most fish were in the 30 to mid 30 range. Trevor got wrapped around a pylon by a very good fish, he tried everything to get him out, but had to bust him off and we watched his homemade Aussie red cedar float drift away. I bagged out with my 10 and the bite really slowed down so we called it a day. I pulled up the keeper net and 2 fish dropped out the bottom onto the deck and a third with his head half out the hole. The net obviously got torn on the oysters. 5 fish had made their escape so we ended up with 13. Good day thanks mate.
  9. There is a great looking gutter at the southern part of Newport. This photo is from low tide this afternoon. There is a lot debris up on the sand from the storm and the big high tide last week, but the beach is clear and weed free!!!
  10. Great session. Those toothy fish gave that lure a makeover. Nothing a little nail polish won't fix.
  11. Ryder

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    Cheers guys, calling it BF3144 light.
  12. Hi Raiders, Here is a vintage Butterworth blackfish rod custom built in Narrabeen by Grahams. The colour of the blank made me think it was Snyderglas, but when I showed Royce he confirmed it's Butterworth and predates Snyder by more than a decade, early 70's. Its the classic see thru red, with underbound black Fuji guides. It's Butterworths version of a Sportex 662, and when placed side by side the length and taper are identical. It's in great usable condition, binding show a bit of age but still OK. I've matched it up with an Avon Royal making it a classic combo. I can't wait to get out and use it.
  13. Hi Raiders I just picked up a couple of vintage custom built Blackfish rods from Grahams 1315 Pittwater Rd. Does anyone remember them? Looks like they could have been where Bunnings is now.
  14. The jetty holds heaps of garfish, drummer and even bluefish (legal on LHI). It's really interesting to watch the resident drummer, they're wise to the fact a floating piece of breath may have a hook in it, they smack it with their tail a few times to break it up before striking. The spot called Old Gulch is a hot spot for landbased kings, garfish are there too and make a good bait. You could even take a kayak around the lagoon and throw lures for reef species. Its been a while, but Too Shop used to sell an envelope of fishing spot, the Jetty and Gulch were on it. Dont miss the daily fish feeding at Neds Beach, metre plus kingies being hand fed leftovers from the guesthouses in knee deep water.
  15. Good to hear Neil. I hope things keep improving.