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  1. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    With help from the US Mitchell reel museum and Kilwell in NZ, Mr Squiddy and my Mitchell Conolon Spiraflex rods were produce in the Kilwell factory in the early 70s, production ceased in 1975. Conolon arose from an American wartime company called NARMCO, who claim to be the first to produce hollow glass rods. The story goes on to include Conolon Garcia, Abu Garcia, Abu Kilwell. etc. Here is a bit of a taste. https://mitchellreels.ourboard.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=615 I have posted a link to Fishraider on their forum too.
  2. Ryder

    The Entrance perch

    Well done. I'm glad you got a couple.
  3. Ryder

    Perch, perch and perch - central coast

    Good stuff Toby. A few years back, at this time of year, guys were smashing them at The Entrance. South side of the bridge, few hundred metres west, near the old sheds.
  4. Ryder

    My first jewie

    Congratulations, more to come I'm sure.
  5. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    Hey Rich, Slowly breaking it down regarding the numbers. Is yours a 2 piece rod? The second number from 42:108 . It works for the 1 piece 61:132 and 2 piece 62:126.
  6. Ryder

    Blackfish rod for boat use

    Jarvis Walker Black Queen. Also on dinga
  7. Ryder

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Anchor up, out of the wind, close to rocky headlands in the harbour on a runout tide. Get the berley stream going and the Trevally will come. August is the toughest month.
  8. Ryder

    Bonito Kokoda (Coconut Raw Fish)

    Oh yum, I love Kokoda. That's a great way to do Bonito.
  9. Ryder

    Treasure hunting

    It just spent a week at the rod builder. He put the callipers on it and compared it to others in his collection, and we are calling it a 526. I kept the original grips and reelseat, replaced all the guides and added a couple more. Single foot Fuji guides, except for the stripper. It joins the B4507 I scored at the tip last year.
  10. Ryder

    Bellambi Reds

    When they do come on, mating season, the males bloat up and float to the surface and die. They look like a big black/brown blob 2-3 ft across. The birds attack from above, and the snapper below. If you find one cut some bait off it and cast back to it unweighted. Good fun, Good Luck.
  11. Ryder

    Bellambi Reds

    Great stuff, snapper are up the top of my list for the table. Just wondering if the cuttlefish run has started yet? things really fire up then.
  12. Ryder

    Bream PB on Fly

    Great report. Everything wants a go at the fly you created. Well done.
  13. Ryder

    What fish is this? (Pinkbanded Grubfish)

    Looks like a banded lizard fish
  14. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    Haha. When it comes to blackfish it's all about the hat. Crusher, I sent you a pm.
  15. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    Cheers mate, look interesting, why not. Someone else might buy it. Haha. Hope I can see you on the weekend.