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  1. Ryder

    Good Ol' Days

    Hi Donna, I remember another pic of a labourer at the top of a Sydney highrise maybe AMP building. He's right at the edge, wearing Volleys, Stubbie shorts, no harness and just looking out over the Quay. Its a classic.
  2. Ryder

    Good Ol' Days

    I'll have to get back to you on that Donna. I found it in a clients garage and took a few shots of pages. I'll be back next Friday.
  3. Ryder

    Good Ol' Days

    Hi Raiders I found a copy of This Is Australia, published in the mid '70 We had a copy when I was a kid, and I remembered this photo from the 1975 Grand Final, Easts vs St George. WD and HO Wills (tobacco) were major sponsors. It sure was a different time.
  4. Hi Raiders, I picked up another rod on the weekend for under $50. Custom built beach rod on a Snyder glas blank, all Fuji components, nicely under bound. Normally there would be a model number just under the butt cap, but the rear Hyperlon goes straight on to a sand spike. I have sourced a Snyder glass model chart, and by measuring the rod I think it falls into the S138 category. From the action it's not a 4 wrap, so is there a way to tell it's a 6 or a 7 wrap without removing the rear grip? Thanks
  5. Good luck, my plans were just dashed with the border closure. I've always wanted to fish the Tailor run. I've only fished the west side (bayside). When I was there last you could cast a net at Kingfisher Bay where the ferry comes in, the bait are thick. You should check local restrictions. During the Tailor run there is a No Fish Zone from Waddy Pt to just south of Indian head. I would pack some Surecatch Knight lures for GTs Queenies etc. Dont take any risks driving on the beach, like trying to time the waves to get around the rocks. It can easily end in tears.
  6. Nice one. There a certainly a few moving around the lower harbour. I have a regular Wednesday gig at 'The Palace' just above your left shoulder. Last few weeks the water was so clear I would just watch them moving over the sand and reef, made it hard to concentrate on my work.
  7. Nice bag mate. 40cm is a great fish. That’s an interesting float. Sort of diamond shaped? Homemade?
  8. You could use a 6-7 weight fly rod with a spin reel attached. A few years back young Gianni broke the Fishraider record with such an outfit.
  9. Pyrmont is just west of the bridge. This was just a bit of show and tell.
  10. Hi Raiders Braved the wind and the rain early this morning to meet the boys around Pyrmont for the first get together in months. The first spot looked promising, I put the first fish in the bag on my second drift. Royce added a couple before things went quiet. After long spell I got 2 more in quick succession before it went quiet again. With Trevor looking at a donut the decision was made to move. We found a spot that looked pretty good, I had never fished before, so it was a learning experience. The drift was pretty inconsistent, the wind was a bit of an issue and the fish were finicky. Changing berley pattern and changing depth we finally got on to a good patch of fish. We all added few more to the bag, Trevor dodged a donut with the fish of the day that went close to 40cm. We called it when things went quiet once again with over a dozen in the bag. ( I didn't make a proper count, and some of the fish jumped just as I took the photo, maybe out of shot)
  11. Ryder


    Jarvis Walker Black Queen Deluxe is the first that jumps to mind. Solid glass, cork grips, they have been making them for decades.
  12. Hi Raiders I went out today for a shot at Blackfish around Balmain. On the first drift I got a good down but didn't hook up. Next few drifts I was getting touches but no real takers. Then they were stripping the hook with no movement of the float. I thought small fish or maybe Black Trevally. I tried different depths, smaller baits and finally pulled up tight onto one. It went a good 6 inches long.p
  13. Ryder

    Blackfish chat

    I think Kingie Chaser and Green Hornet have made good points. Tide is also a big influence on Blackfish, as Useless Fisho just reported about a new spot he fished. Some places fire on a run in others on the run out or part of. I had similar experience to yours, got my first quickly and thought this is going to be good, I didn't realise my float stopper moved during the fight. I went fishless for a good spell. They can also spook by Cormorants or other species like grouper or kings.
  14. A new location is always a bit of a challenge. Sounds like you've got this one worked out. Nice to have another option up your sleeve. Cheers