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  1. Ryder

    Is this a luderick? (Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish)

    No that's it's cousin Black Drummer. Good fighter, good eating.
  2. Ryder

    Trolling the tropics

    Hi Raiders A mate of mine is going surfing in the Maldives for two weeks. He staying onboard a slow boat which takes them to different breaks. Last time they trolled lures and came up with fish like tuna and Spaniards. He’s asked me which lures should he take. I thought X raps and maybe some skirts. Anymore suggestion would be appreciated Cheers
  3. Ryder

    Big bag of Broken Bay Bluespots

    Great bag mate. Mmmm fish tacos. Fishraider at work.
  4. Ryder

    Please help!

    Yep, fish light!!! light sinker, light line 6lb or lower, you will feel the bite, and it makes better sport. Heaps of people add the biggest lead on the longest rod and cast out to the horizon when are under the wharf.
  5. A mate caught this on a prawn in the harbour today.
  6. Ryder

    Long weekend at Forster

    Great weekend, well done. Congrats for the Jewies.
  7. Ryder

    Big Neil and Blackfish

    Hi Raiders, l took Neil out last year to go for his first Blackfish, it ended in a big donut. This time round I couldn't make it with the others Raiders on Friday so I offered Sunday. Picked at Central and whisked him 5 minute away to the harbour. Got the berley going, then sorted out the setups, depth and a refresher on baiting up... The fish were there from the start, definite signs of life, the floats just dipping and bobbing back up, same as last weekend, it wasn't going to be easy. After a couple of misses Neil hooked up to a good fish, it tried to take him around structure, then back under the Wharf, but he played it to the net. Hi 5's, his first was in the bag. Must have been close to 40cm The touches kept coming with no solid takes, then we were approached by a tall dark stranger. He asked if one of us was Big Neil. Enter fellow Raider Blackfish. I invited Gordon because I read he missed the boys on Friday at Cremorne and wanted to meet the big guy. After intros, I handed him my rig while I setup another. Who knew the man cut his teeth on Luderick, he added the next to the bag. I went for the Butterworth I just got restored hoping to Christen it. The rain came down, the guys were getting wet when another stranger shows up with a couple of garbage bags for them to fashion into wet weather gear. It worked, we kept fishing, and finally added 1 to the bag. Good banter, shared fishing stories, FISHRAIDER!!!! Gordon had to leave, Neil and I moved to another spot nearby when thing went took cold. It turned out they were colder in the new spot so we came back. We got a few more, and I think we called it with 9 or 10 in the bag. Neil has the photo . Thanks for a fun session.
  8. Ryder

    Testing the waters

    Sure Frank, No problem
  9. Ryder

    Testing the waters

    Hi Raiders, It's been a while since Ive had a crack at the blackfish, but with Big Neil's visit coming up I thought I should have a look. Very difficult conditions with wind up to 30 knots, that put any exposed spots out, severely limiting options. I chose a sheltered little corner but it was still a bit windy. Not much happened for the first hour, fiddling with the depth to find the fish. My first touch came at the same time I was chucking berley, typical, I missed it. That was followed by a good take and a pulled hook. The touches kept coming, but the solid downs didn't. It was really hit and miss. A passerby took an interest, he didn't speak any English but he could see what was going on. Finally I hooked up to a decent fish, my new friend manned the net, we had the first in the bag. Over the next hour the fish kept coming without solid downs. The float would just dip and come back up or start moving sideways. Strike and hope for the best. The more fish I caught the more excited my mate got, he was just nodding his head laughing. I called time with 8 in the bag, could have easily bagged out, and gave the guy 3 to take home, the rest were released. Some good fish amongst them, a few over 40cm. Looking forward to next weekend.w
  10. Ryder

    Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

    This was $80. New ferrule and all original guides rebound and epoxied and full varnish. $10 for a new tip.
  11. Ryder

    Hyams Beach fishing legal?

    It's Habitat Protection Zone along the beach. Landbased fishing is OK.
  12. Ryder

    New rod at Narrabeen

    It's a rod I had built from an old rod I found in Huskisson.http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/topic/87129-old-and-new/
  13. Ryder

    New rod at Narrabeen

    Hi Raiders I was really keen to give the new rod a go, I matched it with with a little Shimano 2500 with 4lb braid. Simple rig size 1 ball sinker, swivel, 30cm 6lb fluro to a no.4 longshank hoping for whiting. A little disappointed there were no live worms left at Narrabeen Bait and Tackle, I settled for dead and added a bit of S factor. There is a nice gutter formed at the north end of the beach, running just north of the Pines up to the car park. Even at low tide it is very obvious. The lagoon itself is well and truly closed. No kidding, I was on first cast. Nice little dart about 20cm. I could see the take just watching the rod, it's really sensitive. 3 more darts followed in the hour, missed a few and dropped what was most likely a flattie.
  14. Ryder

    Old and new

    Very happy with the result. Cheers
  15. Ryder

    Old and new

    We used single foot Fuji guides starting at 30mm to give some casting distance. All the guides were underbound to protect the old bank and give the colour contrast. 8 guides plus the tip