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  1. Ryder

    Trudex reel

    Thanks mate, it's a ripper. Thanks for the link. Nice work on the Golden Eagle. It's amazing what is on offer out there, you just need to look around. In my case I'm thinking the UK market isn't doing so well and there are true bargains to be had.
  2. Ryder

    Trudex reel

    I just got this little beauty in the mail from the UK. 4 inch J W Young Trudex, a favourite blackfish reel. £50 plus post. I was the only bidder. It spins like a dream, no wobble and near mint paintwork. Inside reveals the date of manufacture. Feb 1963, a few years older than me, but in much better condition. My question....? Its currently set up for a lefty, I know you can change the line guard to suit a right hander,or take it off altogether, but do need to change the ratchet, it seems stronger one way than the other?
  3. Ryder

    Clarkes point reserve - woolwich

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a school of kings busting up along the wall. They had the bait balled up and were smashing them. They would suddenly disappear then reappear further along. I didnt have a rod with me. It is a great spot for picnics, dog walking and the old Woolich dock is pretty interesting. I guess that's where most of the sandstone for the local houses came from.
  4. Ryder

    Manly (New to the Area)

    Manly beach is a top spot for beach worming.. They are a great bait, challenging, but fun to catch,
  5. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    Cheers mate. They really made great rods, I believe they were the first or one of the first to make hollow glass rods in Australia. I reckon this one has been stashed away for decades. The green and gold bindings are still in great condition, the butt cap is beautifully perished, adds charm.Royce said Model 5 is a Blackfish rod, a bit on the heavy side due to the thickness of the walls. Not easy to fish all day with. Another one for my nephew, he’s young and works out. He said the Conolon came out of the Kilwell factory in New Zealand.
  6. Ryder

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    EPIC... Hope you get a few more tomorrow.
  7. Ryder

    Trash or Treasure?

    I ducked in to Kimbriki Tip Buy Back centre today on my continuing quest to find a Sportex 663. No luck yet but I did find a couple of interesting rods. One is a vintage 3 piece Slazenger model 5 deluxe. 10 ft 6 it's a real noodle, I think it could be a Blackfish rod. The other Mitchell Conolon Companion, Spiraflex Custom Line 62:126. Again 10ft 6 but I'm pretty sure it's a beach rod from the sand spike. Ive put out a call to Royce, and waiting to hear back, but I would love to know anything Raiders know about them. I got them for $5 each, I thought if I don't buy them someone else will, I might have a problem. Haha
  8. Ryder

    Nordol Rod

    Thanks Gordon. 1970s? This one is in very good nick. I'm giving it to my nephew as his first beach rod.
  9. Ryder

    Nordol Rod

    Thanks Rick. I thought it could be Butterworth. It's the lighter yellow blank, that would normally have purple binding, like Beach Beauty.
  10. Ryder

    Nordol Rod

    Hi Raiders, Does anyone know anything about these rods? It looks like a custom build, probably from the 70s or 80s? I can't find anything online.
  11. Ryder

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Great couple of fish. Always next year for the Longtails. Good luck on the snapper in June
  12. Ryder

    Encounter with a majestic beast

    Awesome report. Definitely one to remember. Love the RESPECT.
  13. Ryder

    Whats your favourite fishing memory

    My first trip out was with my Grandad and Nan, Forster 1972 ? From the long gone BP boatshed next to the swimming enclosure. My older sister got 15 flathead and 2 flounder, Grandad got around the same. I caught 1 Blue Swimmer and freaked out when I saw how big crabs get. I was 4 years old. Back at the cleaning tables Pa filleted the fish, and my sister and I threw the frames to the pelicans. The boatshed dog snuck up and swiped some of the fish. I can still smell the tables, old wood but just smelled like fresh fish.
  14. Ryder

    Copeton messing with the head

    Great read, and a top fish too.
  15. Ryder

    Wanda Beach Productive

    Couple of good trips. Great flounder.