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  1. Cheers Kingie Chaser It would take up a lot of bench space, little over the top for my morning coffee. Couldn’t believe the price new, up around 7K. Scored the grinder too which works, new selling for about 1K. I don’t know how I’m going to test the machine
  2. Hi Raiders Ive scored a pretty heavy duty coffee machine with a plug the won’t fit a normal socket. The earth has an extra bit to it at the top. What’s going on?
  3. Just noticed at Typo, adds a bit of charm.
  4. Ah I get it. I have a Butterworth 5144L Blackfish
  5. Scored again today, a beast of a rod MT9132. It came out of the same tackle store at Budgewoi as the other ones. Make a good break wall Jewie rod. The main part of the rod is sanded the butt isn’t. My first thought were Butterworth but could it be Snyder glad as the model number includes an H. MT9132H which probably stand for High Mount. I’ve seen it on Snyder’s before. Probably dates from the late 70’s like the others. Any thoughts, can you tell by the pattern in the glass.
  6. Great catch. Conditions look near perfect today, look forward to the report. Tight lines.
  7. XD351 I’ll send you a pm Spoke to the guys at Budgiewoi BGS stands for ‘Bloody Good Stick’ it is a Butterworth Spiraflex is a Conolon and came out of the Kilwell factory in NZ. Earlier blanks were coated in a poohy brown to protect them from the sun.
  8. Ryder

    Bate Bay

    Very nice bag.
  9. Some of the numbers on the rods I thought were model numbers are actually the date of the build. I looked up Budgiewoi Marine and Sports, The phone number is the same with the additional digit and area code. I’ll call today.
  10. Hi Raiders I picked up a few Dual Purpose rods today. They have both high and low reel mounts for Alvey or spin reel The green one is from Budgewoi Sports, built by B. Sommerville 12ft 6. Under the sand spike are letters BGS. The sandspike labeled 6138. The yellow is an SS138 Buttereorth I think the green is too The Maroon is labeled Spiraflex which I’m assuming is a Conolon blank from NZ but Custom built at Budgeoi by the same store Any info would be appreciated
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