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  1. Ryder

    Bate Bay flatties

    Great bag. Your family are lucky to have such a good provider. At near $50 per kilo flathead is getting too expensive.
  2. Ryder

    Black Queens first fish

    Hi Raiders I headed out hoping to get a few fish on the newly acquired Black Queen. I matched it up with an old Trudex. The first spot I tried was completely dead so I moved further downstream. The next spot showed signs of life, I was getting small downs but I wasn't able to hook anything. Just as I was thinking of another move my float went down and stayed down and I hooked into a solid fish. The rod has a very soft action with a surprising amount of power down low. The fight lasted a few minutes before the fish was safely in the net. A really fat fish about 35cm with a squarish mouth most likely from feeding on the ocean rocks. They are probably coming into the harbour to spawn. Only one fish today which was released, but it was good to see how the Queen performed.
  3. Ryder

    Black Queen Help

    Heat did the trick. It took a few goes, letting it cool in between tries, then 'POP' I'll try to get a fish with it tomorrow.
  4. Ryder

    Blackies instead of snapper

    Great catch
  5. Ryder

    Mitchell 489 bail or bailess?

    Hi Johnny, I've posted a link to this forum before, and one to Fishraider on theirs, they were very helpful. http://www.mitchellreelmuseum.com/forum/search.php?keywords=489+bail&terms=all&author=&sc=1&sf=all&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&st=0&ch=300&t=0&sid=6026d2c4804864cde8a4e8d30a3d1e3b&submit=Search The guy who did this lives in OZ you could email him
  6. Ryder


    They have moved into Little Manly and Stores beach
  7. Ryder


    Hi Raiders I dont know if anyone is luckh enough to be out on the harbour today. Conditions look good and there is a big bust up over at quarantine head near Manly
  8. Ryder

    Black Queen Help

    Thanks for the replies and the advice. It's soaking in Penetrene at the moment. I'm not going to rush it, might mean a trip to the rod doctor.
  9. Ryder

    Black Queen Help

    Hi Raiders, I like to say I rescued this rod from the tip, but the truth is more like I saved her from anyone else getting their paws on her. Jarvis Walker 8ft Black Queen DeLuxe with cork grips and the red agate runners. I got it for 5 bucks. Its in good used condition but the ferrule is seized, and the top half of the rod turned 90 degrees. It looks like the top section is only about halfway into the ferrule. I would like to know if there is any trick to getting the two sections apart. I was thinking penetrating oil?. Its a classic rod, I'm sure many Raiders have owned. I'd like to keep it original. Thanks Ryder
  10. Ryder

    Atmospheric pressure

    I have heard they saying '1020 fish a plenty. Higher barometric pressure turn the fish on. Here is an interesting link on the subject.
  11. Ryder

    Hayden rods?

    Thanks for that Hill37373 I matched it with a vintage Trudex reel, it's a great combo. I managed to get 3 blackfish today, they were a bit touchy.
  12. Ryder

    Hayden rods?

    Hi Raiders, I picked up a nice vintage rod today. It's a Sportex 525 blank with Hayden label. I haven't heard of them before and just wondering if anyone can fill me in. Its new old stock, the shrink wrap is still on the cork grips. Just under 11ft it's built as a blackfish rod with 7 guides and the tip. The guides are all wire and the tip is a red and white Fuji. I'm looking forward to trying it out in the harbour tomorrow.
  13. Ryder

    Fairlight Rocks

    Great catch and release. Funny how often making a change pays off. Well done!
  14. Ryder


    They're really quick. Saying that, if you rush it you'll miss them.
  15. Ryder


    Great bag.