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  1. Yeah its a weird one, the coves and headlands from half tide rocks to box head all look like prime squid grounds when the water is clear that is, but I never have much luck, always end up grabbing Yakkas instead. Good luck @kiwicraig
  2. @kiwicraig I actually had your exact goal last summer, and I started with exactly your routine, including every spot you mentioned. After starting in the morning in low light and trying the whole day, I became frustrated, gave up and headed back into Brisbane Waters to flick for flathead near Rileys Island; 2 casts in with a 5 inch zman - I hook and land a squid . Like some people have mentioned I've never found any consistency in Brisbane Waters, buddies across at Pitterwater have much better spots. I think it might have something to do with how consistently dirty the water can be around box head, and also how tidal the system is. I would wait until the height of summer when all the smaller arrows fire up for Brisbane Waters squidding. I've found them around the rip at night, and heard around the marina booker bay side can produce too. Would love to know from other Central Coast guys what they have found, but the spots you've mentioned are all I've heard of. Never heard anyone say they have the place worked out for squidding, would love to nail it too! Goodluck!
  3. There's still a few out there, Yakkas can be found around the marker buoy you have to pass on the way out, or in-between the last moored boat and the breakers. Other boats will be sounding them out can miss them. You don't necessarily have to go that far this time of year though, plenty around the headlands and shallower reefs too.
  4. Everyone seems pretty happy with the Xi5, while the Minn Kota's have mixed reviews, sounds like a lot of them end up in the repair shop pretty regularly. How do you find it? Do you use it offshore?
  5. Thanks mate top advice, you've got me super keen. Yes I've done that a couple of times before, best to do it properly saves in the long run. Cheers!
  6. Hi Neil, Okay great thanks for your input, sounds like I need up my power a little to the 80lb just in case, as I'm pretty keen to turn off the noisy 2 stroke, no matter what you've always got to be ready to jump on the throttle and move around that kind of headland country, so definitely won't be relying on the electric too that point, and I generally only head out in good conditions being in a small boat. Hi @TheFoosh, Yeah I guess it's just a matter of being aware of the conditions on the day, and being aware of your distance from the rocks. Some days I'm sure the electric motor will hold up fine, other days not, I tend to only fish the headlands on decent days as the backwash can be pretty dodgy. Just to be sure though, I might try and find the 80lb Minn Kota as mentioned, also could hurt for when I do upgrade the boat to something a little bigger. Thanks mate, super helpful, will check out BCF too, hopefully club membership helps. Thanks so much David very helpful info, great point regarding the multi-tasking in swell / chop, I think for what I'm looking to do that's a big factor, no point getting one just to have to spend too much time steering and running the thing and end up not fishing again, I think I'm definitely going to need the GPS function so I can really focus on fishing. From what it sounds like the 55lb is borderline, so I'm better to go for the 80lb Minn Kota for offshore work, and make sure the shaft length is generous to contend with bouncy headlands. Re the battery as long as I get a full days fishing I'm not too phased about recharging, might need an extra battery with the 80lb though I think. Again great tips!
  7. Hi Luke, Yeah I've taken the mix to 75:1, haven't worn ear muffs yet but could be an idea haha, especially stick baiting in the wash, next step I'll have to find some smaller ones to put on the spooky shallow water snapper, and estuary Jew too. Mate that's exactly what I'm thinking re the track recording, that would be a game changer if I had enough power behind it. Unfortunately for the wallet, I think I'm looking at he 80lb Minn Kota i-Pilot. Thanks so much, this is extremely helpful.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm looking into getting an electric trolling motor for the rig coming into summer, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. I've got a Stessco catcher sfx 450, with 40 Suzuki 2 stroke, I do a fair bit of live baiting and throwing stick baits / poppers around headlands and offshore reefs + prospecting reef with soft plastics for snapper too - the trouble is first of all with a tiller steer it makes it hard to fish solo as I'm having to largely do drifts then keep repositioning if I'm throwing lures; otherwise I'm just hugging the smelly loud engine dragging a live bait around for hours which isn't loads of fun. As I won't be affording a new rig or 4 stroke engine anytime soon, I'm thinking a solid electric trolling engine might make things more efficient, plus I throw lures around the estuary a bit too so that part is a no brainer. I'm looking at a 55lb Watersnake (with foot pedal and remote), as I'm looking to use it offshore a fair bit would love to hear from anyone that uses theirs offshore like this? Do they hold up offshore against the current, would it be suitable for my use? Is 55lb thrust going to cut it? Are the GPS versions worth it? I can see how useful spot lock could be, but there's big price difference. Recommendations for battery setups for this type of use? How long should I expect to get out of it? Thanks Raiders, really appreciate your help!
  9. Nice one guys looks like fun, not too far offshore at all, looks like it must be very close to a certain spot where fishing isn't allowed, careful now.
  10. Hey Raiders, I've been fishing outside on a Stealth Kayak for a couple of years now and am just starting to get the thing sorted with all the mod cons, sounder, navionics, live bait setup, along with all the usual rod, reel, and tackles essentials. I've been getting all the usual suspects Kings, Snapper, Salmon, Tailor around headlands in the warmer months but unfortunately it goes a bit quite this time of year and I'm looking to find some new marks holding a bit of action. I spent about 6 freezing hours last weekend doing about 17kms worth of paddling off Terrigal with not much more then a few bakers and a mutilated Yakka due to Jackets. Does anyone have any tips for me in terms of accessible marks off Terrigal or the Central Coast this time of year? Any recent reports? I can go roughly 5km out comfortably. Micro jigging, jigging, live baiting, SP, it's all good! Thanks Fellas.