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  1. Bentstik

    Very costly mistake.

    Well Said.
  2. Bentstik

    water pump replacement

    Looks like the speedo pickup
  3. Bentstik

    Jervis Bay

    Squid around Calalla and Murrays beach and you will get plenty of slimeys and yakkas off the island. Get yourself a marine park map as there are distance restrictions off the island. Kings on middle ground,and under the lighthouse and snapper and kings off longnose point. Beware of the Bommie. That should get you started
  4. Bentstik

    Jervis bay accommodation with a boat

    Yes as long the wind is not coming from the west or southwest.
  5. Bentstik

    Jervis bay accommodation with a boat

    Theres 2 to pick from, Huskisson Beach Tourist Resort or White Sands Tourist Park. Both are good as I've stayed in both. Cheers Silvo
  6. My greenslip was 767.40 with the NRMA and i have comp insurance with them and Roadside ass, still got stung. I use that greenslip calculator every year and yes the GIO was heaps cheaper but does not cover any driver especially young drivers under 25 so with my son sometimes driving my 4WD I stuck with NRMA.
  7. Bentstik

    Latest EPRIB costs and technology

    Test Lab where can you get the GPS Epirb for under 300 best I could find was 329. Im due to get a new one. Cheers
  8. Bentstik


    You are correct about using other ramps as we now use Talpin Park at Drumoyne and due to more people using that ramp they fixed it up and even extended the car park, Strange thing is that that boat ramp is down the road from Council Chambers and next to houses and they have not put gates there.
  9. Bentstik


    Elsewhere, this ramp is in Exile Bay at Canada Bay, next to the Bushells factory
  10. Bentstik

    Latest EPRIB costs and technology

    Its 2 Nm offshore. Cheers
  11. Bentstik


    The gates have been locked from sunset to sunrise for years thats why we stopped using it and the only way you could get a key was if you were a ratepayer of the council. Cheers
  12. Bentstik

    Marine VHF & 27 MHz

    Make sure its running on 25 watts not 1 watt, that will make a big difference out at Browns
  13. Its sitting to high needs to come down about 10mm Cheers
  14. Bentstik


    Here is a pic of a barracouta