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  1. glennmreid

    Back From The Dead!

    Good to hear from yo Donna. Hope your recovery is a speedy one. Now Stewy's marriage proposal, maybe that is what caused the problems in the first place Only joking, hope all continues to go well.
  2. glennmreid

    Bass Fishing Mid North Coast

    Bubba, Thanks for the info mate. Really appreciate it. Would love to see your post from the weekend.
  3. I haven't done any bass fishing since moving up to Forster from Sydney last year. I am keen to have a go before the cooler months set in. Anyone have any ideas if the rivers in Buladelah, Coolongolook or Nabiac hold bass. Any worth while spots to try?
  4. glennmreid

    New Look Site For 2010

    New site looks great. Well done guys.
  5. glennmreid

    Newest Gold Member

    Congratulations Ray, well done mate!
  6. glennmreid

    Chopper75 And Rodf

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Sorry i didn't reply earlier, been a very busy at work. Look forward to catching up with you Roberta, thanks for the birthday wishes. Hi Esky, When you are up this way, give me a buzz. Will be good to catch up for a fish and a few
  7. glennmreid

    Couple Of Hours On The Blackies

    Well done on the blackies!
  8. glennmreid


    What an swesome bass. Great effort!
  9. glennmreid

    The Mighty Eels

    dogs by only 12? I think that is a bit modest. More like dogs by 30
  10. glennmreid

    The Mighty Eels

    Gotta agree with you Robert. Go the DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. glennmreid

    Keith Is A Dual World Champion!

    Congratulatiosn Keith. Well done on a great effort. Dual world champion, what an awesome effort. I have seen the photos in our local newspaper, I will have to post them on Fishraider.
  12. glennmreid

    Back To The Bay Social - Official Report 2009

    Sounds like a great day was had by all. Congratulations to all the winners. Well done to everyone who participated.
  13. glennmreid

    Wellington Sea Run Trout

    Nice looking trout. Well done on a good catch.
  14. glennmreid

    No Jew, But More Jew Bait

    Great looking squid. Awesome to eat or use as bait.
  15. glennmreid

    Any1 Else Sick Of This Wind.

    Been good up here in Forster too.