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  1. As above it totally depends on species and technique. Off the beach for tailor and salmon I’d swear by fishing at dusk rather than worrying about the tide. For other species eg blackfish, they can completely go off the bite at the change of tide.
  2. The difference is just that the reflectivity and high visibility. The buoyancy is the same.
  3. Blackfish are a bit fiddly. If you like beach fishing go for tailor and salmon using a whole pilchards on a 3 gang hook rig. Fish on dusk and into the night and you’ll more likely than not land a few ?
  4. Well done, Wanda is fairly reliable.
  5. I don't think the colour matters that much.
  6. Well done! Great solo session there. Nothing beats a midweek fish!
  7. Well done fellas, looks like the harbour is heating up!
  8. Awesome day out on the harbour!! ?The big bag makes it look easy, but we spent many hours trying to find them before we had success. If Royce has taught me anything it's perseverance & patience!
  9. Ah, I see. Others would know better than me. I can only suggest to weight it like a blackfish rig to increase the float movement on a bite.
  10. Ha, love when that happens, they hammer it the salmon hey.
  11. Yeah you cant really use the float as a bite indicator, but if you've got it weighted and you're fishing for tailor or salmon you wont need to, they'll just take it under completely.
  12. I'm not sure about your battery powered float, but most people stick glow sticks to the stem of the float. I usually use sticky tape, works well.
  13. Fished the Pyrmont wharves with @luderick -angler at dawn chasing kings. Royce was targeting them with a fly while I had a crack with a nice soft plastic. Royce tempted one to bite, but couldn't hook it, and after that they went off the boil. We switched to blackfish rods and settled in for a lazy public holiday session. The fish were pretty lazy too and they were few and far between downs. The big schools must have moved on, but we still ended up with a nice bag of six and called it quits about midday. Beautiful morning to be out on the Harbour and good company too. Thanks for the company and chat Royce. Enjoy that beer!
  14. You can fish the baths, just pick your day as it gets popular. You can't spearfish or take blue groper by any means as it's an aquatic reserve.
  15. Nice going, it's been a while since I've had a session like that! Some great Easter fish there