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  1. To me, metals are more about bling and you lose some of that bling with the stickers some of them have. I tend to just take them off, and as mentioned above, tailors and salmon love the chase. Also the main difference is how it swims which is determined by the shape and types of hook you have on them. Regards to weight of the metal would be determined by the gear you choose to invest in. Most rods will tell you ideal weights, if it mentions metals specifically then stick to that weight range, if it does not but just have lures weights, adjust the weight to the lower side of the range mentioned. Around 20% above the lower mark; For example, 10-60g lures, I would stick to something around 18-22g metals. The metals mentioned above, twisty's, bishops and knights, are all simple, cheap and very effective. You'll probably find when tailors are around, in most cases, you will easily out-catch the people using baits.
  2. You're better off going instore to try them all out. Loaded up with store assistance. but then again field feeling and store feeling can be different.
  3. If you have a budget where you dont care how much you pay, then your range can be pretty much anything. You can be fussy about how you want the rod, down to the level of how you want that rod to be. You have rods around the $150 mark that can do the job up to rods in the $1,300+ mark.
  4. Congrats. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. However, overall I still like both reels and although not in use for myself at the moment I cant see myself selling or getting rid of them. Skirulz will enjoy using it, FK although heavier than the ci4, but its still more than light enough to cast all day.
  6. Agree with Xerotao, you'll also find that the "Metal" which they say is aluminum/magnesium, outta layer can chip for fall off. It's like a coating on the outside to give it, its full metal look. Its been a while since I've looked or used either of my stradics but off memory looked semi plastic under the outta layer. Also sometimes, some of the so-call new technology was actually kinda just old tech but they just now gave it a name when they didnt have a label for it previously.
  7. 4k and 5k FK has the same body, the only difference being the spool and the handle knob. I like the knob on the 5k but I got mine at first release so didn't have 5k just yet, but the 4k in regards too spool size has always been more than sufficient enough. I agree with Jon with the reel being Jack of all trades. I tend to use it in my where-ever (Wharf/Rocks) situations previously.
  8. Fk bit tougher as Hagane body and smoother drag as it has the rigid support Drag., Ci4+ lighter (not meaning that is isnt tough in general though). Ci4+ would be smoother and less inertia as it has the MGL rotor and slightly better balanced. Theres like a 35g difference in the 1k model and then about 50g in the 4k. Other then those both pretty much the same specs Depends what you want to use it for. I used to use the 3k Ci4+ for my egi outfit and light lures but can still land decent fish on it. And then I use the 4k FK for fishing baits or heavier lures and kinda just skull drag them in. There a little flex in the handle of the ci4 where I dont really get that feeling in the FK.
  9. Just need to factor in that Brag mats shrink and expand. The last one I tested was 2cms off so if you use one, you should take factor the give or take before deciding if something is legal. The tape measures are great but they can rust over time.
  10. Yeah I remember the Yellowfin on ISO, I heard it was full of worms, hence the it wasn't a big fight for the species as usual and could explain why it was closer to shore than usual that time. But I have seen other reports of yellowfin caught shore based before, just not landed on ISO.
  11. Was this the yellowfin?
  12. Ahh explains. I've always avoided laying traps there in general thinking was banned for all forms of crab traps. Thank you for clearing this up for me.
  13. Nice feed there. However, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought crab traps weren't allowed in Lake Macquarie?
  14. If you're looking at light weight rods you should take a look at seabass rods. Generally light fishing as well as light weight. For example the rod I am using (on paper) weighs 156.3gms and is 10ft in length. Downside is that it runs a higher risk of snapping in a lot of locations when I am trying to bring in a fish without any other aids (such as gaff or net).
  15. Just before the wave approaches you need to get the fish as high up to the surface, at the same time have less line as (as in having tension with your rod facing almost full down ways). As the wave starts to head closer towards the rocks being to start to lift the fish up to the surface and then as the wave moves into the rocks, push the rod side ways to move the fish over, as the fish is already on the surface, the wave will help you push the fish up higher to go over the rocks. If you are a few meters up, you might need to do it in stages if it is too dangerous to go down to get the fish. This is if you must use the wave to bring the fish up. Else as above use some form of gaff/net. Higher cliffs you have cliff gaffs as well.