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  1. Similar to Green hornets setup that it is a seabass setup, main difference for this, it is Shimano and also this one is probably slightly heavier, either way it’s good fun fishing with this Rod: Shimano Exsence Genos Wild Contact S100MH/r Reel: Shimano Vanquish 5000hg Line: Shimano Tanatoru8 PE2 Since it’s light setup I can use it for both normal lure fishing but also squid jigs (although not ideal for egi but allows me to not worry about bringing out more than one setup)
  2. I'm seeing bigger numbers now. They've been around for a couple of weeks now but this week their numbers are looking good.
  3. Most of the Bonnies I've seen in the last couple weeks are being caught around the headlands and so far only the metals have been successful. Minnows, poppers, stickbaits have rarely been hit. Also this is landbased, so on the boat you should have a wider range of areas you can try.
  4. Rob81


    Double Uni is a good enough knot when the FG can be difficult to tie, a lot of people tend to have trouble tying a double uni on the thinner diameter lines (such as <PE1 or <10lb line rating), when you're casting <10lb line I suppose it doesn't really matter having the strongest knot as line will probably break before knot fails. Another thing to note, especially if you're casting and the joiner knot runs though your guides, is that with the double uni knot is just rapid bulk knot from lines compared to the FG where is gradually makes its way to its thickest point and then back down again, so the double uni smashes the guides (for example driving up a gutter vs driving up the driveway) and eventually breaks (depending how hard you cast). If your dropping line into water probably doesn't matter too much.
  5. Rob81


    This is FG I did earlier, between PE2 braid and 30lb leader just to give you an idea how small the profile of the knot is
  6. Rob81

    Swains Reef

    A lot of people selling second hand lures online. Gumtree, ebay & facebook. Take a look in there. You'll probably need a lot as good chances are you'll lose a fair bit but all depends as each trip is different for different people. And then you can probably resell if not used or you don't see yourself having a need for them. Quiet a lot of people do that from what I can see. Buy gear and lures for a trip only to not needing them but at the same time they're not caught short on tackle. If anything change the hooks on the lures if you think condition isn't all that great. Wouldn't want to lose a fish due to laziness or being cheap on hooks after spending the large amounts on other areas.
  7. You can buy some straps for cheap and use that to go around your hips. They have clips on the sides so can be easily modified.
  8. Your other option which I used to use, was put a rubber band on the rod and then leave the bail arm open and put the line into the band to hold it. Just a suggestion if you want a free spool option. Only problem is strong currents can sometimes pull the line out of the rubber band and probably wont work on boats.
  9. Don't get caught up in those charts. Probably more marketing hype to say "We know what we're doing". Each session will be different. For example I went one spot, changed jig around until I found the one that worked (more natural colours - Eg. Green, light brown), got 5 on it and then it stopped so I changed to a similar colour and got another 4. Following week I came back to the same spot, the conditions were pretty much the same, same swell/wind/water colour, roughly the same time so lighting in both cases was just night, and those colours that worked the week before did nothing. This time being brighter colours, the Oranges, reds. Maybe those charts work in Japan, but I find here each day can be different so ideally you should have a good mix amongst the ones you bring out with you. Also the other part, most people worry about sizes, but I tend to use 3.0-3.5s and have caught squid half the length of my jig. I've heard up rivers the smaller 1.5-2.5s may do better depending on location but my setup isn't ideal for those sizes so I cant test that theory.
  10. Don’t under estimate the sutte-r’s cause they’re cheap. They do quiet well. Most of the jigs I hold these days are sutte-r’s. If anything I’ve outdone other jigs with sutte-rs. Probably colour and retrieve is more important
  11. I have seen an instance a couple months ago where someone was snagged but managed to get it out plus got the jig they lost about half hour beforehand.
  12. You should invest in an egi side bag. Shimano makes ones with little compartments (Sephia bags) where you can put in single jig in. Or you can get an holster and make compartments with some bargain store items. Current I am using an Egi-Oh holster, I've created my own compartments where I can fit up to 8 jigs. However I most likely dont carry that many. I don't bring a bucket with me as I would most likely place the squid in a rockpool and then to bring back I would use the larger Ikea Zip lock bags (most likely I will leave a bucket in the car). Leader, scissors, clips all fit into the holster. This allows me to easily rock hop, as i do not place anything on the ground and I'm alot more mobile, it also allows me to change jigs a lot quicker and there is no need to leave anything on the ground (other than any caught squid), as everything is within my arms reach, also no need to turn any backpack around to grab anything as the holster is on the side of my leg. If I have a donut session, its not much hassles for me as I've carried minimum items and not weighed down with anything. Only item carried by hand is my rod/reel. This is the holster I use: And this is the Sephia one, you have different sizes for them: There are other makes too but the Sephia is the only one I am aware of that has compartments (which is very convenient), and as mentioned above, if you do decide to get one but not a Sephia then you can easily make those apartments using cheap items. With this, I have no concerns about the wash or wind taking my items as it is attached to me. Just one less thing to worry about.
  13. Ahh yeah I’ve seen a trick using a bottle Half filled with water and allowing the current to push it sideways but That’s a fair bit of effort and pretty sure you’ll attract the attention of nearby anglers. using a sinker not too sure but sounds similar to some of the lure retrievers I’ve seen in store before I’ve tried this a few times and haven’t been successful with this trick on egiing. I have seen it used successfully once with hard bodied lures. Could either be I’m doing it wrong or trick might not work ok barbs over hooks. I tend to whip for rods more parabolic such as egi rods which in a can be similar affect. I wouldn’t try whipping it with my other rods but maybe the flicking the line would work best
  14. There are a few people that egi pater noster rig if thats what you mean? I havent seen anyone or heard of anyone using a jig on a slider setup. Unless you mean a little running sinker to jig? This will change the action of the jig if you do, It wont be swimming or jerking how it should be. You can get egi weights if you need more weight for the jig or get a tip-run jig which is more designed for deeper waters typically for boat fishing.