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  1. JonD's technique would be the best way to do this. If you're measurements are just using the spool capacity numbers, if it says 250m of 20lb, then it wont work out. 20lb braid and 20lb mono would have a different thickness. The method of moving the line from spool to spool would take out the guess work or manual calculations of how much line of Mono you need. Just be wary of too much line twist when doing this.
  2. If your off rocks, as suggested above, the kids pool or a large enough rock pool. easier to grab the fish again with aquarium net. If you're off a wharf, and close to the water you can get a laundry basket, and zip tie a pool noodle around it to keep it afloat and just put the yakkas in there (easy to get yakkas in and out). Just be wary of the size of the holes. You wont have a need to change water. Also you keeper net isnt too bad as well, so all depends on what your willing to lug.
  3. I usually set my drag a little lower and then hold the spool when I want it a little tighter. This method allows the fish to run without me snapping my line. Also the main reason why hold the spool and not tighten the drag, is that you can feel when that fish will take that hard run, where if you tighten the drag, by the time you realise and loosen the drag, there is a good chance its too late. Its a good practice to get into.
  4. Although the police are there to find your boat, this isn't something they would drop everything just to do. Help from the community goes a long way and I believe a lot of boats and cars are found with the help of the community. I take that this post is for that very reason.
  5. Use the momentum to perform the lift. Allow fish to run around if you have to just to get the momentum going. Dead lifts is where you'll have the potential to snap the rod. Ideally you would want to bring it up where the distance required would be at the very minimum possible.
  6. The issue has always been the staff to police the cockle collection. I mean the main issue with the cockles was people taking well above their limits and the way I look at it, if they didn't care about about the limits before, they probably wont care now that its dropped. Its only when they get caught they probably will care and hopefully cop a worthy fine or community service.
  7. Depends on the beach Noelm. Have you seen the size of some of the Sting rays in Botany? they were wider than the boat I was in when I saw it. I was shocked, itll easily cover the SUV I drive. Regarding the rays, best bet is to avoid fishing the bottom. The higher up your bait sits, the reduced chances of hooking up to a ray but not 100% guaranteed.
  8. squid light or bait light all the same. I find they attract the tiny fish which then attract either squid or yakkas or pike.
  9. AGPS requires mobile towers to determine your location. GPS will still work and determine your location. However, what you can do with that information would be limited due to no mobile coverage.
  10. Look into Quadlock or Spigens Gearlock. Quadlock has more optional accessories if you choose to just put it on other places besides the boat. These where more marketed towards bike riders but you can use in many other applications, which is where I have. Just use your imagination. You have the option of getting one of their cases to fit your phone make or you can just get the stick on part of the lock for your own personal phone case. But my opinion would be to get theirs, if you have the option for your phone, as it'll be far more secure over a stick on. Direct makers site link
  11. You should take a look at NS blackhole AMPED II rod range. Roughly similar price and a nice rod to use. When you running gear that light, I don't think length of rod will make too much of a difference, you just need a rod that is able to cast the weight range you want for the line class you're using.
  12. Winnie is famous for being busy during the warmer months. I've only been a couple of times and have been lucky that it was quiet, but I tend to expect the worst due to the warnings.
  13. These days you can buy these hooks with velcro on them, theyre actually designed as hooks for baby prams. The hooks are pretty large in size that you can put your rod on them. I believe my car still has this on there, but i stopped hanging them these days. On long trips it can get annoying especially on the stop go portion when the rod moves forward and backwards sometimes hitting the front window (depending on rod)
  14. Personally I'd go the 12' rod if I am using baits (or longer if you like). As they will sit in a rod holder and the line angle of a longer rod sticking up allows to avoid more of the breaks. If casting lures then the 9'6 is all you'll need. Worry about the reel after you decided on your line and rod. Its the least important out of the two.
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