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  1. You should take a look at NS blackhole AMPED II rod range. Roughly similar price and a nice rod to use. When you running gear that light, I don't think length of rod will make too much of a difference, you just need a rod that is able to cast the weight range you want for the line class you're using.
  2. Winnie is famous for being busy during the warmer months. I've only been a couple of times and have been lucky that it was quiet, but I tend to expect the worst due to the warnings.
  3. These days you can buy these hooks with velcro on them, theyre actually designed as hooks for baby prams. The hooks are pretty large in size that you can put your rod on them. I believe my car still has this on there, but i stopped hanging them these days. On long trips it can get annoying especially on the stop go portion when the rod moves forward and backwards sometimes hitting the front window (depending on rod)
  4. Personally I'd go the 12' rod if I am using baits (or longer if you like). As they will sit in a rod holder and the line angle of a longer rod sticking up allows to avoid more of the breaks. If casting lures then the 9'6 is all you'll need. Worry about the reel after you decided on your line and rod. Its the least important out of the two.
  5. You gotta get lucky these days. Last time I saw them in store was a few Months back and that's cause the store didn't realise they had it in a box out the back. Sold out pretty quickly.
  6. The issue with rods, so there are soo many out there and soo many brands for them. Personally I like the Sensor surf as my beach rod. But have used/tried others which arent too bad as well. I cannot offer a proper recommendation on them as I've used my sensor surf for the last 5-6 years. Prior to that I had a finnor, but forgot the name of the rod itself. I would probably suggest, if you're not in too much of a rush to purchase, is to visit as many tackle stores as possible and get a feel of the rod (and ideally with the reel on, just so you can see how it balances), as everyone will have
  7. Rock fishing in Australia can be very rewarding and exciting, however at the same time very dangerous. If you plan on doing rock fishing, I would suggest maybe watch others (if you cannot go with others), and see how they behave along the rocks. Also, the first thing you should invest in, before the rod/reel & line, is safety gear, especially a good set of comfortable cleats. Remember to always watch the water. Regarding rod/reel/line, it would really depend on how you plan on fishing, Eg. Casting baits or lures. Baits I personally like a heavier setup with roughly a 1
  8. Yakkas are easy. Shallow pan fry with a bit of salt on top, but try without salt first in case, I just like saltier foods. been eating them now and then since childhood and I think they make a good breakfast fish
  9. Yes the certate LT is also a very nice reel and the 2020 models are LT range where they change their number sizing. Comparing the two, TP FD 5k & Certate LT, there is only 35g difference but this could be due to the knob on the certate. The only difference between the normal model and Ark models is the knob. The certate LT feels very close to the exist LT, and many ppl have choosen to get the certate over exist of this reason. Both have same gear ratio's, however the certate pulls in just that little bit more line per crank. It also has 1 more bearing and on paper has 12kg drag o
  10. NS Blackhole Amped II are nice rods to use, depending which model you want, they're roughly under $170.
  11. The Twinpower SW isn't a 2020 model I believe. The 2020 model is the Twinpower FD. The SW would be more heavy duty compared to the FD. Also weight wise, the 5k SW is around 420g, whilst the FD is 260g. The catalina 5000h is probably the heaviest at 605g, but in saying that, the 5k size Daiwa is significantly larger and not really a fair comparison against those other reels. What you're probably looking for, in the equivalent of the shimanos size, would be the 3500h catalina. Between both TP's (SW/FD), either one would be suffice to do that job. The decision between either would depen
  12. PE scale is more about the thickness of the line rather than the braking strain.
  13. Its more related to the line rating than it is the reel rating. You'll find more rods and reels would measure towards the line. so 8-10kg rod, the ideal line would be 17-22lb line rating. When looking at gear, I tend to lean toward looking at PE scales. This gives you a better idea of the rod and reel you would match it with, combined with the intended use for the setup. Also, as green hornet brought up, the type of rod might determine the actual reel you match it with, which is probably more around the Reels physical weight.
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