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  1. Rob81

    Squid Info

    The ink will suffocate the squid so best to change water. Depending on how much water determines aerator or not. I’ve had them survive a until use without aerator but also I’ve changed water
  2. Rob81

    TwinPower SW 5000

    You won't be using the Twinpower to chase breams or flatties up the rivers, nor will you be using the Ci4 to be chasing kings off the rocks. You can't compare the two in my own opinion.
  3. Rob81

    Young and new to fishing.

    As a beginner, I don't think he would understands the concept of PE just yet. Actually I know some ppl that still don't understand it. Jake: In the old days, the measurement used to be 1 = 10lb braided line, so for PE4=40lb and so forth. These day, my PE4 outfit is a little over 60lb line, and it all depends on type and brand for rating. PE is more measuring the line based on thickness than it is braking strain. If you would like to fish off the rocks, I recommend investing in some Cleats and for eastern suburbs you'll probably need a life jacket (not too sure where the laws are at for them just yet). As for gear, I'm always recommending to people who are beginning to get cheaper (low to mid range at most) items to start off with as I've seen too many people invest in mid-high end gear only to give up fishing that same year as it was more of a phase in their life.
  4. Rob81

    Kid safe. Land Based Eastern suburbs

    Go lugarno. Youre better off at wharfs of some kind with some kids. Lugarno is nice and easy for kids and you dont actually park far from where you fish. its near a seafood restaurant at the end of forrest road.
  5. Rob81


    As above, learn to tie FG knot if not doing so. Other thing to add for the tag end if you cant cut it too close. Cut the tag with around 2-3mm off the end. And then use a lighter (probably best to use the jet lighters) to melt the tag end down. This will do two things, 1. get your tag end lower, 2. create an anchor so it does slip through the guides. One thing too also, the melted leader will form a mushroom shape, dont let that shape get too big. All depends on thickness of leader, once it gets a bit too thick it will bump onto your guides.
  6. Rob81

    Snapper point heartbreak

    Good luck with it all!
  7. Rob81

    Snapper point heartbreak

    You sure it wasn't an eagleray? I was nearby there a couple weeks back and I pulled in 2 eagles. That was a first in landing them, all the others I hooked onto in the past I couldn't stopped and got spooled. They run pretty fast and hard. If you were lower in the water column and depending on the fight its highly likely eagleray and was more of a coincident that the king happen to go down not long before that... Just a thought. Even the ones I caught, in less than 10cm of water and the height of the thing being around 15cm, still went for a final run on me and pulled out some decent line.
  8. Rob81

    Snapper point heartbreak

    Don't bother with swivels from braid to leader. Just run a fg knot of them. Less things to go wrong with one less item in rig
  9. Almost looks like you're moving into the ISO fishing category going light
  10. Rob81

    need some advice

    You can use a handline if you wanted to but depends where you fish and what you're fishing for. For me, I would use a light rod of that length mainly around/on wharfs. I have ones longer then that but those I use off the rocks more but a more of a mid to heavy setup. I have seen some people use a 6 foot rod around the rocks but I wouldn't recommend it. The extra length helps a lot mostly towards the end fishing off the rocks.
  11. Rob81

    Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Also mono has stretch and braid is more sensitive
  12. Rob81

    Good all in one down South spots?

    Off memory armpits you were also the person looking for an all in one setup. Fish move around you'd have to be at the right place at the right time to find those. Sometimes you get lucky and they're all there but other days you'd get either a few things your looking for
  13. Rob81

    Would you report?

    Young or old if they're doing it that time then they've most likely done it many times before
  14. Rob81

    All rounder rod and reel package.

    As Swordfisherman said, you're going to need two setups. All of the rods I use off the rocks will be too long to bring on board a boat. Also, I haven't seen a reel that comes with 2 spools in ages, you'll have to buy a separate spare one if you want 2 spools. You also didn't factor in the budget for Line as well, unless that is included in your reel budget.
  15. Rob81

    Octopus on SP

    Here's my oddest one.