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  1. Reel sounds a little light. I think 6k gosa you'd run PE3. Ideally you the PE scales gives you an idea of what you can match with. So a PE4, you'd most likely run an 8k gosa to go with a PE4 rod.
  2. FYI: There's 2 at Eastwood, however one of them also have one at Croydon. If that's close to yourself.
  3. For the species you mentioned, you can look into ISO rods. But they can get pretty pricey. Typically in the form of telescopic rods, however, to properly use them, it is very technical. All comes down to environment and conditions of water, which would then determine the type of line and the weight of floats you use, and in some cases how you actual rig up). You can use a small normal reel with them if you do not want to use proper ISO reels (LBD Reels: Lever Brake Drag Reels). Its a very successful technique of fishing, but too technical for me. I just enjoy fishing without the aid
  4. Depends on the type of metal. You have ones for jigging and ones for just casting and straight retrieve. For the species you mentioned, they work well, but at the same time, those species tend to be seasonal. Species I commonly get with metals: Tailors, Bonito, Watsons Leaping Bonito, Sergeant Bakers. Kingfish you get, but for me, personally I dont get commonly. So in saying that you can get kingfish with them. One time, I somehow got a octopus as well, got me on the drop after casting, I thought I snagged on some floating weed.
  5. There's only soo much you can do. At the end of the day, some people will go either way. What the signs will help do is market towards those that are willing to make a decision to not go based on information supplied to them.
  6. A lot of people will fish it irrelevant of fencing there or not. If you ban fishing there, they will just say its not patrolled so chances of getting caught are slim. Rather than banning a location, why not put up signs with danger levels, like they do with some bush locations, with fire danger levels. That way, when they enter, they can see its in the red, so maybe find somewhere to fish. Currently, its only social media I see (on some pages), where, there is a serve warning to fishermen to not fish eastern coastline. However not everyone is on social media. Yes, these signs will cost mo
  7. wd40 removes corrosion as well. You can soak the section in and then get a toothbrush to brush it off.
  8. Yeah agree with the Europe thing. We had to do big update in the company I work at, even if they're already customers of yours. The main difference is, over here, you have to register to not be called, so by default, its ok to call you, whilst over there, default is do not call unless you have consent to do so.
  9. I hate to be the person to give the "Karen" comment, but you need to be aware that there are laws we must abide by when fishing. For one, if you get a puffer and keep it in a bucket to play with, it is fine, but if you catch a fish that has a legal size limit, they must be returned to the water immediately. A fisheries officer can assume you plan on keeping it if you keep it in your bucket. At the end of the day, it is up to the fisheries officer and if you come across one. I understand, its just for your daughter to play with but those are the rules, but you wouldn't want to receive a fi
  10. Yeah took me about 4 years before an insurance company stopped calling me. It wasnt just one company, each time they called it was a new company. I think the problem is, when you tell them to add you to the list, they only do it internally and not at a higher level (as in country wide). But either way they can get into trouble for it, even if it is an overseas company as they're operating under our law still. But most people dont complain to the right authorities. I remembered, I had to help set it up for a company I worked at, and the information came from our government. I think i
  11. For emails you should have an "Unsubscribe" option or a "Do not email", usually on the bottom of emails. For Calls, especially if its from some utility company or insurance, you can tell them not to call and remove you from register ("Do not call" Register). Everyone else on calls, just block them on phone.
  12. Rob81


    That outfit sounds fine, should be able to achieve the action needed and light enough to sometimes feel the hit. If you want to stick to shimanos for the reel, ideal would be around 2500-3000, but in saying that nothing wrong with a little over or under that I guess. In the Daiwas it would depends on reel, as their number sizing changed over the last year or so. good luck tonight. I have gone for a quick one shot down around esplande a few years back, with no luck. Been meaning to try it again but probably later on. Waiting til theyre a little thicker than it is currently.
  13. Rob81


    Forgot to ask, what spin setup will you be running? Ideally it should be a light setup, you wont be able to cast on a heavy one. If you have SP setup, you can also use that. Cheap or expensive, both will catch, just one brings a more enjoyment in the technique. Both catch, both break, this whole just because you paid more means last longer is nothing to do with price and more on how you look after your gear.
  14. Rob81


    Go to kmart or big w, and also get a bunch of "Sacrificial Squid Jigs". These are just squid jigs bought as cheaply as possible, that you use to sacrifice, especially when you are landbased trying a new area. Start off using the sacrificial jigs to see give you an idea of the terrain. its a snaggy area over there, off memory. After you have an idea of how shallow or deep a particular spot is, and also how snaggy, then use your normal jigs. This will cut your losses by alot. its expensive losing a yama and very annoying losing it on the first cast in a new area.
  15. Its quiet shallow. There is one or two particular jettys, off memory, that goes far out enough to get away from the seaweed, but most of them are in the thick of the weeds.
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