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  1. I use these croc sneakers. Allows water to escape easily when I walk through water and grippy on rocks where cleats arent really required. And then I use the same style cleats at 61 crusher. Ive had mine for probably five years now, with no rust. I wash them in fresh water once in a while and then just spray the metal bits with inox. Ive seen people wear them out in about a year and a half, or sometimes the metal cuts through the rubber part that holds them over your shoes, but personally I've not had any of those issues (hence its still my first set).
  2. I think cutting fish in Japan is like an art form and this person is just trying to bring it to western countries if anything. I remember when I was in Japan, I would just stand there watching them cut up the fish. But yeah, a lot restaurants have a gimmick, which is what makes them slightly different from the other.
  3. shallow panfry them with a bit of salt on the outside. I don't take off the silver like most people do. Some people panfry long enough that they eat through the bones, so I am assume they probably fillet it a little as well.
  4. Lol "Cock in a sock" is what they called it. Been around for a very long time, just no one claims they invented the concept besides this guy. Heard can be very effective, but a fair bit of work involved to have the baits taken by pickers in many places.
  5. Since you're not far from those locations, you should take notes and compile all the information together. Such as tides, swell, wind, moon, water clarity & speed, catches & small info such as those and then after you gather enough info you might be able see a pattern. This would be the best tool as it is localised to certain systems at certain locations, rather than just a general chart for all.
  6. The tangle is from the running sinker (the main weight) being on the braid side and being stopped before going on to the leader. If you run an fg and the sinker runs though to the leader you wont have an issue, or if you are running mono-swivel-leader, also you wont have an issue. Issue is more for Braid-Swivel-Leader where the sinker sits in the braid. Also depends on length of leader.
  7. Yeah you can still use a swivel if you wanted to. I used to just use a uniknot for the braid to swivel knot, its probably not the best knot to use for braid to swivel but its held for me when I did use and didnt have any issues with it slipping. One thing you need to bare in mind, as braid is very soft and flexible, in turbulent water sometimes they tangle up (the leader wraps around the braid). This is for landbased though. Mono - swivel - Mono wont have any issues. Off a boat I'm not too sure how it will affect.
  8. do you plan on having the sinker as a stopper or you wanted the sinker to run down to the hook? Some people use swivels in their connection as a stopper, to stop the sinker going all the way to their hooks so not too sure of your intention with the sinker.
  9. Rob81

    Beach workout

    Thanks for letting me know JonD. Yeah I've been eyeing them for the last few years now and thought they would be great for the beach and rocks. I just need to think whether I really need it these days as my fishing habbits/style has changed compared to when i first looked into them. I don't like to have gear doing nothing unless its a display item and this isn't something I would have on display.
  10. Rob81

    Beach workout

    Are those the beachmaster rod holders you guys are using?
  11. Yeah usually they sit open and so the lure must have had its hooks go into it and then as a reaction it closed up immediately. I've seen it happen a few times
  12. I have seen gloves where you can remove the figure portion on 2 fingers and the thumb but I cant remember exactly where I saw them. Its been a while since Ive seen them, but its an option that you could be looking for.
  13. My setups each serve a different purpose (either based on location or species or both), so in a way they're all my best setup's. No 2 setups I have serve the same purpose as I have got rid of those (except maybe the kids gear, both kids have similar setup).
  14. There's still rebates on solar. One on installation of panels and then solar plans rebates on adding energy to the grid.
  15. Main advantage I see is not worrying about running out of hot water as it is instant. And if you run out of gas, usually you're setup with two tanks for when one is finished anyway.