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  1. PE scale is more about the thickness of the line rather than the braking strain.
  2. Its more related to the line rating than it is the reel rating. You'll find more rods and reels would measure towards the line. so 8-10kg rod, the ideal line would be 17-22lb line rating. When looking at gear, I tend to lean toward looking at PE scales. This gives you a better idea of the rod and reel you would match it with, combined with the intended use for the setup. Also, as green hornet brought up, the type of rod might determine the actual reel you match it with, which is probably more around the Reels physical weight.
  3. I would probably base it on yourself tbh. If you're going to fish often or fish regularly, I would go the Salty fighter. Reading the specs its a lighter rod and you'd probably be able to achieve the action you're looking for with those specs. If, you rarely fish and its something you do here and there and you do not plan on fishing more regular with a tight budget then go the cheapest setup of the one you are looking for. This is because its basically irrelevant if you had the worst setup or the second worst setup between the two. From what I can see online its probably only a few dollars difference. Regarding how long the gear will last, its really up to you. Both can be destroyed within a month or last 5+ years if you plan on using it for that long without upgrading by then. As long as you take care of it while in use, maintain and clean it after use, it'll last.
  4. Its funny, I'm primarily a landbased fisherman and often chase squid. I find they're either there or you just have to wait til they're there. Action and colour tend to make a huge difference landbased. However, in saying that, I also fish off a boat now and then, and in all the locations you mentioned I get squid there too. What i found with boat is no action works better than with action. Basically I just either drop it down or cast it out and drop it down and then just leave it. Doesn't matter if Im on top of weed or not I got squid. Only thing I was careful about was when over reef cause I didn't want to lose my jig. Also didn't matter if I was running 20lb or 50lb line. I suppose my advice would be to give a few goes, say around 4-5 cast in a couple of different areas, and if you get no takers, move on to the next location, dont waste your time. The squid move around, in some locations they move in circles taking around 1-2hrs before reaching the same point of the circle again. In large bays like Botany I'm not too familiar with the patterns just yet.
  5. When I was a child, my parents used to use Earthworms as bait. The managed to catch breams, Jewfish and in two occassions, mudcrab. But that was back in the 80s to early 90s around the hawkes mostly.
  6. Majorcraft is a decent entry level Japanese rod make on a budget, and quiet popular for those that started getting into Jap brand rods. In saying this, just keep an eye on it and be slightly more careful with them as I've had a few mates snap their MJ rods unexpectedly. For me, I've only ever owned their Egi rods and at its price point at the time, it's a really good entry rod for squiding. Hope you have a better experience with it. Also, remember as due to the carbon content level, if you knock them a little too hard, there can be fractures in the rod that you cannot see or feel, so where possible avoid knocking (I understanding knocking a rod isn't done on purpose). My MJ egi rod has copped knocks and stuff often, however shattered on a cast after one severe knock and I didn't see or feel the fracture on that one. Shattered exactly where it got knocked as well.
  7. I have seen some of the newer Ryobi reels around in Australia, but its not a fishing brand you typically see here. More so overseas.
  8. I use these croc sneakers. Allows water to escape easily when I walk through water and grippy on rocks where cleats arent really required. And then I use the same style cleats at 61 crusher. Ive had mine for probably five years now, with no rust. I wash them in fresh water once in a while and then just spray the metal bits with inox. Ive seen people wear them out in about a year and a half, or sometimes the metal cuts through the rubber part that holds them over your shoes, but personally I've not had any of those issues (hence its still my first set).
  9. I think cutting fish in Japan is like an art form and this person is just trying to bring it to western countries if anything. I remember when I was in Japan, I would just stand there watching them cut up the fish. But yeah, a lot restaurants have a gimmick, which is what makes them slightly different from the other.
  10. shallow panfry them with a bit of salt on the outside. I don't take off the silver like most people do. Some people panfry long enough that they eat through the bones, so I am assume they probably fillet it a little as well.
  11. Lol "Cock in a sock" is what they called it. Been around for a very long time, just no one claims they invented the concept besides this guy. Heard can be very effective, but a fair bit of work involved to have the baits taken by pickers in many places.
  12. Since you're not far from those locations, you should take notes and compile all the information together. Such as tides, swell, wind, moon, water clarity & speed, catches & small info such as those and then after you gather enough info you might be able see a pattern. This would be the best tool as it is localised to certain systems at certain locations, rather than just a general chart for all.
  13. The tangle is from the running sinker (the main weight) being on the braid side and being stopped before going on to the leader. If you run an fg and the sinker runs though to the leader you wont have an issue, or if you are running mono-swivel-leader, also you wont have an issue. Issue is more for Braid-Swivel-Leader where the sinker sits in the braid. Also depends on length of leader.
  14. Yeah you can still use a swivel if you wanted to. I used to just use a uniknot for the braid to swivel knot, its probably not the best knot to use for braid to swivel but its held for me when I did use and didnt have any issues with it slipping. One thing you need to bare in mind, as braid is very soft and flexible, in turbulent water sometimes they tangle up (the leader wraps around the braid). This is for landbased though. Mono - swivel - Mono wont have any issues. Off a boat I'm not too sure how it will affect.