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  1. Rob81

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    Had mine for about 4-5 years now. Best investment made. just wash them once in a while. ill tend to spray some inox on it too. Haven't had any rust on it due to maintaining it. I've seen some that are fairly bad condition but I also know these people don't really look after it. I've also seen a few where the rubber/plastic has broken which hold onto the metal, but can be easily fixed with some cable ties.
  2. Rob81

    Mt Ettalong point

    Nothing to be sorry about
  3. Rob81

    Mt Ettalong point

    We all probably know what you mean, but its spelt "Groper" rather than "Grouper". Grouper is a different species and may confuse others.
  4. Rob81

    Internet ruins the fishery

    You should probably factor in, that the fact there is a crowd there and everyone else going by thinks something is going on so will go in to investigate or give it a go as well.
  5. Rob81

    Stella 14K Enquiry

    Just only difference mainly is 14k is XG (different gear ratio - high speed retrieve).
  6. Rob81

    Stella 14K Enquiry

    8k to 14k is same family so it should.
  7. Rob81


    yeah almost not rules back then compared to now.
  8. Rob81


    I've read somewhere this is considered "trapping". So you can only use it where you are allowed to use crab traps. Just something to consider before going out to use this technique at restricted areas.
  9. Rob81

    Squidding in the rain

    Many will tell you squiding will be harder in the rain due to the freshwater sitting on top of the salt. I have found this to be false. There has been a few instances where I have been more successful in rain or after heavy rainfall. All depends if the squid are there or not and which jigs you use. I find they tend to be more fussy around jig colours than fresh water. just my opinion.
  10. Rob81

    Lure fishing rod info

    12ft rod running a baitrunner style reel is what I use for bottom bashing off the rocks or running livies out. Way to heavy to be spinning lures. Think I’d last about a dozen cast before I give up on a good day. My light pe2 spinning off the rocks out fit is 9’6 and PE4 setup is 10’. Honestly recon the 9’6 is perfect. Light weight, optimum length for myself for cast further if I need to and enough to bring in the fish. 10’ is good too however some locations it’s slightly long as I would sometimes hit the tip of it on the cliff right behind me. If it’s spinnjng lures 9-10 foot for baits would be the 12. Baitrunners are slightly heavy than u need them to be for spinning lures. Not saying can’t but if you had the option why would you. If u need to release the line open the spool. Just the way I’d fish if i have to let it run but I’ve not encounter a situation where I had to on my spinning setup
  11. Rob81

    Lure fishing rod info

    Should look for a rod between 9-10 foot for spinning off the rocks imo. Its not too short and not too long for some locations.
  12. Rob81

    Squidding at Malabar/La Perouse

    They've gone a bit quiet at those two areas in the last few weeks. If any were caught, it wasn't much from what I'm seeing reported (at most 1 or 2 per session). If they're not there, any technique wont work really.
  13. Rob81

    Gliss line

    Yeah I used to be mainly on mono many years back. But then I switched over. I like sensitiveness of braid over mono. But once in a while I wish I had a bit more stretch like mono. All depends on the environment and stuff.
  14. Rob81

    Gliss line

    Yeah I haven't yet landed any decent squid since I stuck the line as well. Also another thing to add. Prolly did depend on the conditions but I haven't really noticed much of extra casting distance with this. So I heard you get more out of the cast but hasn't really affected me.
  15. Rob81

    Gliss line

    Hi Waza, I only purchased the line roughly 2 Months back now. It was in the sale bin at well-known tackle store and I just happened to be running low on my Egi outfit so I thought why not give it a try. I got the 8kgs/300m line. Currently put onto a Stradic Ci4+ 3000 matched with a Majorcraft Crostage 832EL. Unfortunately since I bought the line I hadnt gone out to try to Squid/Calamari as often as I normal do. However so far, my findings are: Pros: - Felt very strong for the diameter - Cast's smoothly compared to other braids I've had in the past - Not as noisy as a few lines I've had previously Cons: - Frays very easily, even on tying a knot. Be sure to have very sharp scissors as once I used one not as sharp and this frayed a fair bit of the line - I've had my first experience of the line wrapping onto one of my guides during a cast in the last session, had no idea how that happen as never had this before I've not yet had my line rub along the rocks yet so not sure what outcome Ill get when the event occurs, so I really cant say. All in all, so far I am happy with the line for the purpose I am using it for. Also I did experience one time in my last session my knot being undo during a cast. I had a feeling my knot was slipping but my fault for not double checking. I cant be sure if it was due to the line being quiet smooth or it was myself not tying the knot 100% properly (but during the test I do after tying mainline to leader knots I always test and this came was fine at the time). Cheers.