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  1. Tether your setup to the rails for added security.
  2. Yes, this is the exact issue I have with my dataset. But over time, it'll all make sense and worth it.
  3. Yeah understood. Will be interesting to see what it all looks like in a couple years time to see any form of trends. My data I believe still needs a couple more years to get anything greatly useful out of it (as I tend to fish in various places). But I am in no rush to fill it in, but I do like to go back here and there to see what I do have written down.
  4. Also, 50 trips isnt much info, unless you are fishing the one location that entire time.
  5. Like you, I've done the same, google documents. I spent a fair bit of time prior to creating my own form/data to test a few apps but at the end, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I started off with basic info, but more than what you had above, but over time the amount of data grew. I log all session, including session where I did not catch anything, and the reasoning for this, was primarily cause I do a lot of landbased fishing off rocks. This info helps a lot as I log details of the behavior of the water/wind in different conditions for the exact location. Things I log: T
  6. Rob81

    Kabura jigs

    Seen them used in WA pages as well. For Demerals off a boat. Tried a similar one many years back, think it was called a rock hopper, but snagged it landbased fishing before I got a chance to give it a proper opinion.
  7. I guess for holding the net, you could buy straps, such as these: The other option, would be a rod holder, that go onto a belt (ideally for short length handle nets): Rod holder would only be, if the diameter of the handle would fit in those. And then there's this item, its more for the autoking squid gaff but looks like you can repurpose it for similar use:
  8. You can probably look into telescopic type landing nets. You wouldn't use it in the traditional way of metal handle nets, you need to lift the fish vertically (or there is a chance you will snap the handle). With telescopic nets, you can have a longer handle, and is typically light compared to fixed length nets. There are ISO fishing type nets, but can be pricey and most of them are really long, but I have seen a few shorter ones around I was considering for the same reason. Also, those type of nets, a lot of them fold in (like example image), so during travel or non-use, it is more mobil
  9. I had to explain the same a number of years back as well. To them a rod and reel is just a rod and reel. I explained different combinations for different species in different environments (not really one size fits all type of thing). I no longer have backups to lend people like I used too, so that reduced it a little.
  10. Thats a girdled parma. They dont grow to big. I've seen them here and there, mainly by fishermen chasing drummer or luderick.
  11. Vanford should be considered an upgrade from your Stradic Ci4+. Its smoother and lighter and has a little more protection against water than the Stradic Ci4+. Its kind of an inbetween reel of the stradic Ci4+ and a Vanquish (reel not released by Shimano AU).
  12. Used to do that way back. I find sometimes if you get a bit of salt water in the box without realising, it'll rust easily, and that just spreads onto the hooks and so forth. Now I just use a type of fly fishing box, where the hooks just fit the compartments and don't move out of its position. Also less chances of hooking myself
  13. Reel sounds a little light. I think 6k gosa you'd run PE3. Ideally you the PE scales gives you an idea of what you can match with. So a PE4, you'd most likely run an 8k gosa to go with a PE4 rod.
  14. FYI: There's 2 at Eastwood, however one of them also have one at Croydon. If that's close to yourself.
  15. For the species you mentioned, you can look into ISO rods. But they can get pretty pricey. Typically in the form of telescopic rods, however, to properly use them, it is very technical. All comes down to environment and conditions of water, which would then determine the type of line and the weight of floats you use, and in some cases how you actual rig up). You can use a small normal reel with them if you do not want to use proper ISO reels (LBD Reels: Lever Brake Drag Reels). Its a very successful technique of fishing, but too technical for me. I just enjoy fishing without the aid
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