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  1. Rob81

    Sienna Reel problem

    There may be some truth in what Shimano says about the reel not designed for 6lb. The specs their website for the Sienna FE 1000 show that it can fit 140m of 0.20mm line, which generally I would take it as what they would recommend to put on the spool. 0.20mm is roughly around the 15lb mark for their PowerPro line. 6lb is around 0.08mm which can make a significant difference. Ideally you should be able to use whatever line lighter than recommended but in this case, it may be that you cannot without issues.
  2. Bigger items would require more time. Even for Yakkas I found they're best around 4-6 days. it really depends on how big/densed the item is. sometimes it takes a bit of playing around. I used to do pillies for 24hrs, but in some cases 48hrs worked better, and its something i don't always get right.
  3. Shouldn't need to defrost them if you freeze them. Sounds like they're well salted if they've gone rock hard and salt doesn't really freeze. You can keep them in a cool dry place if you wanted to and should still be ok. But with the weather we've been having lately, the extreme heats, Id say in fridge or freezer it would be better.
  4. Rob81

    A Question on the 'Squid Strike'

    Yeah I used to do the bow and arrow thing before but I realised I can do it with whipping the rod as well, and if that fails skull drag. Well since I've upgrade my rod about 8 Months ago, I've only lost 3 jigs (last one being two weeks back). This is a huge improvement for myself given the fact I also prefer to squid a bit more often. I think depends on the rod, with the more stiff rods the whipping wont help, also if its too soft I find. My current rod is somewhere in between
  5. Rob81

    A Question on the 'Squid Strike'

    Some days I whip it hard, some days soft and others just gotta work it much slower. The action, colour & speed changes. Each time you're out, you will need to work out which is working and also depends on the conditions you are fishing. I say this because there's been a few occasions where I have gone out, and a quick action in a green coloured squid had been very successful however the very next day in the almost the exact some conditions in the same locations it didn't work, turned out the brown jig in the same speed with a slightly less aggressive action was working best. To work out the depth you just have to test. You must remember the faster the water moves, the longer it will take for your jig to hit the bottom. Regarding how do you know you've got a strike, it's actually quiet difficult. I've only ever felt very few strikes, one time was obvious as it hit the jig very hard and took off (turned out to be a 32.5cm calamari), and others felt soft, but in most cases I didn't know I had a squid on until I started to retrieve, sometimes they may feel like snags (and you only know this when you see you've got a candle on your jig). Not always will you feel the pulsing of the squid and may feel like you've caught a ball of weed or something. So always treat every retrieve with load in case you do have a squid on. Regarding slack line whilst being out, I'm not actually fussed about this. I don't mind the slack like but again depends on swell and speed of current as I wouldn't want to snag the line onto the rocks or other structures. If you do snag, you can always whip your rod aggressively and there is a chance of retrieving your jig. doesn't always work, but increases you chances of getting your jig back. But again, all depends on conditions. Also, if you want to be a little safer, you don't always have to drop it all the way to the bottom, sometimes they like the chase and will come for it mid water. They have very good eye site and can see from a distance. Sometimes I see it chase my jig at the very end when i decided that the cast wasn't all that great and wanted to recast. Everyone starts somewhere and I guess when I first started squiding I had lots to learn and lost many jigs along the way. Hope this information helps, good luck with the hoods.
  6. Rob81

    Head cams for video work

    Not sure about those cameras, but the gopro sessions are nice and small & simple to use, no need for a waterproof housing as it is already waterproof. The sessions is more of a basic camera compared to proper gopros but at the same time I find the full gopro too bulky to have on my head. Its lighter/smaller and generally cheaper than a standard GoPro. Also, the above comment is true, you move your head often and fast and you probably don't realise this until you reviewed your video. The way around is as above suggested, using a chest mount, or the other way is to have something in the video that is always there that doesn't move too much. For example, I wear a cap and you can see a part of the cap throughout the video and it does not move around. You'd be surprise that this actually makes a difference in how dizzy you get while watching it. I've also had footage of the camera mounted on my rod, where you can view the rod, during a cast, you don't get dizzy watching it. also forgot to mention it’s one button to press to start recording
  7. Rob81

    Where are the pelagics?

    Last year's bonito season was so thick I struggled to not get bonito during a session. Last year seasons was the most bonito I've seen caught compared to the 7-9 seasons prior to that. Some seasons start late and others earlier. Going back roughly 10 years ago, we would start chasing them late Nov - early Dec, also the avg caught back then was much larger than those caught last season. The odd few I've seen this season so far are larger than last, just not as many in numbers so far.
  8. Rob81

    Eisen spike pro - for rock fishing shoes

    Had mine for about 4-5 years now. Best investment made. just wash them once in a while. ill tend to spray some inox on it too. Haven't had any rust on it due to maintaining it. I've seen some that are fairly bad condition but I also know these people don't really look after it. I've also seen a few where the rubber/plastic has broken which hold onto the metal, but can be easily fixed with some cable ties.
  9. Rob81

    Mt Ettalong point

    Nothing to be sorry about
  10. Rob81

    Mt Ettalong point

    We all probably know what you mean, but its spelt "Groper" rather than "Grouper". Grouper is a different species and may confuse others.
  11. Rob81

    Internet ruins the fishery

    You should probably factor in, that the fact there is a crowd there and everyone else going by thinks something is going on so will go in to investigate or give it a go as well.
  12. Rob81

    Stella 14K Enquiry

    Just only difference mainly is 14k is XG (different gear ratio - high speed retrieve).
  13. Rob81

    Stella 14K Enquiry

    8k to 14k is same family so it should.
  14. Rob81


    yeah almost not rules back then compared to now.
  15. Rob81


    I've read somewhere this is considered "trapping". So you can only use it where you are allowed to use crab traps. Just something to consider before going out to use this technique at restricted areas.