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  1. Almost the same as Macca02, I use soapy water and then pat dry and leave to hang. and for the oiling part I primarily do that to squid jigs only, whatever oils I can find in kitchen (vege, canola, extra virgin olive oil) The hooks don't tend to rust and quiet frankly I'm not overly fussed if they do rust, as I would just swap them out. For Squid jigs I go the extra step only cause those aren't as easy to swap out. Some people change hooks after each session as they don't want any form of risk on losing a good fish.
  2. Rob81

    Manly cove

    Hi Will, just be wary about the rules around the Manly area. You mentioned squid and there is a part around Manly where they are protected. Here is the map:
  3. I've heard people get them up around Como and sometimes around Woronora, not just the odd 1 but quiet a few. But those types of reports aren't often but it does occur. I think Woronora I am more surprised about but I heard about them here and there over the years. This is also boat based, not land based.
  4. Rob81

    Where to Fish?

    Hi Eddy, Here is a landbased map that can get your started: Some places may have changed since the creation of this map as it was posted back in 2011.
  5. Yeah that's probably your best option. Its a bit of a walk down from the top just to let you know.
  6. Yeah prawns and SP's do well there. Fish light in that area and works well. Issue is getting a decent fish up on light line can be difficult. Just remember as I've stated above, its a very steep hill down in the car, if your cars heavy with bad or semi tyres you might not make it out. Id probably suggest you park outside and take a walk to take a look at what I mean. I've seen a few cars go up and then go backwards back down, and some managed to get out on the 5th attempt. Also on top the crest can scrap the bottom of your car. I drive a SUV so its less of an issue for me but you can get up and down in sedans/hatches.
  7. Park near the bottom and walk down. There is a toilet block along your way down. Good luck with the fishing.
  8. Hi Kaniss, Looking at google maps it doesnt show the road. Its quit a steep road that goes down. In the image you will see that arrow on the road and its just down that. you can get down and up again in a sedan or small car, just go slow at the top part. Best you dont go down if the ground is wet in a small car or you might have trouble coming back out.
  9. Works well... problem is a lot of other species love squid too. Not too sure the length of your rod but some locations would probably require the longer rods, around 10-15ft rods. really depends on location and also condition of water.
  10. NS Blackhole Amped II have a few options for the 2 piece 6-7 foot range. You also have the ultra light option like your current rod if that is what you prefer. Its a decently priced rod in that its not overly expensive but still a nice rod to use.
  11. You should try wharf fishing with that setup. You'll find your target species off wharfs as well
  12. Saltist should do fine if you are on a budget and more into Daiwa's line of reels (or if you would consider shimano's line of reels, the Saragosa). The rod is more important than the reel anyways, as long as you work it properly. Just remember that's a PE4-6 setup you're using when choosing the line. I'd probably look more into what line to use and not skimp out on that part. IMO it's more important than the rod or reel as that is what connects you to the fish and there are heaps of options out there. This is just my opinion, many would probably argue the reel is more important and you should invest more in that area, but I think if you plan on using it is a winch, then yeah, focus more in the reel if that's the case.
  13. To me, metals are more about bling and you lose some of that bling with the stickers some of them have. I tend to just take them off, and as mentioned above, tailors and salmon love the chase. Also the main difference is how it swims which is determined by the shape and types of hook you have on them. Regards to weight of the metal would be determined by the gear you choose to invest in. Most rods will tell you ideal weights, if it mentions metals specifically then stick to that weight range, if it does not but just have lures weights, adjust the weight to the lower side of the range mentioned. Around 20% above the lower mark; For example, 10-60g lures, I would stick to something around 18-22g metals. The metals mentioned above, twisty's, bishops and knights, are all simple, cheap and very effective. You'll probably find when tailors are around, in most cases, you will easily out-catch the people using baits.
  14. You're better off going instore to try them all out. Loaded up with store assistance. but then again field feeling and store feeling can be different.
  15. If you have a budget where you dont care how much you pay, then your range can be pretty much anything. You can be fussy about how you want the rod, down to the level of how you want that rod to be. You have rods around the $150 mark that can do the job up to rods in the $1,300+ mark.