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  1. Curly88

    Kill tank

    Hi raiders Just wanted to know if anybody knows of a product i can paint or spray onto my kill tank to give it some insulation. At the moment it is a underfloor aluminum tank that ice melts in a couple of hours. Thanks curly
  2. Curly88

    Length to weight chart

    Yeah I found that one online but was more looking for mako shark since a couple were tagged yesterday, Thanks
  3. Hi Does anybody have a link to a length to weight chart for sharks , tuna and Marlin. The Bluewater mag one I usually use is not available anymore on there website. Thanks curly
  4. Curly88

    Boat name stickers

    Hi raiders Looking to get some boat name stickers made up. Where's the best place to buy them for quality and price either online or around Wollongong/Sydney Area. Thanks Curly
  5. Curly88

    Garmin sidevu

    Hi I am wanting to add sidevu to my Garmin gpsmap 1020. At the moment I am running a Airmar TM260 1kw tranny. I have been down to my local Garmin dealer and told him what I want and he has been no help at all. I want to know what I need to buy to get this to work. I think I need a Garmin black box with downvu/sidevu transducer but will this interfere with my Airmar tranny. Also do I need to set up a NMEA startupkit on my boat to make the black box work?. People that have sidevu for there Garmin do you like it?. Is it good for finding baitfish when your outwide. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Curly
  6. Curly88

    Electric trailer brakes

    Yes it's a big help zmk1962. Ill have a look and let you know what I find. Thanks Curly
  7. Curly88

    Electric trailer brakes

    There is a 7 pin connection on the trailer
  8. Curly88

    Electric trailer brakes

    Hi zmk1962 That's excactly what happens if the battery on the trailer is charged. When driving the brakes seem to be running off the trailer battery instead of the csae battery because after about 1/2 a hour of driving the brake indicators light starts to fade until the battery is flat then the brakes don't work. I hope this make sense.
  9. Curly88

    Electric trailer brakes

    Yes the is power to the brake controller because when there is no trailer plugged in the light on controller glows red when you brake. Thanks Curly
  10. Curly88

    Electric trailer brakes

    Hi guys Just upgraded to new trailer with electric brakes. I I Had a Redarc brake controller fitted and when I plug trailer in the the light on brake controller glows green and changes to red when you brake as it should but after a while the light begins to fade like the battery is going flat. My question is why does it seem to be running off the emergency brake battery and draining it when it should be running off the car battery. Any help would be great. Thanks Curly
  11. Curly88

    You learn something new...

    Somebody also told me if your car doesn't have the arrows that point to which side of the car you fill up you look at the little bowser pic on your dash and you fill up on what side the hose is on the bowser. Not sure if it's true but it works on my two cars.
  12. Curly88


    Thanks dave
  13. Curly88


    I was looking for a all round anchor that does sand and reef. Currently run about about 5m of chain at 6mm links that come off the old boat. I can add a extra couple of metres but current anchor just doesn't holds that well when the current is running.
  14. Curly88


    Hi raiders Looking to upgrade my anchor and just wondering what are some good anchors you guys use. Been looking at the sarca anchors they sound good but wondering if there are less expensive ones out there that do a good job. Boat is a 6.8m alloy Thanks curly
  15. Curly88

    Sea Surface Temp

    Hi I was thinking off getting a subscription to a site for sea surface temps. Either Seasurface or Ripcharts. Which one or other ones to you guys like. Thanks Curly