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  1. lose the trebles, trebles are a nightmare on fish that swallow prey whole. definately not good for C and R IMO. get some single hooks, a wading net and some forceps for hook removal.
  2. Laws don’t make things right, kingfish for example in nsw don’t breed until 80plus cm from memory but the size limit is way under that. if it’s known that flathead above 58-60cm are pretty much all females then it is a good idea to return them to the water imo regardless of what the law says.
  3. Check your guides for any nicks, happened to me before too, thought that was strange busting off at the rod, turns out someone had used the ring as a hook holder instead of the guide foot. cost me a decent king! may or may not be the cause but it reminded me of that day.
  4. I used to drain a 100amp battery in about 6hrs using spot lock etc that was a 4.5mtr boat with a 55lb minn kota
  5. Reading through the comments reminded me of a vid I watched earlier today, it’s related to flooding megalong valley by raising warragamba dam wall, the kowmung etc apparently won’t exist along with much more, so if ya gunna do it then get busy! heres the vid
  6. I had 55 on my 449 nomad for over 10 years, recently upgraded to 24v system and it lasts sooooo much longer and works sooooo much less. top speed slight increase but gets there easier and holds position at lower speeds.
  7. Go big is all I can say lol. And hang on for your life, these fish are the gangsters of the ocean imo! A pe10 jig rod will be right at home. Also beef up your jigs, they can bite through Kevlar cord assists lol. I wish you the best of luck lol, hooking them isn’t hard lol, stopping them from reefing you is and if you manage to stop him hitting the reef then hope the sharks don’t get it, then hope the hooks don’t pull, then hope he doesn’t bite through assists lol. The odds are against you mate haha. i reckon if you land 1 in 10 your doing well, I’ve only chased th
  8. google rogue rod tube, theyll do the job.
  9. In that case id save the money and buy another rod or reel lol. if your hitting recommended WOT revs and getting out of the hole well then i wouldnt worry. same pitch and size just in stainless wont do too much imo (maybe a touch more responsive) could be wrong though. it will look pretty!
  10. Nice boat mate, my mate just got a prop from somewhere beginning with S. With their suggestion it’s given his boat a massive increase in performance, turns out he was geared too high. if you can’t work out who I’m talking about let me know and I’ll pm you the company. whats the issue with your boat? What is the WOT revs at the moment?
  11. Not disagreeing with your method but not sure how you can have a 2 metre leader and not run it through the guides (maybe im missing something here) also surely an albright knot is the most KISS friendly (one knot instead of 2)
  12. Re leader length, i do similar to above but not quite as long. i like to make it so the albright knot is just off of the reel when about to cast so depending how much line you want hanging out the end of rod to cast comfortably will dictate the length of leader. i dont change lures too much and if i do i try and waste as little line as possible.
  13. Good idea mate ? one of my customers “rents” a spot on her lawn for a neighbours vehicle in exchange for some weeding in her gardens.
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