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  1. sad to see it go this site has given me so much knowledge and helped me get to where i am as a fisherman today. as for the lack of posts been fighting chronic illness for the last 2 years in and out of hospital for the last 6 months or so fishing is a gift don't take it for granted. still try to get out as much as i can with some amazing fishing happening but just haven't found the time to post. thanks for everything guys and good luck in the future. cheers seamus
  2. how big would you guys think it is?
  3. hey raiders headed out off sydney today trying to land my first marlin hit the water early and loaded up on slimies just outside the heads the water in close was cold and green so we headed wide. we set the spread 20km out and headed east as we went out more the water got warmer we got 27.5 there wasn't much out in the super hot water other than stripes so we made the descion to head in eventually the short corner went off at first i didn't think it was a marlin as i had only put this lure out in hope of a dollie it was barely 5" long. it was a marlin it had taken a spin combo with 60lb braid it put up a great fight with plenty of ariels after about 25 minutes we got a tag in and by 30 minutes i was holding the bill it was a first for me a black marlin (est 40-50kg) off sydney in my 480 coast runner. cheers sydneyfisher12
  4. they move the other day i headed 40km out didn't get any there and ended up getting 15 over 70cm 11km off sydney it pays to move around if the water temp is up and the water is blue they'll be around just have to locate them on the day.
  5. theres heaps out there just gotta move around to find them it's been my best ever season on them
  6. when u catch a tagged fish all u need to do is get the number off the tag and call fisheries. the tag does not need to be removed but you can keep the fish if you want to. people put a lot of time and effort into tagging and releasing fish it would be good to see them being reported as it can reveal some interesting information.
  7. yeh mate very wet by the end of the day
  8. headed off sydney today chasing dollies had a mark about 40km out which i was heading for took a good 2 hours to get there in some pretty average conditions first mark held nothing but near by i found the fish they were on landed around 20 kept 8 for a feed and tagged and released a few with the biggest around 80cm they were taking just about everything got them on livies, dead baits, plastics, micro jigs and fly. the harbour was also holding plenty of kings which we managed on fly and surface stick baits cheers sydneyfisher12
  9. gday raiders took the yak out after school today to try something new micro jigging/ slow jigging for jewfish headed out to my spot on the parra and started experimenting with different techniques as i have never jigged for them about 5 minutes in i got a solid hit but missed it 2 lifts later i hooked up and had a great fight i landed a nice little jew measuring 70cm he took a 35g maria shore ticker jig fished on 14lb leader and a 3-6kg plastics combo i find the jig great for fishing deep holes when there a lot of wind and current and a plastic just won't hold bottom cheers sydneyfisher12
  10. for 12 and peak i wouldn't only wind up 3 or 4 winds kings don't usually sit that close to the bottom there (depends on the day though) I've caught only 30m down its really important to have a good sounder so u can mark them and put your bait right into them. in close 3 to 4 winds is a good rule but in the deep one day they can be 5m off the bottom and the next they'll be sitting 50m up.
  11. i don't like the paternoster rigs they don't allow the live bait enough free room to look natural use a running sinker rig with a trace of about 1.5m to the live bait make sure your sinker is very heavy or you'll never make it down. once on bottom bring the bait up about 10-30m depending on where u can see the kings on the sounder. best baits are live slimy mackerel or yakkas but squid strips work too. id avoid pilchards they're too soft and would break up on the way down. jigging is another affective method.
  12. lately I've been chasing jewfish a lot in sydney harbour fishing for jews you get a lot of by catch some of which is good and some which are bad (time wasters) i manage heaps of flatties usually 10+ per sesh with the average around 40cm but there are some bigger models around lately with the biggest being 80cm heres some pics I've also been getting a few kings up to 70cm we get plenty more including bream and the other day i even got a 45cm whiting on a 5" lure cheers sydneyfiser12
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