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  1. Didn't know they still had 50 cm+ flatties at Rose Bay! That's a quality effort for first time on SPs, well done!
  2. Pretty much this, You'll pick up way more flathead if you cover lots of water. Try fishing an estuary or tidal stretch of a river and take a bit of a walk. Count how long your lure takes to hit the bottom after each cast. If there are any areas where it takes a bit longer, give it a few extra casts. I don't think lure size matters too much in my experience tbh: a hungry 30 cm flattie will still smash a 5-inch lure, a 50 cm model will scoff something half that size and vice versa.
  3. Cracking fish Stewie, top job!
  4. Congrats on your first fish on an SP Wellzy! Sure it'll be the first of many, plastics are highly addictive!
  5. No, I was just C&R, but thanks for reminding everyone.
  6. Solid bag there, Ryder, great work!
  7. Hiya folks, Figured after nearly losing the site, I'd make more of an effort to post some reports. I've been chasing bigger fish on heavier tackle and smaller stuff on the fly, but I thought I'd give the light gear a go today. It was a beautiful morning and I headed down to the Georges. Managed 5 fish in total: a bream, a luderick (foul-hooked, but a PB!), a whiting and a couple of flatties. Also got busted off by a monster tailor and a couple of follows by something bigger. It was an eventful little session, with everything taken on Powerbait crabbies with 1/16 and 1/20 jigheads. Ha
  8. That's an awesome fish, congratulations! Sounds like a pretty epic battle!
  9. Genuinely sorry to hear this news guys, such an informative site and a great community that will be sorely missed. A huuuuuuuuge thanks to Stewie, Donna and all the mods/members who've made it all possible over the years: I've learned so much from you guys!
  10. Good shape on that bream. Almost snapper-esque .
  11. Well done mate, I'm sure it'll be the first of many.
  12. Nice fish! Did you get hungry and take a bite out of the top one's tail before he ended up on the barbie?
  13. Cheers Rick, the caves are in Kosciuszko national park, about 2 hours out from Jindabyne. It's a pretty amazing area, some really spectacular scenery. The caves are only $4 to get in for a self-guided tour, but more if you get a guided tour. I think the entry price also includes access to the thermal pool, which was pretty cool too, and the river runs directly behind it. A few pics:
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