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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. @frankSI like the thermos idea. I'll have my butane cooker for when we are at anchor, but an oven is the way I want to go. @SmobabyI'd love to be supporting aussie made, but from what I can tell, the copies are better than the original. I'm happy to pay a bit more for an aussie one, but maybe not so much if the product isn't as good. Never heard of kick ass till now, so I'll carry on doing my research. I take your point about the knock-offs. It must be disheartening to come up with an idea, and then have someone knock it off and make money out of it. I'll pos
  2. Tomorrow is looking better swell-wise I'm thinking of doing some shopping at the flathead grounds.
  3. Hi My little fella wants to have a go at hairtail this year, so to prepare for an overnight trip, I'm thinking I'd like to get a pie warmer, 12 volt oven Anyone got one and what do you think of it? cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do have an air compressor and while looking around the shed, I found a multitool, a nail gun, and an air die grinder, in unopened boxes. Must have got them on sale and then hid them from my wife! The air sander looks like a good purchase too. Maybe it look at them. At this stage, I'm leaning towards a 4300 kit. @frankSthe house is a radiator housing for a 1967 Datsun. I got a replacement one, but I'll keep the original in case I ever get a cnc machine or a welder and what to see if I can fix it. It's pretty unlikely though!
  5. Thanks guys. I'll have a look at some of the dremel models and see what I like the look of. I've finally getting some time to work on my old car, and was looking at ways that I could speed up my work. Sounds like the corded version would still be the go. Just need to look at the models. A couple of items that are need of some TLC
  6. antonywardle


    Hi Anyone got a recommendation about what type of dremel, or similar product to buy? I was thinking that it might be time to treat myself while the sales are on, but I don't know which ones to look at it. I'd be interested in something that has a small cutting wheel, and the ability to sand in small gaps. thanks
  7. @motiondave I saw your boat on FB Market place. Good luck with it. If you want a mid Jan fish, hit me up, I'm up for taking a day off work to go and chase flathead.
  8. Lions park was full on boxing day when I got back from an early start. I think it will die down a lot when everyone goes back to work/school. I know a few people who won't do much with their boats until after Australia day weekend. Thats always a good one to avoid. Don't sell @motiondave, it will get better, you spent too much time on that little boat!
  9. I made my own scoop and attached it to the johnson live bait tank kit I got. one, I connected a tap on the inside of my transom. When I have a PVC scoop on it, it seemed to force water in too much when underway and i didn't notice till I saw all the water above the floor. I had to turn the bilge pump on and I lifted the floor up and turned the tap so it was isolated. I put the mesh back on it, and I now have to manually prime it by pouring a bucket of water in to the tank to get it working. I'm not overly happy with the setup and might end up going to something different.
  10. I got a PFLUEGER Trion Transcendent Travel Spin Fishing Rod 7' 5 piece, which it a three piece with two middles and two tips. Used for Barra. I also got a 6'6 Ugly Stik Gold 5-10kg 4 Piece Spinning Fishing Rod that I used on the reef in Darwin and it did good enough to wind up a really big lemon shark. If you were just reefing, the ugly stick would be fine. Its less than $100 and it fits in your luggage without too many issues.
  11. I'm starting to head back in to the office too. That said, I've been able to take a few days off during the week to keep my fishing skills working ok, and when you can choose your day, its a bit easier. Office one day, wfh 4 days. Thats what being in IT is good for. It doesn't usually matter where you are.
  12. I think that the two rumors are that bananas give of a gas that can catch fire nd explode or the gas causes the other fruit that they are with to ripen too fast and spoil. I have had bananas on boats before and found that the fishing got better when I binned them
  13. Dave would most likely wave back. Hes a nice guy wave out to me if you see me, Im in a white plate boat with stressfree written on the side.
  14. The boat is a polycraft that came from Brisbane. Dave is the owner. I've been out a few times, and it was with him I got my PB Dusky. I think it was 82 or 84 on a plastic. Safely released that one too.
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