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  1. antonywardle

    Tough Day at the Flathead Grounds

    It was green toads. They puff up on the surface! We landed a heap f them. Sorry for any confusion. One Jacket was landed too, but it was tiny.
  2. antonywardle

    Brisbane Waters late session today

    you can only hand line in Brisbane waters @macca02
  3. antonywardle

    Tough Day at the Flathead Grounds

    Hi A mate from my football team asked if I could take him and his son out for a fishing trip. His sons birthday was coming up and they'd not had much luck when chasing fish in their own boat before having to sell it. S we picked Easter Saturday and headed out from Woy Woy. Weather was pretty good, and not much swell to speak of, the conditions were looking excellent, but as can be the way with fishing, nothing was biting, it was really quiet. I'd decided to try experimenting with my setups as it was meant to be a fun day, but all we got was spikies and puffer fish and the puffers were doing a lot of damage. I lost quit a few rigs and sinkers and I had nothing to show for it. I tried a big plastic on a metre trace at the end of the sinker and this happened to it. As a comparison, this is a before and after photo So I ended up switching back to my standard setup and finally, after about 6 1/2 hours, I found a patch of flathead, and landed the first fish of the day. Next one to land was the birthday boy and within 2.8 seconds of landing one, he was giving his father a hard time about not having caught anything!. That slowly change around as Dad pulling in a 520mm model which turned out to be the pick to the days fish. This nearly killed him and he retired not long after. We continued on catching and with some experimenting still going, I tried a sinker plastic that @zmk1962 was trailing. The plastics on then suffered the same fate as the big rubber, but on a 3/0 circle, they ended up catching quite a few. I ended up baiting some of them after adjusting my riggs to make sure I was only using three hooks. The sinker rig is some doubled over 100LB braide on a 3/0 circle with some head shrink and a lumo bead on a big snap, because that what I had lying around. You can see the remains of the small squid plastic! All in all, I was happy that my new T-knot riggs held up and that all of the snelled circles all held. I didn't have any gear failure, other than that which was nipped off by the puffer fish. At about 1:30pm, we called it a day, and went home with a good feed for my mate and his family. Hard to believe, 6 1/2 hours for nothing and then another 90 minutes to make everyone's day.
  4. antonywardle

    Fishin' Lake Mac - Land Based

    great info there @Squ!rt, ''ll have to check itout when I'm next up there cheer
  5. For offshore flathead: (50 metres) Two or three hook paternoster rig with a sinker heavy enough you keep you on the bottom. Hooks I use are a 3/0 suicide, circle or kahle. My rig is a flexible rod, about 7 foot long with 20 or 30 lb braid with a snap and then my rigs have either a loop on them or a swivel to connect to the snap. I've been using 40lb recently as its what I have lying around. Loop on the bottom so I can change sinkers if I need to. Bait I have the most success with pilchards, and every now and then I'll push on a soft plastic to on of the hooks. I also have fluro beads. No idea if that helps, but I find it therapeutic when I'm tying them good luck!
  6. antonywardle

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Great write up and photos. I have to get up there in my boat one day and stalk @Scratchie and @garfield28 around the water for a snapper!
  7. antonywardle

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    @LuckyFil it swims like a vibe, but it is a hard body. I just threw it out and slowly wound it in. Every now and then I'd lift the rod and let it drop down. I think that the one that I landed, I cast it on top of its head and it just swallowed the whole thing down. The rest were just on a slow retrieve.
  8. antonywardle

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. @Scratchie there is something exciting about the scenery and knowing that there is a big biting thing that is hanging around the back of the boat somewhere looking for an easy meal. @GoingFishing Croc'd is a local term for a bit crocodile has munched up the steel crab trap to get at your bait and swam off with it. We got that one back miles from where it was set, but it was stuffed, so it went on to be retired.
  9. antonywardle

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    The start of April was the dates that I was able to head back to Darwin for my 4th Barra chasing trip. The wet season was pretty dry so I didn't have too high hopes of the run off being very good. When we arrives, there was another storm building and this meant a delay of an extra day. We drove the boats out to the mother-ship and then hooked everything up for a tow to the Moil The mother-ship was the best one I've been on (I've been on two) and being able to tow our day boats was really good. It had a heap of room and the cabins each slept two people.Nice and cool with the air conditioning too. The Moil was pretty dirty and no fresh water was running out of the creeks. We found one creek that looked promising and I managed to hook up two Barra, but dropped both of them. So that wasn't so good, particularly with how slow the action had been. Some of the other boys were catching 450's but that was about it. Next thing to try was to go crabbing. I managed a blue salmon of the back of the mother ship on a fly rod and that was used for crab bait. We did ok with the crab pots, although one got Croc'd we were able to retrieve it at low tide The reef fishing was a bit better than the Barra, and we were able to bag out on Golden snapper(3) on the first day. I also got a new species, a tusk fish, and that was pretty cool. There wasn't as many tricky snapper this trip, I managed one, but I kept catching Goldies that were all returned. Managed also to get a couple of Black Jewfish which was good. Still no Barra! The scenery was pretty good. I tried a truck load of different lures, but went back to the lure that I'd hooked the two barra on and it turned out to be the right move. One cast and I thought I was stuck on the bottom, but then it started running and I was on! After a tense battle, I got a 710 mm on the boat and was very happy. I followed it up with a small 450 that was sent back to carry on swimming. I enjoyed the trip very much and was happy that I was able to bring back some fish and crabs. The muddies were full and a good size. All the Jennies were released, but these bucks were pretty tasty For those that want to know my tackle, the reef rod was was a 4 piece ugly-stick with a Finn Nor LT100 , with 100lb braid and a two hook 80lb paternoster rig. Squid was the bait. I lost a bit to sharks, so I don't know what else you could use to save your tackle. I had three rods for chasing the Barra, but the one that did the damage was a three piece pflueger trion transcendent travel rod, a Finn Nor LT40 with 20lb Yellow Rovex Braid, 40lb leader joined by an FG know and attached with a loop knot to a Balista Juggernaut 65mm lure. Now back and looking forward to details about next years trip. Hoping to get out in my boat this long weekend to chase a few flathead. If you made it this far, then thanks for reading!
  10. antonywardle

    Information on Carribean offshore

    I had a Safari. It was fine. Nice ride. I prefer a bit more fishing room and I think mine was going need work on it. I used to get a bit of water in it from water over the back through the control holes. which I didn't like, and the sides weren't high enough for me to feel safe taking my young feller out cheers
  11. antonywardle

    Heading out near Terrigal in a Tinny

    Terrigal ramp is terrible. All concrete, nowhere to tie up, you got to push it up to the beach and hope you don't stand on any of the local stingrays. Ditto to what @flatheadluke says above. I never went there in an FG boat, maybe I'd do it now I've got a plate boat, but I am expecting that there will be some damage to something, unless it is dead calm stay safe
  12. antonywardle

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Yes, I have one of them, but not yet tried it in my new boat.
  13. antonywardle

    Bottom Bouncing Strategy inspired Jig

    Nice work @zmk1962. I might have a go at tying some on the train when I am commuting this week. @Fishop, not had the snap swivels fail as such, but you do need to check that they are done up properly. I've had times where I've bought up my rig and noticed that its come undone. Barra fishing, people like the snaps so they can change lures quicker, but in that case, I go with a longer leader and tie on with a loop knot.
  14. antonywardle

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Hi I use a three hook paternoster rig. I use pilchards for bait and I put a glow bead on the line that the hook is on. My rig is pretty short, maybe 70 cm all up. I have very heavy sinkers and very flexible rods that help keep the line on the bottom. I fish in 50 metres of water. I'll sometimes put a blue/while gulp bait on one of the hooks and that seems to catch the larger fish. I've also tried a pre-rigged line that had little plastic squid on it and that was reasonably successful, although the hooks didn't seem to set as well as my own build ones. I've also noticed that if you are drifting too fast, then you don't catch as much.