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  1. Welcome aboard. I think that most of the time, bigger is probably better, particularly if you are heading offshore. Anything over 4.8m means that you have the option of fishing solo with out a life jacket on. A bigger boat means that you might need a bigger tow vehicle. If your trailer has brakes then you'll need a yearly inspection and the rego is about $100 more. A bigger boat may also mean that you have a bigger engine and fuel bill and it may stop you getting somewhere in estuary fishing. Alloy is a bit more forgiving for new boaters hitting something than FG. i have a 5.8 metre second hand StreeFree alloy boat, and i love it. No advice about the differences in your selections, the above is intended to give you extra things to consider after you've decided on your fishing style and have narrowed down your list a bit more. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get and the photo of it!
  2. nice work on doing it yourself!
  3. I don't think that the VSR charges both batterys. The engine charges the first one, and the VSR allows charge through for the second one. My VSR is connected to my starter battery, and when it is charged a little red light comes on and it charges the secondary battery. I leave my 1-2-both switch on 1 which is where the starter battery is. I also have a volt meter on my instrument panel and it changes when this is happening. Do you have a battery charger? If so, connect it to the main battery and then let it run. Once this battery is full, it should then charge your second battery and the VSR charging light comes on. That might help you decide where a potential issue is. The cable that the VSR (maybe 2mm or 4mm) uses is very small, so I don't think you'd have to worry about voltage loss with that. Voltage loss from the battery to the instruments up the front, or if your wires to the engine are long can cause an issue. How old is the outboard? Maybe your alternator is getting a bid sad. Good luck!
  4. I heard that mowong are much better if you leave them whole and take the fillets off without touching the gut lining. I don't find them too bad myself nice catch!
  5. I use mine occasionally when I was Barra fishing. They can be a bit of pain to use with all the birds nests and when you are untangling them, you aren't fishing. The last couple of times, I've gone with a spin reel. There are a lot of youtubes on how to set them up to avoid these. I've recently bought a new one, its a Shimano DC when it was on sale. Not used it in anger too much yet, but its a nice reel and it mostly stops the backlashes for me, but you still need to practice and practice and practice with them. I think that the reason people use them is for more accurate casting and getting under snags/trees.
  6. I've seen some of the pedestal seats with slots for trays i them. I've also seen some of the leaning ;posts with space for an esky in them. They look pretty good too. I'm going t have to do something similar as you are looking at. I got a lot of space for fishing, but not a lot for storage. A rocket launcher for getting the rods out of the way is essential I think.
  7. If you are wanting to bottom bash for flathead, just keep heading out until you are in 50 metres and then drop a paternoster to the bottom and drift around. good luck
  8. From the Virgin site: ( I think that as long as you book a second bag and put it in a PVC tube, less than 1.8 metres, you'll be fine. That said, I guess it would be a bit nerve racking to get there and be told a different story. Maximum Limits Oversized baggage can be checked in, provided each piece does not exceed 32kg in weight. Guests with oversize baggage may call the Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89 before arriving at the airport. Note: Please distribute weight equally between bags when travelling with multiple bags. Virgin Australia’s fleet includes a number of different aircraft types, all of which have slightly different operational limitations that affect the weight and size of the baggage they can carry. Aircraft Type Maximum Length A330, 737, Embraer 3.0 metres in length ATR72 1.8 metres in length A320 9.8 metres in length (depending on the flexibility of the item) F100 6.0 metres in length (depending on the flexibility of the item)
  9. From memory, when I flew to Darwin with Virgin, I had a PVC pipe that was 1.8m long for my rods. I now just take a travelers rod. Works well. cheers
  10. I was out on Friday with a mate who wanted to test out his new outrigger. We were trolling live yellow tails off palm beach and landed two rat kings. One on a down rigger and one on a ball sinker. Speed was around 5km/h i think. Just in gear. I think you could also use a squid lure with a garfish attached to it. Try to pin it in such a way so that it doesn't spin with you are trolling it. good luck
  11. very easy. They are just held on by a split pin usually. Take some spare ones, figure out the replacement rollers and some plyers and then the net time you launch, pull one off and replace it. Maybe look at youtube
  12. what hull type and what color rollers? Red usually for FG, Blue for Alloy and black, I'm not sure about Sometimes the wobble ones are grey. They are pretty easy to replace. Just a split pin
  13. here it is. looks like a very nice boat!
  14. take photos and write it up when you've completed it!
  15. There is a free one on Gumtree atm. I don't think its so good for fishing, but might be a start