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  1. Its an interesting one. Certainly there are royalty free movies that you can watch when the copyright has expired. I would say that generally, someone will own the copyright to a movie, and from there, they may or may mot allow you to watch it, usually for a fee. For you and your "is streaming ok and downloading not" question, I would put them in the same boat. The copyright message usually mentions the word broadcast and it can be argued that streaming is broadcasting. I'm not a copyright lawyer 😉
  2. +1 to having a water seperator. I might have a manual for your ob if interested PM me
  3. I have both. The handheld is in my tackle bag. It would probably be better off in the grab bag though, although I have my expired epirb in there already
  4. Hi Frank Great build so far. I have some secondhand Ford stud/holden bearing hubs you are welcome to if you want them for your trailer build.
  5. I'm also in the "Run it as soon as I get home, then go inside and make a coffee then come out and watch it until I finish it" camp. I like to feel that the water from the telltail has warmed up a bit. I probably do a good 10 minutes at a minimum, please if I'm not going out for a while then I run it again every few weeks. I also have the double ear muffs.
  6. Have a look at how Ryan Moddy did it. Its on yourtube and he's a pretty good fisho
  7. I'll be happy to take you offshore for flathead if you are interested PM me cheers
  8. I think if you are using a wire brush that it needs to be stainless wire brush Unless I'm getting it mixed up with welding
  9. Great read and a lot to consider. I'm pretty sure I'll be going the Merc 115 when its time to replace my 90ETEC. I think that their corrosion protection is pretty good. Pricing seems to be around 16K fitted from what I can tell. I'll also pop over to @zmk1962 to pick his brains too!
  10. Hi Name you boat what ever you want. Yes two boats can have the same name. Your rego is how RMS track you for rego payments. Marine Rescue track me by my call sign CC796. I think when I sign up with the App, my boats name (StressFree) is in the photo and its in the marine rescue app as the name of my "Profile" in case you have more than boat. I have heard people use their boats name when they call up for radio checks. In my case, I'd use my call sign. I guess if you are using VHF, then you need a call sign, although I'm not 100% sure about that. @frankS Love the name Nimrod! @M1100S what is your new boat?
  11. I'm hoping to get back up there in July. I was using Old dogs and Reidys. Nice pictures mate!
  12. There is an ISO Shop at Eastwood if you are Sydny based. The cheapest one the do is $140 Is that too high for your budget?
  13. I've not used either. THi only thing I've heard is that people can buy a map for their area and then they find out that the bits they are interested in, aren't covered by the new details. Maybe check on each vendor site and see what they say. I've only used Navionics myself, but if I find the box that the sounder came in, I might try out the CMaps for a week to see what they are like.
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