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  1. @Tarik - can't help a jafa mate - I'm a mainlander! One day, come up the coast and I'll take you out for flathead. You need a fishing license over here, I think you only needed a fresh water one back in NZ but its been a while since I've fished over there, so I don't know if the rules changed. cheers
  2. I went and had a look first hand. Its a big motor, It was trimmed down and a little of the ground but it was still taller than me. Zoran's beard looks more magnificent in real life than in his photos, and he serves a very good beer! Thanks for the catch up!.
  3. Took it out yesterday, no issues, but it was pretty flat. The extra clamps have now turned up so when i get a chance, I'll put it down and turn it around. Just annoyed I didn't realize until I put it back together.
  4. Hi On my last trip out, I noticed that my rocket lanuched had come apart, so I took it down and decided to tidy up the paint work. I also wanted to see if there was anyway of improving my travelling light. I found a rocket launcher clamp that is designed for just this thing, so I put it on and attached a fold down light. I can't decide if the lean on the rod holders is now too much. Its a bit more than it was originally, I think I put them on the other way around this time. It does mean that putting the rod in is now easier. I've got another light clamp, and I'll add my anntenna to it, so after a water test, I'll consider a change. I used some etch primer, and I realize that painting aluminium is not always going to be sucessful. but the paint that was on it looked rubbish. the clamp can move around a little bit, so atm, I've put silicone underneather. I might end up putting in a screw too. cheers
  5. Pretty big $$$$, nearly 20K which is a lot of electric motors, but yes i's cool to see.
  6. Hi Anyone seen the Yamaha Helm Master? Looks like a good (although very expensive) system and an alertnative to having an electric motor. The basic premise is that you can GPS Spot lock your single engine outboard. I can see it would be pretty good for offshore fishing, but maybe not for inhore, where you'd prefer the quieter running electric. It would be interesting to see if other manufactures come to market with a similar product Check out the Yamaha dealer saying how good the product is๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. My 3.7m quintrex dart has a shortshaft yamaha 15hp 2 stroke
  8. I agree @motiondave, its not all that easy to find. My local only has one.
  9. 50:1 is good for that outboard. You can also just use regular 91. There isn't any benefit in going higher octane, just stay away from the ethanol! Did you go on your first trip yet?
  10. Old boat had both new boat didn't. I didn't bother moving the 27mHz. The fishing club use 27mHz for chatting and you don't need a license for it. VHF you need a license if you want to use DSC, and to use DSC you need an MMSI, and to get an MMSI, you need a license. Marine Radio License I also take a handheld VHF that floats. As mentioned above, if its working leave it, if its not, I wouldn't bother replacing it, thow it out and put in another sounder. Take your mobile with you, it will most likely work where ever you are fishing, up to a few KM offshore
  11. HI I had a few issues trying to get insurance by trying to identify my old boat. In the end, I just winged it and went with the closest I could find. Try the NRMA website, they take you through a list of boats/years and you'll get pretty close. I guess, if there is an issue, could it be proved that what you insure it as, isn't what it actually is?
  12. I also heard of a builder getting booked for two boots in the ute tray. I'm guessing that maybe he gobbed off and then got the fine, but thats all I heard. I am also aware of the rule, but have never heard of anyone getting booked with their boat. As BN said, a trap or maybe one of those cargo nets would be ok. Just another thing to do at the ramp I guess
  13. Good effort going to Terrigal. I really don't like that ramp Welcome aboard. I head out from Lions Park Woy Woy, so if you want to tag along on a flathead run then let me know chhers
  14. Would love to make it this year, but I'll be chasing Barra that weekend up the top end, assuming boarders are open. cheers