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  1. thanks everyone. with some planning and a bit of luck, it was possible. As it stands, I've got about $1000 in airline vouchers to try and sort out. @mrsswordfishermanwe had 12 of us on the boat, plus three crew. Plenty of room.
  2. Thanks @YowieCertainly I had some unkind thoughts at the time! Pretty funny now though, and you are righ, catching something is better than nothing. I had a ball!
  3. Hi all, A long post, so if you are only interested in the fishing bits, skip down to the fishing heading! Getting there. My first trip to Darwin, June this year, chasing Barra got cancelled. Luckily we were able to rebook for September. Flights were repurchased and all was looking good. Then about three weeks before we were scheduled to leave, without any reason, Qantas cancelled the flights. Luckily we were able to rebook with Jetstar. The NT government also updated their Hot-Spot map and as long as we didn't go south of the Hawkesbury, we wouldn't have to isolate. Then two
  4. pick yourself up a portable battery jump starter too. Good to have it on board, and they can just about fit in your pocket these days. Pretty soon, you want to look at the dual battery option and we can help with that too. Its all in the search box!
  5. Well, for mine if Its been running recently, I can just turn the key and away it goes. Othertimes I need to push the key in. I don't very often use the fast idle leaver. good luck!
  6. antonywardle

    new toy

    Don't forget to take a fire extinguisher with you Nice looking boat frank
  7. Have a look and see how its sitting. Its pretty inexpensive to replace them. Also, consider using stainless rods as the spindle.
  8. I had a 5m FG boat and it was ok, but I never really felt all that safe in it. It was an older boat so it was probably all in my head. It rode quite well, but always seemed to get water in it. I moved to a larger plate boat, and I really like it. Loads of room and high sides, so I can take my young feller out and he won't easily fall over the side. The ride is ok too, although I think that a lot of ride issues are related to the throttle! In the smaller size, there will be more choice in the the alloy market. Most people will say that the weight is what gives the FG boat a better ri
  9. The Stabicraft or a Mclay look to be really nice boat.
  10. Thanks for the tip Ron ( @campr ) It might help me with the bungs too!
  11. I had some welding done on my plate boat, and i was pretty happy with the work. It was expensive, but I had a lot done. You might be looking at $100 One the small boat, I had a small hole. I cut a small piece of aluminium that when over the hole, one for each side. Drilled them put sixaflex between them and then pop riveted it. Seems ok to me Your boat sound like it is in between my two. If you want to give it a go, try the rivet method and see how you go.
  12. I've got a sabiki rod. works well the other thing that works well, it to get one of the better quality rigs, or make your own with heavier line. It really helps avoid the tangles. The cheap ones are basically a one use item
  13. I've been using a mixture of hooks, but most recently, the Eagle Claw Kahle hooks on the paternoster rigs. I've found that they seem to survive the jacket plagues too, so less lost gear and the Jackets are pretty good eating. I've also used the @zmk1962 squid on the sinker, and have found it to be very successful, but the main thing is, you gotta be on the bottom.
  14. I've wondered if they are any good. My lowrance came with CMAP and Navionics. I only used the Navionics because they were on my phone as well.
  15. I guess its good that you've got something to clean @flatheadluke!!! If you are in your boat, maybe clean them when you are tied up. I usually do that as @PaddyT said above. I mostly just do the gills and gullet though, and that was because I used to get bugged by a lot of tourists. I do the fillets at home, and if I have flathead, the backbone is good for the dog. I lost a luderick to a pelican at the entrance. Lept across the table to grab my arm, then got it on the rebound. My boy was doing a rubbish job of squirting them with the hose! Maybe we need to
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