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  1. antonywardle

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    The power of daytime and the sun has revealed to me that it is is a Hydraflex system. I ended up buying the Seastar brand of fluid before I discovered this. I can get it local so I'll check that it is compatable and then see about getting it installed Update, I found a website with what looks like my steering system and on the page is an orange bottle of fluid, just like what I bought so I think I'm going to be a winner. Thanks @zmk1962! Do you want to keep this thread going or shall I start a new one about my installation?
  2. antonywardle

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    Thanks. I can't see a brand name on mine. It looks like the fluid that was in it was green. I'm guessing that I should just drain it out, then pick an easy to find brand and stick with it. From what I've seen they all seem to be around $22 a litre
  3. antonywardle

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    Time to bump this one. I've got a new boat (to me) and it has hydraulic steering. The issue is that there is no fluid as it was removed to fix the ram. Do you have any preferences for what fluid to use? Can you use anything or should you go for a specific marine one?
  4. antonywardle

    Attempted crabbing with the boy

    Don't lift them out of the water, they'll let go. Net under them when they are near the surface, and then scoop them up. You might also find that when your crab line goes off, your bream rod does too!
  5. antonywardle

    Flathead wings.

    mine were just in flour. You can probably also use Tandaco
  6. I'm against it 100%, but I always wear my life jacket. Its poorly thought out law. You need a life jacket if you are fishing but not if you are standing there and that is my objection.
  7. antonywardle

    Tight-lines Tuesday - Barrenjoey

    great write up mate! No pelicans at the fillet table today 😉
  8. antonywardle

    cmap vs navionics

    My elite 9 Ti came with both cards. I've only tried Navionics because that's what I've always used
  9. antonywardle

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    Hi What I do when I'm chasing flathead off shore is I tie a bead and a snap shackle directly to the braid and then I clip om my leader. This allows me to change my traces when I lose hooks. When I'm inshore, I do something similar except that I have my small ball sinker between a couple of beads and I use a swivel. I tie my long leader to this . Seems to work ok for me. The point of the beads is to stop any damage to the top eye on the rod. I'm also trying to get better at the FG knot!
  10. antonywardle

    Flathead wings.

    I decided to try out this mad idea, and I was very surprised. They turned out really good. Its worth a go.
  11. antonywardle

    Cracking day in Broken Bay

    great write up @kiwicraig. I'd have loved to be out there too. I was out the day before and got some flatties before the wind made it too hard to hold the bottom
  12. antonywardle

    Smoked Cheese

    HI I thought I'd have a go at trying to smoke some cheese. I did a bit of research and then decided to try it out. First, I decided that if this turned into a disaster, I didn't want to spend too much, so I went down to the shop and looked for cheap cheese. I had some aldi brand in the fridge, and I added Coon (on special) and Coles brand to my selection First step is to cut the cheese up in to smaller blocks, and then put them on a wire tray inside a baking tray. This allows the smoke to circulate. I lit a couple of heat beads, and put some wood on for the smoke. I think I used some proper smoking wood. I put the cheese down one end and the fire down the other end, and then put the lid down on the BBQ and left it. After about half an hour I went and had a look. I used my laser gadget to check the temperature of the cheese. It needs to stay less than about 30 degrees, otherwise it will go soft and melt. Mine was ok. The other thing to look out for is the cheese sweating. Initially, I think I had too many heat beads, so I ended up removing some. I ended up leaving it in there for a couple of hours, before bringing it inside. I was expecting the colour to change a bit more than it did, but decided to leave it. The next thing to do is to wrap in plastic wrap, label them, and put in the fridge for a couple of weeks. You can try it straight away, but I heard that the taste is pretty ordinary. I put in the fridge and forgot about it. After a few weeks, I bout it out and tried it, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Nice smokey flavor. I can't really tell the if the different cheese styles made a difference or not, but I can taste the smoke when I make a toasted cheese sandwich. All up, I call it a success! Thanks for reading
  13. antonywardle

    Fishing goal this summer

    Well, if I go ahead with a new boat @kiwicraig, you can come with me to the FAD. I was out there with @zmk1962 a couple of weeks back, so a bit early for dollies. I've managed to over take the first placed guy in the fishing club. He was a long way ahead and stopped fishing in June! Maybe a Jew fish for me. I got my first dummer and my first aussie King so that was exciting.
  14. antonywardle

    Barrycuda v Broken Bay

    as above. It was the real deal!
  15. antonywardle

    help with new landing net

    Those environment nets are very hard to use. Its like trying to pull a bucket through the water! I ended up giving up and just lift the fish in now, although I am mostly doing outside fishing, I guess when I have a go at learning the dark art of inside fishing, then I'll have to revisit it