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  1. Well, I got an opinion from a lawyer about it, and as long as you keep your distancing then there doesn't seem to be an issue. I didn't need to get fuel and I didn't need to get any bait, nor did I interact with anyone at the ramp. That police boat was a big thing. Anyone know what it is?
  2. I went fishing today. Everyone at the ramp was filling up their boat with water and then running pump. It was bucketing down. One guy even stopped on the ramp and open the bungs. water was pouring out. I got a wave from the police in their boat, and came back with a couple of flatties.
  3. Sorry if I have caused anyone any confusion I'm not abdicating leaving the bungs in all the time. Every now and then, when its bucketing down, I like to go out in it, get wet, and put the bungs in and then pump it out from my bilge pump, before I open the bungs again. Logically to me, it seems like a good idea. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't but it makes me happy that I've found a use for free water that was going to waste, even if it makes no difference. It sounds like I'm the only one that does it. When its really wet, I get the kids outside with me, and I wash the cars too. Not the best finish but a lot of fun. When ever there is an electrical storm, I go outside and watch that too, and I like hearing my water tanks fill up. Its just part of my genetic make up.
  4. I bought a $40 two piece jarvis walker black queen deluxe FG rod not too long ago and I use it for bottom bashing chasing flathead. Works a treat.
  5. I think you'll be fine bottom bashing. Its not like casting. If you are really worried, get yourself a cheap FG rod like a Jarvis Walker Black queen I use one of them with a 16oz on it sometimes.
  6. wow, didn't mean to cause any controversy Yes, its just to run the bilge pump in fresh water. No I don't think that I'll cause any more damage than I get when I am out boating, and no I don't think it will cause any corrosion (it is alloy). I take your point about FG boats rotting their stringers with fresh water, but water wouldn't normally get in there as they are supposed to be water tight. No I'm not filling the boat to the gunwales. That would be: Stupid very heavy cheers
  7. Getting a bit of rain up here on the central coast ATM. I guess if I leave them in too long, the outboard will touch the drive way!
  8. hi All Anyone else take the opportunity to leave the bungs in the boat when it is raining so that you can run the bilge pump in fresh water, or am I just being eccentric?
  9. If you are launching from somewhere on the central coast then Lions Park is a pretty good ramp Gosford could be better but is ok, and Koolewong is new and is ok, although last time I was there, they were redoing the the northern end of the car park. I can't recommend Patonga at all. very hard work by yourself and the swell always seems to be the wrong way and you don't have anywhere to tie up. I'll look out for you on Saturday, how long will you be out for?
  10. I heard that there were a few bonies knocking about of the beaches at Umina. You'd have have to go slight open water, depending on the swell, but they were taking small metals. Cast them in to the bait and let them sink. If you use bigger metals, the tailor underneath were biting. I'm going to head offshore on Saturday if you want to follow along. I'm chasing offshore flathead. I'll be in a white boat with Stress Free (profile pic) written on the side. Offshore, you need a bit of extra kit, Radio, V-SHeet, flares, water etc. If the water beside Lion Island is above 1 1/2 metres then that counts as Open water. Feel free to PM me if you want
  11. did you finish this @Little Hooker ?
  12. Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal can winch up the titanic, and you can get one for around $130 I think it is 25 KG of drag and holds 300 yars of 100lb braid I like my one
  13. I heard that some people used to superglue their hook to the back of a crab to keep it alive Not sure if this is true or an urban legend