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  1. The TABS look interesting. Anyone use them on a smaller (6m) plate boat ? Do they interfer with the down/side scanning?
  2. My understanding is that if it is sealed then it is a flotation chamber and there is no requirements for a bilge pump. The bilge pump is for when you can lift up the floor as far as I know cheers
  3. I used to have a spare one lying around somewhere. If I can find it, you are welcome to grab it if you want to try. I don't use one myself. I figure that if they were any good then the manufacture would probably supply them. Some people will swear by them though.
  4. @kingfishbig thanks for that, didn't realize, hence the OP original question. I guess if you like the boat, then save up and trade in if you don't like the current motor, or sell the current motor privately.
  5. Try not to get mixed with with a two stroke being an older technology than a 4 stroke. That model looks like it is injected so it will be less smokey than you think and a lot quieter. Two stokes from a while ago, were loud and smokey and when there is a 4 v 2 stroke talk, that's what people think of. Run the engine and see how you go. Remember to flush it after every run and start it up before you go. Save up for a four stroke, I think, from memory, a 4 stroke Yamaha 60 will set you back around 10K. A well looked after, regularly used engine will be better than one that isn't and that goes for 4 and 2 strokes. I have a 2 stroke and I can occasionally notice the smell.
  6. Looks tidy, but as above, I'd move the negative off the hull and use a bus bar. You switch looks like it would be used for two batteries that are never used at the same time. You might want to consider a 1-2-both-off switch, so you are able to charge both batteries at the same time while you are running the motor. Read up on VSR when you are getting ready to add the second battery. cheers
  7. We could guess all day 😉 Looks a bit like an Albin, but that's just me googling. Also reminds me of my in-laws boat, but I can't remember what it is. Congrats on your new boat. I hope you have a lot of good times with it.
  8. Nice looking engine. I hope you have many hassle free years. Any reason for the hydrofoil on the cav plate? I've not yet looked at the electric motors, but it is on my list. The main requirements that I would have would be spot lock and possible auto-deploy as getting to the front of my boat can be difficult. There are a couple of well know brands, and I guess it might end up in the holden v ford debate. I've used them in little boats in the creek and they are superb, along with bigger boats chasing barra up north. Just about as essential as a cold beer
  9. Hi @zmk1962 put a winch on his boat. He did a youtube about it and its on this forum too. Something you might consider would be to fill in the transom and attach an outboard pod with a swim platform. That will be a few $$$ more than a ladder though. I've see a couple of T-tops for sale on the local free advertising site. Would you consider an electric motor on the front with spot lock instead of a winch? Your boat looks good!
  10. I'm guessing that with my rain water tanks, I don't have to worry at all?
  11. Maybe the "Marine" ones are UV stabilized so that they don't yellow after a few years in the sun. Online might be the go if you don't mind waiting. It will save the drive
  12. a mate was out last weekend and picked up a feed, but said he didn't get a bite for hours I think he said the water was 18 at the rip and 21 at the top of paddys.
  13. I also have one of the cheap ones, Hated the reel, but the rod was ok. I don't use it all that much as I ended up going for a travel rod. I ad been thinking about getting an ISO rod for blackfish. Is 5.2 m too long for you? They seem to be a little under $200 for a cheaper one.
  14. Update I couldn't get any water with the mesh, even sitting at anchor, so I pulled up the floor again and noticed that the garden hose I was using had a kink in it, so I ended up down at the local hardware shop and bought some reinforced hose and while I was there, i also bought a couple of elbows to screw on as a pickup. It didn't work initially while at rest, but the second time i did it, it filled the tank but it is quite slow. Still it, seemed to support the mullet that I caught.
  15. It will be interesting to see what would happen if you get pulled over.I guess it would depend n the guys interpretation. This is what is says: Bilge pump(s) – Manual or power operated for vessels with covered bilge(s) or closed under-floor compartments (other than airtight void spaces). Must be capable of draining each compartment. If you put one in, you'll then need a fire extinguisher too. Good luck!