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  1. antonywardle

    Holiday fishing in Brisbane waters

    all good mate. If it helps, I've been out with @Scratchieand @kiwicraig, but it is good advice from your parents. Maybe I'll have seas and a windscreen by the time you chase me up!
  2. antonywardle

    The Entrance mixed bag

    good mullet!
  3. antonywardle

    Holiday fishing in Brisbane waters

    Brisbane water was pretty quiet for me last weekend I spent 5 hours with my young one and didn't loose a bait. Not sure, if it was me, there weren't any fish or I was in the wrong spot/tide. I was around Paddy's channel If you are up for an early start, I go offshore on the weekends, so you'd be more than welcome to tag along. cheers
  4. antonywardle

    Dual battery set up.

    presumably, you use the third switch to join the two batteries together to do the both switch on a single battery?
  5. antonywardle

    Dual battery set up.

    +1 to what @zmk1962 said. I have a VSR between the two batteries and my 1-2-both-off switch is always on 1 (my starter battery) If I ever find one of these at a good price, I'll replace my current setup with it.
  6. antonywardle

    Central coast blackies

    Nice work! Want some company?
  7. antonywardle

    Trailer Maintenance - with 2.5T boat still on (Part 2)

    Great work - great write up!
  8. antonywardle

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    Are the gummy's any good? Nice report. Hope to get out there with you again mate!
  9. antonywardle

    More flathead

    nice work. Bad luck about the jackets.
  10. antonywardle

    Tohatsu Motors (50hp 4 stroke to be specific)

    They looked like nice motors. I didn't get anyone to talk to me about them. I thought that they looked physically bigger than the other brands, but you must have spoken to someone as you've said they are lighter. I've never used one, but a mate had a two stoke on and apart from being a bit noisy, it seemed to be very reliable.
  11. antonywardle

    sydney boat show

    I went to the show and I enjoyed it. Saw the new ETEC's unveiled. No pricing yet. The guy who services my outboard was there so it was good to catch up with him. Only had a quick look at the food on offer, it was very expensive. The matt finish suzuki's looked nice, but I couldn't get a price as no one wanted to talk to me. The Navionics "special" is 10% off, which is $18:50. I liked the look of the Yellowfins, but missed seeing the Mclays. Extreme and Surtees boats looked good. There is the Marina, two exhibition halls and an outdoor area. Beats going to work!
  12. antonywardle

    sydney boat show

    I'm going on Thursday! Never been before
  13. antonywardle


    I got 7 flathead off broken bay on saturday by 9:30 when it was too uncomforatable for my crew so we came back Didn''t loose any rigs for once, and caught 1 jacket
  14. antonywardle

    Braked boat trailers

    @flatheadluke there is one in Manns road. I think it was either $25 or $50 when I got the clubs boat done. I found a calculated was a while ago and documented it here: Boat Weight with maths
  15. antonywardle

    The 'freak wave' myth

    An interesting article about freak waves when rock fishing from Melbourne University The 'freak wave' myth