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  1. antonywardle

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    well maybe we can keep talking about it instead 😉 A drive on trailer, you need a way of getting in to and out of the boat at the ramp. People usually try and put a ladder there, but I don't know where you'd attach it to an FG boat. Anyone use hydraulic steering and how do you find it? The coupling over-ride looks pretty straight forward, take of the old and bolt on a new one, using engineered fastenings.
  2. antonywardle

    Meet up to talk fishing

    sounds good to me
  3. antonywardle

    Central Coast Fishing

    Entrance was quiet on Sunday. Even the mullet were slow
  4. antonywardle

    Outboard Motor Pod Advice

    Bump this post: How did you get on? I'm sorta getting interested in something like this myself
  5. antonywardle

    refurbish fibroglass boat

    Some of the later outboards come with power steering on the motor. I presume that most of the bigger models will have this as standard meaning that cable/rod/hydraulics will become obsolete. Are you a practical person? Would you have a go at doing some of this yourself?
  6. antonywardle

    New or second hand outboard

    I have a 90HP on my 5metre FG and it pushes it along very well. I think that the 70 would have been a little under powered. My engine is second hand ETEC 2010 model. I've been very happy with it, no issues. It just took a while to find it
  7. antonywardle

    Just want to catch some keepers

    you around on Friday? I have the day off. Central coast location
  8. antonywardle

    Trailer repairs

    The under carriage looks just like my one too, so I had also wondered about lifting the trailer up on jacks and then blocking it up to drop the carriage off and then make a new one. If you decide to go ahead, take lots of photos so I can copy ;-)
  9. antonywardle

    Interesting debate on life jacket laws

    I think its a bit like having headlights on, mandatory for motorcycles. I think its a good idea, and I'd be doing it anyway, I just don't want it mandated. With rock fishing, I wear a pfd and have the boots too, but I don't see why i would get a fine when someone else standing beside me with out a rod wouldn't. cheers
  10. antonywardle

    All rounder boat

    Just be around when I come up. I can help you launch! Would you consider keeping it and getting a little tinny if you have the room to store it? Possibly join a fishing club and find a deckie. I bet @Scratchie knows a few ;-)
  11. antonywardle

    First attempt at a handmade float

    Good luck. Steven was asking when we were going out again on the weekend!
  12. antonywardle

    Depth of water at entrance to Patonga Creek

    That other ramp is a pain when you are by yourself and there is any wind or swell good luck!
  13. antonywardle

    Dinga sale

    My shimano backbone turned up this week. Looking forward to giving it a run this weekend!
  14. antonywardle

    FG Knot tool

    That's good thinking!
  15. antonywardle

    New to fishing

    leather jacket! good eating green one looks like a wrasse of some sort.