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  1. Ok, so thats the flake then. Thanks for the update!
  2. Looks like two good methods. For those that want a bit more out of their flathead, take the wings off, coat them in flour and fry them. They are the best! You'd think you were eating chicken. Slightly fiddly but when I catch flathead, my wife takes a fillet and i get a plate of wings, and you can stretch it out to another meal. @kiwicraig got me to try this in one of his earlier posts. Speaking of which, its looking good for catching this weekend!
  3. Thanks for the picture @wrxhoon1. I was also thinking about just putting an elbow on the thread if/when it doesn't work. Would you keep it at 25mm or shrink it down?
  4. I'll see how it goes when I'm travelling @rickmarlin62 and then update post. Thanks for the kind words @zmk1962. I'm slowly getting through my list. I think that the windscreen has got to be one of the next things, after I put my larger fuel tank in. In case anyone is wondering, my 1 key is a bit hit and miss, so if you notice 28 above, then that's sikaflex 218!
  5. Hi I'm slowly getting through my list of things to improve on my boat, and the current thing I'm working on is getting the bait tank plumbed up for use. I've Used it in the past as a kill tank/ice slurry so that I'd be able to check that it didn't leak. I did a lot of reading and eventually settled on the Johnson Flow Rite kit. First job was to drill a hole in the transom. I wanted to have a valve inside the boat, so that if there was a disaster, I could stop water coming in. To do this I ended up with a tank fitting and tap and then screwing everything in. Hole was nervously drilled, and then he tank fitting and 28 were liberally applied. Next thing was to attach the strainer and the tap fitting. After this point, I took the boat out for a run, turned the tap on and water came it, turned it off and it stopped, so I was pretty happy about that. Next job involved a lot of skin being removed from my knuckles, a bit of swearing and redo's and emergency trips to the plumbing shop as i found that things didn't always quite fit. One thing thing I was interested in being able to do, was to have the tank drain out without going in to the bilge, and the possibility of using this to recirculate the water for cleaning or keeping fish alive overnight if i wasn't in the water. I ended up using some irrigation fittings and for the most part, it seemed to work pretty well. Tp use this, I need to be able to get at the tap, and that means being able to move my fuel tank out of the way so I lift up the floor. I then attached the pump and connected all of the hoses. I had a leak around the tank return as the hose wasn't a tight fit. I ended up using a truck load of 218, only because I split the tube, but it sealed it up pretty well. I invented a switch panel , from a lunch box, near the tank so I didn't have to run wires up to the front, and this also gave me somewhere to hook up my underwater lights. It seems to be doing the job, except it did get a bit of water from last weeks rain when I didn't put the lid on properly Finally, I filled the tank and let it run and it seemed to run really well. I left the water in for a week and didn't lose any, so I figured that I've got a reasonably well sealed system. I've not yet used it in the water, so I don't know how it go with drawing water while I'm running. Maybe next weekend If the water is good, I'll be able to test it out. Thanks for reading
  6. Ok, its time for me to renew my maps for my Lowrance Elite 9ti. I've had a map of all of Australasia, but when i've been out in my boat, I only need NSW, so i was thinking about changing my subscription to just be NSW. There is also the option of getting the Platinum plus card card. Anyone using this in an Elite and is it worth the extra money?
  7. I'm not 100% sure where I got it from. Maybe a pack from the fishing club.. Probably you can get them at local fishing shops, or Roads and Maritime.
  8. At least one person answered your question. If you can lift the floor up then yes you need one. Nice work @zmk1962
  9. Maritime pulled me over a couple weeks ago on my way back from the flathead grounds. I was in open water. He was a very nice bloke and seemed to be happy that I was wearing a life jacket and I could answer all of his questions about when everything expired. I'd recently found a sticker where you could write on the dates that everything expires and it was beside my two EPIRBS that he could see. I also showed him that my inflatable life-jacket worked as I was wearing it earlier and the pull tag got stuck in in my rod holder, I didn't notice and then I set it off! I then swapped jackets for the trip back. I've bought a new cylinder and a new life jacket. Another positive experience for me with Maritime.
  10. antonywardle

    boat license

    Looks like my 1 key on my laptop is failing!
  11. no issues when i've launched at Paisley bay. I don't do it very often though.
  12. antonywardle

    boat license

    as above. If your boat is capable of going faster than 10 knots, you're supposed to get it register too
  13. I've got a couple of Jarvis Walker Black Queens. Very flexible. I use them when I'm bottom bashing for flathead but I think they would be pretty good for Luderick too.
  14. Thanks for the info about the Bars @rickmarlin62 and @lakelad I'll have a go at that one one day, as it sounds like a better one to practice on, and now there is a new reef it might be a bit of fun to try a different area. I've fished for squid, bream and tailor in the lake a few times, but i like going offshore, even though I loose a few breakfasts!
  15. great write up @lakeladand thanks for the info about the artificial reef. I've never been out the heads from Swansea. Any tricks to worry about? I had heard that there was always someone watching for non-lifejacket people crossing the bar. No idea if it is true or not, I'd be wearing mine in any case.