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  1. SquidMarks

    Port hacking artificial reefs

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to revive this post to see how the reef are doing? has anyone tried them out yet?
  2. SquidMarks

    Decking/ floor for a aluminium boat

    I tackled a spongy ply floor replacement a few years back (end of 2015). replaced the floor with marine grade aluminium with regupol stuck on top. Its still going strong and is as good as the day i finished the job! The regupol is super grippy (is that a word?). Love hosing down the inside of my boat without fear of the old floor (marine ply with carpet) rotting away. here is a link to the last page in my post showing the job. https://www.fishraider.com.au/topic/79115-aluminium-boat-floor-thickness/?page=3
  3. SquidMarks

    Beach Worms

  4. SquidMarks

    Beach Worms

    I would say that is true about 60-70% of the time. The worms are there on the steep and coarse beaches, its a matter of worming on a really low tide. When i take my worms from these coarse and shelly beaches and go fishing at say Budgewoi Beach/jewfish point, the sand that the worms are in looks dark yellow and grainy/shelly compared to the sand at the above mentioned beach. You are also more easily fooled into thinking there are no worms at the shelly and grainy step beaches as the worms poke their heads out for a fraction of a sec when burleying (as opposed to very flat beaches where the worm is waving his head around like an idiot looking for that morsel that just drifted past). Coupled with the extra false positives from all the shells, rocks and grit making V's in the receding waves and it becomes easy to overlook or pass up a good worming beach. Just to prove a point that they can be found in all sorts of areas, I also worm at a beach in Sydney INSIDE an estuary (not an ocean beach) where the waves rarely reach more that half a meter, and most of the time its a piddly 30cm wave lapping the beach. It is here that monster thick beach worms are found (not the long slimy ones). They are accessible on the lowest tides and in only a 30-50 meter stretch along this particular beach which is much larger. Go before or after this 50 meter stretch and you would swear that there is nothing there. The beach looks uniform throughout and im not sure why they can only be found in that small stretch, my best guess is that the tidal current must bring more food to this particular part of the beach. This spot is my go to worm beach when targeting Jew and i need a few XXL worms to do the job. Most of my spots have been found blindly waving a burley bag in all sorts of places, you should do the same. When you find a new reservoir of worms you notice just how abundant they should actually be (compared to some of the pillaged beaches along our coast). I have added an old pic of the calibre of worms found at this beach (and this isnt the biggest, those i cant pull out for the life of me!!!).
  5. SquidMarks

    Port hacking yakkas

    The wharf at the ramp holds em. Burley up and grab a few using size 10-12 hooks with either no sinker or the smallest split shot on 2kg mono. Best time is dawn, during the day they seem to scatter a bit and are hard to get. Use a tiny bit of peeled prawn or a tiny piece of a filleted pillie. The trick is to make your bait look and behave in the water column exactly the same as the other thousands of pieces of burley floating around. Good luck!
  6. SquidMarks

    Boat Checked at the Ramp

    I must say that, from my personal observations on the water, 99% of the time RMS have been great in dealing with members of the public, but i have had 2 interesting encounters... (i wont mention the areas because i it is not my intention to smear all RMS officers in a particular area with the same brush). The first time was fishing in open waters in a Quintrex Coast Runner 470. There were 2 of us on board in broad daylight. The RMS officer motored over and began the usual inspections which in am completely fine with, we even bantered about how we were the first people today to have flares which were not expired. (he checked about 10 boats in the area before he came over to us). Anyways, prior to saying our goodbyes, he makes a statement "you know, both of you guys should be wearing a life jacket out here because the boat is under 4.8m". So i tell him " i know its a coast runner 470 but the boat is actually over 4.8m, the 470 is just a number, i can stick the number 6000 on there and it wont make a difference in the physical length of the boat. The 470 is the length from bow to the beginning of transom not LOA, The 480 models are actually smaller, kind of like what bar crusher did with their model lineup". He insisted that the boat is not over 4.8 meters in length, so i invite him on the boat to come check the Boat Builders Plate which states that the LOA is 5.08m. That quitened him down... Again, no apologies, no mention of him becoming confused, he just said 'ok, have a good one but you should be wearing it anyways". I thought that the more pertinent approach would be to ask the Captain for the LOA of his boat or to ask the captain of the boat if he knew the size of his boat before making those sort of statements. The second time was over the Christmas break. Maritime pulled up to our anchored boat and the first thing he said was "get a life jacket on that young bloke before you get a fine". I was a bit taken back, the boat was over 4.8m in length and we were anchored but we didn't argue and we got my son to put his life jacket on. I did ask him if the rules have changed and he sarcastically asked a rhetorical question "is your boat over 8m?, since its not, he must always be wearing his life jacket". We apologised, said our goodbyes and he want to check the next boat over 20 meters away. Anyways i thought i better check the rules because i also fish in different waterways and dont want to get stung by another officer who wont be kind enough to give me a warning. I quickly jumped on the RMS website. Having found out that the young bloke didn't need to wear his jacket when not underway i hailed the RMS officer to come back. When he motored back to me, I mentioned to him that the rules have not been updated on the website because it states that if the boat is over 4.8m LOA and it is not underway that children under 12 are not required to wear a life jacket. I emphasised that i am not trying to be argumentative but i want to clear it up as fish multiple waterways and different officers may have a different interpretations of the rules. So he tells me that he is sure that they have changed the wording from 'underway' to 'operational', he tells me it all written in the new RMS Boating Handbook. I asked him for a booklet, and he gives one to me, i proceed to turn the page to life Jacket safety and point out that it still stipulates that the jacket is only required to be worn when underway. So then he tells me "well, what are you doing, you're defined as underway!" i told him "im not drifting, im at anchor!" His answer??? No appologies, no my mistake, he said "alright, he can take it off then" and he just motored off...... That really left a sour taste in my mouth... I'm left schooling RMS officers who are enforcing laws which they are not familiar with. I wonder how many fines this officer gave out for this supposed offence which people would have unwittingly paid prior to encountering me...
  7. SquidMarks


    First thing you may need to do in order to improve your success rate in catching crabs is to throw out those crap traps you bought and go and get some crab traps (unless of course you are targeting crap and not crabs!) ?
  8. SquidMarks

    The entrance

    I guessing the groyne construction at south entrance beach did very little to keep the channel open.......... ?
  9. SquidMarks

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Im going to guess that its a sleeve for a removable component (like a removable rocket launcher). can you tell us where on the boat this is?
  10. SquidMarks

    Fishing in Croatia

    Hi Stevoo, Enjoy Croatia, it is a beautiful place! Just be prepared to set your bar low in terms of fishing. You need to remember that the Mediterranean has been colonised and fished intensively for much longer than OZ so dont expect any wild country type action. Coupled with no minimum size and bag limits and you can kinda see where im heading here... Squidding will be very hard as it is a seasonal thing there (catch heaps in winter and barely any in summer). Most locals fish with nets as you are permitted to have nets of a certain type, length and depth as well as mesh size. Line fishing by locals will almost always be with bait so i guess throwing lures around could work as fish would not have seen many of them. If you are living on a yacht i would get some hard bodies and troll as you yacht away, i remember catching fish like this with my father in my youth but strikes will be few and far between. If you are staying on the yacht then i wold guess that you will anchor up in a bay for dinner. Ask the captain if you can use the dinner scraps to burley up, grab some really light line (2 kg max), a small hook (size 8-10) and small pieces of bait (fish or bread dough) and have a go catching Oblada melanura (they are called 'Usata") , you can get a decent bite going well into the night, its a nice way to spend the warm evening in summer, they wont be big but they do put up an ok fight in very light line and they are quite tasty! As a bonus, you may even burley up something bigger that would make you reel scream on 2kg line. Good luck and have fun! PS: Which part of Croatia will you be sailing through?
  11. SquidMarks

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    HA, check out this other record for PJ shark, i cant remember the last time i DIDNT catch a record breaker! http://wrec.igfa.org/WRecDetail.aspx?uid=65358&cn=Shark, Port Jackson#.WtH51oiuwuU
  12. SquidMarks

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    Say you catch one of these allmighty sargents (i think most people, inlcuind myself have caught a SB record breaker) what do i need to do to go about proving my catch to the IGFA?
  13. SquidMarks

    Sydney snapper fishing advice

    Are you fishing dawn and dusk periods? (including first and last light?). Most of my legal reds in Sydney are caught during this time (including in estuaries). By heading outside aimlessly and fishing broken ground you might strike it lucky, youre better off doing some reading, follow Rick's snapper reports, he has shared some excellent info (depth, structure, timing, current etc) in them that will get you on the fish. There was an excellent post late last year if i remember where someone asked for help fishing for reds and scratchie and rick just let loose on the tips, try seek the post out.
  14. SquidMarks

    Squid again again

    Hi Rick, Nice catch! Please dont tell me you are getting these from budgewoi/tuggerah lake?! I always thought the lakes would be too turbd for squid?
  15. SquidMarks

    life jacket reminder

    Great reminder RIck. May i Remind those with inflatable life jackets that they need an annual service (i do mine every year just before christmas). This usually involves a manual inflation and a weighting of the CO2 cylinder (check your individual instructions for your models correct procedure). An inflatable life jacket is a piece of rag unless it inflates...