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  1. I always use fingers (i started off with pliers but i felt like i was doing damage to the worm populations as i kept snapping heads). With fingers, you either have them or you dont (and after a while it actually became much easier with the fingers as i can dig in deep in the sand with fingers, with pliers it all needs to happen above the sand). I tried keeping them alive in seawater but they always wriggle around and break themselves up. I find that moist sand works the best,(not dry and not compact wet, you want the kind that's good for making sand castles). I dont bury them in sa
  2. Thanks for all the info guys, at least i can point them in the right direction now.
  3. Y9ou initially also asked if the motor is sitting too low (and should you raise it up a hole or two). Looking at your photos i definitely think its sitting too low (your cavitation plate is in line with the bottom of the hull, that should be kissing the water at full throttle and correctly trimmed out while your on the plane. Some purists would have the cavitation plate out of the water at full throttle, that works for lakes and rivers where there's no swell, not so much for seas where swell/chop which will cause the prop to come out of the water when set too high (In M
  4. I was thrown a question by the generation z's (is that what they are called now?) about how would yo go about becoming starting a career working on a commercial fishing boat as a deckhand (eventually i guess to become a fisherman) and i realised that i wouldnt have the slightest clue (bar hanging around the trawlers and asking for work). The question really threw me off so i got to looking and i found a bit of information and maybe a qualification or two which may help such as this Cert I in Maritime operations https://www.seaschool.com.au/commercial-certificate-courses/gph-deckhan
  5. Calla Bay wharf definitely has them (including pike too). Go to the end of the warf, left or right side does not matter. Early morning or late afternoon with a high tide is best. Small, size 12/10 hook straight to 6lb mono with tiny bits of pillies/ prawns works with a bit of mashed up pillies or prawn shells and heads sprinkled in as burley. If there a bit of wind, tie a swivel about 30cm from the hook to act as a tiny splitshot (or use a splitshot doh!) Otherwise the wind acting on the line will stop your bait from sinking. Go about an hr before dusk and
  6. 100% agree that fresh is best, the reason i freeze slimies (and started the original post in search of best preservation) is because i fish two different spots about 300km apart. Spot A (Jervis Bay) has an abundance of slimies that i can get my hands on whenever (and i use fresh fillets or even live bait for kingies and snapper), spot B (Beaches along the Central Coast)are a bit spares when it comes to fresh bait(unless i catch a legal tailor and that does the trick). Sometimes though when fishing the beach, when there a few fishermen with pillies as bait in the water, my slimy fillet se
  7. Hi everyone, Just looking for some various methods people employ to salt slimies, pilies or any bait really. I have salted pillies and slimy fillets in the past but the fish just dont touch the bait (nowhere near as good as fresh). I usually pack the fillets/pillies in layers between coarse rock salt and leave them for a day to draw out the moisture, i then put them in the freezer until they need to be used. The slimy fillets loose most of their colour and go white/grey/yellow and leathery and the pillies shrivel up and go leathery. Am i doing it wrong? If i dont salt the slimi
  8. Its this Latin chick called La Niña that's been doing the rain dance..... she comes and goes every 4 years or so... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-29/bom-declares-la-nina-wet-conditions-likely-for-eastern-australia/12617528
  9. I always call these the "Chuck up shark" as they tend to dry reech (and sometimes vomit up the bait) when you pull em in. They are massive bait thieves when fishing for jew off the beach next to reef!
  10. I have 2 x fin nor letal 100's... my god they are though (and heavy!, but hey, they sit in the rod holders waiting for the bite). Spooled with 80 lb braid, they bring up lesser kings (90cm) fairly easily, still waiting for the big one to come along and test these reels out..
  11. holey monkey! $20 for a 2kg block?! Hunt around, you should definitely be able to find a 2kg block of pillies for around $13-14. A good place to get IQF pillies in bulk is your local fishmonger at around $6-8/kg. Ask them to sell you a 15kg box still frozen from the back when you see that they have the pilchards on ice in a size you like, and of course, ask for a discount as you are buying the whole 15kgs at once. (This is a bit seasonal and you do need to check sizes as sometimes the pillies are huuuge). (dont buy the ones sitting on ice, they are the IQF's that have been defrosted)
  12. 100% Agree with dmck, I am a huge alvey fan but i am also the first to admit that they do have their limitations. For certain purposes (like surf/rock fishing) you will be very hard pressed to find reels that will outlast alveys in their price range (or even double their price rage!). Many people have alveys which are still catching fish decades after they have been acquired (my first alvey was bought new in 1998 and is still my primary reel when surf fishing, functions as well as they day i bought it with minimal maintenance. I have bought older used reels which are just as capable)
  13. No familiar with Yamaha carbies, but in my experience, when engines with carbies need choke to run it usually means a lean mix (too much air/too little fuel). I would say that the jets have not been cleaned properly, but i wouldn't also dismiss a possible air leak from a damaged gasket as the carby was being reinstalled... Give that carby a proper clean and go from there.
  14. The fish will never take that!!! ............... he forgot to garnish it with some fish roe! 😀
  15. here you go mate, i did this a while back. let me know if the link no longer works and i will get it sorted.
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