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  1. I always call these the "Chuck up shark" as they tend to dry reech (and sometimes vomit up the bait) when you pull em in. They are massive bait thieves when fishing for jew off the beach next to reef!
  2. I have 2 x fin nor letal 100's... my god they are though (and heavy!, but hey, they sit in the rod holders waiting for the bite). Spooled with 80 lb braid, they bring up lesser kings (90cm) fairly easily, still waiting for the big one to come along and test these reels out..
  3. holey monkey! $20 for a 2kg block?! Hunt around, you should definitely be able to find a 2kg block of pillies for around $13-14. A good place to get IQF pillies in bulk is your local fishmonger at around $6-8/kg. Ask them to sell you a 15kg box still frozen from the back when you see that they have the pilchards on ice in a size you like, and of course, ask for a discount as you are buying the whole 15kgs at once. (This is a bit seasonal and you do need to check sizes as sometimes the pillies are huuuge). (dont buy the ones sitting on ice, they are the IQF's that have been defrosted)
  4. 100% Agree with dmck, I am a huge alvey fan but i am also the first to admit that they do have their limitations. For certain purposes (like surf/rock fishing) you will be very hard pressed to find reels that will outlast alveys in their price range (or even double their price rage!). Many people have alveys which are still catching fish decades after they have been acquired (my first alvey was bought new in 1998 and is still my primary reel when surf fishing, functions as well as they day i bought it with minimal maintenance. I have bought older used reels which are just as capable)
  5. No familiar with Yamaha carbies, but in my experience, when engines with carbies need choke to run it usually means a lean mix (too much air/too little fuel). I would say that the jets have not been cleaned properly, but i wouldn't also dismiss a possible air leak from a damaged gasket as the carby was being reinstalled... Give that carby a proper clean and go from there.
  6. The fish will never take that!!! ............... he forgot to garnish it with some fish roe! 😀
  7. here you go mate, i did this a while back. let me know if the link no longer works and i will get it sorted.
  8. You can still order the magbream blanks from Wilson tackle (they bought the mandrels from Snyder when they went belly up). I have bought and built new rods blanks from Wilson selling the Snyder blanks (I have built the MT series rods and the magbreams). They are not quite the same as when snyder made them but are still good. From memory,they did gouge you a bit with the cost of the blanks... around $120 for the magbream blank... But you don't build rods anymore to save money anyways...
  9. I have a pair of Kato fishing pliers that look almost exactly like those mustard split ring ones (but no split ring tip). The jaws and the cutters are replaceable (unscrew with allen key) About 20cm long in total They are great, I can't find them online anymore for you thought...
  10. Snell some hooks into the rope connecting the trap to the bouy. Listen for the wails as they slide the rope though their hands lifting up the trap. Its a great deterrent.
  11. Mr Cruncher, you opened up a can of worms.... Yes, CO2 is plant food, but we are making it far faster than plants can take it in, and the problem is increased with deforestation. That extra CO2 floating around is whats causing the greenhouse effect. https://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resources/24/graphic-the-relentless-rise-of-carbon-dioxide/ https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/carbon-dioxide/ data is not subjective.....
  12. SquidMarks


    I dont see anything wrong with that pic..... clearly the bloke anchored on a spring tide and as the water receded he came back to find it on the ramp, ready to be picked up.
  13. I think i may have answered my own question with a bit of googling... http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nsw/consol_act/rfsa2016199/s4.html " In this Act, a"high risk rock fishing location" is a naturally occurring rock platform or other rock formation exposed to ocean swell within a declared area. " Oh dear....... Its as i feared.... any naturally occurring rock platform exposed to swell............. its essentially ANY rock platform
  14. Fair enough, stakeholders come together and make suggestions. Im more asking on how is the consensus reached for said locations? In particular, what data is taken into account when determining if a spot is dangerour or not? Please tell me there is more to it than a room full of stakeholders hovering over a large map and circling areas left right and centre saying "rocks here, probably a dangerous spot, risk of slipping... lets just circle it anyways just in case"
  15. Is it me, or do the maps essentially highlight ANY shore location with adjacent rocks as a high risk fishing location? (as opposed to genuine high risk/low risk rock fishing locations) (I can comment on the sutherland shire/bate bay map, there are certainly areas on that map which would not be high risk, eg: northen end of jibbon beach and the rocks adjacent to bundeena warf, which would only be remotely dangerous in severe weather with a specific swell direction, and even then, the rocks at the northern end of jibbon beach would be safe!). BTW: I am a supporter of life
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